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Allenson, az. an inescutcheon ar.
Allenson, az. a chev. ar.

ALLERDES, or ALLARDES, [Scotland] Arms, see AL-
LARDICE.-Crest, a torteaux betw. two wings az.

ALLERTON, per chev. sa. and ar. in chief two barrulets
of the last.

Allerton, ar. three (Another, two) bars sa. in chief three
pellets within a bordure engr. of the second.
Allerton, ar. two bars sa. in chief three pellets.
Allerton, ar. a chev betw. three lions' heads erased sa.-
Crest, a lion's head collared.

Allerton, per chev. sa. and or, three bars gemels ar. the
bottom one passing behind the chev. point.
ALLESLEY, [Warw.] vert, three chev. in base interlaced,
a chief or.

Allesley, ar. a bend az. in chief an annulet of the second.
Allesley, az. fretty ar. a chief of the last.
ALLESTOWE, or HALLESTOWE, paly of six ar. and sa.
on a chev. gu. a crosslet or-Crest, a hand holding the
butt end of a broken spear.

ALLESTREY, ar. a bend az. betw. three escutcheons gu.
each charged with a fesse of the first, a chief of the

ALLESTRY, ar. a chief az. on a bend gu. three escutch

eous parted per fesse, vert and ar.-Crest, a demi lion az. brandishing a scimitar ar. hilted or.

ALLIN, [Suff.] gu. a cinquefoil pierced or.-Crest, a snake coiled up and environed with flags (i. e. rushes)


ALLINGHAM, or, three lozenge buckles az.-Crest, a church environed with trees ppr.

ALLINGRIDGE, gu. a cross engr. or.-Crest, a castle triple towered ppr. on the sinister tower a flag displ. ar. charged with a cross sa.

ALLINGTON, [London] or, a lion ramp. within a bordure engr. az.-Crest, out of a ducal coronet or, a buck's head ppr. attired of the first, pierced through the neck with an arrow of the last, barbed and flighted ar. Allington, [Horse Heath, Cambr.] sa. a bend engr. betw. six (Another, eight) billets ar.-Crest, a talbot pass.


Allington, ar. a bend (Another, engr.) betw. eight billets
sa. Crest, the same as above.
Allington, sa. a fesse engr. betw. six billets ar.
Allington, az. a bend engr. betw. six billets ar.
ALLISON, ar. a fesse gu. betw. three blackbirds within a
bordure gu. --Crest, a peacock ppr.

Allison, ar. an inescutcheon gu.-Crest, a pheasant hol!-
ing in the dexter foot a key, and in his beak an car of
harley ppr.

Allison, sa. a fesse engr. betw. three talbots pass. ar.-
Crest, an eagle's head erased ppr. Motto, Vincet


Allison, sa. a fesse engr. betw, three talbots pass. ar. surmounted by a bend sinister.

Allestry, ar. a chev. gu. on a bend az. three escutcheons
counterchanged of the first and second.
ALLETT, [Iwood, Somers.] or, on a pale sa. betw. two | ALLMACK. See AWMACK.
pellets, a demi lion ramp. gold.-Crest, a unicorn's ALLMAN. See ALMAN.
head ar. collared sa.
ALLEY, az. a pale erm. betw. two lions ramp. of the
second, ducally crowned or.-Crest, a lion's head ca-
bossed or, betw. two wings ppr.

Alley, [Ireland] or, a cross gu. on a chief of the same

three mullets of the field.--Crest, out of a ducal coronet or, a mullet gu. betw. two laurel branches vert. Alley, gu. a cross ar. within a bordure invecked of the second.

Alley, gu. a cross engr. within a bordure ar.
Alley, az. a pale erm.

ALLEYN, sa. a cross potent ar. (Another, or.)
Alleyn. See Allen, [Ches.]

ALLEYNE, Bart. [Barbadoes, 20 March, 1709, since of
Mesner Hall, Essex] per chev. gu. and erm. in chief
two lions' heads erased or.-Crest, out of a ducal coro-
net or, a unicorn's head ar. Motto, Non tua ii move-
ant sed publica vota.

