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CONVEYANCING.-Continued. Prideaux's Precedents in Conveyancing.-With Dissertations on its Law and Practice. Ninth Edition. By FREDERICK PRIDEAUX, late Professor of the Law of Real and Personal Property to the Inns of Court, and JOHN WHITCOMBE, Esqrs., Barristers-at-Law. 2 vols. Royal 8vo. 1879. 31. 10s. "We have been always accustomed to view 'Prideaux' as the most useful work out on conveyancing. It combines conciseness and clearness in its precedents with aptness and comprehensiveness in its dissertations and notes, to a degree superior to that of any other work of its kind."-Law Journal, February 8, 1879. "Prideaux has become an indispensable part of the Conveyancer's library.

The new edition has been edited with a care and accuracy of which we can hardly speak too highly. The care and completeness with which the dissertation has been revised leaves us hardly any room for criticism."-Solicitors' Journal.

"The volumes are now something more than a mere collection of precedents; they contain most valuable dissertations on the law and practice with reference to conveyancing. These dissertations are followed by the precedents on each sub'ect dealt with, and are in themselves condensed treatises, embodying all the latest case and statute law."—Law Times. COPYRIGHT.-Phillips' Law of Copyright in Works of

Literature and Art, and in the Application of Designs. With the Statutes relating thereto. By C. P. PHILLIPS, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. 8vo. 1863. 128. CORONERS.-Jervis on the Office and Duties of Coroners.-With Forms and Precedents. Fourth Edition. By R. E. MELSHEIMER, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Post 8vo. 1880. 128. COSTS.-Morgan and Davey's Treatise on Costs in Chancery.-By GEORGE OSBORNE MORGAN, M.P., one of Her Majesty's Counsel, and HORACE DAVEY, M.A., one of Her Majesty's Counsel. With an Appendix, containing Forms and Precedents of Bills of Costs. 8vo. 1865. 17. 18. Scott's Costs in the High Court of Justice and other Courts. Fourth Edition. By JOHN SCOTT, of the Inner Temple, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, Reporter of the Common Pleas Division. Demy 8vo. 1880. 11. 68. "Mr. Scott's introductory notes are very useful, and the work is now a compendium. on the law and practice regarding costs, as well as a book of precedents."-Law Times. "This new edition of Mr. Scott's well-known work embodies the changes effected since the Judicature Acts, and, so far as we have examined it, appears to be accurate and complete."-Solicitors' Journal.

Scott's Costs in Bankruptcy and Liquidation under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869. Royal 12mo. 1873.

net 38. Summerhays and Toogood's Precedents of Bills of Costs in the Chancery, Queen's Bench, Common Pleas, Exchequer, Probate and Divorce Divisions of the High Court of Justice, in Conveyancing, Bankruptcy, the Crown Office, Lunacy, Arbitration under the Lands Clauses Consolidation Act, the Mayor's Court, London; the County Courts, the Privy Council, and on Passing Residuary and Succession Accounts; with Scales of Allowances and Court Fees, the Law Society's Scale of Commission in Conveyancing; Forms of Affidavits of Increase, and Objections to Taxation. By WM. FRANK SUMMERHAYS, Solicitor, and THORNTON TOOGOOD. Third Edition, Enlarged. Royal 8vo. 1879.

17. 18.

"In the volume before us we have a very complete manual of taxation. The work is beautifully printed and arranged, and each item catches the eye instantly.”—Law Journal.

Webster's Parliamentary Costs.- Private Bills,
Election Petitions, Appeals, House of Lords. By EDWARD
WEBSTER, Esq., of the Taxing and Examiners' Office. Third
Edition. Post 8vo. 1867.


All standard Law Works are kept in Stock, in law calf and other bindings.

COUNTY COURTS.—Pitt-Lewis' County Court Prac tice. A Complete Practice of the County Courts, including Admiralty and Bankruptcy, embodying the Acts, Rules, Forms and Costs, with Additional Forms and a Full Index. By G. PITT-LEWIS, of the Middle Temple and Western Circuit, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, sometime Holder of the Studentship of the Four Inns of Court, assisted by H. A. DE COLYAR, of the Middle Temple, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. In 2 vols. (2028 pp.). Demy 8vo. 1880. 21. 28. Sold separately,

Vol. I. History, Constitution, and Jurisdiction (including Prohibition and Mandamus), Practice in all ordinary Actions (including Actions under the Bills of Exchange Acts, in Ejectment, in Remitted Actions, and in Replevin), and on Appeals, with Appendices, Index, &c. (1184 pp.). 308. Vol. II. Practice in Admiralty, Probate, Bankruptcy, and under Special Statutes, with Appendices, Index, &c. (1004 pp.)

