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Presented by Mr. H. N. GODDARD:-Wiltshire Seventeenth Century TokensWootton Bassett, Gabrell Arman (2); Marborough, William Pureur; Swindon, Henry Restall; Wootton Bassett, John Knighton; Lacock, Richard Gryst; Aldbourne, Edward Witts; Malmesbury, Elias Ferris; Clack, Robert Goodman.

Marlborough Old Bank Token, 6d. Bristol and Wiltshire Token, 6d., 1811. Roman Coins-Second brass, Faustina, Maximianus.

Third brass, Carausius, Victorinus (2), Gallienus, Valens (2

types), Constantinus (8 types), Constantius.

Silver, Constantius, Julia Augusta.

Large brass, Antinous (rare).

Saxon-Eadred, penny.

English-Henry II., penny; Edward I. or II., pennies (5); Edward III., groat (2), half groat; Henry VI. (?), groats (2); Henry VIII., sixpence (2 types), penny (2 types); Edward VI., shilling; Elizabeth, shilling, sixpence (3 types), fourpence, twopence; James I., half-sovereign, shilling (2 types), sixpence (Irish), sixpence (2 types); Charles I., shilling (3) types), sixpence, twopence, copper farthings (5 types); Charles II., half-crown, fourpence, threepence (2), twopence, penny; James II., fourpence, threepence (2), twopence ; William and Mary, half-crown, fourpence, threepence : William III., crown, shilling, sixpence; Anne, sovereign, half-crown, shilling, sixpence, fourpence, twopence ; George I., shilling, sixpence, penny; George II., half-crown, shilling (2 types), sixpence, fourpence (2), penny; George III., shilling, sixpence, fourpence, threepence, penny, bank token Irish tenpence, halfpenny (copper); George IV., shilling (Colonial, 1822); William IV., penny; Victoria, half-crown, sixpence, threepence, half-farthing (copper). Medals-Admiral Vernon, capture of Portobello-Growing Arts adorn Empire, George reigning, Caroline protecting.

Presented by Mr. C. ADYE :-South Wraxall Token, Valentine Stevens. Presented by Rev. E. H. and Rev. C. V. GODDARD :-Three slabs of an oak coffin found about thirty-five years ago near the Foss Way, in the neighbourhood of Grittleton.

Framed Portraits-Bishop Hamilton, mezzotint, G. Richmond, pinx., R. Jackson, sc.; T. Sotheron Estcourt, 1863, mezzotint; Joseph Neeld, mezzotint, Shee, pinx., Cousins, sc.

Medals-William Beckford and Sir Francis Burdett.

Presented by Rev. F. H. DUBOULAY:-Elizabeth 2d., found at Heddington. Presented by Mr. J. W. BROOKE:-Tokens, Marlborough, Robert Butcher; Marlborough, E. Delamaine.

Presented by Mr. GORE :-Medal of Horne Tooke.

Presented by Mr. J. A. RANDELL :— -A Flail.

Purchased:-Wilts Tokens-Road, Richard Tucker; Malmesbury, Nico Jaffris.

Presented by Mrs. WEST AWDRY :-Two Sermons preached on death of Capt.
John Neilson Gladstone, at Bowden Hill, by Rev. A. Blomfield and Rev.
A. Fane, and Memoir by H. A. Merewether. Pamphlet, 1863.
Debate upon the Borough of Chippenham in the House of Commons, 1831;

Roundway Hill, a Poem by T. Needham Rees, Surgeon in Devizes. Quarto
Pamphlet, Devizes, 1787.

Record of the Great Flood in Bath and the surrounding District, 1882.
Quarto pamphlet.

Chittoe Church, S.E. View; lithograph, M. D. W. del. et lith.— Rood Ashton Entrance Hall; lithographed by Day & Haghe-Stonehenge looking N.E.; lithograph published by Clapperton, Salisbury.