Alleyne, [Hayesleigh, Essex] or, on a fesse vert, three fleurs-de-lis of the first.

Alleyne, per bend sinister double dancettée ar. and sa. six martlets counterchanged.

ALLFREY, [Salehurst] See Alfrey, of Sussex, 1591. ALLGOOD, [N.umb.] ar. a cross engr. betw. four mullets gu. on a chief az. three roses of the first.

Allgood, or, a leopard's head az. and two cocks gu. betw. as many flaunches sa. each charged with a fleur-de-lis


ALLIBONE, vert, on a bend ar. three crosses formée
fichée az.-Crest, a buil's head affrontée.
ALLIESON, or ALLISON, parted per cross ar. and gu. a
cross betw. four cinquefoils counterchanged.-Crest, a
demi savage wielding a scimitar ppr.

ALLOTT, [South Kirkby, Yorks. Granted, 9 June, 1729]
or, a fesse az. betw. four barrulets wavy of the last, on
a canton of the second, two barrulets ar. charged with
three swallows volant sa. viz. on the first, two; second,
one.--Crest, a cubit arm erect, vested or, charged with
a fesse betw. four barrulets, cuffed ar. holding in the
band ppr. a mullet or.

Allott, Lanc. and Linc.] ar. (Another, or,) on a bend
sa. a demi lion of the field, betw. two ogresses.-Crest,
an arm couped at the shoulder embowed
ppr. vested gu.
and resting the elbow on a wreath, holding a sword en-
filed with a leopard's head.

Allott, [Lord Mayor of London, 1591] ar. on a pale sa.
betw. two pellets a demi lion couped or.

ALLPORT, [Cannock, Staffs.] barry wavy of eight ar.
and az. on a bend or, three mullets gu.-Crest, a demi
lion erm. gorged with a mural coronet gu.

ALLWENT, gu. a chev, betw. three fleurs-de-lis erm.
ALLWORTH, [Devons.] ar. a fesse betw. six billets gu.
ALLWRIGHT, OF ALWRIGHT, gu. a bend or, and three
sinister bendlets ar. the centre one surmounting the
bend.--Crest, on a chapeau a grey-hound statant, all


[blocks in formation]

head erased per pale ar. and or. attired of the first, | ALPHENN, ar. a fesse betw. three boars' heads couped
gorged with a collar double embattled gu. charged with
three escallops or.

ALLYM, or AUDLYM, ar. three crabs erect sa.
ALLYN, per
fesse gu. and sa. a chev. rompu betw. three
griffins' heads erased erm. on a canton ar. a cross po-
tent betw. four crosses pattée or.-Crest, a tree eradi-
cated vert, fructed with branches of berries gu.
Allyn, [Bampton, Devons.] per bend rompu ar. and sa.
six martlets and an annulet in the dexter chief point

Allyn, [London] az. a pale engt. erm.
Allyn, ar. on a chev. gu. three lozenges of the first, each
charged with a crosslet sa.

ALMAN, [Pearnsey, Suss.] per bend or and sa. a cross
potent counterchanged.-Crest, a leg in armour, spur-
red or, couped in the middle of the thigh.
Alman, ar. a spread eagle sa. armed or.
ALMAND, vairé, on a fesse gu. three martlets or.
ALMANERLAVAL, az. a bend ar.---Crest, a tower ppr.
ALMARADE, ar. a dragon segreant, winged az.
ALMARD, per pale indented ar. and gu.-Crest, a stag
trippant ppr.


ALMAYNE, or, an eagle displ. sa. armed gu.-Crest, on a ducal coronet or, a cinquefoil gu.

ALMEARS, or ALMEERS, ar. a long cross gu. on three grieces, or steps, the upper one az. the second as the cross, and the undermost sa.--Crest, a long cross recrossed on three steps ar.

