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JOSHUA, ch. 14—24.

LECTURE 387-404.


1. 1. The children of Israel ask

counsel of the Lord.

1. 4. The success of Judah; the
Lord being with them.
1. 21. The imperfect success of se-
veral of the tribes.

2. 1. The angel of the Lord at Bo-

chim. Israel under the judges.
3. 1. The sin and suffering of Israel.
Othniel is raised up.

LECTURE 405-409.

405. The happiness of them who

obey God stedfastly.

406. The help of God can give us

victory in every thing.
407. Against consenting to take
tribute of the world.
408. What use we might make of

the vicissitudes of the church.
409. The uses of affliction, viewed
as God's dispensation.

JUDGES, ch. 3—16.

JUDGES, ch. 16—21,

THE BOOK OF RUTH, ch. 1-4,
1. 1. Naomiloseth sons and husband
in the land of Moab.

LECTURE 445-450.

445. The consequences of provo-
king the displeasure of God.

1. 6. Ruth cleaveth to Naomi, who 446. Of converting the heathen by
returneth to Bethlehem.

the influence of kindness.

2. 1. Ruth gleaning in the field of 447. Devout Christians are under
Boaz is noticed by him.

[blocks in formation]

God's special providence.
448. Of being charitable in our
judgments, and pure in heart.
449. That they who marry ought to

make provision for a family.
450. Encouragement towards the
conversion of the wicked.

451. The happiness of comforting
the afflicted.

452. That we must devote our-

selves unconditionally to God.
453 How our praise of God may be
at the same time prayer.
454. They who despise God shall
be lightly esteemed.

LECTURE 455-479.


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