"It is very clearly written, and is always practical.


. . Is likely

to become the standard County Court practice."-Solicitors' Journal. "One of the best books of practice which is to be found in our legal literature."-Law Times.

"We have rarely met with a work displaying more honest industry on the part of the author than the one before us."-Law Journal.

"Mr. Pitt-Lewis has, in fact, aimed-and we are glad to say successfully at providing for the County Courts practitioner what 'Chitty's Archbold' and Daniell's Chancery Practice' have long been to practitioners in the High Court."-Law Magazine. CRIMINAL LAW.-Archbold's Fleading and Evidence

in Criminal Cases.-With the Statutes, Precedents of Indictments, &c., and the Evidence necessary to support them. Nineteenth Edition, including the Practice in Criminal Proceedings by Indictment. By WILLIAM BRUCE, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, and Stipendiary Magistrate for the Borough of Leeds. Royal 12mo. 1878. 1. 118. 6d. Greaves' Criminal Law Consolidation and Amendment Acts of the 24 & 25 Vict.-With Notes, Observations, and Forms for Summary Proceedings. By CHARLES SPRENGEL GREAVES, Esq., one of Her Majesty's Counsel. Second Edition. Post 8vo. 1862. Haynes.-Vide "Leading Cases." Roscoe's Digest of the Law of Evidence in Criminal Cases.-Ninth Edition. By HORACE SMITH, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Royal 12mo. 1878. 11. 118. 6d. Russell's Treatise on Crimes and Misdemeanors.-Fifth Edition. By SAMUEL PRENTICE, Esq., one of Her Majesty's Counsel. 3 vols. Royal 8vo. 1877. 51. 158. 6d. "What better Digest of Criminal Law could we possibly hope for than 'Russell on Crimes?'"-Sir James Fitzjames Stephen's Speech on Codification.


"No more trustworthy authority, or more exhaustive expositor than 'Russell' can be consulted."-Law Magazine and Review.

"Alterations have been made in the arrangement of the work which without interfering with the general plan are sufficient to show that great care and thought have been bestowed. We are amazed at the patience, industry and skill which are exhibited in the collection and arrangement of all this mass of learning."-The Times. Shirley's Sketch of the Criminal Law.-By W. SHIRLEY SHIRLEY, M.A., Esq., Barrister-at-Law, Author of "Leading Cases made Easy," assisted by C. M. ATKINSON, M.A., Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Demy 8vo. 1880.

7s. 6d. All standard Law Works are kept in Stock, in law calf and other bindings.

CROSSED CHEQUES ACT.-Cavanagh.-Vide "Money Securi


Walker.-Vide "Banking." DECREES.-Seton.-Vide "Equity."

DIARY.—Lawyer's Companion (The), Diary, and Law Directory for 1880.-For the use of the Legal Profession, Public Companies, Justices, Merchants, Estate Agents, Auctioneers, &c., &c. Edited by JOHN THOMPSON, of the Inner Temple, Esq., Barrister-at-Law; and contains a Digest of Recent Cases on Costs; Monthly Diary of County, Local Government, and Parish Business; Oaths in Supreme Court; Summary of Legislation of 1878; Alphabetical Index to the Practical Statutes; a Copious Table of Stamp Duties; Legal Time, Interest, Discount, Income, Wages and other Tables; Probate, Legacy and Succession Duties; and a variety of matters of practical utility. PUBLISHED ANNUALLY. Thirty-fourth Issue.

The work also contains the most complete List published of Town and Country Solicitors, with date of admission and appointments, and is issued in the following forms, octavo size, strongly bound in cloth :- 8. d. 1. Two days on a page, plain.


3. Two days on a page, ruled, with or without money columns 4. The above, INTERLEAVED for ATTENDANCES.

5. Whole page for each day, plain

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7. Whole page for each day, ruled, with or without money



9. Three days on a page, ruled blue lines, without money columns.

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9 6

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5 0

The Diary contains memoranda of Legal Business throughout the Year.

"An excellent work."-The Times.