AIMER, and ALMOR, az. a lion ramp. or, armed and langued gu. Crest, a palmer's staff erect or. ALMERICUS, or, fretty sa. on a chief of the last, three bezants.-Crest, a nag's head erased ar. ducally gorged

[blocks in formation]

ALMOT, [Suff.] ar. a chev. betw. three escallops sa.
Almot, Alnot, and Alneot, quarterly per pale indented or
and gu. on the first and fourth, five mascles conjunct,
one, three, and one.--Crest, a thunder bolt ppr.
ALMS, gu. three stags' heads erased or.-Crest, a stag's
head as in the arms.

ALNEHAM, az. five fusils in fesse or, a bendlet gu.

ALNWICK, or ALNWYK, ar. a cross moline sa.
Alnwick, or Almewake, paly of six az. and or, on a chief
gu. three cross crosslets of the first.-Crest, on a cha-
peau a cock ppr.


ALOIGNY, [France] gu. three fleurs-de-lis ar.
ALORS, gu. a chev. betw. three rowels ar.

ALPHE, [Hants.] ar. a lion pass. betw. three boars' heads
cooped sa.- Crest, out of a ducal coronet, an eagle's


sa. lying paleways.

ALPHEW, or ALPHEGH, ar. a fesse betw. three boars'
heads couped sa.

ALPHRAMAN, az. three eagles displ. betw. nine cross
crosslets or.

ALPIN, or, a fesse betw. three bullfinches ppr.

ALPRAM, [Ches.] az. three eagles displ. or.
Alpram, az. semée de crusily, three eagles displ. or.
ALPUT, az. an eel powte ar.

ALRED, [Holderness, Yorks.] gu. a chev. betw. three
grithins' heads erased ar. armed or.-Crest, a griffin's
head ppr.

ALREDE. The same with a chev, engr.
ALREY, ar. three escallop shells gu. two and one.
ALSACHER, or ALSAGER, [Ches.] az. three askers' (or
water lizards') heads couped or.

ALSARIN, az. an asker's (or water lizard's) head erased or,
ALSHONIER, [Scotland] gu. a chev. or, in base a

crescent ar.

ALSOP, [Alsop and Derb.] sa. a chev. betw. three shel-
drakes ar. (Another, hawks close or.)

Alsop, [Derb. and Leic.] sa. three doves ar. wings ex-
panded, legged and beaked gu.-Crest, a dove with
wings expanded, holding in the beak an ear of wheat.
Alsop, [London, Granted, 1738] az. three doves ppr. on
a canton or, a key erect sa.-Crest, a dove holding in
the beak an ear of corn, all ppr. in the dexter claw a
key, as in the canton.

Alsop, [Lord Mayor of London, 1752] az. three doves or,
on a canton ar. a key in pale gu.

ALSOPE, [Derb.] per fesse or and erm. a pale counter-
changed, three mullets sa.-Crest, a dove with an olive
branch in the beak ppr.

ALSOPPE, [London, 1797] sa. on a bend betw. six doves
ar. legged gu. three pheons of the first.-Crest, a dove
ar. legged gu. betw. two ostrich feathers sa.
ALSPACH, ar. a bend cottised within a bordure engr. gu.
in the sinister corner a mullet pierced sa.
ALSPATH, or ALSPACH, ar. a bend sa. cottised gu.-
Crest, two spears in saltier az.

ALSPATHE, ar. a bend sa. cottised gu. within a bordure
of the third.

ALSTANTON, ar. three sea-urchins (or hedge-hog fish)
erect ar.-Crest, out of a mural coronet or, an arm in
armour embowed holding a dagger, all ppr.
ALSTOINS, az. ten etoiles or, four, three, two, and one.
ALSTON, [Odell, Beds.] az. ten etoiles, or four, three, two,
and one.-Crest, a crescent ar. charged with an etoile
or. Motto, Immotus.