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Presented by Rev. E. H. and Rev. C. V. GODDARD:-Drawings and Prints— Foxham old Church; small litho.- -Manningford Bruce Church before Res. toration; small litho.- Calne New Town Hall; photo-litho.--Bromham Church, N. side; woodcut- -Wootton Bassett Town Hall, Restored; cut Swindon New Town Church; small cut- Marlborough, View of Street and St. Peter's; small engraving—Ramsbury Church, S. side, before Restoration; photo-process -Rodbourne Cheney Church, New, Interior and Exterior; litho., 1848- Hilmarton, Memorial Window to Rev. F. Fisher; litho.- Wilts Friendly Society Form of Enrolment; engraving Salisbury, the King's House; engraving by T. FisherThe Old Town Hall, Devizes; cut—Salisbury, the Halle of John Halle; cut Broad Town Church; litho., 1845- Free Grammar School, Marlborough, destroyed 1790; litho.-Highway Church, East Window, 1879; drawing— Castle Eaton Church, Carved Oak Pillar with Goddard arms; pen-and-ink Lucknam, Fête Champetre, 1834; litho.Francis Burdett, Election Cartoon," Grinding Young"; 1837, litho.Stockton House; pencil sketch- Logan Stone, Newbridge, Glamorgan ; sepia drawing- Portraits, half-length, J. Davis (Sen.), mezzotint, Kirkby, pinx., Angell, sc.; J. Davis (Jun.), on horseback, engraving, Spode, pinx., Engleheart, sc. -Edington Church exterior, S. side ; S.W. view; E. end;-interior, chantry; S. transept; and S. porch; ink photos. Pamphlets, &c.-Caldas, a story of Stonehenge, by Julia Corner-Hiring Fairs or Mops, a Letter to the Rt. Hon. T. H. S. Estcourt, M.P., by the Rev. R. V. Law -Henry Drury, Funeral Sermon by Bishop Hamilton, 1864 Sermon preached at Wincanton on death of Rev. R. Nicholson, by Rev. W. P. S. Bingham-N. Wilts Election, 1865, Pedigree of Sir G. Jenkinson, by J. T. Schomberg-Sale Catalogue of the Manor of Hilmarton and Goatacre, 1802-Happy in Life, Peaceful in Death, or



the Happy Wiltshire Farmer (small tract) – Catechism of the Fall and Restoration of Man, by Rev. G. N. Gray Lawson, 1859-Order of Service for Laying Foundation Stone of School by Bishop Hamilton, 1860Ditto for Opening a School, 1860– Ditto for Confirmation, 1865Ditto at Consecration of Churches, Chapels, and Burial Grounds, 1868 -Ditto for Laying Foundation Stone of a Church, 1860-Ditto for Re-opening a Church after Restoration, 1892- -The Church and the People, Lay Help in Church Work, by Rev. R. S. Hutchins, 1870 — Swindon, Calne, and Cricklade Turnpike Roads Act, 1866- - Bishop Hamilton, Sermon on the death of, by H. P. Liddon, 1869.-Warminster, two Sermons on Death of Rev. W. Dalby, 1862- - Order of Service used at Opening of Edington Church, 1891- -Ditto for Dedication of Bells and West Window, Wootton Bassett, 1890-- -Proceedings at Enthronization of Bishop Moberly, 1869 – Ditto of Bishop Wordsworth, 1885 Poll Book, 1868, Cricklade Election-Money Kyrle, Rev. J. S., Correspondence in Refutation of Calumnies, 1846-Poynder v. AttorneyGeneral and Hulbert, re drain at Hartham, &c., 1866-Chippenham Agricultural Association, Rules, &c., 1880- -Swindon Roads Act, 1833 Commission of Peace and List of Acting Justices for Wilts, 1878, 1885, 1890 Broad Town Charity, particulars, &c., by J. E. G. Bradford, 1882 Rules for the County Prison, 1871- -Rules and Standing Orders of Wilts Sessions, 1870-Electoral Divisions, Order of Quarter Sessions determining, .1888 — Account of Treasurer of County of Wilts, 1889- -Memoir of Rev. Francis Fisher, by Rev. H. Drury, 1858There is one Thing Needful, by Rev. F. Fisher (tract)-Chippenham, 1850, Sermon by Rev. G. N. Gray Lawson-Rev. H. Maundrell, Journal of Voyage, 1864--Liddon, H. P., Ordination Sermons at Salisbury, 1865, 1866 -Bishop Hamilton, Charges, 1861, 1864, 1867– Bishop Wordsworth, Pastoral Letters, 1885, 1886, 1887- Possible Re-union of Deaneries of Malmesbury, &c., to Diocese of Salisbury, 1892. Archdeacon Buchanan, Charges, 1878, 1883, 1887, 1890; Considerations on Tithe Rent Charge, 1886-Bishop Denison, Memoir of--Caswell, Rev. H., Convocation and its possibilities, 1852-Meade, Rev. E., Office of Readers in Church of England, 1867- -Bishop Denison, Charge, 1845 -Harris, Rev. H., Review of Moberly's Bampton Lectures, 1869Hautenville, Rev, R. W., Visitation Sermon, Chippenham, 1855 Eastern Crisis, Sermon, Chippenham, 1854-Morrice, Rev. W. D., Sermon, Church Union Society, 1867- Drury, Rev. H., Sermon at Consecration of Bishop Hamilton, 1854-Jackson, Canon J. E., Sermon, Consecration of St. Paul's Church, Chippenham, 1855; Sermon, Chippenham, for A. C. S., 1854; Sermon, Visitation, Chippenham, 1854— Lansdowne, Lord, Speech on Irish Land Law Bill, 1881-Archdeacon Harris, Charge, 1866.

