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bishop, I give those my curse, and that of all my successors, shall break this." "I, Ostrithe, wife of Aethelred, grant it.” “I, Adrianus, legate, assent to it." "I, Putta, bishop of Rochester, I subscribe it." "I, Waldhere, bishop of London, confirm it.” “I, Cuthbald, abbat, assent to it, so that whoso shall break it, let him have the cursing of all bishops and of all Christian folk. Amen!" A.D. 676.' This year Escwin died, and Hedda succeeded to the bishopric, and Centwin succeeded to the kingdom of the WestSaxons and Centwin was the son of Cynegils, Cynegils of Ceolwulf. And Aethelred, king of the Mercians, laid waste Kent. A.D. 677.


A.D. 678.3 This year the star (called) a comet appeared,* in August, and shone like a sunbeam every morning for three months; and bishop Wilfrith was driven from his bishopric by king Egferth ; and two bishops were consecrated in his stead; Bosa to Deira, and Eata to Bernicia. And Eadhed was consecrated bishop over the men of Lindsey; he was the first of the bishops of Lindsey.

A.D. 679. This year Aelfwin was slain near the Trent, where Egferth and Ethelred fought; and St. Aetheldryth died. "And Coldingham was burned by fire from heaven.

A.D. 680. This year archbishop Theodorus appointed a synod at Haethfield, because he wished to set forth aright the Christian faith. And the same year Hild, abbess of Streonesheal [Whitby], died.

A.D. 681.' This year Trumbriht was consecrated bishop of Hexham, and Trumwine of the Picts,10 for at that time they were subject to this country.


A.D. 682.11 In this year Centwin drove the Britons to the sea. A.D. 683.

A.D. 684.1 Here in this year Ecgferth sent an army against the Scots, and Briht his "ealdorman" with it, and miserably they plundered and burned the churches of God,


A.D. 685. This year king Ecgferth commanded that Cuthbert should be consecrated a bishop; and Theodore, the archbishop, consecrated him, at York, on the first day of Easter, as bishop of Hexham ; because Trumbriht had been deposed from that bishopric. This year Ceadwalla began to contend for the kingdom. Ceadwalla was the son of Coenbert, Ceonbert of Cadda, Cadda of Cutha, Cutha of Ceawlin, Ceawlin of Cynric, Cynric of Cerdic. And Mul was the brother of Ceadwalla, and he was afterwards burned in Kent. And the same year, king Egfrid was slain, near the North Sea, and a great army with him, on the 13th of the kalends of June [20th May]. He was king fifteen years, and Aldfrid, his brother, suc

1 Beda, Eccl. Hist. IV. xii.


2 This genealogical information respecting Centwin is not in E. or F. 3 See Beda, Eccl. Hist. IV. xii.

5 From E.

7 E. F.

4 These details are from E. F.

[blocks in formation]

10 Namely, of Whitern, or Candida Casa.

11 Ascribed by G. to 681.

12 E. F. See Eccl. Hist. IV. xxvi.

13 As far as "bishopric" from E.

15 The passage as far as p. 24, note1 is from E.

14 Eccl. Hist. IV. xxvi.

ceeded to the kingdom after him. 'Ecgferth was the son of Osweo, Osweo of Aethelferth, Aethelferth of Aethelric, Aethelric of Ida, Ida of Eoppa. And Hlothere, king of the Kentish-men, died the same year. And John was consecrated bishop of Hexham, and he was there until Wilfrid returned. Afterwards John succeeded to the bishopric of "Chester" [York], for bishop Bosa was dead. Then, after that, Wilfrid, his priest, was consecrated bishop of "Chester" [York], and John retired to his minster at Derewood. 3 This year it rained blood in Britain, and milk and butter were turned into blood.

A.D. 685. And in this same year Cuthbert was consecrated bishop of Hexham, by archbishop Theodore, at York, because bishop Trumbert had been driven from the bishopric.

A.D. 686. This year Ceadwalla and Mul his brother laid waste Kent and Wight. This Ceadwalla' gave to St. Peter's minster at Medeshamstede, Hoge, which is in an island called Heabur-eagh; the then abbat of the monastery was called Egbalth. He was the third abbat after Saxwulf. At that time Theodore was archbishop in Kent.

A.D. 687. This year Mul was burned in Kent, and twelve other men with him; and the same year Ceadwalla again laid waste Kent. A.D. 688. This year Ine succeeded to the kingdom of the WestSaxons, and held it thirty-seven years; and' he built the minster at Glastonbury; and he afterwards went to Rome, and there dwelt to the end of his days: and the same year Ceadwalla went to Rome, and received baptism from the pope, and the pope named him Peter; and in about seven days he died. Now Ine was the son of Cenred, Cenred of Ceolwald, Ceolwald was Cynegils's brother, and they were sons of Cuthwine the son of Ceaulin, Ceaulin of Cynric, Cynric of Cerdic.

