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the whole Art of Float and Fly-Fishing, with portrait of Kirby the celebrated Angler. 12mo., Lond., 1784; 2d edit., 12mo.; †3d edit., 12mo. See Kirby.

+SKYLARK (THE), OR A COLLECTION OF SONGS, with a concise account of Fish, and best baits, &c. Lond., T. Evans, 1772.

*+SMITH'S (DR.) ACCOUNT of the Fishes in Massachusetts, and Observations on Angling. 8vo. Boston: 1833.

*SMITH (THOMAS), EVERY man his own Fisherman. 24mo. Lond., published about 1770 or 1776.


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Songs of thE CHASE. 8vo. Lond.: 1811.

In this book are twenty-four songs on the subject of Angling.
SOUTH. See Fly-Fisher's Text-Book.

SPORTING MAGAZINE, 2d Series, contains much interesting information to Anglers.

SPORTING MANUAL, a Complete Treatise on Fishing, Fowling, and Hunting, as applicable to this Country, &c., by William H. Schreiner. 12mo. Philadelphia, 1841.

+SPORTS (MARTIN'S) BOOK OF, for Boys. P. 138 to 172, on Angling. Lond. no date.

+SPORTSMAN'S DICTIONARY; or, the Country Gentleman's Companion in all Rural Recreations. 2 vols. 8vo.; 1st edit. 1735; 2d, 1778; 3d, 4to., 1785; 4to., 1792; †4to., 1800; †8vo., by Pye, 1807.

+SPORTSMAN IN IRELAND, with his tour in Scotland. 2 vols. 12mo.,


STEINBOCH, Unterricht von der Nutzbarkeit der Fischerei. 8vo. London, 1710. Nürnberg, Ebner.

STEELE'S (SIR RICHARD) ACCOUNT of the Fish Pool. 8vo. London,


STEVENSON (M.), THE TWELVE MONTHS; or, a pleasant and profitable Discourse of every action, whether of Labor or Recreation, proper to each particular month, branched into directions relating to Husbandry, as Plowing, Sowing, Gardening, Planting, &c., &c.; also, the ordering of Cattle and Bees: of Recreations, as Hunting, Hawking, Fishing, Coursing, &c. Likewise is added necessary advice touching Physic, &c. 4to. Lond. 1661.

+STODDART'S (THOMAS TOD) ART OF ANGLING, as Practised in Scotland. 12mo. Edinb.: 1835.

STODDART'S ANGLING COMPANION to the Rivers and Lochs of Scotland, containing the Natural History of Trout and Salmon, with directions for practising the Art of Rod-Fishing in all its varieties. To which is added a description of Angling Stations, &c. Advertised for April, 1847.


This is a very lively and instructive book, not without faults (among which is some profanity, a vice most inconsistent with following the pious sweet-spoken Walton, who would have had no swearer in his gentle company), but deserves to be a favorite with all Anglers. The Author describes the amusements and conversations of the members of an imaginary Angling Club, at C- -k, and the characters are evidently drawn from life.

Mr. Stoddart is a true poet, and his rhyme is better than his prose. Two of his Angling Songs are among the best, if not the best, ever written. Christopher North speaks affectionately of Tom Stoddart.

*STORER'S (D. H.) REPORT on the Ichthyology of Massachusetts. 8vo. Boston: 1839.

SYLVESTER'S POEMS, containing also PISCATIO; or, Art of Angling. 8vo. Oxford: 1733. Vide Ford.

TABELLA CIBARIA. THE BILL OF FARE; a Latin Poem, implicitly translated, and fully explained in copious and interesting notes, relating to the pleasures of Gastronomy and the Mysterious Art of Cookery. 4to. Lond.: 1820.

This learned work contains some curious Notes upon Fish, and was written by the Abbé M'Quin.


*TAVERNER'S (JOHN) CERTAINE EXPERIMENTS Concerning Fish and Fruite, practised by him, published for the benefit of others. Printed by W. Ponsonby, 1600. Very rare.

(On the family of John Taverner, See Master's Hist. of C. C. C., Cambridge.)

TATE'S ART OF ANGLING; a Poem. 1741. See Innocent Epicure. TOTTENHAM HIGH CROSS, History and Antiquities of, with the Turnament of Tottenham, &c. Plates. By Richard Randall Tyson. Sm. 8vo., 1792.

*TAYLOR'S (SAM., Gent.) ANGLING in all its branches, reduced to a Complete Science, in three parts. 8vo. Lond.: 1800.

†TRAITE de toute sorte de Chasse et de Pêche. 2 vol. 12mo. Amsterdam: 1714.


