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Edward Williams was "the atturney and famous clerk" who was son of John Williams of Carwedfynydd, Proctor of St. Asaph, and who was buried at Chester, January 7, 1645.

The book has paper leaves, and is bound in parchment. It begins April 17, 1637, and goes on to April 22, 1650; but there is a gap between Jan. 22, 1643 and March 20, 1647, the time of the civil war. Two or three times at the top of the page occurs the name "Jesus", put there as a sort of pious invocation when the writer begins a new set of entries.

The regular entries are in abbreviated Latin, but there are often additions in English. Many of these are very interesting, and include names of importance to genealogists and students of local history.

The book, as a whole, forms a valuable supplement to Peter Roberts' Cutta Cyfarwydd. It appears from it that the Great Sessions for county Denbigh were sometimes held at Llanrwst as well as at Denbigh, Ruthyn, and Wrexham; and those for county Flint at Northop and Hawarden, as well as at Flint and Mold.

The following selected entries from "John Lloyd's Note-Book" may be interesting to readers of the Archaologia Cambrensis. Such notes as I have thought necessary are put within square brackets: "q" stands for plaintiff, "d" or "de" for defendant, "v'ss" for versus, "ad's" for adversus. I am not answerable for the Latinity.

"Sessio Magna Com. fflint tent' apud fflint xvij die Aprilis an'o R. R. Caroli Anglie etc. xiij. 1637 cora' Johe' Bridgeman milit' et Ric'o Prytherch ar' Justic' ib'm.

"Thomas Mostyn ar' Vic'.

"Rob't's Conway q'v'ss Petru' dryhurst Joh'e Conway de brynywall et Joh'em Conway de kyrcgynan' d' in debo [i.e., debito] 10li. 16s.

"p' [i.e., pro] eode' Joh'e Pryce def' ad sect' Joh'is Thomas de Caerwys in p'hibic'o'e p' sedili loc' in eccl'ia de Caerwys.

"Joh'es Pryce de Pwllgwyn q'v'ss Radulphu' Snead et Edru' Price de' in deb'o 5li. 19s. 9d.

"p' Thoma' Hughes de Maesmorwyn et Joh'e Hughes de' ad sect' Will'mi ap John in deb'o 7li. 11s. 4d.


Hugh ap Jo'n of trelewelyn oweth me for my cosen Robin Pugh

"M'd that I paid to Mr. Spicer the under sherieff vjs. viijd. for post-fyne (due from Hugh Salusbury his wief) upon Munday morninge of this Sessions, aboute 10 a clock neere my chamber Doore.

"Sessio Magna Com' Denbigh' tent' apud Wrexham xxiiijto die Aprilis an'o R. R. Caroli nunc Angliæ etc. xiij cora' Joh'e Brydgeman milit' et Ric'o Prytherch ar' Justic' ib'm.

William's Wynne ar' Vic'.


Elena ffoulkes vid' executrix testi Joh'is Evans q'v'ss Ric'eu dauid ap Madoc d' in deb'o vjli. viijs. Jon ffoulke my brother

in law will paie.

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"Ryryd ap John q'v'ss Dauid Holland def' in pl'it' deb'i [i.e., placito debiti] iijli.

"David lloyd (frater meus) q'v'ss Eliseum Wynne def' in pl'ito deb'i xxli.

"Br. de Couveur (p' Comiss') inter Joh'e Owen Epis' Assaphen' et Elena uxor eius q' et Rolandu' Jones, Jana ux' eius, Mauriciu' Jones et Rich'u Jones filiu' et hered' dicti Mauricii de' de ter' in Gwrych et Ab'geleu.

"Thomas Price Wynne ar' et Maria Price spinster q'v'ss Thoma' Morris et Joh'em Piers de' in deb'o xvjli. q' Maria est infans.

