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ACHSATEN Ou am flicens close ar. beued or. Aerosex fa“ 1o GOSFORD, Viscount and Baron Gosmen, de Racket (tu. A magh, and a Baronet. Creations, Ba%. Sve 1928, barva, 20 July, 1776; Visc. 20 June, 1788, 647, 84, 1906. Residence, Gosford Castle, Co. of a mach, Treat) ar. an eagle displ, with two heads, sa a net ge; on a chief vert, two muilets of the third. Chek, a vnd ga, standing on a trumpet ppr. Supporters, two leopards por, the sinister reguard, both collared and cðamed or, Motto, Vigilantibus. dudesum, ar, an eagle aspl, with two heads sa. on a chief vert, three madets of the first.—Crest, a sand-glass ppr. ACHRYN 2, a bead betw, three martlets ar. ACNKY. See Acks

Ac&tsson, Capt. or, an eagle displ. with two heads sa. on a chiet vert, a cross staff betw, two spur rowels or. --Crest, an astrolabe ppr. Motto, Observe. ACHILIK, as. two hous ramp, endorsed or.-Crest, a savage's head affrontee, ducally crowned ppr. ACHMAIN. See AIKMAN,

ACHMUPY, Fifeshire] ar. a broken spear bendways,

betw. two mullets az.


ACHYM, ar, a maunch within a bordure sa. charged with eight cinquefoils or.-Crest, a crescent or.

Achym, or Acklame, ar. a maunch within an orle of eight cinquefoils gu.--Crest, a lion sejant guard. or, collared and chained sa.

ACHYN, [Cornw.] ar. a maunch within an orle of eight - cinquefoils gu.

Yorks.] gu. a maunch ar. within an orle of cinquefoils
of the second. (Another, or.)

ACKERS, or AKERS, sa. a bend betw. three acorns or.—
Crest, a doric column or.

ACKET, or AKET, [Ireland] az. three hake-fishes haurient

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ACLAND, Bart. [Killerton, Devons. and Holnicote, Somers. 1 May, 1645] chequy ar. and sa. a fesse gu.-Crest, a man's hand, couped at the wrist, in a glove lying fesseways, thereon a falcon perched, all ppr. Motto, Inebraaiable.

ACLAND, Bart. [Fairfield, Somers.; and Newhouse, Devons. 3 Oct. 1818] Arms and crest as the last. Acland, [Devons.] gu. a bend or, charged with three trefoils vert, betw. a lion ramp. in chief, and three lozenges in base, of the second.

ACLE, [Devons.] gu. two lions pass. reguard. or.-Crest, an annulet or, stoned sa. ACLEWARD. See ACKLEWARD. ACLEY, or ACKLES, or, three palets az. ACLOME, [Yorks.] See ACKELAM. ACOCK, ar. a fesse betw. three fleurs-de-lis gu.-Crest, out of a mural coronet a demi swan issuing ppr. ACOOTES, or ACOTES, ar. on a cross, quarterly pierced az. twenty bezants, placed by fives, in saltier. ACOTIS. See ACOTTS. ACOTTES, or, on a cross counterpierced, az. twenty bezants, five at each end in saltier.-Crest, a lion ramp. gu. supporting a standard az. charged with a saltier ar. ACOTTS, or, on a cross pierced az. four cinquefoils of the field.-Crest, same as the last.

Acotts, or Acotis, a cross quarter pierced, az. and or, the first charged with five bezants.-Crest, a lion ramp. supporting the standard of Scotland ppr. Acotts, or, a cross pierced az. bezantée.

A'COURT, Bart. [Heytesbury House, Wilts. 23 June, 1795] per fesse, or, and paly of six, erminois and az. in chief an eagle displ. sa. charged on the body with two chereronels ar.-Crest, an eagle displ. sa. charged with two cheveronels or, beaked and legged gu. holding in the beak a lily, slipped ppr.

A'Court, per fesse, in chief az. an eagle displ. ar. in base, paly of six, of the first and second.-Crest, a lion's head reguard. gu.

ACRE, [Westm.] gu. three escallops within an orle of deni trefoils, slipped ar.-Crest, a triangular harrow ppr. Acre, [Westm.] gu. three fusils in fesse or, and in chief as many escallops ar.

Acre, gu. three escallops betw. nine trefoils slipped, three, three, two, and one, ar.

Acre, gu. a fesse fusily betw. three escallops ar.
Acre, gu. three lozenges or, in chief as many escallops ar.
Acre. See Acris.

