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AP-MADOCK, or AP MADOKE, [Wales] sa. a chev, betw. | APPULBY, ar. on a bend sa. three bezants.

hawk's lures ar.

AP-MARCHEN, [Wales] az. a fesse or, betw. three horses' heads erased ar.

AP-MENDITH, [Leic.] az. a lion ramp or.

Appulby, ar. on a bend sa. three apples, stalked and leaved or.

APPULEY, or APPURLEY, ar. a chev. betw. three pineapples gu.

APMENRICE, (Wales] paly of six or and az. on a fesse APPULTON, vert, a chev. engr. betw. three apples ar. gu. three mullets ar.

AP-MEREDITH, [Wales] ar. a lion ramp. sa.
APMERICHE, [Wales] per pale gu. and sa. two griffins


APMERICK, [Wales] per pale sa. and gu. two griffins

combatant ar.



Appulton, vert, a chev. engr. ar. betw. three apples gu.

AP-RAEN, sa. a chev. betw. three lures ar. stringed or. APRECE, [Bucks. and Hunts.] sa. three pheons arCrest, an otter ppr. collared and lined or. (Another crest, a spear erect ar. over it this motto, Labora ut æternum vivas.)

APPELEY, [Staffs.] az. six martlets or, two, two, and two. APREECE, Bart. [Washingley, Hunts. and also of HonAPPELTON. See APELTON.

APPENRICH, gu. a fesse betw. three lozenges or, each
charged with a fleur-de-lis gu.

APPLEBY, [Leic.] az. six martlets or, three, two, and one.-Crest, an apple or, stalked and leaved vert. Appleby, [Larington, Yorks.] ar. a ship in full sail sa.

waves ppr.

APPLEDERFIELD, erm. a bend gu.
APPLEDORE, gu. a fesse nebulée ar.

APPLEFORD, ar. a cinquefoil gu. a chief vert.-Crest, a demi savage, in the dexter hand a sword, and in the sinister a constable's baton ensigned with a royal crown. APPLEGH, vert, an ape sejant holding up the paw, braced round the middle and chained to the sinister side of the escutcheon ar.

APPLEHEIM, gu. two apples in pale, stalks counterposed



AP-PLETHIN, [Wales] or, a lion ramp. az. incensed gu. APPLETON, [So. Bemstead, Essex] ar. a fesse sa. betw. three apples or, leaves vert.

Appleton, az. three pine-apples erect ar.

Appleton, or Apylton, [Little Brook] ar. a fesse engr. (Another, plain) sa. betw. three apples leaved and slipped ppr.

Appleton, vert, on a fesse engr. ar. three apples gu.
Appleton, or, a fesse betw. three apples gu.

Appleton, ar. a bear salient sa. on the shoulder a cinquefoil of the first.

Appleton, or Apelton, ar. a fesse betw. three apples gu. APPLEYARD, [Shotsham, Norf.] quarterly, first, az. a chev. or, betw. three owls ar. second, az. an eagle displ. or, membered gu. for Speak; third, vert, ten eagles ar. four, three, two, and one; fourth, gu. a chev. betw. three boars' heads couped ar. within a bordure engr. of the last, for Whyte.-Crest, an owl ar. Appleyard, [Norf.] az. a chev. gu. betw. three owls ar. Appleyard, [Yorks.] az. on a chev. betw. three owls ar. a mullet gu.

Appleyard. See Apiliard.

Appleyard, [Dunston, Norf. 1406] az. a chev. or, betw. three owls ar. charged with a mullet.

APPLOCK, ar. an oak branch, with three apples ppr.


ington, Line. Created, 1782] sa. three spears' heads ar. guttée de sang.-Crest, a spear's head as in the arms. Motto, Labora ut in æternum vivas. AP-REES, [Wales] See APRECE, AP-RES. See AP-RICE.

APRESTBY, or APRESBY, sa. a cross ar. in chief a cinquefoil of the second.

AP-RHYS GOCH, [Wales] ar. on a bend sa. three lions'

faces of the field.

APRICE, [Heref.] sa. on a chev. betw. three leopards' heads ar. as many spears' heads of the first; on a chief of the second, three cocks gu.-Crest, a cock with wings expanded gu. holding in the beak a rose ppr. leaved and stalked vert.

Aprice, [Wales] sa. a cross potence ar. Ap-Rice, ar. on a fesse az. three boars' head couped or, in chief a lion pass. gu.-Crest, a boar's head erect ar. pellettée betw. two oak branches vert, fructed or. Ap-Rice, sa. three roses ar.