Alston, [Mile-end, Midd.] The same arms and crest.
ALSTONE, [Chelsea, Midd.] The same.
Alstone, [Newton-Marleford and Assington, Suff.] az.
ten stars, four, three, two, and one.--Crest, the same
as above.
Alstone, az. ten etoiles or, on a chief ar. a crescent re-
versed gu. betw. two boars' heads couped sa.--Crest,
a demi eagle with wings expanded and inverted ppr.
on each wing a crescent reversed gu. Motto, In altum.
ALSTONS, gu. ten etoiles of eight points in pile or.
ALSTOWNE, gu. three sea-urchins in pale ar.
ALSWORTHY, or, a chev. sa. betw. three trefoils slipped

[ocr errors]

ALT, [Loughborough, Leic.] quarterly gu. and ar. within a bordure of annulets and crosses pattée alternately counterchanged.

ALTARIPA, az. five fusils in fesse ar. a bendlet gu. ALTEN, ar. a bend of lozenges and roses, alternately disposed, gu.

Allen, gu. three eagles, wings expanded, or.

Alten. ar. a ragged staff, embowed to the sinister sa. ALTERIPE, az. five fusils in fesse ar. on the third a crescent gu.

ALTHAM, [London and Essex] paly of six erm. and az. on a chief gu. a lion pass. guard. or.-Crest, a demi lion holding a ship's rudder sa.

Altham, [Essex] ar. a lion saliant sa.-Crest, the same as the last.

ALTHAN, per pale beviled az. and or.

Althan, or Althaun, gu. a fesse ar.-Crest, a demi archer shooting a bow ppr. clothed vert, cap sa. ALTHOUN, gu. on a fesse ar. a Roman A.-Crest, a dexter hand apaumee ppr.

ALTREUW, per fesse gu. and ar. two hands couped and conjoined, chevronways counterchanged.

ALTREW, or ALTRUE, sa. two hands couped above the wrist, conjoined chevronways, sleeved or, cuffed ar. ALURED. See ALVERD.

ALVANSTON, ar. three crabs erect gu.

ALVARDE, ar. on a saltier az. betw. four griffins' heads erased gu. a leopard's head enclosed by four lozenges or, pointing to the ends of the saltier. ALVARES, chequy ar. and gu.-Crest, a demi lion ramp. ppr. holding in the dexter paw a mascle az. ALVAS. See ALVES.

ALVERD, or ALURED, [Ipswich] ar. on a saltier az. betw. four griffins' heads erased gu. a leopard's head betw. four lozenges or.-Crest, a mill-rinde or. ALVERSTON, [Dunmore,] az. a cross patonce betw. four fleurs-de-lis or.-Crest, a grey-hound saliant sa. ALVERT, ar. on a saltier az. betw. four griffins' heads erased gu. a leopard's head or.-Crest, an eagle's head ppr. charged with a saltier gu. ALVERTHORP, sa. a cross pattée or.

ALVES, or ALVAS, ar. on a chev. az. betw. three trefoils slipped vert, as many mullets of the field, a bordure sa. Crest, a garb or. Motto, Deo favente. ALVEY, or ALLVEY, sa. a boar pass. or.-Crest, a plough


ALWAY, ar. a fesse betw. three lions ramp. sa. crowned or. ALWAYE, [Streetley, Beds.] or, a talbot pass. sa. on a chief of the second, three mullets of the first.-Crest, a hind's head ar. betw. two holly branches vert, fructed with berries gu.

ALWELL, [Glouc.] ar. a pile sa. over all a chev. counterchanged.

ALWORTH, or AYLWORTH, [Oxen] or, a saltier engr. betw. twelve billets sa.

ALWORTHY, or, on a chev. betw. three trefoils slipped sa. three mullets of the field. ALWRIGHT. See ALLWRIGHT. ALWYN, [Devons.] two coats; first, ar. three lions pass. (Another, ramp.) sa. fretty az. second, per pale or and az. three eagles counterchanged.

Alwyn, [Plaistow, Essex] ar. a fesse nebulée gu. betw. three lions ramp. sa.-Crest, a lion's gamb. erect and erased sa. enfiled with a mural crown or.