ACRES, [N.umb.] ar. a fesse betw. six fleurs-de-lis şa.-
Crest, an eagle displ. ppr. charged on the breast with a

torteaux sa.

ACKLAND, [Columb John, Devons.] See ACLAND, Bart. Acres, gu: three trefoils slipped in fesse or, betw. as many escallops ar. Acres, or, a cross potent gu.


ACKLEWARD, or ACLEWARD, sa. a chev. betw. three ACRIS, or ACRE, [Westm.] az. on a cross or, (Another,


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ar.) four escallops gu.-Crest, same as ACRES, N.umb. ACTON, Bart. [Aldenham, Salop, 17 Jan. 1744; since, also, of Acton Round in that County] gu. two lions pass. ar. betw. nine cross crosslets fitchée or.-Crest, within a wreath, ar. and gu. a human leg and thigh in armour ppr. garnished or, couped, and dropping blood. Acton, [Ches.] gu. a fesse erm. in chief, and in base a lion pass. ar. betw. two cross crosslets or.-Crest, a demi lion ramp. guard. ar. grasping a spear or, enfiled with a boar's head sa. couped gu.

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Acton, [Bockington,] ar. three cinquefoils sa. Acton, [Leic.] quarterly per fesse indented ar, and az. Acton, [London.] quarterly per fesse indented ar. and gu. in the first quarter, a Cornish chough sa. Acton, [Ripford,] ar. a fesse within a bordure engr. erm. Acton, Salop.] quarterly per fesse indented ar. and gu. in the first, a bordure sa.

Acton, [Warw.] gu. a fesse within a bordure erm. Acton, Worc.] gu. a fesse erm. within a bordure engr. of the second.-Crest, an arm in armour, embowed ppr. holding in the hand a sword ar. hilt or; thereon, a boar's head couped sa. the neck distilling blood. Acton, [Acton, Worc.] ar. a chev. betw. three cinquefoils


Acton, [Worc.] gu. a fesse ar. within a bordure engr. or. Acton, [Worc.] gu. a fesse and bordure, both engr. erm. in chief a chaplet vert.

Acton, gu. a fesse and bordure engr. erm. on a canton or, a tree eradicated of the field. Acton, gu a bordure engr. erm.

Acton, per fesse indented ar. and az.-Crest, a pine-tree leaved vert, fructed or.

Acton, quarterly, per fesse indented ar. and gu. on a bend az. three crosses formée fitchée or.

Acton, gu. a cross sa. within a bordure engr. erm.
Acton, gu. a chev. betw. three cinquefoils ar.
Acton, gu. a maunch within eight cinquefoils in orle ar.
Acton, or, three bars vairé.

Acton, ar. three piles wavy, gu.
Acton, gyronny of eight ar. and gu.

Acton, the same; adding, on the second quarter, a cross
pattée ar. charged with five escallops gu.
Acton, gu. crusulée of cross crosslets fitchée or, two lions

pass. ar.

Acton, quarterly, ar. and gu. in chief an annulet counterchanged; on a bend az. three crosses pattée fitchée or. ACTONLEY, barry of six, erm. and gu. and per pale az. a chief engr. of the third, and a point indented ar. ACWELL, paly of six ar. and az. on a chief gu. a leopard pass. or.

Acwell, or Hackwell, paly of six ar. and az. a chief sa. ACWORTH. See ACKWORTH.

ADAIR, [Kinhilt] per bend or, and ar. three dexter hands, apaumée and erect.-Crest, a man's head couped and bloody ppr. Motto, Loyal au Mort.

ADAM, [Christ-Church, Hants.] ar. a crescent betw. three cross crosslets fitchée gu.-Crest, a crescent, as in the

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Adams, [Devons.] or, a lion ramp. betw. ten cross crosslets sa.-Crest, out of a ducal coronet, a demi lion affrontée. Adams, [Brompton, Kent, descended from the Adams' of Devons.] or, a lion ramp. betw. eight cross crosslets fitchée sa. all within a bordure engr. az.

Adams, [Leic.] or, on a fesse az. three escallops of the field.

Adams, [London] erm. three cats-a-mountain in pale az. -Crest, a boar's head ar. couped gu.

Adams, [London] ar. on a cross gu. five mullets or.Crest, a lion ramp. or.

Adams, [London] sa. a martlet ar.
Adams, [Middle Temple, Granted 14 March, 1639] sa.
on a bend or, betw. two bezants, three martlets of the
field.-Crest, on a bezant, a demi eagle sa.

