Suffolk, Or, Original Delineations, Topographical, Historical, and Descriptive of that County: The Result of Person Survey

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J. Harris, 1818 - 413 pages

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Page 89 - ... manner, through fierce winds, the fire came to the farthest side of the town, and as it went left some streets and houses safe and untouched. The flame flew clean over many houses, and did great spoil to many fair buildings farthest off'; and ceased not till it had cpnsumed one hundred and sixty dwelling houses, besides others ; and in damage of wares and household stuff to the full value of sixty thousand pounds.
Page 396 - Baron to give his judgment in the case, he declared, " that he was clearly of opinion " that the fits were natural, but heightened by the devil, co-operating with the " malice of the witches at whose instance he did the villanies...
Page 335 - I was answered, that this was the season when the swallows, their food failing here, begin to leave us, and return to the country, wherever it be, from whence they came ; and that this being the nearest land to the opposite coast, and the wind contrary, they were waiting for a gale, and might be said to be wind-bound. This was more evident to me, when in the morning I found the wind had come about to the north-west in the night, and there was not one swallow to be seen.
Page 93 - Upon the accession of his royal pupil to the throne, he was first appointed cofferer, then treasurer of the wardrobe, archdeacon of Northampton, prebendary of Lincoln, Sarum, and Lichfield, keeper of the privy seal, dean of Wales, and, last of all, bishop of Durham.
Page 89 - Lawcs, an innocent, aged clergyman, of Brandeston, a cooper and his wife, and fifteen other women, who were all condemned and executed at one time at Bury. Hopkins used many arts to extort confession from suspected persons, and when these failed, he had recourse to swimming them, which was done by tying their thumbs and great toes together, and then throwing them into the water. If they floated, they were guilty of tincrime of witchcraft, but their sinking was a proof of their innocence.
Page 130 - that never would he leave it till he had entirely cleared the paternal estate ;" — and he lived to do that and to realize above one hundred thousand pounds in addition.
Page 101 - Her pure and eloquent blood Spoke in her cheeks, and so distinctly wrought, That one might almost say her body thought.
Page 396 - A Trial of Witches, at the Assizes held at Bury St. Edmund's for the County of Suffolk, on the 10th day of March, 1664. 2 D 4 before before Sir Matthew Hale, Knt. then Lord Chief Baron of his Majesty's Court of Exchequer. Taken by a person then attending the Court. London, 1682.
Page 130 - Stoke — and there were members of it, two baronets besides himself, Sir Cordwell Firebras and Sir John Barnardiston. However rich they were, the reckoning was always an object of their investigation. As they were one day settling this difficult point, an odd fellow, who was a member, called out to a friend who was passing — " For heaven's sake step up stairs and assist the poor ! here are three baronets worth a million of money quarreling about a farthing.
Page 23 - ... the summer had been too warm. It is impossible to ascertain with precision the construction and appearance of the patriarchal tents ; but we shall not probably be far from the truth, if we consider the present Arab tent as affording the nearest existing approximations to the ancient model. The common Arab tent is generally of an oblong figure, varying in size according to the wants or rank of the owner, and in its general shape not unaptly compared by Sallust, and after him Dr. Shaw...

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