"A publication which has long ago secured to itself the favour of the profession, and which, as heretofore, justifies by its contents the title assumed by it."-Law Journal. "Contains all the information which could be looked for in such a work, and gives it in a most convenient form and very completely. We may unhesitatingly recommend the work to our readers."-Solicitors' Journal.

"The Lawyer's Companion and Diary' is a book that ought to be in the possession of every lawyer, and of every man of business."

"The Lawyer's Companion' is, indeed, what it is called, for it combines everything required for reference in the lawyer's office."-Law Times.

'It is a book without which no lawyer's library or office can be complete."-Irish

Law Times.

"This work has attained to a completeness which is beyond all praise."-Morning Post. DICTIONARY.-Wharton's Law Lexicon.-A Dictionary of

Jurisprudence, explaining the Technical Words and Phrases employed
in the several Departments of English Law; including the various
Legal Terms used in Commercial Transactions. Together with an
Explanatory as well as Literal Translation of the Latin Maxims
contained in the Writings of the Ancient and Modern Commentators.
Sixth Edition. Enlarged and revised in accordance with the
Judicature Acts, by J. SHIRESS WILL, of the Middle Temple,
Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Super royal 8vo. 1876.
21. 28.

"As a work of reference for the library, the handsome and elaborate edition of 'Wharton's Law Lexicon' which Mr. Shiress Will has produced, must supersede all former issues of that well-known work."-Law Magazine and Review.

"No law library is complete without a law dictionary or law lexicon. To the practitioner it is always useful to have at hand a book where, in a small compass, he can find an explanation of terms of infrequent occurrence, or obtain a reference to statutes on most subjects, or to books wherein particular subjects are treated of at full length. To the student it is almost indispensable."-Law Times.

All standard Law Works are kept in Stock, in law calf and other bindings.

DIGESTS.-Bedford.-Vide "Examination Guides."
Chambers'-Vide "Public Health."

Chitty's Equity Index.-Chitty's Index to all the Reported
Cases, and Statutes, in or relating to the Principles, Pleading, and
Practice of Equity and Bankruptcy, in the several Courts of Equity
in England and Ireland, the Privy Council, and the House of Lords,
from the earliest period. Third Edition. By J. MACAULAY,
Esq., Barrister-at-Law. 4 vols. Royal 8vo. 1853.
71. 78.
Fisher's Digest of the Reported Cases deter-
mined in the House of Lords and Privy Council, and in the
Courts of Common Law, Divorce, Probate, Admiralty and Bank-
ruptcy, from Michaelmas Term, 1756, to Hilary Term, 1870;
with References to the Statutes and Rules of Court. Founded on
the Analytical Digest by Harrison, and adapted to the present
practice of the Law. By R. A. FISHER, Esq., Judge of the
County Courts of Bristol and of Wells. Five large volumes, royal
8vo. 1870. (Published at 12l. 128.)
Net 61. 68.
Consolidated Supplement to above, during the
years 1870-1880. By T. W. CHITTY and J. MEWS, Esqrs.,
Barristers-at-Law. 2 vols. Royal 8vo. 1880.

(Continued Annually.)

31. 38.

"Mr. Fisher's Digest is a wonderful work. It is a miracle of human industry.”—Mr. Justice Willes.

"I think it would be very difficult to improve upon Mr. Fisher's 'Common Law Digest.'"-Sir James Fitzjames Stephen, or Codification.

Leake.-Vide "Real Property" and "Contracts."

Notanda Digest in Law, Equity, Bankruptcy,
Admiralty, Divorce, and Probate Cases.-By
H. TUDOR BODDAM, of the Inner Temple, and HARRÝ
GREENWOOD, of Lincoln's Inn, Esqrs., Barristers-at-Law. The
NOTANDA DIGEST, from the commencement, October, 1862, to
December, 1876. In 2 volumes, half-bound.

Ditto, Third Series, 1873 to 1876 inclusive, half-bound. Net, 1l. 11s. 6d.
Ditto, Fourth Series, for the years 1877, 1878, and 1879, with Index.
Each, net, 11. 1s.
Ditto, ditto, for 1880, Plain Copy and Two Indexes, or Adhesive Copy
for insertion in Text-Books (without Index). Annual Subscription,
payable in advance.
Net, 21s.

The numbers are issued regularly every alternate month. Each number will contain a concise analysis of every case reported in the Law Reports, Law Journal, Weekly Reporter, Law Times, and the Irish Law Reports, up to and including the cases contained in the parts for the current month, with references to Text-books, Statutes, and the Law Reports Consolidated Digest. An ALPHABETICAL INDEX of the subjects contained IN EACH NUMBER will form a new feature in this series.