Ap-Rice, ar. three roses sa.

APRIS, gu. a chev. betw. three mullets (Another, spur rowels) ar.

AP-ROBERTS, sa. a chev. betw, three mullets ar. APRYCE, [Wilts.] sa. three crosses formée ar. APSEY, vairé, a chev. ar.-Crest, a dove with an olive branch in the beak volant over water, all ppr. APSLEY, or APESLEY, [Apesly, Suff.] barry of six ar. and gu. a canton erm.

AP-TANGNO, [Wales] sa. a chev. betw. three fleurs-de-lis


AP-TEGAN, [Wales] or, a griffin segreant sa. incensed gu. AP-TEWDOR, [Wales] gu. a lion ramp. within a bordure indented or.

AP-THOMAS, per pale wavy ar. and az.
APTON, ar. a chev. betw three martlets sa.
AP-TORWERTH, [Wales] gu. a lion pass. guard. ar.
AP-TRAHERNE, [Wales] ar. a chev. betw. three boars'
heads couped sa.

APULBY. See APLEBY and APELTON. APULDERFIELD, [Devons.] sa. a cross or, voided of the field.

Apulderfield, [Apulderfield, Kent] sa. a cross voided or. Apulderfield, erm. a fesse vairé or and gu.

Apulderfield, or Appeldorfield, or, on a fesse gu. four lozenges ar.


APULTON, [Lanc.] ar. a bear pass. sa. muzzled or.

APPRYAND, az. a boar ar. betw. ten trefoils slipped of Apulton, ar. a fesse sa. betw. three pine-apples pendant, the second.

slipped vert.

[blocks in formation]

AP-YRIEN, [Mayngwynedd] ar. a cross engr. sa. betw. four cornish choughs of the last, on a chief az. a boar's head couped of the first.

AQUILA, or, an eagle close gu.

ARBUTT, gu. three flooks or flounders ar.
ARC, [France] az. a bow or, charged with three arrows
ar. feathered or, one in fesse and two in saltier point-
ing to the dexter side of the escutcheon.
ARCESTER, [Glouc.] ar. a chev. az. and label of three
points gu.-Crest, on a bezant an escarbuncle sa.
ARCHARD, [Kent] erm. on a cross sa. a crescent or.—-
Crest, out of a ducal coronet, a demi fish ppr.
Archard, [Yorks.] or, five fusils in bend sa.
Archard, ar. five fusils in cross sa.
Archard, or, a bend engr. sa.

ARCHAS, [Leic.] sa. three fleurs-de-lis ar.

AQUILIS, paly of six gu. and vairé on a chief or, three ARCHBOLD. See ARCHEBOLD.
eagles displ. sa.

AQUITAIN, gu. a lion pass. guard. or.
AQUITAR, [London. Granted, 1756] gu. an eagle displ.
or, on a chief ar. a mount vert, thereon three pear
trees ppr. fructed of the second.-Crest, a demi lion
ramp. or, murally crowned az. holding in the dexter
paw a laurel branch slipped ppr.

AQUITTEN, or ANQUILLON, gu. a fleur-de-lis ar.
ARABIN, or, three vine leaves vert.-Crest, the sun rising
behind a mountain ppr.

ARAGAND, or ARAGUNE, ar. a fesse betw. three mullets

ARAGON, paly of ten ar. and gu.

ARANDE, [Spain] ar. a bordure or, entoyre of rests (or
clarions) az.

ARBLASTER, or ALLEBASTER, [Staffs. and Essex] erm.
a cross-bow in pale gu.-Crest, a feather in pale, en-
filed with a ducal coronet. (Another crest, out of a
ducal coronet, a grey-hound's head ar. collared or.)
ARBOUIN, sa. a lion ramp. ar.

ARBRETH, [Lanc.] or, two bars vert.
ARBUCKLE, [Scotland] gu, on a fesse az. betw. three
garbs or, as many mullets ar.-Crest, a ram ppr.
ARBURTHNET, [Findoury, Scotland] az. a crescent betw.
three stars within a bordure ar. (Another, the bordure
charged with eight cinquefoils of the first.)-Crest, a
peacock issuing out of a wreath ppr. Motto, Interna

Arburthnet, [Catberlan] az. a crescent betw. three stars
within a bordure ar. charged with eight cinquefoils of
the first. Crest, a peacock's head couped ppr. charged
with a mullet or. Motto, Sit laus Deo.

