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RICHMOND HILL is the boast of the vicinity of the Me tropolis. The richness, splendor, variety, extent and beauty of the scene which surrounds it, is only to be conceived by being seen: no power of the pen or the pencil can give an adequate description of it.

To the right, the eye passes over a rich, embowered, and inhabited space of great expanse, to the hills of Highgate and Hampstead. Then pursuing the horizon to the left, it appears beautifully broken by Harrow, and the high parts of Stanmore and Pinner, from whence it runs on into Buckinghamshire, and connects with the Berkshire hills between Maidenhead and Reading, when the circle returns to Windsor Castle and its Forest. The elevated ground about Bagshot next conducts the eye to the heights near Farnham, in Surrey, and the abrupt, romantic range of hill, known by the name of the Hog's-back, which extends from the lastmentioned town to Guildford, in the same county.

Here the circumambient prospect ends. The intermediate country is as rich as wood and cultivation can make it;while it is enlivened by the parish spires, and the casual glimpses of the villages and country seats which are scattered over it.

Immediately beneath the hill, the Thames rolls its serpentine volume of silver waters through meadows of the richest verdure, and groves of every tree, while its banks are adorned with the contrasted beauty of the villa and the cottage, in a long succession of various edifices, which mark the taste and the opulence of those who possess them.

Thomson has celebrated this charming and luxuriant spot, where he passed his latter years, and closed his life.

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