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ological Association.


ASSOCIATION was founded in 1843, to inite all ancient monuments of the history, of our forefathers, in furtherance of the ety of Antiquaries of London was estaets of that Institution by rendering availLot been drawn upon, and which, indeed, pe of any antiquarian or literary society. Association proposed to effect this object are: Teation with Correspondents throughout the vincial Antiquarian Societies, as well as by Associations in foreign countries.

t and regular Meetings for the consideration unications made by the Associates, or received

areful observation and preservation of antiquities progress of public works, such as railways, sewers, buildings, etc.

ging individuals or associations in making researches and affording them suggestions and co-operation. ing and preventing, as far as may be practicable, all which Ancient National Monuments of every description The to time be threatened.


ng every endeavour to spread abroad a correct taste for and a just appreciation of Monuments of Ancient Art, so to secure a general interest in their preservation. ollecting accurate drawings, plans, and descriptions of tional Monuments, and, by means of Correspondents, prehentic memorials of all antiquities not later than 1750, from time to time be brought to light.

stablishing a Journal devoted exclusively to the objects of iation, as a means of spreading antiquarian information and ng a constant communication with all persons interested in uits.

holding Annual Congresses in different parts of the country,

e into their special antiquities, to promote an interest in d thereby conduce to their preservation.

en public Meetings are held from November to June, on the third Wednesdays in the month, during the session, at eight In the evening, for the reading and discussion of papers, and for pection of all objects of antiquity forwarded to the Council. To eetings Associates have the privilege of introducing friends. ns desirous of becoming Associates, or of promoting in any way oots of the Association, are requested to apply either personally etter to the Secretaries; or to the Sub-Treasurer Samuel

Esq., 32 Sackville Street, W., to whom subscriptions, by Post Order or otherwise, crossed "Bank of England, W. Branch", be transmitted.

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Harvard College Library

Mar. 28, 1912
Gift of
Evan Randolph



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1. Inaugural Address delivered by The MosT NOBLE THE MARQUESS OF RIPON, K.G., at York, Monday, August 17, 1891 2. A Century in the King's Manor at York. By A. BUCKLE, Esq. 3. Rievaulx Abbey. By C. H. COMPTON, Esq. .

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4. Notes on Specimens of Interlacing Ornament which occur at Kirkstall Abbey, near Leeds, Yorkshire. By J. T. IRVINE, Esq.

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5. York as an Early British and English Centre of Life and Learning. By J. W. EASTWOOD, M.D.

6. On a Magical Roll preserved in the British Museum. By Rev. W. SPARROW-SIMPSON, D.D., F.S.A., Sub-Dean of St. Paul's Cathedral .

7. Find of Roman Remains at Caerleon. By A. C. FRYER, Esq. 8. Notes on a Barrow at Bradwell, Derbyshire. By Rev. CARUS V. COLLIER

9. St. Piran's Church, Cornwall. By Dr. ALFRED C. FRYER
10. Seals of Rievaulx Abbey, Yorkshire, and Hyde Abbey, Win-
chester. By W. DE GRAY BIRCH, Esq., F.S.A., Hon. Sec.

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11. Selby Abbey Church. By J. P. Pritchett, Esq.

12. Sutton in Holderness, and the Monks of Meaux. By THOMAS BLASHILL, Esq.

13. A few Notes on the Gods of Britain. By W. De Gray Birch, Esq., F.S.A., Hon. Sec.

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14. Archæology in Derbyshire. By ANDREAS E. COKAYNE, Esq. 15. Roman Remains found in Doncaster. By F. R. FAIRBANK, Esq., M.D., F.S.A.

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16. On the Discovery of a Pre-Norman Clerestory Window at Oxford. By J. PARK HARRISON, Esq., M.A.

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17. Notes on the York Corporation Insignia. By G. MACGUIRE, Esq.

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18. Marriage in Celtic Britain. By J. H. MACMICHAEL, Esq. 154 19. The Seals of Boxley Abbey. By Rev. J. CAVE-BROWNE, M.A. 167 20. Further Notes on St. Nicholas. By W. DE GRAY BIRCH, Esq., F.S.A., Hon. Sec.

21. The Hog's Head: the Nuptial Cup of Sussex. By H. SYER CUMING, Esq., F.S.A., V.P.

22. Some Memorials of Wandsworth, Surrey. By G. PATRICK, Esq., A.R.I.B.A. .



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29. Discovery of Etruscan Temples at Faleria. By Dr. RUSSELL FORBES







23. Historical Chart and Notes on the Origin of the British Victorian Monarchy. By R. DUPPA LLOYD, F.R. Hist.S.. 203 24. A Recent Discovery in Rome in Connection with Mythology and Symbolism in Britain. By Miss RUSSELL

25. Marriage in Celtic Britain. By J. H. MACMICHAEL, Esq. (continued)


26. The Round Church Towers of Essex. By J. M. WOOD, Esq. 229 27. Note on Furness Abbey. By C. H. COMPTON, Esq. .


28. Traditions of Constantine the Great. By Rev. W. S. LACHSZYRMA





30. The Horn of Ulphus in York Minster. By J. H. MACMICHAEL, Esq.


31. Notes on the Brass of Andrew Evyngar. By A. OLIVER, Esq. 263

32. Existing Analogues of Stonehenge and Avebury found in the "Talayots" and "Taulas" of Minorca. By Dr. PHENÉ, V.P., F.S.A.


33. Broughton Castle. By E. G. BRUTON, Esq. .

34. Selby Abbey Church. By J. P. PRITCHETT, Esq.

35. Early Norman Sculpture at Lincoln and Southwell. By J. R. ALLEN, Esq.

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36. The Round Church Towers of Essex: South Ockendon. By J. M. WOOD, Esq.

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39. Discovery of a Portion of the Foundation of Old Bridewell, London. By E. P. L. BROCK, Esq.

Proceedings of the York Congress
Proceedings of the Association

Election of Associates

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37. An Examination of Recent Excavations into the Tumuli of the Troad, and of the Historical Antiquities of Samothrace and Pergamos. By Dr. J. S. PHENÉ, V.P., F.S.A. 311 38. An Ogam Stone at Lewannick, Cornwall. By A. G. LANGDON, Esq.

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40. The Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Middleton-on-the-Hill, Herefordshire. By Rev. G. J. MINOS

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E. F. Henderson, Esq., Select Historical Documents of the
Middle Ages


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Hon. Treasurer's Report.

Hon. Secretaries' Report

Balance Sheet for the Year ending 31 Dec. 1891
Antiquarian Intelligence :-


S. W. Williams, Esq., F.S.A., Excavations at Tulley Abbey.
George Payne, Esq., F.S.A., Collectanca Cantiana



G. T. Clark, Esq., F.S.A., Glamorgan Deeds
Archæological Congress at Moscow



Pre-Reformation House at Alfreston, Sussex
Reproduction of the Liber Vita Dunelmensis in Facsimile


Major A. Heales, F.S.A., Architecture of Churches of Denmark 346
T. W. Shore, Esq., F.G.S., History of Hampshire
William Blades, Esq., the late, Books in Chains


G. L. Gomme, Esq., F.S.A., English Topography in “Gentle-
man's Magazine"






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