Adams, [Midd.] ar. on a bend az. three trefoils slipped or.
Adams, [Midd.] ar. a fesse betw. four martlets gu. three
and one.-Crest, an eagle volant reguardant.
Adams, [St. Ives] ar. on a chev. sa. three mullets pierced


Adams, [Salop.] erm. three cats-a-mountain in pale az. tails coward.-Crest, a greyhound's head erased erm. Adams, [Cheaton, Salop.] erm. a chev. vairé or, and az. betw. three roses gu. seeded of the second-Crest, a griffin's head erased erm. beaked gu. charged with a chev. vairé or, and az.

Adams, [Wales] az. a crescent betw. three mullets or. Adams, erm. three cats-a-mountain in pale ppr.-Crest, a greyhound's head erased, erm.

Adams, vert, on a cross or, a mullet of six points gu.Crest, a raven sa.

Adams, vert, a cross or.-Crest, a griffin's head betw. two wings, endorsed vert, charged on the breast with a

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Adams, sa. three fleurs-de-lis ar.
Adams, sa. a martlet ar.

Adams, quarterly erm. and az. in the second and third an eagle rising or.

Adams, barry of six or, and az. a saltier gu. Adams, barry of six ar. and gu. over all a lion ramp. or. ADAMSON, [Westm.] vert, on a cross or, an etoile sa.--Crest, a talbot pass. az. collared or, and bezantée. Adamson, [Scotland] ar. a mullet az. pierced of the field betw. three crosslets fitchée gu.-Crest, a crosslet fitchée, surmounted of a sword in saltier ppr. hilt and pomel or.

Adamson, ar. a rose betw. three cross crosslets gu.Crest, see ADAMSON, Westm.

Adamson, ar. a crescent (Another, a star) gu. hetw. three crosslets fitchée az.

ADAN, vert, on a chev. ar. three pheons of the field.
ADCANE, ar. achev, betw. three griffins' heads erased sa.
-Crest, a griffin's head ppr.

ADCOCK or ADDCOCK, az. on a saltier ar. nine peilets.:
-Crest, a fox's bead issuing ar.

ADDAIR, Stand; per bead ar. and az a crescent
countere banget.

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ADELSDORF, or, two wings elevated sa.-Crest, two wings, as in the arms.

ADELSREIDT, gu. a goat saliant to the sinister ar. ADEN, ar. a fesse betw. four martlets gu. three in chief and one in base.

ADENSTOCN, ADINGSTOUN, or ADINSTON, ar. a cross engr. sa. cantoned with four cross crosslets fitchée gu.— Cest, a dexter hand holding a cross pattée fitchée. 1782.87, Chaknail, Staffs.] ar. on a bend az. three mascles of the field, each charged with a pheon gu.— Cest, a leopard's head couped or, pierced through the moula with a sword-blade, broken, ar.

* i went vert, free masses of lucrez (stafs.] ar. on a chev. sa. three mullets of the

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herz, E. on a bend az. three mascles of the field.
be, I. aree garis gu.

1535. §. izena, and ar. a chief or.-Crest, a cup
I sang derece three branches of laurel vert.

Di Luc. ar. two bends within a bordure sa..
are as close or.

ma i kiersin. Lane. sa. three sword chapes Crt i lagi boling a scymetar ppr.

a ve Azertua. Lane ga. three hawks (or, falcons)

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ནྟིཏནཱཝཱ, See ADT.


ADINGTON, Loncion per pale erm. and ermines a chev. counter, Jangesi.

tadagin, an, a fesse betw. three escallops sa.

AzenZoom, SL. a beni ar.

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a ches, humene her, three A7XNX en, in chief two lions ramp. az.-Crest, a lion raag zu steporting a flag staff and ropes ppr. flag

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or, three mullets az. on a bordure of the last. AS MATY, DEKLAs in chief or.-Crest, a hand gu. hold

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APLARA ar, on a fesse gu. betw. three wolves' heads
erasest sa, as many mullets of the field.-Crest, a cubit
a^91, belling in the hand a dagger erect, all ppr.
A5:88, ¡¡laverstoke, Essex] sa. two bends erm. on a
canton ár, a hon ramp. sa.-Crest, a demi eagle, with
wings displ, sa, charged on the breast with an etoile or.
ADLEY, OF ADELLEY, [Somers.] gu. on a chev. or, three
cross crosslets sa.