A.D. 688. This year king Ceadwalla went to Rome, and received baptism of pope Sergius, and he gave him the name of Peter; and in about seven days afterwards, on the 12th of the kalends of May1o [20th April], while he was yet in Christ's [his baptismal] garments, he died; and he was buried in St. Peter's church. And Ine succeeded to the kingdom of the West-Saxons after him, and he reigned twenty-seven years."

A.D. 689.

A.D. 690.12 This year archbishop Theodore died; he was bishop twenty-two years, and he was buried at Canterbury; and Beorhtwald succeeded to the bishopric. Before this the bishops had been Romans, but from this time they were English.

A.D. 691.

A.D. 692.13 This year Brihtwold was chosen archbishop on the

1 The pedigree which follows is not in G.

2 See Beda, Eccl. Hist. V. ii. iii. vi. The passage as far as Derewood is from E.

3 F.

5 The conclusion of the year is from E.

6 A.D. 689, G. See Eccl. Hist. V. vii.

7 As far as "days" from G. and inserted

8 E. F. as far as 66 days."

10 This date is not in F.

4 F. at note 2 above.

in A.

9 E. F.

11 As at note 8 above.

12 Eccl. Hist. V. viii. The duration of the pontificate of Theodore, and the place of his burial are from E. F.

13 E. F. See Beda, Eccl. Hist. V. viii.

kalends of July [1st July]; he was before that abbat of Reculver. There were then two kings in Kent, Withred and Webheard [Suaebhard].

A.D. 693. This year Berthwald was consecrated' archbishop, by Guodun, bishop of the Gauls, on the 5th of the nones of July [29th June]. At this time Gefmund, bishop of Rochester, died, and archbishop Bryhtwald consecrated Tobias in his place; and Dryhtelm departed this life.

A.D. 694. This year the Kentish-men compounded with Ine, and gave him thirty thousand pounds for his friendship, because they had formerly burned Mul. And Wihtred succeeded to the kingdom of the Kentish-men, and held it thirty-three years. Wihtred was the son of Ecgbryht, Ecgbryht of Erconbryht, Erconbryht of Eadbald, Eadbald of Aethelbryht.

As soon as he was king, he commanded a great council to be assembled at the place which is called Baccancelde, in which sat Wihtred, king of the Kentish-men, and Brihtwald, the archbishop of Canterbury, and Tobias, bishop of Rochester, and with them were assembled there abbats and abbesses, and many wise men, all to consult about the bettering of God's churches in Kent. Now began the king to speak, and said, "It is my will that all the minsters and the churches that were given and bequeathed to the glory of God in the days of faithful kings, my predecessors, and in the days of my kinsmen, of king Aethelbert and those who followed after him, do so remain, to the glory of God, and firmly continue so to all eternity for evermore. For I, Wihtred, an earthly king, instigated by the King of heaven, and burning with the zeal of righteousness, have learned this from the institutes of our forefathers, that no layman has a right to possess himself of a church, nor of any of the things which belong to the church. And hence strictly and faithfully do we appoint and decree, and in the name of the Almighty God and of all saints, we forbid to all kings our successors, and to ealdormen,' and all laymen, any lordship whatever over the churches, and over all their possessions, which I, or my elders, have formerly given as an everlasting inheritance, to the glory of Christ and of our lady St. Mary, and of the holy apostles. And observe, when it shall happen that a bishop, or an abbat, or an abbess, shall depart this life, let it be made known to the archbishop,

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1 With the exception of the notice of Dryhthelm, which is from D. E., this year is from D. E. F. See Eccl. Hist. V. viii.

2 Here D. recommences. Eccl. Hist. V. xii.

3 Godune, E. F.

5 F. reads "thirty thousand pounds," both in its Saxon and Latin text; C. "thirty pounds;" "thirty men," A. G.; "thirty thousand," D. E. The reading of MSS. B. and F. however excessive the sum may appear, has been placed in the text, because, unlike the "thirty men" of A. G, or the "thirty thousand" of D. E. it is intelligible without having recourse to conjecture. The payment, whatever its amount may have been, was probably the legal compensation for the death of Mul... Of the early Latin writers, Ethelweard says, it was 30,000 solidi, “per singulos constanti numero sexdecim nummis;" Florence of Worcester, 3,750 pounds; and Malmesbury, 30,000 mancuses, which, at eight to the pound, would agree with Florence.-P.

See Eccl. Hist. V. xxiii.

7 166 Three-and-twenty," E. The remainder of the year is not in this copy. 8 From F. See Kemble's Saxon Charters, No. 996.

and by his counsel and advice, let such an one be chosen as shall be worthy. And let the archbishop inquire into the life and purity of him who is chosen to such a duty, and in nowise let any one be consecrated to such an office without the counsel of the archbishop. It is the duty of kings to appoint earls and ealdormen,' shire-reeves, and doomsmen, and the archbishop shall instruct and advise the church of God; and bishops, and abbats, and abbesses, priests and deacons, to choose, and place, and consecrate, and stablish them by good precepts and example, lest any of God's flock go astray and be lost." A.D. 695, 696.

