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A.D. 726.

A.D. 727. This year Tobias, bishop of Rochester, died, and in his place archbishop Brithwold consecrated Aldulf bishop.

A.D. 728.2 This year Ine went to Rome, and there gave (up) his life, and Aethelheard, his kinsman, succeeded to the kingdom of the West-Saxons, and held it fourteen years. And the same year Aethelheard and Oswald, the etheling, fought; and Oswald was the son of Aethelbald, Aethelbald of Cynebald, Cynebald of Cuthwin, Cuthwin of Ceawlin.

A.D. 729. This year the star (called) a comet appeared, and St Ecgbyrht died in Ii.

A.D. 729. And the same year Osric died; he was king eleven years: then Ceolwulf succeeded to the kingdom, and held it eight years.

A.D. 730. This year Oswald, the etheling, died.

A.D. 731. This year Osric, king of the North-humbrians, was slain, and Ceolwulf succeeded to the kingdom, and held it eight years, and Ceolwulf was the son of Cutha, Cutha of Cuthwin, Cuthwin of Leodwald, Leodwald of Ecgwald, Ecgwald of Aldhelm, Aldhelm of Ocga, Ocga of Ida, Ida of Eoppa. And archbishop Beorhtwald died on the ides of January [13th January]; he' was bishop thirty-seven years, six months, and fourteen days. And the same year Tatwine was consecrated archbishop; he had been before a priest at Breodun, among the Mercians. Daniel, bishop of Winchester, and Ingwald, bishop of London, and Aldwin, bishop of Lichfield, and Aldwulf, bishop of Rochester, consecrated him on the 10th of June: he had the archbishopric three years.

A.D. 732.


A.D. 733. This year Aethelbald conquered Somerton; and the sun was eclipsed,10 and the whole disc of the sun was like a black shield. "And Acca was driven from his bishopric.

A.D. 734. This year the moon was as if it had been sprinkled with blood; and archbishop Tatwine and Beda died,1 and Ecgberht was consecrated bishop.


A.D. 735. This year bishop Ecgberht received his pall at Rome. A.D. 736. This year archbishop Nothelm received his pall from the bishop of the Romans."

A.D. 737. This year bishop Forthere,15 and queen Frythogith went to Rome. 16And king Ceolwulf received Peter's tonsure," and gave his kingdom to Eagberht, his uncle's son; he reigned twenty-one years; and bishop Aethelwold and Acca died, and Conwulf was

1 D. E. F. See Eccl. Hist. V. xiii. 3 D. E.

4 D. E. F. after 3.

2 A.D. 726, C. D. E. F. 5 Not in B. C.

As far as Eoppa, not in E. F. See Eccl. Hist V. xxiii.

7 The date of his death and the duration of his episcopate are from D. E. F. 8 As far as "June" from D. E. F.

10 The remainder of the sentence from F.

11 D. E. F.

12 D. E. F.

9 F.

13 D. E. F.

14 Namely, Gregory III. A Latin addition in F. states that he held his see for five years.

15 Forthere was bishop of Winchester, and Frythogith was queen of Wessex. 16 D. E. F.

17 Not in F. as far as "twenty-one years."

consecrated bishop. 'And the same year king Aethelbald laid waste the land of the North-humbrians.

A.D. 738. This year Eadbryht, the son of Eata, Eata being the son of Leodwald, succeeded to the kingdom of the North-humbrians, and held it twenty-one years. His brother was archbishop Egbert, the son of Eata; and they both rest in one porch, in the city of York.

A.D. 739, 740.

A.D. 741. This year king Aethelheard died, and Cuthred, his kinsman,* succeeded to the kingdom of the West-Saxons, and held it sixteen years; and he contended strenuously against Ethelbald, king of the Mercians. And archbishop Nothelm died, and Cuthbyrht was consecrated archbishop; and Dun bishop to Rochester. *This year York was burnt.

A.D. 742. This year a great synod was held at Cloveshou; and there was Aethelbald, king of the Mercians, and archbishop Cuthbert, and many other wise men.

A.D. 743. This year Aethelbald, king of the Mercians, and Cuthred, king of the West-Saxons, fought against the Welsh.


A.D. 744. This year Daniel gave up the see of Winchester, and Hunferth succeeded to the bishopric: and' stars were seen to shoot rapidly; and Wilferth the younger, who was bishop of York, died on the 3d of the kalends of May [29th April]; he was bishop thirty years.

A.D. 745. This year Daniel died: then forty-three years" had elapsed since he obtained the bishopric.

A.D. 746. This year king Selred was slain.

A.D. 747.


A.D. 748. This year Cynric, the etheling of the West-Saxons, was slain and Eadbyrht, king of the Kentish-men, died; "and Aethelbyrht, the son of king Wihtred, succeeded to the kingdom. A.D. 749.

A.D. 750. This year Cuthred, king of the West-Saxons, fought against Ethelhun, the proud ealdorman.