ADLINGTON, (Ches.] ar. a cross flory sa.
Adlington. See ADDLINGTON.
ADLYN, (London, 1590] gu. nine martlets, three, three,
two, and one, or.-Crest, on a mount vert, a martlet or.
ADMEROLD, [of the round table,] ar. three barrulets,
Reeder, adók a bordure ar. ¦ and in chief a hon pass, gu.

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ADNEY, az. a fesse dancettée betw. three cherubs' heals ar.-Crest, an eagle's head holding in the beak an acorn, slipped and leaved ppr.

ADOKES, (Lane.] ar, a cross sa. in the first quarter, a fleur-de-lis gu.

ADOLPHUS FREDERIC, (Prince) See GUELPH. ADOLTZHEIM, ar. a goat's horn, bowed to the sinister, tipt or.


ADOTT, per chev. gu. and paly of six vert and az. in chief two squirrels respecting each other, cracking nuts


ADRIAN, gu. four escallops in cross or, the top of each shell meeting in the centre point.

ADRONKEL, ar. on a cross formée gu. a mullet pierced



AGARD, [Lanc.] ar. a chev. betw. three boars' heads erased sa. langued gu. armed or.-Crest, a bugle horn ar. garnished or, stringed sa.

Agard, [Lane.] ar. a chev. (Another, engr.) gu. betw. three boars heads couped sa.--Crest, an ibex's head or. charged with hurts, maned, tufted, horned, and collared, az.

Agard, [Sudbury, Derbys.] ar. a chev. gu. betw. three boars' heads erased.

AGAS, [Wymondham, Norf.] az. a fesse cottised erm. in chief three stags' heads cabossed or.-Crest, a moor's head sa. wreathed about the temples ar. and gu.

ADRYAN, barry nebulé ar. and sa. a chief chequy or AGAYLE, or AYALE, or, three pallets sa.

and az.

ADRYPAYN, [Linc.] gu. a fesse humetté ar. in chief three griffins heads erased or.

ADSHEAD, and ADSHADE, vert, three harrows ar.-
Crest, an antelope pass. ar.
ADSTON, ar. a bend indented sa.

Adston, or Adiston, ar. a fesse gu. betw. three pellets.
ADWOOD, gu. a lion ramp. tail fourchée nowed ar.
ADY, [Dodington, Kent, and Borough of Southwark;
Granted 1615] az. a fesse dancetté betw. three cheru-
bims' heads or, faces ar.-Crest, on a mount vert, a stag
lodged ar. attired and ducally crowned or.
Ady, or Adry, gu. on a bend ar. three leopards' faces sa.
-Crest, a leopard's face or, jessant a fleur-de-lis gu.
Ady, Adey, or Addey, [Kent, London, and Heref.] gu.
on a bend ar. three leopards' faces vert, langued of the

ADYER, [Darham, Kent] ar. a chev. dancetté betw. three cherubims gu.-Crest, a cherub's head ppr.

ADYN, [Dorchester] ar. on a saltier gu. five lions saliant or.-Crest, a lion's head ppr.

ADZWOOD, ar. three ravens' heads couped ppr. AERBOROUGH, or AERBURG, or, an eagle's head with hound's ears az.

AERMINE, erm. a saltier engr. gu. on a chief of the same, a lion pass. or, armed and langued az.-Crest, on a mount vert, an ermine ar. tip of the tail sa. AERNEST, ar. three holly leaves conjoined in fesse point,


AETH, sa. a griffin pass. or.-Crest, a demi griffin or,
holding a battle axe gu.
ETHERSTON, az. three martlets or, within a bordure
engr. ar.

AFFLECK, Bart. [Dalham Hall, Suss. Created, 28 May,
1782] ar. three bars sa.-Crest, an ear of rye ppr,
AFFORDBIE, [Afordby, Line.] ar. a saltier engr. sa.—
Crest, a horse's head erased sa. bridled or.
AFTON, [Devons.] ar. a chev. engr. betw. three fleurs-de-

lis sa. AGALL. See AGGS. AGANE, per pale ar. and sa. a chev. erm. betw. six martlets counterchanged of the field.

