Asser's Life of King Alfred

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Chatto & Windus, 1908 - 163 pages

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Page 7 - No. 2o.) 4. THE LIFE OF SIR THOMAS MORE, Knight. By his son-in-law, WILLIAM ROPER. With letters to and from his famous daughter, Margaret Roper. Frontispiece, Portrait of Sir Thomas More, after Holbein.
Page 9 - The book is drawn from one of the most widely read works of mediaeval times. Its popularity is explained by its scope, which comprises explanations of allusions to natural objects met with in Scripture and elsewhere. It was, in fact, an account of the properties of things in general. 1 8. THE VISION OF PIERS THE PLOWMAN. By WILLIAM LANGLAND ; in modern English by Professor SKEAT, Litt.D. Frontispiece, " God Speed the Plough,
Page 9 - Ass" of Apuleius, translated by W. ADLINGTON (1566), edited by WHD ROUSE, Litt.D. With frontispiece representing the " Marriage of Cupid and Psyche," after a gem now in the British Museum.
Page 7 - EGUSQUIZA. [Double volume. 3. THE CHRONICLE OF JOCELIN OF BRAKELOND, MONK OF ST. EDMUNDSBURY : a Picture of Monastic and Social Life in the Xllth Century. Newly translated, from the original Latin, with notes, table of dates relating to the Abbey of St. Edmundsbury, and index, by LC JANE, MA Introduction by the Right Rev. Abbot GASQUET.
Page xvii - England, and yet many could read English writing, I began, among other various and manifold troubles of this kingdom, to translate into English the book which is called in Latin Pastoralis, and in English Shepherd's Book...
Page 13 - FSA Frontispiece, Portrait of Sir William Temple, and five reproductions of early " Garden " engravings. 45. THE SONG OF ROLAND. Newly translated from the old French by Mrs. CROSLAND. Introduction by Professor BRANDIN, University of London. Frontispiece after a page of the Oxford MS. 46. DANTE'S VITA NUOVA. The Italian text with DG ROSSETTI'S translation on the opposite page. Introduction and notes by Professor H. OELSNER, Ph.D., Lecturer in Romance Literature, Oxford University. Frontispiece after...
Page 8 - Griselda," from the well-known fifteenth-century picture of the Umbrian School in the National Gallery. 11. THE ROMANCE OF FULK FITZWARINE. Newly translated from the Anglo-French by ALICE KEMPWELCH, with an introduction by Professor BRANDIN. Frontispiece, Whittington Castle in Shropshire, the seat of the Fitzwarines. 12. THE STORY OF CUPID AND PSYCHE. From "The Golden Ass" of Apuleius, translated by W.
Page xlii - And that I may go unto the altar of GOD, even unto the GOD of my joy and gladness ; and upon the harp will I give thanks unto thee, O GOD, my GOD.
Page 9 - GOLDSMITH'S VICAR OF WAKEFIELD. Introduction by RICHARD GARNETT. Frontispiece, Portrait of Oliver Goldsmith. 32. CHARLES READE'S PEG WOFFINGTON. Frontispiece, Portrait of Peg Woffington. Introduction by RICHARD GARNETT. 1 6.. POLONIUS, a Collection of Wise Saws and Modern Instances.
Page 73 - For we have seen and read letters, accompanied with presents, which were sent to him by Abel the patriarch of Jerusalem. What shall I say of the cities and towns which he restored, and of others which he built, where none had been before ? of the royal halls and chambers, wonderfully erected by his command, with stone and wood ? of the royal vills constructed of stone, removed from their old site, and handsomely rebuilt...

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