Arburthnet, Arms and Crest the same. Motto, Tam in-
terna, quam externa.

Arburthnot, [Montrose] az. a crescent betw. three stars
ar. all within a bordure indented and quartered of the
second and first.-Crest, a dove within an adder dis-
posed orleways ppr. Motto, Innscue ac provide.
ARBUTHNOT, Viscount ARBUTHNOT, and Lord In-
verbervic, one of the sixteen Peers for Scotland, and
Lord Lieutenant for Kincardine. [Creations, 16 Nov.
1641] az. a crescent betw. three mullets ar. Crest, a
peacock's head couped ppr. beaked or. Supporters,
two dragons' wings expanded and tails nowed, vert,
vomiting flames of fire ppr. Motto, Laus Deo.
ARBUTHNOT, Bart. [Lord Provost of Edinburgh, 1822]
az. a crescent betw. three mullets ar. within a bordure
or, charged with as many boars' heads.-Crest, a pea-
cock's head. Motto, Innocent and true.
Arbuthnot, az. a crescent betw. three stars within an

ARCHBY, purp. a bend archy or champaine ar.
ARCHDALL, [Ireland] ar. a pale pointed in base gu. betw.
two cinquefoils of the second.-Crest, a cross pattée


ARCHDEACON, [Cornw.] ar. a chev. sa.-Crest, a mart-
let flying over a tower ppr.

Archdeacon, [Devons. and Herts.] ar. three chev. sa.
Archdeacon, sa. three chev. or.
chev. gu.

ARCHEACON, sa. three chev. or.

ARCHEBOLD, or ARCHBOLD, [Staffs.] ar. a lion ramp. betw. three (Another, six) fleurs-de-lis sa.-Crest, a lion's head erased ar. collared gu.

ARCHEDALE, [London] az. a chev. erm. betw. three talbots pass. or.-Crest, out of a ducal coronet a tiger's head ar. maned and tufted sa.

ARCHER, [Cornw.] sa. a chev. betw. three broad arrows ar.-Crest, on a quiver full of arrows lying fesseways a serpent.

Archer, [Chelmsford, Essex] az. a garb erect or, betw.
two branches of laurel tied by a ribbon in base, on a
chief embattled ar. three arrows, points downwards,
betw. eight erm. spots, two and two, in pale sa.-Crest,
a griffin's head erased ar. transpierced by a spear in bend
sinister, points downwards, collared gu. charged with
two crosses pattée of the first, in the beak a slip of oak
fructed ppr.

Archer, [Essex] erm. on a chief az. three lions ramp. or.
--Crest, a bull's head erased gu.

Archer, [alias De Boys, Essex] erm. a cross sa.--Two
Crests, first, a wivern ar. second, a leg couped at the
thigh, embowed at the knee quarterly sa. and ar. spur
and leather or.

Archer, [Theydon, Essex. Granted, 2 April, 1574] erm.

on a cross sa. a crescent ar.

Archer, [Linc. Granted, 24 March, 1634] per pale gu.
and az. three arrows or, barbed and feathered ar.-
Crest, a dragon's head per pale, gu. and az. with wings
expanded, the sinister wing or, the dexter ar. issuing
out of a mural crown, per pale of the last and third.
Archer, [Salop] sa. a lion ramp. or.
Archer, [Baron of Umberslade, Warw.] az. three broad
arrows or.-Crest, out of a mural coronet gu. a dragon's
head ar. Supporters, two wiverns reguardant ar. mu-
rally gorged or. Motto, Sola bona quæ bonesta.
Archer, gu. three single arches or.
Archer, or, five fusils in bend sa.
Archer, az. three arrows in pale ar.
Archer, ar. three pheons gu.

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L FALD, [Black) mhets of the se descent ar.

Bid, [Scothon

Es many cres ***>
sa.—-Crest, a

Ditat serve

ter arm ** a dagge ARCHIDER ARCHIN pake s


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the head

betw. two

Just.—Crest, a

.. three stars az.

a bordure engr.

Supped ppr. Motto,

issa. --Crest, a dex

boiding in the hand

、, on each five bezants.
or, a chief parted per

Essex] ar. a chev. betw. three

Arderne, gu. three crosses patonée fitchée, and a chief or.
-Crest, out of a case or bandage or, a plume of fea-
thers ar.