"p' Rob'to Wynne ar' de Berthddu d' ad sect' Ellicie ap Harry q' in p'hibic'o'e p' sede sive sedili loco in eccl'ia de llanroost.


p' Thoma' Price Wynne ar' ten' ad sect' Gwenne que fuit uxoris Cad'ri ap Humffrey in dote de ter' in Price et tir Evan...


le demand est p' 2 mess' 2 toft 40 acr' ter' 60 acr' past' et 40 acr' prat' cu' p'tn' in Price [Trebrys].


Rob'tus Price de Geelor q' v'ss Joh'em Cadd'r de Price d' in deb'o 47s.

"p' Rich'o Price (gaoler) et Rob'to ap dd' ap Hugh de' ad sect' Henrici Salusbury q' in deb'o xxxvijs. vjd.

"Sessio Magna Com' fflint tent' apud fflint xvjo die Octobris an'o R. Re' Caroli nunc Anglie etc. 13° cora' Joh'e Bridgeman milit' et Rich'o Prytherch ar' Justic' ib'm.

"Thomas Mostyn Ar' Vic'.

Joh'es Hughes de Rhydorthwy q'v'ss Owinu' Thomas et Thomam ap John Owen def" in debito 5li. 13s. 4d.

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"p' Joh'e Burton d' ad sect' Daniel Thelwall q' in deb'o xxs." [? John Burton," notary publique, and one of the Proctors of St. Assaph." Buried 25 Aug. 1642.]

"p' Joh'e Edds cl'ico viccario de Combe def' adv's Willim' Benett m'cer q' in pl'ito deb'i vjli. vs.

"p' Edwardo Humffreys de bodelwythan def' ad's Rich'i Dryhurst q' in pl'ito deb'i lxxli.

"Sessio Magna Com' Denbigh tent' apud Ruthyn xxiij die Octobris An'o R. R. Caroli Anglie etc. xiij coram Joh'e Brydgeman milite et Rich'o Prytherch Ar' Justic' ib'm.

"Will'm's Wynne Ar' Vic'.

"Thomas ap John ap Rees de vaenoll q'v'ss Joh'e ap Rees Owen def' in deb'o xli.

"Egomet q'v'ss Rich'um Salusbury et ffulco'em Salusbury de' in pl'ito deb'i iiijli.

"Joh'es ffoulkes de vaenoll q' v'ss Thoma lloyd et Thoma Hughes de' in pl'ito xxiijli. iiijs.

"Joh'es ap Rob't ap Thomas q'v'ss Joh'e lloyd de Brynllyarth et M'garet Salusbury de' in deb❜o xli.

"Sessio Magna Com' fflint tent' apud fflint xvj die Aprilis an'o R. Re' Caroli nunc Anglie etc. xiiijo 1638 cora' Thoma' Milward milite et Ric'o Prytherch ar' Justic' ib'm.

"Thomas Whitley ar' Vic'.

"p' Humffro Dymock ar' d' ad's Joh'is Jones q' in deb'o xxxli. "p' Gruffino Vaughan de Goldgreave def' ad's Thome ap Robt' q' in pl'ito deb'i 57s.

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"Sessio Magna Com' Denbigh tent' apud Wrexham xxiij die Aprilis an'o R. Re' Caroli Anglie etc. xiiij° 1638 coram Thoma Milward milite' et Rich'o Prytherch ar' milit' Justic' ib'm.


'Edward's Morris Ar' Vic'.

"p' Anna Humffreys vid' exec' testi Thome Humffreys ar' [of Bodelwyddan] d' ad sect' Rob'ti ap Rees lewys q'in deb'o 200li.


"Sessio Magna Com' fflint tent' apud Hawarden primo die Octobris an'o R. Re' Caroli nunc Anglie etc. xiiijo cora' Thoma' Milward Milite' et Rich'o Prytherch ar' Justic' ib'm.

"Thomas Whitley Ar' Vic'.

"Bartholomeus ap Robt' Gruffith q'v'ss Jacobu' Edgbury et Willim' Wynne de' in deb'o vli.

"p' Ric❜o Thomas de Cwyber def' ad's Willim' Symon q' in deb'o 9li. 16s. 8d. as s'rty for Jenkin Conway.