Alwyn, [Ld. Mayor of London, 1499] ar. a fesse nebulée az. betw. three lions ramp. guard. sa.

Alwyn, [London] ar. a fesse wavy az. betw. three lions saliant sa.

Alwyn, ar. a fesse nebulée az. betw. two lions pass. sa.
Alwyn, sa. a chev. betw. three goats ar.
Alwyn, or, a chev. betw. three goats pass. sa.
ALWYNE, or, a chev. ar. betw. three goats' heads of the
second, attired of the first.

ALYE, [Gloue.] az. a lion ramp. ar.-Crest, a lion's head cabossed betw. two wings.

ALYNE, ar. three bars, and betw. them as many towers


ALYSON, [Kent, 1583] ar. a fesse az. betw. three boars' heads couped sa.--Crest, a pheon ar. with part of the broken shaft in it, or.

Alyson, ar. a fesse betw. three boars' heads couped sa, armed gu.

AMADE, ar. an oak-branch acorned (or, fructed) ppr. AMADES, [Plymouth, Devons.] az. a chev. erm, betw. three oaken slips acorned ppr.

AMAND, or, fretty sa. on a chief of the second, three bezants. (Another, three plates; and Another, two mullets.)

Amand, ar. a lion ramp. coward purp.

Amand, Amane, or Amarme, per pale ar. and sa. a chev. erm. and ermines betw. six martlets counterchanged.— Crest, a pomegranate ppr.

AMANT, or, a fret sa. on a chief of the last three bezants. AMARLE, az two bars within a bordure ar. guttée-de-sang. Amarle, or Armarle, ar. guttée-de-sang, three bars humetée az.-Crest, a lion pass. or, resting the paw on a mullet


AMARY, [Essex] gu. a cross engr. ar. charged with five cinquefoils of the field.-Crest, a cat's head and neck issuing affrontée ar. in the mouth a rat sa..

Amary, gu. on a cross engr. ar. four cinquefoils of the field.

AMATYST, ar. on a bend sa. three cinquefoils of the field.

AMBEMONT. See Anbemont. AMBERG, gyronny, of six az. and or. AMBERS, gu. a chev. betw. three rowels or. AMBERSAM, or, on a chev. betw. three boars' heads couped sa. as many (Another, five) cinquefoils of the first.

AMBESACE, and AMBORAES, or, three dice sa. (Another, gu.) each charged with an ace ar.-Crest, out of a ducal coronet or, a man's head in profile ppr. AMBETT, gyronny of eight or and az. four annulets of the first.

AMBLER, and ANBLER, sa. on a fesse or, betw. three pheons ar. a lion pass. guard. gu.-Crest, two dexter hands conjoined, sustaining a royal crown. AEBORAES. See AMBESACE, AMBOROW, ANBURY, or ANBOROW, ar. a chev. sa. betw. three bears' heads erased of the last muzzled or. -Crest, a bear's head, as in the arms.

AMBRIDGE, gu. two lions ramp. in pale ar.-Crest, a cross crosslet fitchée in pale gu. surmounted by two swords in saltier ppr.

AMBROSE, [Lanc.] or, three humets sa. charged with as many annulets ar.

Ambrose, [Lanc.] ar. three dice (by some called billets)

sa. each charged with a mullet of the field. (Another, annulets, or.)-Crest, a hand holding a billet ar. AMCOTES, [Astrop, Linc. Granted, 1548] ar. a tower betw. three covered cups az.-Crest, a squirrel sejant gu. holding in the mouth a nut or.

Amcotes, [Writenby, Linc.] The same, a crescent for diff.

AMCOTS, [Essex] ar. a tower triple towered betw. three covered cups az.--Crest, a squirrel pass. gu. holding in the mouth a nut or. AMEDAS. See AMIDAS. AMEERS. See


AMENES, and ANNENNELL, ar. a fesse betw. six annulets gu.