Pollock.- Vide " Partnership."

Roscoe's.-Vide "Criminal Law" and "Nisi Prius.” DISCOVERY.-Hare's Treatise on the Discovery of Evidence.-Second Edition. Adapted to the Procedure in the High Court of Justice, with Addenda, containing all the Reported Cases to the end of 1876. By SHERLOCK HARE, Barrister-atLaw. Post 8vo. 1877.

12s. "The book is a useful contribution to our text-books on practice."-Solicitors' Journal. "We have read his work with considerable attention and interest, and we can speak in terms of cordial praise of the manner in which the new procedure has been worked into the old material. All the sections and orders of the new legislation are referred to in the text, a synopsis of recent cases is given, and a good index completes the volume."-Law Times.

Seton.-Vide "Equity."

** All standard Law Works are kept in Stock, in law calf and other bindings.

DISTRICT REGISTRIES.-Archibald.-Vide "Judges' Chambers


DIVORCE. Browne's Treatise on the Principles and Practice of the Court for Divorce and Matrimonial Causes:-With the Statutes, Rules, Fees and Forms relating thereto. Fourth Edition. By GEORGE BROWNE, Esq., B.A., of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law, Recorder of Ludlow. Demy 8vo. 1880.

17. 43.

"The book is a clear, practical, and, so far as we have been able to test it, accurate exposition of divorce law and procedure."-Solicitors' Journal,

Haynes. Vide "Leading Cases." DOMICIL.-Dicey on the Law of Domicil as a branch of the Law of England, stated in the form of Rules.-By A. V. DIČEY, B.C.L., Barrister-at-Law. Author of "Rules for the Selection of Parties to an Action." Demy 8vo. 1879. "The practitioner will find the book a thoroughly exact and trustworthy summary of the present state of the law."-The Spectator.


Phillimore's (Sir R.) Law of Domicil.—8vo. 1847. 9s. DUTCH LAW.-Vanderlinden's Institutes of the Laws of Holland.-8vo. 1828. 17. 188. EASEMENTS.-Goddard's Treatise on the Law of Easements.-By JOHN LEYBOURN GODDARD, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Second Edition. Demy 8vo. 1877.


"The book is invaluable: where the cases are silent the author has taken pains to ascertain what the law would be if brought into question."-Law Journal.

"Nowhere has the subject been treated so exhaustively, and, we may add, so scientifically, as by Mr. Goddard. We recommend it to the most careful study of the law student as well as to the library of the practitioner."-Law Times.

Innes' Digest of the English Law of Easements.
-Second Edition. By Mr. Justice INNES, one of the Judges of
Her Majesty's High Court of Judicature, Madras. Crown 8vo.


ECCLESIASTICAL.-Phillimore's (Sir R.) Ecclesiastical Law. The Ecclesiastical Law of the Church of England. With Supplement, containing the Statutes and Decisions to end of 1875. By SIR ROBERT PHILLIMORE, D.C.L., Official Principal of the Arches Court of Canterbury; Member of Her Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council. 2 vols. 8vo. 1873-76. 31. 78. 6d.

The Supplement may be had separately, price 4s. 6d., sewed. ELECTIONS.-Browne (G. Lathom.)-Vide "Registration." FitzGerald.-Vide "Ballot."

Rogers on Elections, Registration, and Election Agency.-Thirteenth Edition, including PETITIONS and Municipal Elections and Registration. With an Appendix of Statutes and Forms. By JOHN CORRIE CARTER, of the Inner Temple, Esq., and Midland Circuit, Barrister-at-Law. 12mo. 1880. 11. 128. "Petition has been added, setting forth the procedure and the decisions on that subject; and the statutes passed since the last edition are explained down to the Parliamentary Elections and Corrupt Practices Act (1880)."-The Times.

"We have no hesitation in commending the book to our readers as a useful and adequate treatise upon election law."-Solicitors' Journal.

"A book of long standing and for information on the common law of elections, of which it contains a mine of extracts from and references to the older authorities, will always be resorted to."-Law Journal.

ENGLAND, LAWS OF.-Bowyer.-Vide "Constitutional Law."
Broom and Hadley.-Vide "Commentaries."

All standard Law Works are kept in Stock, in law calf and other bindings.

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