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“And within the Castle a building of stone, two great stately chambers called the Green Chambers, and under the same fair cellars vaulted; and at the south corner thereof is a fair tower, which is on the way lying to the South Gate. And at the north end of the said Green Chamber was a Hall, the roof and the floor thereof being fully decayed. And plain north from that a great strong tower, seven square, adjoining the great Common Gate. And within the said Castle a fair large Green, wherein standeth a chapel to serve the Castle.

“ The great Common Gate is to be repaired with little charge. The Green Chambers and a strong tower wherein the King's Grace's Records doth remain, are all well repaired. All the rest are much in decay in the timber-work, and most in the lead.

North from the said Castle, within one mile of the same, are two fair parks, paled round, replenished with fallow deer; the one called Garthsnodeoch (Garthysnodiog, now the Crest), being two miles about, in the keeping of John Salisbury the elder, Esquire, Chamberlain of Denbigh, wherein are three hundred deer; whereof fifty are deer antler, and the rest rastall; the which is not able of itself to feed the same deer without good provision of hay for the same deer in the time of winter. The other park is called Mollewike, the herbage whereof, with the keeping of the same, is granted by the King's Majesty to one Nicholas Fortescue, Esquire, for the term of his life, and the fee of £4:11:0 by the year; the same park being three miles about, replenished with six score fallow deer, whereof fifty are deer antler, and the rest are rastall; the herbage thereof being worth yearly to let.”1

For survey made 4th Elizabeth, A.D. 1562, see 5th Series, vol. iv (1887), p. 338.




THE list of baptisms in the oldest Register of Erbistock now existing is preceded by the following heading :

"Nomina eorum Baptizat' fuerunt in dict' parochia Anno Trigesimo primo Regni Caroli sec'di dei grat' Angl' Scot' franc' et Hibern' fidei defens' et Anno primo hujus Registerii, Anno Dom' 1679, Joh'es Robinson existen' Rector dict' ecclesiæ et Humph' Powell Curat' ibidem.

"Kezia Manley1 fil' Cornelii Manley Gen'i xxiii die ffebruarii [1678]

Humphredus fil' Edwardi Morris2 quinto die ffeb' [1680] ffranciscus Manley filius Cornelii Manley Gener' et Elizabethæ uxor' ejus Baptizatus fuit primo die Octobris [1681] Robertus filius Edwardi Morris et Mariæ [Martha ?] uxoris 17°

die ffeb' 168

Cornelius filius Cornelij Manley and Elizabeth his wife, was baptized 13° die Januarij [1682 or 1683]

Thomas filius Cornelii Manley et Elizabethæ uxoris ejus Baptizat' fuit nono die Septembris An' Dom' 1684

Anna fil' Cornelij Manley nat' 8 Octob' bapt' 17 Octob' '85 Mary Manley fil' Cornelius Manley Esq. Nat' 15 Decembris 1686

Bapt' 10 die Jani

Edward ye son of Edward Morris & Martha his wife was born ye 22 of September 1687

Mariana ye daughter of Roger Hanmer & Sarah his wife was borne ye 16 of Aprill & Bapt' ye 11th of May 1688

1 The Manleys mentioned in this Register are the Manleys of Manley Hall, Erbistook.

2 Edward Maurice, gentleman, of Hafod Gynfor and Cae Mor, son of Maurice ab Edward ab Maurice of Cae Mor, married (see among entries of marriages) Martha, daughter of Mr. John Jones of Parc Eyton, in the parish of Erbistock, otherwise called John ab John ab David. Mr. Maurice appears himself to have afterwards lived at Parc Eyton.

3 Roger Hanmer, gentleman, of Overton Madoc. See among entries of marriages.

Margaret ye daughter of Edward Maurice & Martha his wife. was born ye 17th day of April & Bapt' ye 21st of ye same month 1690

John ye son of Roger Hanmer & Sarah his wife was Born ye 5th Day of August & Bapt' ye 22 of ye sam 1690 Elizabeth y daughter of Edward Maurice & Martha his wife was born ye 10th day of Febr & Bapt' ye 1st day of March 1694

Mary ye dau' of Wm. Nanney Curat of Erbistock and Mary his wife was born ye 6th day of June & Bapt' ye 12th of ye same 1695

Robert ye son of Mr. Robert Mathews1 and Prudence his wife was born 28 of 9ber & xtened ye 2nd day of 9ber in ye year 1696

Anna fil' Robt. Matthews & ux' Prudentiæ Bapt' 25° Maij Anno Dom' 1698

Martha fil' Edd. Morris et ux' Martha Bap' fuit 2o die Junij Anno Dom' 1699

Mauritius fil' Robt. Matthews & ux' Prudentiæ Bap' fuit quarto die mensis Novembris Anno Dom' 1699

Maria fil' Robt. Matthews & ux' Prudentiæ Bapt' 30 die Junii

A.D. 1701

Joh'es fil' Robt. Matthews & ux' Prudentiæ Bapt' 25o die Julij A.D. 1709

Tho. fil' David Yale & uxor' Margaretta Bapt' 5o die Augusti


Margt. Daughter of Mr. Alan Pidgeon [of Parc Eyton] May 9 1729

James son of Mr. Alan Pidgeon

Feb. 20 1730."