"p' Dorothea Humffreys spinster d' ad's Georgii Dymock q' in pl'ito deb'i 23li. 5s.

"p' Ed'ro Morgan ar' [of Goldgreave] d' ad's Rici ap Wm. lewes & ux'q' in deb'o 12li. 2s. Mr. Robert Morgan will pay.


"Sessio Magna Com' Denbigh tent' apud Ruthyn viij die Octobr' an'o R. Re' Caroli Anglie etc. xiiijto cora' Thoma' Milward Milit' et Rich'o Prytherch ar' Justic' ib'm.

"Ed'us Morris Ar' Vic'. "Frater Dauid lloyd q'v'ss Petru' Moyle def' in pl'ito deb'i xxviijli.


'Rob's Owen cli'cs q'v'ss Thomas Williams et Will'mu' Williams de' in pl'ito deb'i ixli. vjs. vjd.

"Petrus Myddelton q'v'ss Theodorum Morris def' in pl'ito deb'i xxli. Mr. Deanes [the Dean of St. Asaph's] debt whoe deliu'ed me the bonds & p'mised payment.

"p' Pierseo lloyd de dackers-wood d' ad's Thoma Myddelton militi in deb'o ccli. Et p' Petro Lloyd d' ad's eiusd' q' in simili pl'it. He deliu'ed me his Ring till I shold be paid.

"Sessio Magna Com' fflint tent' apud fflint xxix° die Aprilis A'no R. Re' Caroli nunc Anglie etc. xvo cora' Thome' Milward Milite et Rich'o Prytherch Ar' Justic' ib'm.

"p' Evano Roberts def' ad's d'ne Elene Mutton vid' Rob'ti dd's ar' et Anne uxor eius execut'r testi Petri Mutton milit' in pl'it deb'i.

Gracea Dauies spinster q'v'ss Rob'tu' Humffreys [of Bodelwyddan] gen' execut'r testi Anne Humffreys vid' in pl'ito deb'i 80li. et v'ss Pierceu lloyd def' in simili pl'it' q' mort' est.

"p' Johe' Price de trevedwin Thome Price et Rob'to Price de ad's Thome ap Evan Piers q' in deb'i xli. xvjs.

"Joh'es Owen q'v'ss Rob'tum lloyd de leeswood def in pl'ito deb'i lxiiijli.

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Sessio Magna Com' Denbigh tent' apud Denbigh vjto die Maij An'o R. Re' Caroli Anglie etc. xv Coram Thoma Milward Milite et Ric❜o Prytherch ar' Just' ib'm.

"Thomas Powell Barronet Vic'.

"Pierseus Conway ar' q' v'ss Rich'u' Heaton d' in pl’ito deb’i liiijli.

"At v'ss Hugo'em Peake def' in simili pl'ito.

"Dauid Anwyll q'v'ss Owinum Vaughan cl'icu' [Rector of Gwytherin] Will'mu' Vaughan (fil' et hered' d'ci Owini) et Richardu' Wynne de in deb'o xiiijli.

"p' Andrea Morris Decano Eccl'ie C'th'lis Asaphen' ten' ad's Elizabethe que fuit uxor Henrici ffoulke pet' in pl'ito dotis p' tent' in llewene. Leonard Powell [of Meriadog] bad me ap're & p'mised payme' & Mr. Deanes man Peter Myddelton did the like from his master.

"Sessio Magna Com' fflint tent' apud fflint xiiijto die Octobris an'o R. Re' Caroli Anglie etc. xv° 1639 coram Thoma' Mylward Milit' et Ric'o Prytherch ar' Justic' ib'm.

'Joh'es Eyton Ar' Vic'. "Samuel Partridge et ffrancisca ux'eius q'e v'ss Evanu' Roberts de in debito 5li. 8s. The pl'ts wief is daughter to Hugh ap Evan of the wayn whose wief deliuered me the bonds and the 5s.

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