TRUE ART OF ANGLING, by J. S., Gent., a Brother of the Angle. 24mo., Lond., 1696; 2d edit., Lond., Compleat Fisher; or, the True Art of Angling, by J. S., the 3d edit., 24mo., Lond., 1704; 4th edit., 24mo., Lond., 1716; 5th edit., 24mo., Lond., 1725. See Compleat Fisher, by J. S.

TRUE ART OF ANGLING. 12mo. Lond. 1770. See Ustonson.

TRUE ART OF ANGLING; or, The Complete Fisher, revised and corrected. 24mo. Lond. 1740. Printed by Onesimus Ustonson.

(At the back of the title is a recommendation of the work signed,

Wm. Wright,

Rob. Cole,

Wm. Andrews,

J. Turner,

Robt. Lewes,
Roger Pilewood,
Phillips Brice,
J. Hollings,

which asserts that this book has passed several editions.)

The places round London for Angling noticed in this work are worth


Sir H. Ellis has another edition of this work in his own library, without date, printed for J. Hazard and J. White.

There is another edition of the same size, title, and date, with a different wood-cut at the beginning, and with material variations.

*+TOUSSAINT (M.), Nouveau Manuel de Pêcheur. Instructions sur les divers genres de Pêches. 18mo. Paris, Mme. Hazard: n. d.

†TROUT-FISHING; or, the River Darwent: a Poem, by C. Wayth. Crown 8vo. London: 1845.

TSCHEINER, der wohlerfahrene Fischermeister, oder Unterricht in der gesammten Angel und Netzfischerei und dem Krebs-und Frösche-Fang mit 24 Kupfern-Pesth. Hartleben, 1821.

UNIVERSAL ANGLER (THE); or, that Art Improved in all its parts, especially in Fly-Fishing. The whole interspersed with many curious and uncommon observations. 12mo. Lond. 1766.

(This Book is copied from Bowlker's Art of Angling, printed at Worcester, with some few additions taken from Walton, Cotton, and Hawkins.)-Wm. White.

+USTONSON (ONESIMUS). THE TRUE ART OF ANGLING, being a clear and speedy way of taking all sorts of Fresh-water Fish, &c., &c. Duo. 1770. (A MS. note of Mr. Donovan, on his copy, says: "This book is so very rare, that Ustonsun, the son of the author, who was alive some years ago, thought he had the only copy-and that even Mr. Haworth had none. This last is a mistake. Mr. H. had it. It is, however, very rare.)

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USTONSON. See True Art of Angling, on previous page.

*VANIER'S BOOK UPON FISH, translated by the Rev. J. Duncombe, with a brief Introduction, and passages from English writers selected as notes. 8vo. Lond. 1809.

(This Translation of Vanier was inserted entire in the Censura Literaria, by Mr. Haslewood; the separate copies to which the title was added were but few. The whole was printed by Daniel, in his Supp. to Rural Sports.)

*VANIERII (JACOBI) Societate Jesu, Prædium Rusticum. 12mo. Tolone: 1742.

*VENABLES (COL. ROBERT). THE EXPERIENCED ANGLER; or, Angling Improved, being a General Discourse of Angling. 8vo. Lond. : 1662.

(Advertised as now newly extant, in the Kingdom's Intelligencer of Sept. 9, 1661.)

2d edit., 12mo., Lond. ; †3d edit., 12mo., Lond., 1668; 4th edit., 12mo., Lond., 1676; +5th edit., 12mo., Lond., 1683; 6th edit, 1828, fa Re print with a Memoir of Col. Robert Venables prefixed.

The second edition was probably about 1666, and burnt in the great fire; no copy is at present known.

Col. Venables name first appears in the third edition. (The fourth edition forms the third part of the Universal Angler.)

WAGNER, der vollkommene Fischer, oder Unweisung, wie man Teiche anlegen, und was man beim Fischfang beobachten soll. Korn, Breslau, 1785.

*WALTON'S (ISAAC, of Stafford) COMPLEAT ANGLER; or, the Contemplative Man's Recreation, being a Discourse of Fish and Fishing, not unworthy the perusal of most Anglers. 12mo., Lond., 1653; +2d edit., 12mo., Lond., 1655; 3d edit., Lond., 1664; †4th edit., 12mo., Lond., 1668; 5th edit., 12mo, forming the first of the Universal Angler by Walton, Cotton, and Venables, 12mo., London, 1676.

The 2d edit., which was published only two years after the first, appears to have been almost re-written, with the introduction of a third interlocution in Auceps, and great additions in every part.

The 3d edit., Lond. 1661 and 1664, has titles of both dates, no other variance.