A.D. 697.' This year the South-humbrians slew Ostrythe, Aethelred's queen, Ecgferd's sister.

A.D. 698.

A.D. 699.2 This year the Picts slew Beorht, the "ealdorman." A.D. 700, 701.

A.D. 702. This year Cenred succeeded to the kingdom of the South-humbrians.

A.D. 703. This year bishop Hedde died, and he held the bishopric at Winchester twenty-seven years.

A.D. 704. This year Aethelred, the son of Penda, king of the Mercians, became a monk, and he had held the kingdom twentynine years; then Coenred succeeded to it.

A.D. 705. This year Aldferd, king of the North-humbrians, died," at Driffield, on the 19th of the kalends of January [14th Dec.]: and bishop Seaxwulf. "Then Osred, his son, succeeded to the kingdom. A.D. 706-708.

A.D. 709. This year bishop Aldhelm1o died; he was bishop on the west of Selwood; and in the early days of Daniel the land of the West-Saxons was divided into two bishop-shires, and before that it had been one; the one Daniel held, the other Aldhelm. After Aldhelm, Forthhere succeeded to it. And king Ceolred succeeded to the kingdom of the Mercians; and Coenred went to Rome, and Offa" with him. 12And Coenred was there till the end of his life. And the same year bishop Wilferth 1 died at Oundle, and his body was carried to Ripon; he was bishop fortyfive years; him king Egferth had formerly driven away to Rome. A.D. 710. This year Acca, Wilfrid's priest, succeeded to the

2 D. E. See Ibid.


1 D. E. F. See Beda's epitome. 3 D. E. F. This is apparently a different and anticipated account of Coenred's succession, as related under the year 704; but as these copies there also notice the resignation of Ethelred, it is retained in the text.-P.

5 See Eccl. Hist. V. xviii. As we know that Hedde died in 705, we hence learn that the Chronicle here antedates its entries by two years. B. and C. give him a pontificate of thirty-seven years. 6 See Beda's epitome.

7 The place and date of his death are from D. E. See Eccl. Hist. V. xviii.

8 From D. E. F.

9 A.D. 708, C. erroneously for 709, and in consequence of this mistake each succeeding year to 721 has been made one short by erasure.

10 Aldhelm was bishop of Sherburn, and Daniel, of Winchester.

11 Offa was king of the East Saxons.

12 The conclusion of the sentence is from D. E.

13 To the end of the year from D. E. F.

14 Wilfred, the celebrated bishop of Hexham.

15 See Eccl. Hist. V. xx. The entry concerning Acca is from D. E. F.

bishopric which before he had held; and the same year Beorhtfrith the ealdorman" fought against the Picts,' between Haefe and Caere. And Ine, and Nun his kinsman, fought against Gerent, king of the Welsh; and the same year Sigbald3 was slain.

A.D. 711-713.

A.D. 714. This year St. Guthlac died, and king Pepin.*

A.D. '715. This year Ine and Ceolred fought at Wodnesbeorg [Wanborough]. "This year died king Dagobert.

A.D. 716. This year Osred, king of the North-humbrians, was slain on the southern border; he had the kingdom seven years after Aldferth; then Coenred succeeded to the kingdom, and held it two years, then Osric, who held it eleven years; and the same year Ceolred, king of the Mercians, died, and his body lies at Lichfield, and Aethelred's, the son of Penda, at Bardney. Then Aethelbald succeeded to the kingdom of the Mercians, and held it forty-one years. Aethelbald was the son of Alweo, Alweo of Eawa,' Eawa of Pybba, whose genealogy is written before. And that pious man, Ecgbryht, converted the monks in the island of Hii to the right faith, so that they observed Easter duly, and the ecclesiastical


A.D. 717.


A.D. 718. This year Ingild, the brother of Ine, died; and their sisters were Cwenburh and Cuthburh. And Cuthburh built the monastery at Winburn; and she was given in marriage to Aldferth, king of the North-humbrians; but they separated during his lifetime.

A.D. 719, 720.

A.D. 721." This year bishop Daniel went to Rome; and the same year Ine slew Cynewulf, the etheling. And this year the holy bishop John13 died; he was bishop thirty-three years, eight months, and thirteen days; and his body rests at Beverley.


A.D. 722. This year queen Aethelburh razed Taunton, which Ine had previously built; and Aldbyrht, the exile, departed into Surrey and Sussex, and Ine fought against the South-Saxons. A.D. 723, 724.

A.D. 725. This year Withred, king of the Kentish-men, died, on1 the 9th of the kalends of May [23d April]; he reigned thirty-four" years; his genealogy is above: 18 and" Eadberht succeeded to the kingdom of Kent; and Ine fought against the South-Saxons, and there slew Aldbryht," the etheling, whom he before had driven into exile.

[blocks in formation]

13 John of Beverly, bishop of York. See Eccl. Hist. V. vi.

14 Not in F.

[blocks in formation]

15 See Eccl. Hist. V. xiii.

17 Thirty-three years, F.

19 The succession of Eadberht is inserted in A. from F.

20 To the end of the year from D. E.

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