Arderne, ar. a chev. betw. three cross crosslets fitchée sa.
a bordure engr. gobony of the field and the second.
Arderne, ar. three chev. az. within a bordure engr. gu.
Arderne, erm. on a fesse gu. three lozenges or.
Arderne, sa. three lions pass. or.

Arderne, or, a chief az.

Arderne, gu. semée of crosslets and a chief or. (Another,
six; another, eight cross crosslets and a chief or.)
Arderne, or, semée of crosslets, a lion ramp. sa.
Arderne, gu. three crosses bottonée fitchée or.
Arderne, the like, with a chief engr. or.
Arderne, erm. a chief chequy or and az.

Arderne, ar, a lion ramp. az. oppressed with a bend gu.
Arderne, vert, a lion ramp. or, armed and langued gu.
Arderne, vert, a lion ramp. or, crowned az.

ARDES, [Sharington, Bucks.] ar. a bend betw. six mullets
sa.---Crest, within a catharine-wheel sa. ducally crowned
or, a sun in splendour.

Ardes, The same as above.-Crest, a catharine or,
pierced sa. ducally crowned of the first,
Ardes, ar. a bend betw. six martlets sa.

„„HOROUGH, and ARDBOW, ar. a ARDESLEY, ar. a fesse fusilée gu. in chief three bulls'
adops gu. (Another, sa.)

as and gu. a lion ramp. or.

heads couped sa.

ARDFROWE, ar. a chev. engr. betw. three escallops gu.
ARDIFACRE, ar. a chev. engr. betw. three escallops gu.
ARDINGTON, [Berks. and Leic.] az. two lions pass. or.
Ardington, or Arthington, [Yorks.] or, a fesse betw. three
escallops gu.-Crest, a dove and olive branch ppr.
Ardington, ar. a fesse betw. three escallops sa.
Ardington, or, two lions pass sa.

ANLEY, of Alvanley, Chester.
401; Residence, Tarporly House,
ace cross crosslets fitchée ar. on a chief or,
ae best.---Crest, out of a ducal coronet
ave feathers ar. charged with a crescent
Vyrics, two talbots collared. Motto, Pa- ARDIS, ar.
ice palets az. on a chief gu. as many


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ay of eight or and az. within a bordure gu.
three crosses bottonée fitchée, a chief or.
Arderne, [Beds, and Warw.] gu. three cross
ht fitchée or, on a chief of the second, a martlet
the first. Crest, a plume of feathers ar. charged
with a martlet or.
ANNUR, gu, a chief or, within a bordure erm.
AKH, OF ARDERN, erm. a fesse gu, charged with
three cinquefoils or. (Another, pierced or.)
ANDERER, Meriden, Warw.] ar. on a bend cottised sa.
three mullets of the first.--Crest, a demi lion az. gorged
with a collar or, charged with three mullets az.
ANDERLEY, ar. on a bend gu. betw. two lions' heads
erased sa. three cross crosslets or.
ARDERNE, [Ches, and Lanc.] gu. three cross crosslets
fitchée and a chief or. (Another, the chief indented
or. Another, engr. or.)--Crest, out of a ducal coronet
or, a plume of five feathers, three or, and two az.
(Another crest, out of a ducal coronet or, seven feathers
ar. tipped gu.)

Arderne, Arden, or Ardren, [Ireland] per pale az. and
gu, a lion ramp. ar. armed of the second.
Arderne, [Warw.] erm. a fesse chequy, or and az.-Crest,
en a chapeau az. turned up erm. a bear pass. or.

on a bend az. a mullet sa.-Crest, a demi lion gu. in the sinister paw a rose or, leaved vert. ARDLEY, [London] quarterly per fesse indented ar. and gu. on a bend engr. az. betw. two eagles displ. or, a fret of the last enclosed by two doves ppr. ARDOLL. See ARDALL.

ARDON, [Essex] ar. a chev. sa. betw. three stars gu. ARDON FF, and ARDONSE, [Essex] ar. a chev. betw. three stars gu.


ARDYN, [Kent] the same as Arderne, Staffs.
Ardyn, Ardem, or Ardern, or, a lion ramp. within an
orle of eight cross crosslets sa. (Another, the field

Ardyn, Ardem, or Ardern, or, a lion ramp. within an
orle of ten cross crosslets sa.
ARDYS, ar. a bend betw. six mullets sa.
ARE, az. on a cross ar. five escallops gu.
AREAS, sa. three fleurs-de-lis ar.
AREL, [France] quarterly, ar. and az.-Crest, a boar's
head betw. two ostrich's feathers
ARES, ar. a chev. sa.
ARESKIN, ar. a pale sa.-Crest, a dexter hand holding
an escutcheon.

