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1804 April 29th 1/2 post scom in the Catherine Borland Bostre born, wughed 7 pounds.

at Fresh Pond

Christoned Sunday Nov 23rd 1817 at Fronty Church
Sponsors Sarah
by M. Res. De Gardner
Borland & Cathener Loyd Borland


1818 May 16th Sunday night @ 12 Chouston by the thes. Dr. Gardener at Trinity Church Sunday 12th July 1518 - named Charles, Francis


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1821 Jany - Catherine, Charles & Sarah had The Chicken Post Whooping Cough

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1823 Deng 19th 9. cm. Susan Cabuch Joosted

town Shresthed on Wednesday Afternoo

at Mr Adrew.

Ratalues House. Oct 18" 1826 by the ther George Oles of Cambridge

mnz & der Sponsor

Cottreum. Chailes & Sarah, have had

14 Hine Pos:

ceful 1825 Catterin Charles Sarat & Susan

had II Measles

Now 1826 Catherm had Scarlet Leven


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