A.D. 751.

A.D. 752. This year Cuthred, king of the West-Saxons, in the twelfth 13 year of his reign, fought at Burford against Aethelbald, king of the Mercians, and put him to flight.

A.D. 753. This year Cuthred, king of the West-Saxons, fought against the Welsh.

1 D. E.

* The descent of Eata from Leodwald and the duration of his reign are not in F. 3 740, C. D. E. F.

"His kinsman," D. E.

5 66 Twenty-six years," B. C.

6 The notice of the death of Nothelm is from F. 7 D. E, 741.

From F. The Saxon notices from this time to the year 754 have been erased from this MS. to make room for the Latin.

To the end of the year from D. E.

10 Wilfrid the second, archbishop of York, is apparently confounded with the bishop of Worcester of the same name. The former was succeeded by Egbert in 734. See A. 734 and 776, and Beda, Eccl. Hist. V. xxiii.

11 46, E.

13 22, E.

See A.D. 703.

12 This is an insertion in A.

A.D. 754. This year Cuthred, king of the West-Saxons, died; and Cynehard obtained the bishopric of Winchester, after Hunferth and the same year Canterbury was burned: and Sigebert, his kinsman, succeeded to the kingdom of the West Saxons, and held it one year.

A.D. 755. This year Cynewulf, and the West-Saxon "witan," deprived his kinsman, Sigebryht, of his kingdom, except Hampshire, for his unjust doings; and that he held until he slew the ealdorman who longest abode by him. And then Cynewulf drove him into Andred, and he abode there until a swineherd stabbed him, at Privet's-flood,' and avenged the ealdorman, Cumbra.

And Cynewulf fought very many battles against the Welsh; and after he had held the kingdom about one-and-thirty years, he purposed to expel a certain etheling, who was named Cyneheard: and Cyneheard was Sigebryht's brother. And he then learned that the king with a small band was gone to Merton to visit a woman; and he there beset him, and surrounded the chamber on every side, before the men who were with the king discovered him. And when the king perceived this, he went to the door, and there manfully defended himself, until he beheld the etheling, and then he rushed out upon him and sorely wounded him; and they all continued. fighting against the king until they had slain him.

And upon this, the king's thanes having discovered the affray by the woman's cries, each as he was ready, and with his utmost speed, ran to the spot. And the etheling offered money and life to each of them, and not one of them would accept it; but they continued fighting till they all fell, except one, a British hostage, and he was sorely wounded.

Then upon the morrow, the king's thanes, whom he had left behind him, heard that the king was slain. Then rode they thither, and Osric, his ealdorman, and Wiferth, his thane, and the men whom he had previously left behind. And at the town wherein the king lay slain they found the etheling, and those within had closed the gates against them; but they then advanced. And he then offered them their own choice of land and money if they would grant him the kingdom, and showed them that their kinsmen were with him, men who would not desert him. And they then said, that no kinsman was dearer to them than their lord, and that they never would follow his murderer. And they then offered their kinsmen that they might go away from him in safety; but they said that the same had been offered to their companions who before that had been with the king; then they said, that they no more minded it "than your companions who were slain with the king." And then they continued fighting around the gates until they made their way in,

1 A.D. 753, F.

2 "His kinsman," D. E.
4 21, D; 16, E.

3 See Camd. Brit. col. 195. This tragical story is evidently, from its position, a later insertion. See Florence of Worcester, A.D. 784. Most of the ancient authorities say that Cynewulf reigned thirty-one years, though they all assign 755 and 784 for the first and last years of his reign. Perhaps we should read twenty-nine; but it seldom happens that the number of years given in the Chronicle for the duration of a reign can be reconciled with those marked for its beginning and ending.-P.

and slew the etheling, and all the men who were with him, except one, who was the ealdorman's godson; and he saved his life, though he was wounded in several places.

And Cynewulf reigned thirty-one years, and his body lies at Winchester, and the etheling's at Axminster; and their right paternal kin extends to Cerdic.

And the same year Aethelbald, king of the Mercians, was slain at Secandun' [Seckington], and his body lies at Repton, and he reigned forty-one years; and Beornraed obtained the kingdom, and held it a little while, and unhappily. And the same year Offa drove out Beornraed and obtained the kingdom, and held it thirty-nine years; and his son, Egfert, held it one hundred and forty-one days. Offa was the son of Thingferth, Thingferth' of Eanwulf, Eanwulf of Osmod, Osmod of Eawa, Eawa of Pybba, Pybba of Creoda, Creoda of Cynewald, Cynewald of Cnebba, Čnebba of Icel, Icel of Eomaer, Eomaer of Angeltheow, Angeltheow of Offa, Offa of Waermund, Waermund of Wihtlaeg, Wihtlaeg of Woden.