AMENTON, gu. a cross patonce ar.-Crest, an antelope's head ppr.


three lances or, pointed ar. with a chaplet of laurel These arms were granted in 1607, as a token of their prowess at jousts and tournaments. AMIAS, gu. three pallets sa.

AMIDAS, [London] az. a chev. erm. betw. three oak-slips, within a bordure engr. or. (Another, ar.)—Crest, a branch of oak ppr. acorned or.

AMIEL, gu. six escallops three and three.-Crest, a hunting horn unstrung sa.

AMITESLY, [Glouc.] per pale or and ar. a fesse wavy gu. (Another, four bars wavy.)-Crest, a bezant charged with a pale indented gu.

AMMON, gu. a lion sarcelled or divided throughout in saltier ar. crowned or.

AMMORY, [Oxon] barry wavy of six ar. and gu. a bend


AMERANCE, gu. four mascles in bend ar. betw. eight | Ammory, [Oxon] az. on a bend or, three eaglets displ. cross crosslets or.-Crest, a mascle ar.

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AMERVILE, parted per chief indented ar. and gu. three annulets counterchanged.

AMERVILL, parted per fesse indented ar. and gu. three annulets counterchanged.

AMERY, barry bendy of six ar. and gu.
Amery, az. four mullets or, two and two.

AMESLEY, paly of six ar. and az.

AMEST, ar, three holly leaves, barways, the stalks toward the dexter ppr.

AMHERST, Lord AMHERST, Baron Amherst of Montreal, Kent, a Lord of the King's Bed Chamber. [Creation, 30 Aug. 1788. Residence, Montreal, Kent] quarterly; first and fourth, gu. three lances (or, tilting spears) erect in fesse or, their heads ar. second, ar. ou a fesse az. three crosses pattée or; third, paly of six or and gu. on a chief of the last, three escallops of the first. Crest, on a mount vert, three tilting spears or, headed ar. one in pale and two in saltier, environed with a chaplet of laurel vert. Supporters, two Canadian war Indians, of a copper colour; rings in their noses and ears, and bracelets on their arms and wrists ar. cross-belts over their shoulders buff. To one a powder-horn pendant, to the other a scalping-knife; each of their waists covered with a short apron gu. their gaiters az. seamed or; their legs scattered and fastened by a chain to the bracelet of the outer waist ppr. the dexter holding in his exterior hand a battle-axe ppr. the sinister holding in his exterior hand a tomahawk; thereon a scalp ppr. Motto, Victoria concordia crescit. Amherst, or Amhurst, [Kent] gu. three lances or, points upwards ar. two and one.-Crest, on a mount vert,

sa. armed gu.

Ammory, barry nebulée of six ar, and gu. AMOCK, erm. a chev. couped gu.-Crest, a man's head in profile ppr. vested gu. wreathed round the head ar. and sa.

AMOND, or ST. AMOND, [Scotland] or, fretty sa. on a chief of the last, three bezants.-Crest, three cinquefoils az. stalked and leaved vert. AMONDEVILL, [Notts.] az. a fret or. AMORIE or D'AMORIE, [Glouc.] barry nebulée of six ar. and gu. over all on a bend sa. three bezants.-Crest, out of a mural coronet or, a talbot's head az. eared of the first.

AMORY, az. on a bend or, three eaglets displ. gu. Amory, barry wavy of six ar. and gu. a bend sa.-Crest, out of a ducal coronet or, a plume of seven ostrich's feathers ar. four and three.

AMOS, or AMES, potent counterpotent gu. and ar. a chev. or.-Crest, a square collegiate cap sa. AMOSLEY, paly of six ar. and az. a bend sa. horse at full speed sa.

-Crest, a

AMPHLET, [Staffs.] ar. a fesse betw. three lozenges az. in chief a cinquefoil sa.-Crest, a dromedary ppr. AMPRINGEN, gu. two pallets ar. a fesse or. AMRAS, [Norf. originally Kent] erm. a bend sa, three acorns or.--Crest, a stag's head erased, gorged with a wreath tied in a bow.