ARESKINE, [Scotland] az. a bend betw. six cross cross-
lets fitchée or.-Crest, a dexter hand holding a sword
erect, betw. two laurel branches, all ppr.
Areskine, [Scotland] ar. on a pale sa. a cross pattée

fitchée of the first.-Crest, a demi griffin holding in the dexter claw a sword ppr. Motto, Ausim, et confido. AREY, gu. three birds ar. membered or, two and one. Arey, sa. a fesse or.

ARFARE, gu, a bend or, cottised ar.

ARFECE, ARFOIS, or ARFORCE, ar. three castles gu.Crest, a scaling ladder az.

ARGAHAST, or, a bull gu-Crest, a doric column ppr. ARGALL, [Much-Baddow and Low-Hall, Essex] per fesse ar. and vert, a pale counterchanged, three lions' heads erased gu.-Crest, a sphinx with wings expanded ppr. (Another crest, an arm embowed in armour ppr. supporting a battle-axe.)

Argall, [East Sutton] The same.

Argall, [Lane.] or, a pale vert, counterchanged per fesse, on the first and fourth quarters a lion's head erased gu. on the second and third an acorn slipped gold. Argall, Argell, or Argill, per fesse or and sa. three palets counterchanged, as many lions' heads erased gu.-Crest, a lion's head erased ppr.

ARGALL, or ARGNALL, or, a lion ramp. reguardant az. ARGAN, ar. a chev. betw. three martlets sa.

ARKINSTALL, [Cambr.] erm. a fesse sa. betw. three martlets of the second.-Crest, on a mount vert, a greyhound sejant erm.


ARKWRIGHT, [Wellesly Hall, Derb. Created, 1787] ar. on a mount vert, a cotton tree fructed ppr. on a chief az. betw. two inescutcheons of the field, charged with a bee volant ppr.-Crest, an eagle rising or, in its beak, an inescutcheon pending by a ribbon gu. thereon a hank of cotton ar.

ARKYBUS, ar. on a fesse engr. sa. three mascles or.-
Crest, a lion's head erased ar.

ARLANDES, [France] az. a crescent reversed or, over an etcilé ar.

ARLING, gu. a fesse vair; in chief a unicorn current or, betw. two mullets of the last, all within a bordure engr. of the third.

ARLOTE, or ARLOTT, gu. a leopard pass. guard. or, spotted sa. Crest, on a chapeau, a leopard pass. guard. with three blades of rushes on each side, all ppr. ARMAND, [France] az. a chev. betw. three roses ar.

ARGANOR, sa. a chevalier in full armour, with halbert ARMARLE. See AMARLE. ppr.


ARGENTE, [Isle of Ely, Cambr.] gu. three covered cups ar.-Crest, a demi lion gu. holding a covered cup ar. ARGENTIN, and ARGENTINE. The same arms. ARGENTON, [Cambr.] gu. semée of cross crosslets, three cups covered ar.

Argenton, [Devons.] gu. three college pots ar.
Argenton, az. three cups covered gu.

Argenton, gu. three covered cups ar.

Argenton, gu. three cups, covered, betw. nine cross crosslets fitchée ar.

ARGENTREE, [France] ar. a cross pattée az.-Crest, an eagle's head erased gu.

ARGENTYNE, gu. three lily-pots ar.

ARMBALL, erm. a bend compony ar. and sa.

ARME, gu. a naked arm barways, bowed at the elbow ppr.

ARMENY, az. a liou ramp. erm.

Armeny, ar. a lion ramp. ar. crowned or,
ARMERBERY, sa. two arms issuing from the sides of the
escutcheon, bent at the elbow and erect in chev. the
hands conjoined ar. betw. three crosslets fitchée or.
ARMERBURY, sa. two arms ar. betw. three cross cross-
lets of the second.

ARMERY, [of Pary, who betrayed Calais] an escutcheon reversed az. four mullets or, two and two.

ARMES, [England] or, on a bend az. three hands clenched and couped at the wrist, of the first.

Argentyne, gu. a cross lozengy or, in the first quarter an Armes, [France] gu. two swords in pale, points down

eagle displ. ar.

