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the hand ppt, au arrow sa, headed and feathered of] FLORY, [Somers.] az. a crescent ar. betw. three fleurs

The hist.

de-lis seeded or.

Fysikwoon, (Lanc.) per paie, ar, and sa. six martlets, Flory, gu. a fleur-de-lis ar.
FLOSHING, ar. a fesse indented point in point, or and gu.
shive and three, counterchangeÉ.
betw, two barrulets az.

Plywood, per paie reducer, se and a six martiets coun- »
wedeged-Cest, an beraine ter poc. sc. a cher deck, three delus si
Parkok Bets sets 258 ruci s-Crest.
pwe lens gamos, suprang in siktern ar
Firenca e 2 lets

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FLOTE, FLOELTE, ar. a chev. sa. in base a trefoil slipped of the second.-Crest, out of a ducal coronet, a rein-deer's head ppr.

Flor, France ar. a bend lozengy gu. betw. six fleurs

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Fuse, oe, a bom ramp, sa. over all a bendlet gu.

Fum, xc. two bars sa, on each as many escallops of the

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Fu, a two bars sa, on each three escallops of the first.
Fur, . a ches, St. betw. three trefoils slipped of the

resent. Fum, « Fest, ar, a hom rang, ga. over all, on a bend sa.. there mulets or.

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PDW DL, Nari) ur, on a cross sa. five crescents or. Fame. The same arms-Crest, out of a tower, a greybound - heat erased at culiced sa in the mouth a htte, erasel nm.


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Vazenum ASE33:00K, Baron of Castle Dur. A SEREY, raitions, Bacon, 27 Oct. 1733; and 1. Jessicus. Waties-House, Berks.] & Jew. dre rivens, each boldSot, as murs peilets-Crest,

a. Suporters, two bigens reguard. chained dr. Mattan, Meas

Csum; and Wanttiri, Essex;

Have a Secu, 1908. Crescam. & Dec. 1809] da, b. and go. a unicorn stata ur, in a chief as erm. three gilly flowers ppr. wer the centre tower, a sword in bend dexter, also ppr. mei and hilt od, surmounted saltierways by a key of the inst.— est, a demi lion, per pale, ermine and armies, gorged with a chain within a collar gemel or, in the texter paw a gillyflower ppr. Supporters, dexter, a umeura or, collared az. therefrom, pendent, an escuchem erm. charged with a key erect, gold, holding n the mouth a gillyflower ppr.; sinister, a stag ppr. colet 12. there. from, pendent, an escutcheon erm. charged with the eity mace, erect, or, in the mouth a girydower, as the dexter. Motto, Perseverando.

Flower, [Brecon] sa. a cinquefoil erm.
Flower, [Isle of Ely, Cambr.] per fesse, ar, and az. in
chief, two fleurs-de-lis gu. in base, one, or.-Crest,
stork, with wings elevated ppr. beaked and legged gu.
Flower, or Flowre, [Kent. N.amp. and Yorks ermines,
a cinquefoil erm.-Crest, a lion's head erased sa
Flower, [Notts. Granted 1681] The same arms and
crest as Visc. Ashbrook,

Flower, [Chilton, Wilts.] sa. a unicorn pass. or, on a
chief ar. three pinks gu, stalked and leaved vert.-Crest,
a unicorn's head couped or.

Flower, [York, Norroy King of Arms, Temp. 2nd. Eliz.]
ermines, a cinquefoil ar.

Flower, ermines, a cinquefoil pierced ar.-Crest, a lion's
head erased ar. charged with a mullet gu.
Flower, .. a fesse dancettée counterflory gu.
Flower, or Flore, az. a fleur-de-lis or.
FLOWERDEW, [Norf.] per chev. sa. and ar. three sea--
bears, counterchanged..