AGAR, Earl of NORMANTON, Viscount Somerton, Baron of Somerton, Kilkenny, Ireland: (Creations, Baron, 12 June, 1795; Viscount, 21 Dec. 1800; Earl, ↑ Feb. 1806) az. a lion ramp. ar. in chief, a crescent of the last.-Crest, a demi lion ramp. ar. Supporters, two lions ppr. Motto, Via trita via tuta. Agar, [Ireland, and Cranham Hall, Essex] az. a lion ramp. or.-Crest, a demi lion ramp. or. Motto, Spectemur

AGBOROUGH, az. a chev. engr. betw. threc escallops

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AGGASSIZ, az. three savages' heads in profile ar. AGGS, or AGALL, gu. a fesse cottised or, surmounted by two sabres addorsed saltierways az. hilt and pomel of the second.-Crest, on a chapeau ppr. a bull statant AGILLON, AGILLUN, and AGILMO, gu. a fleur-de-lis AGINAL, [Cresseley] ar. a lion ramp. reguardant gu. AGLIONBY, [Cumb.] az. (Another, ar.) two bars sa. in chief three martlets of the second.--Crest, a demi eagle displ. or.


AGMONDESHAM, [Horsley, Surrey] ar. on a chev. az. betw. three boars' heads couped sa. langued or, five cinquefoils of the last.-Crest, a stag or. Agmondesham. See AUNSHAM. Agmondesham, Ansam, or Ensam, erm. on a canton sa. a fleur-de-lis or.

AGMONDISHAM, [Surrey] The same arms as AGMONDESHAM, Surrey.-Crest, a stag lodged ppr. Agmondisham, [Surrey] ar.. on a chev. az. betw. three boars' heads couped sa. five cinquefoils of the field. AGNEW, ar. a chev. betw. three cinquefoils gu.—Crest, the sun shining on the stump of a tree ppr. Agnew, or Agneu, [Lochnaw] ar. a chev. betw. two cinquefoils in chief gu. and a saltier couped in base aż. -Crest, an eagle issuant and reguardant ppr. Motto, Consilio non impetu.

Agnew, and Agneu, [Lochryan] The same within a bordure of the second.-Crest, an eagle issuant and reguardant, holding in the right claw a sword ppr. Motto, Consilo et impetu,

Agnew, [Scotland] ar. three sinister hands couped and erect gu.

AGNIN, [France] or, fretty gu.
AGOLLON, or AGULLUN, [Yorks.] gu. on a canton ar.
a cross flory sa.

AGON, ar. a chev. betw. three martlets sa.
AGOUT, [France] ar. a wolf saliant az.
AGRAS, ar. a hind trippant gu. on a canton of the second,


AGrevell, [Chesley] or, a lion ramp. reguardant ar.- AILEWARD, sa. a chev. betw. three garbs or.
Crest, a bezant.

AGRICOLL, erm. a canton gu.

AGRUALL, gu. crusulé or, a lion ramp. guard. of the
second.-Crést, a lion's face guard. betw. two wings


AGUILLIAMS, ar. a lion ramp. ermines, armed sa. col-
lared or.

AGUILLON, sa. a lion ramp. erm.-Crest, a pelican
vulning herself ppr.

AGUILLUM, or AGULLUM, gu. on a canton ar.
flory az.

AGULLUM, gu. a fleur-de-lis or.

Agullum. See AGUILLUM.


a cross

AIME, or AINE, az. a ship in full sail or, in the sea ppr. -Crest, a pillar barry of four, gu. and or, winged ppr.

AINGE, [London] az. a chev. erm. between three crosses pattée ar.—Crest, a cross formée fitchée or, betw. two wings az.


AINSLIE, Bart. [Great Torrington, Linc. 1804] or, a
cross flory sa.-Crest, a dexter hand and arm grasping
a scimitar ppr. Motto, Pro rege et patria.
AIPHANT, gu. three crescents ar.

AIR, ar. a chev. betw. three quatrefoils sa.-Crest, the
stump of an oak tree sprouting out new branches ppr.

AGWORTH, ar. a fesse betw. three torteauxes gu.-Crest, Air, ar. a camelion ppr.

a forteaux gu.

AGYLLON, az. a fleur-de-lis or.

AHEM, [Ireland]

Crest, a vine ppr.

AHER, [Ireland] or, three hearts gu. each within an an-
nulet az.-Crest, a sand glass sa. winged gu.
AHLEN, per fesse ar. and az.
couped and eradicated in bend or.
a stock or trunk of a tree
AHRENDS, ar. five stalks of rye growing out of ground in
base vert.-Crest, an eagle ppr. Motto, Post nubila


AIDGMAN, sa. five plates, on a chief or, a lion pass. gu.
betw. two thistles ppr.--Crest, a demi eagle or, charged
on the breast with a thistle
AIGLER, or AYLER, az. a cinquefoil erm. pierced ar.
within a bordure engr. or.-Crest, two wings in lure.
AIGHTON, [Lanc.] sa. three garbs or.-Crest, a snake
coiled up ppr.