The 3d edition is the first that has the postcript touching the Laws of Angling, and an Index.

The 4th edition is a paginary re-print from the third edition.

The 5th edition is augmented, and the second part added on Fishing for Trout and Grayling, written by Charles Cotton, Esq., of Beresford. The above are all the editions of The Complete Angler published during the author's life.

+6th edit., 12mo., Lond., 1750, edited by Moses Browne; †7th edit., 12mo., Lond., 1759, by Moses Browne; †8th edit., 1772, by Moses Browne.

WALTON'S COMPLETE ANgler. +8th edit. Lond. 1760. Edited by John Hawkins, Esq., afterwards Sir John Hawkins.

Advertised 27th Sept., 1759, as in the press, and speedily will be published, in opposition to Moses Browne's 7th edit., published in that year. On the 1st July, 1760, it appeared announced as the only correct and complete edition," and the reader is informed that cuts are now added of the principal scenes, designed by Mr. Wale, and engraved by Ryland, in which the characters are dressed in the habits of the times, which cuts, the reader may be assured cost in designing and engraving, upwards of one hundred pounds. Browne put forth a rival advertisement, showing his own emendation of the poetry, declaring the boasted plates copied from the designs in his and the life of Walton, in chief part borrowed from the printed by him."

In 1765, in May and June, advertisements were put forth of this edition by Rivingtons, with a new title.

19th edit., 8vo., Lond., 1766, edited by John Hawkins, Esq.; †10th edit., 12mo., Lond., 1772, edited by Moses Browne; †11th edit., 8vo., Lond., 1775, by Sir John Hawkins; †12th edit., 8vo., Lond., 1784, by Sir John Hawkins; †13th edit., 8vo., Lond., 1792, edited by John Sidney

Hawkins, Esq.; †14th edit., 8vo., London, 1797, by Mr. Sidney Hawkins, but without the large plates; †15th edit., 8vo., Bagster, Lond., 1808 (printed in three sizes, demy 8vo., †royal 8vo., and 4to.); 16th edit., a fac-simile reprint of the 1st edit, 1653, 12mo., Lond., 1810; +17th edit., edited by Sir Henry Ellis, with new notes, &c., printed for Bagster, in two sizes, demy 8vo., and royal 8vo., at Broxbourne, 1815. WALTON'S COMPLETE ANGLER. 8vo., Lond., 1822, published by Gosden, printed for J. Smith; Lond., 1823, published by Major; Lond., 1824; 13d edit., by Major, 1835, 1844; †48mo., Pickering, Lond., 1825, 1826; +32mo., Pickering, Lond., 1827; †2 vols. 12mo., Chiswick, by Whittingham, 1824, 1826; 8vo. Lond., Washbourne with notes, plates, and 100 wood cuts, 1842.

*+WALTON AND COTTON's Complete Angler, with Lives of the Authors, by Sir Harris Nicholas, and Illustrations by Stothard and Inskipp. 2 vols. Imper. 8vo. Lond. 1835-36.

This splendid edition contains the variations of all the editions, and additional notes, with original and elaborate Memoirs of Walton and Cotton, which present many new facts of the writers.

WALTONIAN CHRONICLE (The London Angler's Book, or the), containing much original Information to Anglers generally, with many Songs and Anecdotes of Fish and Fishing. 8vo. Lond., Baddeley, 1834. Baddely, the author (?), was secretary to the "True Waltonians." a coarsely written book.

It is

(Mr. Gosden's copy, with pencilled notes and an autograph of Baddeley.) WALTON AND COTTON. THE COMPLETE ANGLER; or, the Contemplative Man's Recreation, by Isaac Walton; And Instructions how to Angle for a Trout or a Grayling in a clear stream, by Charles Cotton; with Copious Notes, for the most part original; a Bibliographic Preface, giving an account of Fishing and Fishing-books, from the earliest antiquity to the time of Walton, and a notice of Cotton and his Writings, by the American Editor. To which is added an Appendix, including Illustrative Ballads, Music, Papers on American Fishing, and the most Complete Catalogue of Books on Angling, &c., ever before printed. Also, a General Index to the whole work. Part I. New York and London Wiley & Putnam, 161 Broadway. 1847. :

WAYTH. See Trout-Fishing.

+WHITNEY'S (JOHN, a lover of the Angle) GENTEEL RECREATION; or, the Pleasures of Angling, a Poem, with a Dialogue between Piscator and Corydon. 12mo. Lond. 1700. +Reprinted 1820 (only one hundred copies printed).

Whitney appears to have been a native of Kent, and was born about




*WILLOUGHBEI (FRAN.) Piscium Historia, Ex recognitione I., Raii.

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