FLOWERDUE, or FLOWERDEW, per chev. engr. ar. and | FODERING, quarterly, gu. and or, a cross lozengy ar. on sa. three water-bougets, counterchanged.-Crest, an arm the second quarter, an eagle displ. of the third. couped at the shoulder, resting the elbow on the wreath FODERINGHAY, quarterly, or and gu. a cross lozengy in a maunch ppr.

Flowerdue, per chev. engr. ar. and sa. three hinds tripping, counterchanged.


FLOYD, Bart. [Captain in the Army, 30 March, 1816] sa. a lion ramp. reguard. ar. on a chief embattled or, a sword erect ppr. pomel and hilt gold, enfiled with an eastern crown gu. betw. two tigers' faces, also ppr.Crest, a lion ramp. 1eguard. ar. murally crowned gu. bearing a flag, representing the standard of Tippoo Sultaun, flowing to the sinister ppr.

Floyd, [Brecknockshire] ar. a griffin segreant az.
Floyd, ar. a cross sa.-Crest, a griffin sejant az. holding
in the dexter paw a garland of laurel vert.
Floyd. See Fludd.

FLOYER, [Floyer Hayes, Devons. and Mertrith, Somers.] sa. a chev. betw. three arrows ar. points downward. -Crest, a stag's head erased or, in the mouth an arrow


Floyer, [Staffs.] sa. a chev. ar. betw. three arrows or. FLUD, ar. on a cross sa. five crescents or.

FLUDD, or FLOYD, [Millgate, Kent. Granted 10 Nov. 1572] vert, a chev. betw. three wolves' heads ar.-Crest, out of a ducal coronet ar. an ounce's head ppr. Fludd, sa. three horses' heads erased ar. Fludd, ar. a cross betw. four crescents sa. FLUDE, erm. a chev. betw. three crescents gu.-Crest, an arm couped at the shoulder, embowed, and resting the elbow on the wreath, holding a sword in pale, enfiled with a saracen's head couped ppr

FLUDYER, Bart. [London, 14 Nov. 1759; afterwards of Lee, Kent, and Troustrey, Monmouthshire. Residences, Felixstow, Suff.; Town House, 16, Great CumberlandPlace] sa. a cross patonce, betw. four escallops ar. each charged with a cross patonce of the field.-Crest, an escallop, as in the arms, betw. two wings elevated ar. Fludyer, [Lord Mayor of London, 1761] sa. a cross flory betw. four escallops ar. each charged with a cross flory of the field.-Crest, the same. FLUELLIN, [London, 1675] .. a lion ramp. ducally


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FLY, [Hants.] or, on a chev. engr. sa. betw. three pellets, each charged with a martlet of the field, as many fleursde-lis gold.-Crest, a cubit arm in armour, erect, ppr. holding in the gauntlet a hawk's leure or, stringed gu. FLYE, or FLYGHT, or, on a chev. engr. sa. a fleur-de-lis betw. two conies current, respecting each other, ar. betw. three pellets, on each a bird of the first.

FLYNT, [Norf.] sa. on a chev. engr. or, betw. three crescents erm. two lions combatant gu.

Flynt, sa. a chev. ar. betw. three crescents of the second..
-Crest, a human heart purp. winged or.
FLYNTON, [Laceby, Linc.] ar. a cross lozengy gu.



FOCHART, [Scotland] ar. a chev. sa.

FOCHE, [Wotton, Kent] gu. a fesse dancettée betw. six lozenges or.

FOCHEBURY, [Beds.] erm. on a chev. gu. three roses


FODERINGSHEY, [Dors.] ar. three saracens' heads, couped at the shoulders sa.

FODON, [Staffs.] ar. on a fesse az. betw. three cross-bows strung sa. as many arrows or.-Crest, out of a ducal coronet or, a pike's head az.

FODRINGAY, or FODRINGHAY, quarterly, or and gu. a cross lozengy ar. on the second quarter, an eagle displ. of the third.

Fodringay. The same arms, the eagles or.-Crest, a crane ar. in the beak a bunch of clover vert. Fodringay, quarterly, or and gu. a cross lozengy ar. Fodringay, ar. a bend nebulée, counter-nebulée, betw. six cross crosslets gu.