Books-The Abbess of Shaftesbury, or the Days of John of Gaunt, 1846 (scene of story laid at Lyddington)-Bishop Burnet's Discourse of the Pastoral Care, 14th edition, with Portrait and Life of the Author, 1821Walter Kerr Hamilton, Bishop of Salisbury, a Sketch, by H. P. Liddon, 1869.

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Presented by Mr. G. E. DARTNELL :-Map of Wilts, small, T. Kitchin- -Stage Waggon Advertisement Card- -Sarum Almanack, 1879-91- Large number of cuttings from South Wilts papers for ten years- Archdeacon Daubeny, Lectures on Church Catechism, 1819-Sale Catalogue of Home Farm, Oare, 1887- -Catalogue of Salisbury and S. Wilts Museum, 1870. Pamphlets-Kingsbury, Rev. T. L., Sermon on Death of Marquis of Ailesbury, 1878 -- De Quetteville, Rev. W., Sermon on Death of Rev. J. D. Hastings, 1869—Drury, Rev. H., Sermon at Warminster, Friendly Society, 1862- -Beaufort, Duke of, Cassell's National Portrait Gallery "Why?" Temperance pamphlet, Pewsey-Friendly Societies, by J. Chappell.

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Presented by Mr. A. SCHOMBERG:-Life and Letters of Joseph Allein, of Devizes, 1822, post 32mo.

Presented by Miss CUNNINGTON :-MS. by S. Yockney, 1801, on King's Barrow, Battlesbury, the position of Verlucio, Robin Hood's Harbour, Bratton, &c. Presented by Mr. H. E. MEDLICOTT :-Devizes Gazette, parts of 1870-1887 Bacon's Liber Regis.

Presented by Mr. B. MULLINGS:-Two parts of Note Books of Sir R. C. Hoare, Stonehenge and Tumuli on Wilsford Down, 1807.

Acquired by Exchange :

Official Year Book of Scientific and Learned Societies of Great Britain and Ireland, 1893.

Royal Irish Academy, Historical References on Tumuli at New Grange,
Lowth, and Knowth.

Ditto, Transactions, vol. xxx., parts 3 and 4.

Ditto, Todd Lecture Series, vols. iii. and iv.

Society of Antiquaries of London, Proceedings, vol xiv., part 11.

Royal Society of Antiquaries, Ireland, Journal, vol. ii., 5th series.

Bureau of Ethnology, U.S.A., Reports for 1885 and 1886.

U.S. Geographical and Geological Survey, Rocky Mountains, vol. vii.
Smithsonian Report, 1890.

British Archæological Association, Journal, vol. xlix., part I.

Essex Naturalist, March, 1893.

Montgomeryshire Collections, vol. xxvii., part 52.

Bristol and Gloucestershire Archæological Society, Transactions.

Somerset Archæological and Natural History Society, Proceedings, 1892.

Bristol Naturalists' Society, Proceedings, vol. vii., part 1.

Hertfordshire Natural History Society, Transactions, vol. vii., parts 3 and 4.

Marlborough College Natural History Society, Report, 1892.
Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, Proceedings, 1891 and 1892.

HURRY & PEARSON, Printers and Publishers, Devizes.


£ s. d.


Account of Receipts and Disbursements of the Society from 1st January to 31st December, 1892, both days inclusive.


1892. Jan. 1st. To balance brought from last account Dec. 31st.

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Cash, Entrance Fees, and

Annual Subscriptions re

£ s. d. 254 3 10

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Dec. 31st. By Cash, sundry payments, including Postage, Carriage, and Miscellaneous Expenses

Printing and Stationery

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18 0 1

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22 12 7

57 3 4

Printing, Engraving, &c., for Magazines:

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ceived from Members during the year, viz. :29 Entrance Fees 8 Subscriptions for 1890

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156 4 4 0 1891 20 9 6 1892 151 14 6 1893 220

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Ditto Preston's "Flowering Plants".

0 14 0

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"" Ditto Smith's "North Wilts"

,, Dividends on Consols

Devizes Savings Bank, interest 99 Balance of Cirencester Meeting

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2 2

6 12 10

213 0
2 12 0

3 12 10

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No. 77

No. 78.........

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To balance brought from last account Feb. 1st. Subscription from Sir A. W. Neeld Dec. 31st. Savings Bank interest.

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Audited and found correct, 4th May, 1893.


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