AMRENELL, ar. a fesse betw. six annulets gu. AMSDEN, or AMSDON, ar. a chev. betw. three sinister wings gu.-Crest, a cross flory fitchée or, fleury gu, betw. two wings ppr.

AMSON, [Lees, Ches. Granted, 30 April, 1711] ar. on two bars az. betw. three leopards' faces in pale gu. six bezants.-Crest, a cock-blackbird ppr. betw. two ostrich's feathers ar.

AMTRE, or, a cross gu.

AMUAULE, and AMERLEY, gu. a cross pattée vairé.
AMUNDEVILL, [Notts.].... three chev.....

AMY, [Cornw.] gu. on a pile ar. from the chief, three bears' beads couped sa. muzzled or.

Amy, or, on a chief embattled sa. three mullets ar.Crest, out of a ducal coronet or, an eagle's head holding" in the beak a sprig ppr.

AMY AND, [London, 1771] vert, a chev. betw. three garbs or.-Crest, a naked arm embowed ppr. bolding in the hand three ears of coru bladed. all or. (Another

crest, an arm embowed, vested or, holding in the hand | ANDELEY, [Essex] or, on a fesse betw. three coneys curppr. three stalks of wheat gold.)

[ocr errors]

AMYAS, [Cambr.] ar. a fesse az. in chief a demi lion ramp. gu. Amyas, [Tilbury, Essex] ar. two bars gu. charged with three mullets or.-Crest, a hind ppr. collared gu. Amyas, [Norf.] ar. a boar's head couped, armed or, betw. three cross crosslets (Another, six cross crosslets fitchée) sa.-Crest, a stag's head erased or, gorged with a wreath ar. and sa. tied at the end.

Amyas, [Yorks.] ar. on a bend cottised sa. three roses of the field.

Amyas, sa. a chev. betw. three escallops ar.
Amyas, gu. three pallets az.

AMYATT, [Southampton] or, on a chief embattled sa. three mullets of the first.-Crest, a ram pass. ar. AMYE. [Camb.] Arms the same.--Crest, out of a ducal coronet or, an eagle's head ppr. holding in the beak a sprig vert.

AMYS, [Essex] ar. on two bars gu. three mullets of the first. Crest, a hind pass. ar. collared gu. ANABLES. See ANNABELL.

ANAF, or CHACOMBE, [Leie.] or, a chief and bend gu.

ANBEMONT, erm. on a pile az. three fleurs-de-lis or.
ANBY, ANDBY, or ANDELBY, gu. a fesse betw. two
chev. or.


Anby, Aubly, and Aubley, gu. a fesse ar. betw. three chev. or, Crest, a dexter hand ppr. holding a cross pattée fitchée in pale gu.

ANCELGICKS, vairé, a canton erm.
ANCELL, gu. a bend masculy ar.
Ancell, gu. a bend lozengy or.

Ancell, or Anscell, [Cornw.] gu, a saltier engr. ar. betw. four bezants.

ANCHER, or ANCHOR, [Kent] erm. on a chief az. three lions ramp. or, paleways.-Crest, a bull's head erased


ANCHILECK, [Scotland] ar. three closets sa.
ANCHITEL, [Dors.] or, a saltier raguly vert.
ANCOTES, [Linc.] az. a castle betw. three covered cups ar.
ANCOTTES, ar. three covered cups sa. on a chief gu. a
castle betw. two lions pass. or.

ANCRENGES, ar. a cross gu. within a bordure sa.
AND, gu. a roman & ar.

ANDBOROUGH, az. a fesse betw. three crosses bottonée ar. (Another, cross crosslets.)

ANDBY, ANDY, or ANDEY, [Devons.] ar. on a bend cottised az. three roses or, barbed vert.-Crest, on the stump of a tree, a crane statant ppr.

Andby, or Andelby, and Anderby, gu. on a bend or, three martlets sa.