FODRINGEY, or FODRINGHEY, or, a cross lozengy gu. in the first quarter, an eagle displ. of the second. FODRINGHAM, [Yorks] az. a bend ar. betw. six mullets of the last.-Crest, a buck ppr.

FODRINGHAY, quarterly, gu. and or, a cross lozengy ar.
Fodringhay. See Fodringay.

FODRYNGHAY, ar. two lions pass. in pale, sa.

FOGELSTON, FOGHELSTON, or FOULSTONE, gu. on a chev. ar. three crescents sa.

FOGG, or FOGGE, [Richbury, Kent] ar. (Another, or) on a fesse, betw. three annulets sa. as many mullets pierced of the first.-Crest, a unicorn's head ar. Fogg, ar. on a fesse, betw. six annulets sa. three mullets pierced of the first.-Two crests; first, a unicorn's head couped ar.; second, a unicorn's head couped ar. pow-dered with mullets sa.

FOGGE, ar, two bars sa. in chief three mullets of the last.

FOGHILL, [Devons.] ar. a chev. gu. on a chief of the last,
three mullets of the first.

FOGO, or, on a bend sa. three annulets of the field.-
Crest, a unicorn's head and neck couped ar.
FOKERAM, or FOKERHAM, [Berks.] or, a bend engr. az..
-Crest, a long cross vert.

Fokeram, [Berks.] or, a bend lozengy az..
Fokeram, or, five lozenges in bend gu.
Fokeram, az. a bend fusily or.
Fokeram, ar. a bend engr. az.
FOKERAND, or, a bend fusily az.
FOKERAY, or FOKERHAY, [Devons.] chequy, or (Ano-
ther, ar.) and az. a fesse vairé, gu. and sa.
Fokeray, or Foukeray, [Devons.] chequy, or and gu. a.
fesse vair.

Fokeray, or Foulkeray, [Devons.] chequy, or and az. a fesse vairé, ar. and sa.

FOKEREY, vair, a fesse gu. charged with another wavy


FOKERHAM, [Berks. and Derb.] or, a bend lozengy az. Fokerham. See Fokeram.

FOKESLEY, gu. two bars ar.

FOKIRLAY, chequy, ar. and az. a fesse gu. charged with. another wavy sa.

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la sa spurren gold.

stars. ar. a fesse v tres nai

ngdon, Norf. 3 May,

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d. Granted 11 March, 165] per que, let deur-de-lis erm.-Crest, a dexter arm det waited, per pale, vert and gu. cuff tamed up and holding a javelin (or spear) ppr. LKESTON, per pale, gu. and ar. a tesse nebuice Le erchanged.

LKEWORTH, ar. on a cross patonce gu. five scales r.-Crest, an ostrich holding in the mouth a s

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FOLLER, ar. guttée de poix, on a chief engr. ga, a jun
pass. guard, of the field.-Crest, a garb.

pretos FOLLET, or, three palm-branches vert.-Crest, a wol
pass. reguard. transfixed with an arrow.

is FOLLI FORD, az. three elm (or oak) leaves or.

FOLLINGHAM, sa. a bend ar. betw. three covered salts

[blocks in formation]

-Two crests:

wat sa gartered
ne thigh;

atrest of the first

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Folliot, [Norf.] gu. a bend ar. (Another, or.)
Fellot, [Peeton] ar. two lions pass. guard. gu.
Folliot, [Perton, Worc.] ar. a lion ramp. double queued,
purp. crowned or.

FOLLS AND, [Scotland] gu. a chev. ar.

FOLLYE, sa. a cross moline ar.-Crest, an escallop betw.
two olive branches.

