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of this Work, the Proprietors engaged feveral eminent Geographers and Engravers to draw and engrave, in a neat Manner, a new Set of Maps of Great Britain, and the fmaller Islands, with general Maps of England and Scotland, on a larger Scale than any Maps of this Size have been drawn. These met with Approbation, whether inferted in their proper Places in the Work, or bound by themselves in a Pocket Volume. In them (for the Benefit of Travellers) are included Tables of the High and Crofs Roads to the feveral Cities and Towns, the Market-Days, Distances in measured Miles from London, or from Town to Town, and other useful Particulars.




Through the ISLAND of



A DESCRIPTION of Part of the County of ESSEX, and of the County of SUFFOLK, &c.


SET out from London on my First Journey, Eastward; and took a Circuit down by the Coaft of the Thames through the Marthes or Hundreds, on the South-fide of the county of Effex, to Malden, Colchefter, and Harwich, thence continuing on the Coast of Suffolk to Yarmouth; thence round by the Edge of the Sea, on the North and Weft-fide of Norfolk, to Lynn, Wifbich, and the Wash; thence back again on VOL. I.



the North-fide of Suffolk; thence into the County of Cambridge; and fo to the Weft-part of Effex, ending it in Middlefex, near the place where I began: referying the Middle or Centre of the feveral Counties to fome little Excurfions, which I made by themselves.

After we have paffed Mile-End, as it is called, (a Part of the Town not thinly inhabited) the first Village we come to is Bow, where a large Manufactory of Porcelain is carried on. They have already made large Quantities of Tea-cups, Saucers, Plates, Dishes, Tureins, and most other Sorts of ufeful Porcelain; which, though not fo fine as fome made at Chelfea, or as that brought from Drefden, is much stronger than either, and therefore better for common Ufe; and, being much cheaper than any other China, there is a greater Demand for it. The Proprietors of this Manufactory have alfo procured fome very good Artifts in Painting, who are employed in painting fome of their finest Sort of Porcelain, and is fo well performed, as to equal most of that from Drefden in this Refpect. If they can work this, fo as to underfell the foreign Porcelain, it may become a very profitable Bufinefs to the Undertakers, and fave great Sums to the Public, which are annually fent abroad for this Commodity.

Paffing Bow-Bridge, where the County of Effex begins, I came first to the Village of Stratford, which is greatly increased of late Years in Houfes and Inhabitants, every Vacancy being filled up, in a manner, with the Addition of two little new-built Hamlets, as they may be called, on the Foreft-fide of the Town; namely, Maryland Point, and the Gravel Pits, one facing the Road to Woodford and Epping, and the other that to Ilford. As for the Hither-part, it is alinoft joined to Bow, in fpite of Rivers, Canals, Mafhy-grounds, &c.

THE fame Increase of Buildings may be seen proportionally in the other Villages adjacent, especially on the Foreft-fide; as at Low-Layton, Layton fione, Walthamstow,

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