AIGLES, N. umb.] sa. three lions ramp. ar.-Crest, a
hunting horn ppr.

Aigles, [N. amp.] sa. three lions ramp. guard. ar. Aigles, sa. three lions pass. guard. ar. AIKEN, ar. a chev. betw. three cocks' heads sa. Aiken, or Aicken, gu, a cross crosslet cantoned with four bezants. Crest, a fountain throwing up water ppr. AIKENHEAD, [Scotland] ar. three acorns slipped vert. Crest, a demi savage holding in the right hand, three laurel sprigs fructed ppr. Motto, Rupto robore nati. Aikenhead, ar. an acorn betw. three oak leaves vert.Crest, an oak-tree fructed ppr. Motto, Annoso robore quercus,

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AIRMAN, ar. a dexter arm, issuing out from the sinister side of the shield, holding an oak-tree, eradicated and broken asunder near the branches ppr. betw. a crescent in the sinister chief point, and a mullet in the dexter base point, gu. Crest, a man ppr. holding a standard gu. vested ar, coat az,

Aikman, (Curniej ar. a sinister hand in base issuing out
of a cloud fesseways, holding an oaken batton paleways
ppr. with a branch sprouting out at the top thereof,
surmounted of a bend engr. gu.-Crest, an oak-tree
pp. Molto, Nub robore virtus.

ATCARD, HE, two bars betw, nine martlets vert.
ATLE, OF AVUKS, chequy or and gu. a bend ar.-Crest,
a de ster arm embowed, fist clenched

Arden. The sine,



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AIRD, sa. on a chev. betw. three wolves' heads erased at.
a falcon's head couped of the first.-Crest, a cock ppr.
Motto, Vigilantia.

AIRE, az. three water bubbles ppr.
AIRAY, paly of six gu. and ar. in chief a mullet or.


AIRTH, [Scotland] ar. a chief sa.-Crest, a cock crow-
AIRY, sa. a fesse or.
ing ppr.

A1SCOUGH, sa. a fesse or, betw. three asses ar.-Crest,
a cross crosslet fitched az. Motto, In hoc signo vinces.
AISELBIE, or AISLABIE, [Yorks.] gu. three lozenges con-
joined in fesse, ar. betw. as many lions' heads erased or.
-Crest, a lion's head erased gu. gorged with three
lozenges conjoined in fesse ar.

AISHWORTH, [Oxon.] gu. a cross engr. or, betw. four
fleurs-de-lis ar.

AISINCOURT, ar. an eagle displ. with two heads gu.-
Crest, a demi eagle displ. with two heads.
AISKELL, AISKILL, and ASKILL, erm. a chief embattled
gu.-Crest, in the sea an anchor in pale ppr.

AISLABY, [Osgoldby, Yorks. Granted, 23 Oct. 1663]
gu. three lozenges in fesse betw. as many lions' heads
erased or.

AITCHESON, [No. Britain] ar. an eagle displ. with two heads sa. on a chief az. two mullets or.-Crest, a cock ppr. wattled and combed gu. Motto, Vigilantibus. AITKENS, ar. a cross flory betw. four mullets az.-Crest, a dexter arm in armour, embowed, in the hand ppr. a cross crosslet fitchée erect ar.

AITKIN, ar. a chev. az. betw. two cocks in chief, and a
buckle in base gu.

Aitkin. or Atkin, or, a bend chequy gu. and ar. in
AITKINSON, [Scotland] gu. an eagle displ. with two
chief a talbot pass. sa.-Crest, a boat ppr.
heads ar. on a chief or, a rose of the first betw. two
martlets sa.-Crest, a cock ppr.

AITO, or AUITO, [Devons.] or, three moors' heads in
profile sa. two and one, wreathed about the temples ar.
and pearls in their ears.-Crest, out of a cloud, an arm
ppr. holding a sword erect ar. hilt or, on the blade a
moor's head, as in the arms.

AITON, [Scotland] ar. a cross engr. cantoned with four roses gu.-Crest, a dexter hand pulling a rose ppr. Motto, Decerpta dabunt odorem.

Aiton, [Kinaldy] The same within a bordure of the

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