FOLLYOLL, [Dors.] vert, a canton az.
FOLMAN, ar. a fesse ermines betw. three crowns sa-
Crest, a wolf current per pale, ar. and erm.
Folman, gu. a chev. vair betw. three ducal coronets or.
FOLNARBY, or FOLGNARBY, ar. three swans volant sa.
FOLTON, gu. two lions pass. erm.-Two crests; first, in
a ducal coronet a pair of wings, or and ar.; second, a
stag at lodge, gu. ducally gorged and lined or, attired
vert, at the top of each branch a bezant.

FOLTHORPE, ar. a saltier engr. az.

FOLUNYLL, [Leic.] vairé, sa. and ar. a quarter gu. FOLVILE, [Ashby, Bucks. and of Hunts.] per fesse, ar. and or, a cross moline gu.

Folvile, or Folvill, [Ches. 1609] gu. a chief ar. over all a cross moline or.-Crest, a garb per pale, or and vert, the band counterchanged.

Folvile, [Kersby, Durham] barry nebulée of six, ar. and sa. a canton gu.

Folvile, or Folleville, per fesse, erm. and or, a cross sarcelly gu.-Crest, a griffin's head erased, in the beak a sword ppr.

Folvile, per fesse, erm. and or, a cross formée ar.

FOLVILLE, [Leic.] per fesse, or and ar. a cross moline gu.
FOLYOTT, gu. a bend betw. six crescents ar.
Folyott, az. six annulets or, three, two, and one.
Folyott, barry nebulée of six, erm. and gu.

Foot, or, a chev. sa. in the dexter corner, a trefoil slip-
ped of the second.-Crest, a demi griffin reguard. gu.
winged or, holding a flag displ. of the first, charged
with a crescent ar.

FOOTE, [Vergan, Cornw. and Detling, Kent. Granted 1
June, 1772] vert, a chev. betw. three doves ar.-Crest,
a lion's head erased ar. charged with an ermine spot sa.
Foote, [Tiverton, Devons.] or, a chev. sa. in the dexter
corner, a trefoil slipped of the second.-Crest, a naked
arm erect ppr. holding a trefoil slipped sa.
Foote, [Charlton-Place, Kent] vert, a chev. betw. three
martlets ar.-Crest, a lion's head erased ar.
Foote, [London] ar. a chev. sa. in the chief dexter quarter,
a trefoil slipped of the second.-Crest, an arm erect,
vested sa. cuff ar. in the hand ppr. a trefoil slipped sa.
Foote, [London] gu. six lozenges ar. three, two, and one,
a chief indented or.

FOLYWYKE, barry nebulée of eight, sa. and ar. a canton Foote, [Suff.] az. four mascles ar. one, two, and one, a


FOMBRIAL, or, a cross pattée ar. fimbriated gu.

chief indented of the second. Foote. See Foot.

FONCEUX, ar. a bend engr. gu.-Crest, a demi lioness ppr. FOOTES, or FOOTS, [London and Suss.] az. four lozenges Fonceux, ar. a bend engr. az. in cross ar. a chief indented of the last.-Crest, out of FONDRASS. See FONNDer. a mural coronet or, a spear sa. headed ar. charged with FONDRE, quarterly; first and fourth, ar. a chev. voided three plates. sa. in the voidure three moors' heads, couped of the second; second and third, ar. on a chev. sa. three cross crosslets of the field.-Crest, a moor's head ppr. FONGERHAM, or, five fusils in bend gu. FONIKE, ar. a fesse betw. three annulets sa. FONLICH. See FOLISHe. FONLISH. See FOLISHE.

FONLODE, ar. three leopards' faces sa. a lion pass in chief gu.

FONNDER, or FONDRASS, [France] gu. (Another, az.) three bars ar. in chief a saltier engr. or.

FONNEREAU, [Edmonton, Midd. descended from Geneva] gu. three chev. ar. on a chief az. a sun or.-Crest, a

sun or.

Fonnereau, [Wimpole Street, London] The same. Fonnereau. The same arms.-Crest, a lion ramp. supporting a garb ppr.

FONTAINE, [London] gu. a bend or, in the sinister chief a cinquefoil erm.