ARGEVILE, ar. three annulets vert.

ARGIES, [France] or, an orle of eight martlets sa.

[blocks in formation]

ward ar. in chief a rose betw. the hilts or, all within a bordure of the last.

ARMESBURY, [Essex] sa. two dexter arms conjoined in fesse ar. betw. three cross crosslets or. (Another, the crosses botonnée fitchée or.)-Crest, two hands issuing from clouds ppr.

ARCTON, gu. on a bend ermines, cottised or, three boars' ARMESLEY, paly of six ar. and az. over all, a bendlet heads couped ar.

ARGUE, ar. three pomegranates ppr.

ARGUILLA, gu. three bezants in pale or.-Crest, on a bezant a talbot's head sa.

ARGUM, or ARGUNE, ar. a chev. betw. three martlets sa.-Crest, a hand erect issuing from a cloud, a book expanded ppr.

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ARIEL, or ARIELL, or, a cornish chough sa. within an orle of eight fleurs-de-lis az.-Crest, an anchor cabled and sword in saltier.

ARIES, [Ireland] vert, three rams' heads cabossed ar. attired or.--Crest, a satyr, holding in the dexter hand a sword, in the sinister a partizan, all ppr. ARISSEL, [Cornw.] gu. a saltier engr. ar. betw. four bezants.

ARKELL, or ARKLE, gu. a fesse embattled counterembattled ar.-Crest, a griffin sejant ar. holding in the


ARMESTON, [Burbage, Leic.] sa. a chev. betw. three spears' heads er. a crescent for diff.-Crest, a dragon's head erased vert, scaled or, charged with a crescent of the same for diff.

ARMESTONE, [Leic.] sa. a chev. betw. three spears' heads ar.-Crest, a dragon's head erased ppr. ARMESTRONG, [Notts.] gu. three armed arms lying paleways ar.

Armestrong, gu. three embowed armed arms erect, two and one ar.

ARMIGER, or ARMEIER, [North Creake, Norf.] az. three helmets or, betw. two bars ar.--Crest, on a ducal coronet or, a tiger sejant gu. crined and tufted gold. Armiger, [Suff.] az. a fesse cottised ar. betw. three close helmets or.

Armiger, erm. a griffin segreant, per fesse or and az.

Armiger, erm. a griffin az. armed gu.

Armiger, per pale az. and or, a grittin segreant counterchanged.

ARMINE, [Osgodby, Linc.] erm. a saltier engr. gu. on a
chief of the second, a lion pass. (Another, guard. or.)
-Crest, on a mount vert an ermine ppr.
Armine, ar. three martlets sa.

ARMISTEAD, ar. a chev. gu. betw. the points of spears az.
tasseled in the middle or.-Crest, a dexter arm in ar-
mour embowed ppr. holding the butt end of a broken
spear or. Motto, Suivez Raison.
ARMITAGE, [Kirklees, Yorks.] gu. a lion's head erased,
betw. three crosses botonnée ar.-Crest, a dexter arm
embowed, vested or, cuff ar. grasping in the hand ppr.
a sword by the blade, also ppr. hilt gold, point down-

Armitage, [Ireland] The same betw. three cross crosslets


ARMO, parted per cross or and gu. on the first and fourth a lozenge of the second.-Crest, three passion nails ppr. one in pale and two in saltier.

ARMONY, gu. a bend ar. (Another, erm.) betw. six bezants.-Crest, a stag gu.

Armony, az. a bend erm. betw. six bezants.-Crest, a stag gu.

ARMORER, [London] gu. on a chev. ar. betw. three sinister gauntlets or, two palets betw. three half fleursde-lis, split paleways.

ARMORY, [Kerry, Ireland] paly of six nebulée ar, and gu. on a chief of the first, a lion pass. guard. of the second.-Crest, an eagle's head or.

ARMOUR, [Scotland] ar. on a chev. az. betw. three arms ppr. in armour fesseways embowed of the second, three mullets of the first.-Crest, a dexter hand holding up an esquire's helmet, all ppr. Motto, Cassis tutissima


ARMOURER, barry of four counter-escalloped ar. and gu. each scale nailed sa.

ARMSDRESSEK, gu. a man in armour ppr. holding in the right hand a pole-axe of the last. ARMSTRANG, az. a fesse or, betw. two arms armed, couped at the shoulder ar.-Crest, an arm issuing out of a cloud, holding a club ppr.

