The New-York Visitor and Lady's Album, Issues 1-6

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J.W. Harrison, publisher, 465 Pearl-st., New York, 1842

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Page 37 - Save, Lord, or we perish." St. Matt. viii. 25. through the torn sail the wild tempest is streaming, When o'er the dark wave the red lightning is gleaming, Nor hope lends a ray the poor seaman to cherish, We fly to our Maker :
Page 3 - Saco, that after 40 miles travel he did, for the most part, ascend, and within 12 miles of the top was neither tree nor grass, but low savins, which they went upon the top of sometimes, but a continual ascent upon rocks, on a ridge between two valleys filled with snow, out of which came two branches of Saco river, which met at the foot of the hill where was an Indian town of some 200 people.
Page 3 - They went divers times through the thick clouds for a good space, and within 4 miles of the top they had no clouds, but very cold. By the way, among the rocks, there were two ponds, one a blackish water and the other reddish.
Page 45 - O dearest! remember me. Could I be thy true lover, dearest, Couldst thou smile on me, I would be the fondest and nearest That ever loved thee! But a cloud on my pathway is glooming That never must burst upon thine; And Heaven, that made thee all blooming, Ne'er made thee to wither on mine. Remember me, then!
Page 45 - Whose bosom can never recover The light it hath lost : As the young bride remembers the mother She loves, though she never may see ; As a sister remembers a brother, Oh, dearest ! remember me.
Page 3 - On the north side there was such a precipice, as they could scarce discern to the bottom. They had neither cloud nor wind on the top, and moderate heat.
Page 64 - ... criminals. With so much ardour did Lady Mary on her return enforce this salutary innovation among mothers of her own rank, that, as we find in her letters...
Page 37 - Save, Lord, or we perish/' 2 O Jesus, once rock'd on the breast of the billow, Aroused by the shriek of despair, from thy pillow, Now seated in glory, the mariner cherish, Who cries in his anguish,
Page 4 - you were not comfortable." After a year or two, Mrs. N. did so far relax, and mingle mercy with her hospitality, as to say when placing two ribs of roast beef upon one's plate, " I hope if there's more than you wish for, that you won't scruple to leave it." The reader will be lucky if he can secure as much indulgence as this, at many country-houses where old fashions and principles yet prevail, and my Lady Bountiful reigns supreme. Consequences the most alarming sometimes ensued from this sense...
Page 3 - Some of them accompanied him within 8 miles of the top, but durst go no further, telling him that no Indian ever dared to go higher, and that he would die if he went.

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