Fontaine, or Fontain. The same arms.-Crest, a raven's
nest, with young ones, ppr.

FONTALL, or, a cross sarcelly gu. and chief ar.
GHAYNE, az. fretty, on a canton or, a lion's gamb

erased of the field.


FOOGE, ar. on a fesse betw. three annulets sa. as many
mullets of the field.

FOORD, az. on a fesse ar. betw. three bezants, as many
cinquefoils gu.-Crest, a flag displ. gu.
FOORTH, [London] ar. a rose betw. two martlets, in pale,
or, and as many flaunches of the second, on each a rose

FOOT, [Lord Mayor of London, 1651] ar. a chev. in the
dexter point a trefoil sa.

Foot, [Brentford, Midd. Granted 14 Dec. 1769] az. on
a bend erm. cottised or, three leopards' faces ppr.
Foot, or Foote, [Ireland] ar. on a chev. sa. betw. three
trefoils slipped vert, two trefoils of the field.-Crest, a
greyhound's head, per fesse, ar. and sa. collared gu.

FOQUETT, ar. a squirrel sejant, cracking a nut.. on a
bordure az. eight fleurs-de-lis.-Crest, a horse's head
ar. armed in mail az. on the head a plume of ostrich's
feathers of the first, bridled or.

FORBES, Earl of GRANARD, Viscount Forbes, and Ba-
ron of Clanehugh in the Peerage of Ireland, also Baron
Granard of Castle Donnington, Co. of Leic. and a Bart.
N. S. [Creations, Bart. 1661; Baron and Visc. 22
Nov. 1675; Earl, 20 Dec. 1684; and Baron Granard,
15 Feb. 1806. Residence, Castle Forbes, Langford,
Ireland] az. three bears' heads, couped ar. muzzled gu.
-Crest, a bear pass. ar. guttée de
sang, muzzled gu.
Supporters, dexter, a unicorn erm. armed, maned, tuf-
ted, and unguled, or; sinister, a dragon, wings expanded,
erm. Motto, Fax mentis, incendium gloriæ.

FORBES, Lord FORBES, and a Bart. N. S. [Creations,
Baron, 1440; Bart. 1628. Residence, Castle Forbes,
Aberdeenshire] az. three bears' heads, couped ar. muz-
zled gu.-Crest, a stag's head erased ppr. Supporters,
two blood-hounds ppr. collared gu. Motto, Grace my

FORBES, Bart. [Edinglassie, Aberdeenshire, 4 Nov. 1823.
Town House, Fitzroy Square] quarterly; first and fourth,
az. three bears' heads, couped ar. muzzled gu. a cres-
cent in the middle for diff. for Forbes; second and third,
az. three cinquefoils ar. for Frazer.-Crest, a dexter
arm embowed, in armour ppr. garnished or, holding in
the hand a highland broad-sword, also ppr. Motto,
above the crest, Nec timide, nec timere. Motto, under
the arms, Altius ibunt qui ad summa nituntur.
Forbes, [Lord Mayor of London, 1726] az. three horses'
heads erased ar. bridled gu. in chief a cross crosslet of
the second.

Forbes, [Scotland] az. three bears' heads, couped ar. muz-
zled gu. on an escutcheon of the second, a sword and
key in saltier of the third, (the sword in bend sinister,
surmounted by the key) quartering ar. three unicorns'
heads erased sa.-Crest, an eagle rising sa.

Note. The badge is worn in the first quarter as hereditary High
Constable of Watertown, near Edinburgh.


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bears' heads couped ar. muzzled gu. as many unicorns beads erased sa.-Crest, an eagle rising reguard. ppr. Motto, Spermit Humam.

ced wm : and at Fortes Riris Scotland, quarterly; first and fourth, or,

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a hoa nam ga for Weems, of Riris; second and third, Firies-Cres, a greyhound pass, ppr. Motto, Dilee

a bost the hose for Fris Diy sometime Provost of Aberdeen) az

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