A.D. 755.5 This year Cynewulf deprived king Sigebert of his kingdom; and Sigebert's brother, Cynehard by name, slew Cynewulf at Merton; and he reigned thirty-one years. And in the same year Ethelbald, king of the Mercians, was slain at Repton. And Offa succeeded to the kingdom of the Mercians, Bernred being driven out.

A.D. 756.

A.D. 757. This year Eadberht, king of the North-humbrians, was shorn, and his son Oswulf succeeded to the kingdom, and reigned one year; and he was slain by his household, on the 8th of the kalends of August."

A.D. 758. This year archbishop Cuthbryht died; and he held the archbishopric eighteen years.


A.D. 759. This year Bregowine was ordained archbishop, at St. Michael's tide [29th Sept.], and held the see four years. Moll Aethelwald succeeded to the kingdom of the North-humbrians, and reigned six years, and then resigned it.

A.D. 760. This year Aethelbert, king of the Kentish-men, died; he was the son of king Withred: and Ceolwulf1o also died.

A.D. 761." This year was the severe winter; and Moll, king of the North-humbrians, slew Oswin, at Eadwin's Cliff, on the 8th of the ides of August [6th Aug.]"

A.D. 762.13 This year archbishop Bregwine died.


A.D. 763. This year Ianbryht was ordained archbishop, on the

1 In Warwickshire. See Camd. Brit. col. 614, where, however, Gibson's suggestion as to the origin of the name is obviously incorrect.

2 The duration of his reign is from D. E.

3 40, G.

4 The remainder of the pedigree does not occur in D.

5 From F.

6 This year is from D. E., and partially from F.

7 25th July, according to this statement, but a Latin entry in E. mentions that his death occurred on the eighth of the ides of August [6th Aug.].

8 F.

9 D. E. F.

10 Formerly king of Northumbria, but at the time of his death a monk at Lindisfarne. This notice of his death is from D. E.

11 A.D. 762, C.

12 With the exception of this date, which does not occur in F, this entry respecting Moll is from D. E. F. 13 From F.

14 A.D. 762, D. E. F.

fortieth day after mid-winter,' and held the see twenty-six years. And Frithuwald,' bishop of Whitherne, died on the nones of May [7th May]. He was consecrated at York, on the 18th of the kalends of September [15th Aug.], in the sixth year of Ceolwulf's reign, and he was bishop twenty-nine years. Then Pehtwine was consecrated bishop of Whitherne, at Aelfet-ee, on the 16th of the kalends of August [17th July].*

A.D. 764. This year archbishop Jeanbryht received his pall. A.D. 765. This year Alchred succeeded to the kingdom of the North-humbrians, and reigned nine years."


A.D. 766. This year died archbishop Ecgberht, at York, on the 13th of the kalends of December [19th Nov.]; he was bishop thirty-seven years; and Frithbert, at Hexham; he was bishop thirty-three years; and Aethelberht was consecrated to York, and Alchmund to Hexham.

[blocks in formation]

A.D. 768.1 This year king Eadberht, the son of Eata, died, on the 13th 13 of the kalends of September [20th Aug.]

A.D. 769-771.

A.D. 772. This year bishop Milred died.15

A.D. 773.16 This year a red crucifix appeared in the heavens after sunset and the same year the Mercians and the Kentish-men fought at Otford; and wondrous adders were seen in the land of the South-Saxons.

A.D. 774." This year, at Easter-tide, the North-humbrians drove their king, Alchred, from York, and took Aethelred, the son of Moll, to be their lord; he reigned four years.

A.D. 775.

A.D. 776.18 This year bishop Pehtwin died, on the 13th of the kalends of October [19th Sept.]; he was bishop fourteen years.

A.D. 777.1 This year Cynewulf and Offa fought, about Bensington, and Offa took the town; 20 and the same year, on the 17th of the kalends of July," Aethelbert was consecrated, at York, bishop of Whitherne.

In22 the days of king Offa there was an abbat of Medeshamstede

1 The 2d Feb., Candlemas Day. The duration of his episcopate is from F.

2 To the end of the year from D. E. F.

3 E. states that he was consecrated at Elfet-ee.

As Trinity Sunday fell this year on 17th July, it is probable that this date is correct.

5 A.D. 763, F. This entry does not occur in D. E. From D. E. F., with the exception of the notice of

which does not occur in F.

8 The whole year is from D. E. F.

10 The duration of his episcopate not in F.

11 "Here Charles the Great died." E. Latin.

12 The whole year inserted in A. from D. E. F.


"The beginning of the reign of King Charles."

15 He was bishop of Worcester.


A.D. 774, C. D. E. F. G.

17 D. E. F. Easter-day was on April 3d.

18 D. E. F.

20 The conclusion of the paragraph from D. E. F.
21 15th June, being the third Sunday after Trinity.

the duration of his reign,
7 66 Eight,"
9 36, E.

13 14, E.

E. Latin.


[blocks in formation]
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