Andby, or Andly, ar. a fesse oppressing three chev. gu.
Andby, or Andelby, gu. a fesse betw. two chev. or.
ANDEGARVIA, gu. a chief ar. over all an escarbuncle of
eight rays or.-Crest, an escarbuncle sa.
ANDELBY, ar. a chev. sa. in chief three chess rooks of
the second.-Crest, an escutcheon gu. charged with a
cross moline or.

Andelby, ar. a fesse betw. two chev. gu.
Andelby. See Andby.

rent sa. as many martlets ar.

ANDELLABY, ar. on a fesse sa. betw. six fleurs-de-lis gu. two lions' gambs in saltier, enfiled with a ducal coronet


ANDEMARLE, or ANBEMARLE, [Dors.] gu. crusuly or, on a bend of the second a mascle ermines. ANDERBY. See ANDBY.

ANDERDON, [Beech House, Hants.] sa. two single shacklebolts in chief, and a double one in base, ar.— Crest, a dexter arm embowed in armour ppr. garnished or, the hand apaumée, also ppr.

ANDERLEY, or, on a chief sa. three crescents ar.-Crest, a dolphin haurient, devouring a fish, ppr. ANDERSON, Rev. Sir Charles John, Bart. [Lea Hall, Linc. 1660, since of Kilwick-Percy, E. R. Yorks.] ar. a chev. betw. three crosses flory sa.-Crest, a water spaniel pass. or. (A Subscriber) Anderson, Bart. [Fermoy, Cork, 1812] quarterly or and ar. a saltier engr. per saltier gu. and sa. betw. a mullet pierced in chief, two boars' heads erased, respecting each other in fesse of the fourth, and in base a trefoil slipped vert.-Crest, a tree ppr. surmounted of a saltier humettée sa. Motto, Stand sure.

Anderson, [Aberdeen] ar. a saltier waved betw. two mullets in the flanks and a crescent in base gu.-Crest, a cross staff erect, marked with the degrees of latitude. Motto, Per mare,

Anderson, [Wester Airderbreak] ar. a saltier engr. betw. two mullets in chief gu. and as many boars' heads erased in the flanks az.-Crest, an oak tree. Motto, Stand


Anderson, [Eyeworth, Beds.] ar. a chev. betw. three crosses bottonée sa.

Anderson, [Dowhill] ar. a saltier engr. sa. betw. a crescent in chief, and three mullets in the flanks and base gu. all within a bordure az.

Anderson, [Edinburgh] ar. a saltier engr. cantoned with a mullet in chief, two crescents in the flanks, and a cross crosslet fitchée in base, gu.

Anderson, [Edinburgh] ar. a saltier engr. sa. betw. a crescent in chief, and three mullets pierced of the field, two in fesse and one in base gu.-Crest, an eagle issuing out of the wreath. Motto, Qui honeste fortiter. Anderson, [Glasgow] ar. a saltier engr. cantoned with two mullets in chief and in base, as many crescents in the flanks, gu.-Crest, a cloud. Motto, Recte quod honeste.

Anderson, [Penley, Herts.] ar. a chev. betw. three cross crosslets, (Another, three crosses formée) sa.-Crest, a spaniel dog pass.

Anderson, [St. Ives, Hunts.] The same as the Rev. Sir C. J. Lea Hall.

Anderson, [Broughton, Linc.] The same. Anderson, [London] ar. a chev. betw. three crosses sarcellee sa. in chief a fleur-de-lis gu.-Crest, out of a ducal coronet ar. a hind's head or, pierced through the neck with an arrow sa. feathered ar. Anderson, [Mill Hill, Midd. Lord Mayor of London, 1798] az. on a saltier erm. a sword and key saltierways, environed with a laurel wreath, betw. three mullets, and a crescent in base, ar.-Crest, three ostrich's feathers encircled with a chain or, on the centre one a crescent. Anderson, [Newcastle, N.umb.] or, on a chev. gu. betw.

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