Armstrang, ar. three palets az.-Crest, an arm armed


Armstrang, ar. three palets sa.-Crest, an arm gu. ARMSTRECH, aг. an arm extended and couped, vested gu. buttoned the whole length sa. ARMSTRONG, [Linc. and Notts.] gu. three dexter arms vambraced ar. hands ppr.-Crest, a dexter arm vambraced in armour, the hand ppr.

Armstrong, [Scotland] ar. an arm ppr. habited gu. issuing out from the side of the escutcheon, and holding the lower part of a broken tree eradicated vert, the top leaning to the dexter angle.

Armstrong, sa. three dexter arms conjoined at the shoulders and flexed in triangle or, turned up, (or cuffed) ar. the hands clenched ppr.

Armstrong, ar. three torteauxes az.

ARMYN, [Cornw.] or a chev. betw. three escallops ar. Armyn, gu. six roses ar. three, two, and one. ARMYNE. See ARMINE.

ARMYTAGE, Bart. [Kirklees, Yorks. 4 July, 1738] gu. a lion's head erased, betw. three cross crosslets ar.

Crest, a dexter arm embowed, couped at the shoulder, vested or, cuff ar. holding in the hand ppr. a sword gu. garnished gold.

Armytage, [London and Yorks.] ar. three crosses botonnée gu.-Crest, a demi lion ar. holding in the dexter paw a cross botonneé gu.

Armytage, [Yorks.] az. a lion's head erased betw. three cross crosslets or.

ARNAIS, [France] ar. a cross sa. ARNALD, or ARNAULD, az. a chev. betw. three palm branches or.-Crest, a demi cat guard. ppr. ARNALT, gu. a stork in trian aspect to the sinister ar. on a mount vert in base.

ARNEEL, or ARNIED, [Scotland] ar. two eels hauriant confrontée vert, betw. two etoiles gu.-Crest, an eel naiant vert. Motto, Sans heur.

ARNEFORD, or ARNFORD, az. three bars or, within a bordure erm.

ARNES, [Cornw.] vert, five martlets ar. two, two, and


ARNEST, [Devons.] ar. three holly leaves barways, two and one, the stalk towards the dexter part of the escutcheon ppr.

ARNEST, ar. a holly-leaf ppr.

ARNET, ar. a chev. sa. betw. two mullets in chief and a crescent in base gu.-Crest, a crescent or. Motto, Speratum et completum.

Arnet. ar. a chev. sa. betw. three mullets gu. all within a bordure indented of the second. (Another, the bordure charged with crescents of the first.) Arnet, ar, a chev. betw. three stars gu. Arnet, az. a chev. betw. three stars ar, and a crescent in chief of the last.

ARNETT, or ARNOTT, gyronny of eight sa. and or, on a chief ar. a galley, the sails furled sa. flags gu.-Crest, on a tower ppr. a flag displ. az. ARNEWAY, or ARNAWAY, and ARNOLD, [Bucks.] ar. three escallops sa.-Crest, a crosier or. ARNEWOOD, [Hants.] erm. on a bend az. betw. two cottises, three lions pass. or.-Crest, out of a ducal coronet a demi leopard.

ARNEY, [Chambury, Dors.] ar. a fesse compony or and az. in chief three martlets gu.-Crest, on a mural crown or, three arrows through a human heart, two in saltier, and one in pale, ar.

ARNFORD. See ARNEFORD. ARNOLD, [Devons.] sa. a chev. betw. three dolphins embowed ar.-Crest, out of ducal coronet an antilope's head.

Arnold, [Cromer, Norf. and Ballesford, Suff.] Arms the same,-Crest, a dolphin embowed ar.

Arnold, [Glouc. Granted, 1653] gu. a chev. erm, betw. three pheous or.

Arnold, [Glouc.] gu. a chev. erm. betw. three escallop shells or.

Arnold, [Chilwick, Hertf.] gu. a chev. quarterly erm. and ermines, betw. three pheons or.-Crest, an eagle's head erased gu. gorged with a mural coronet ar. holding in the beak an acorn, slipped, leaved vert. Arnold, [Hunts.] sa. two lions pass. or. Arnold, London. Granted, 31 Dec. 1612] gu. three pheons ar. on a chief of the second a bar nebulée az.Crest, a demi tiger sa. bezantée, maned and tufted or, holding a broad arrow, stick gu, feathers and pheon ar.

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