The entries of burials are preceded by the following heading:

"Notum vobis me Humphredu' Powell Registerium meum scripsisse de nominibus eorum qui in Ecclesia Erbistock sepulti fuerunt Anno Dom' 1679.

"S'pu' Sarah fil' St John Wynne ijo Novembris 1680 Manley ffacknald gener' sepultus fuit vicessimo sexto Maij 1686

1 Robert Matthews, gentleman, son of the Rev. Maurice Matthews, Rector of Erbistock, by Catherine, daughter of John Powell, Esq., of Bodylltyn.

2 David Yale, gentleman, of Plas yn Ial. He married (see entries of marriages) Margaret, daughter of Mr. Edward Maurice. See note 2, p. 101.

Cornelius Manley fil' Corn. Manley sepult' fuit quinto die Octob' 1686

Edward Morris was buried ye fourth day of Aprill 1688
Mr. Richard Eyton was buried yo 13th day of Aprill 1696
David Price of Pen y lan 2o die Aprilis 1701

Sara Wynn sep' fuit 9 die Aug' 1701

Griffinus Vaughan Cler' hujus Eccles' Curat' obiit 8 die Feb' sepultus fuit 11 die Feb' 1719

Maria Moris (see note 2, p. 101) sep' fuit 15° die Aug' 1711
Mr. Robert Matthews (see note 1, p. 102) March 10 1714
Mrs. Catharine Salusbury1 Ap'l 28 1715

Mrs. Elizabeth Manley May 18 1715

Mr. Manley Feb. 24 1722

Mrs. Mary Manley Aug' 14 1724

Anne Matthews Feb' 15 1721

Mrs. Anne Pigeon of Eyton Park June 12 1731

Mrs. Susan Manley Dec. 23 1734

James son of Mr. Allan Pidgeon Aug. 17 1734

Mr. Thomas Salusbury Sept. 1 1734

Mr. Thomas Manley May 11 1736

Mrs. Prudence Matthews June 21 1751 [wife of Mr. Robt. Matthews, see note 1, p. 102]

Catherine Salusbury March 9 1757
Mary Salusbury Nov. 23 1759."


The notices of marriages occur under the following heading:

"Nomina eorum qui conjugantur nodo matrimonii Anno Domini 1679.

Edward Morris de Glyn Ceiriog (see note 2, p. 101) parochiâ Llangollen & Martha Jones hujus parochiæ nodo matrimonii conjuncti fuerunt sec'do die Januarij Anno Dom' 1682 William Nanney Curat of Erbistock & Mary Brown widow of Bangor parish were married ye 5th day of November 1689 John Lloyd of Place Enion in the parish of Llanvaire and Sarah

Hill of this parish were married ye 18th day of June 1695

1 These Salusburys were of Erbistock Hall, among whom was the well-known Mr. Thomas Salusbury the genealogist. An important inscription (never yet published) relating to the Salusburys of Erbistock will be given in our next issue.

2 Sarah Hill was the only daughter of Thomas Hill, Esq., of Soulton, Shropshire, by Sarah, his wife, daughter of Thomas Evans, Esq., of Rhuabon.

Thomas Hanmer of Maesgwaelod et parochia Overton Maddock comit' fflint & Jane Wynne1 conjuncti fuerunt matrimonio 27 7bris Anno Dom' 1700

Randulphus Jones2 de parochiâ de Ruabon gent" & Elizabeth Wynn de Erbistock conjuncti fuerunt in mat' 21 die 7bris 1703

Jo'es Hughes de Acton' gen' & Catherine Wynne de Park Eyton conjuncti fuer' in matrimonio 10 die Junii Anno Dom' 1704 Richardus Jones de Berllan deg gen' & Maria Wynne de Park Eyton conjuncti fuerunt in matrimonio secundo 9bris 1706 David Yale gen' & Margaretta Morris conjuncti fuerunt matrimonio 22o die 8bris 1708

Jenkin Lloyd of Clochfaen gent' & Elizabeth Lloyd of Plas Maddock April 20 1713."

Only the following entries, taken at random, were copied from the second volume:

"David son of David Pennant and Louisa his wife born Jan' 22 bapt' Feb. 23 1795

Robert Williams Esq. [buried] May 26, 1763
Hanaretta Salsbury [buried] July 2 1774
Mrs. Catherine Salusbury [buried] M'ch 19, 1778."

1 This Jane Wynn was an illegitimate daughter of Sir John Wynn by Elizabeth Partin of the Gefeiliau.

2 Randal Jones of Pen y Bryn, in the parish of Rhuabon. Elizabeth Wynn, his first wife, was another illegitimate daughter of Sir John Wynn by Elizabeth Partin.

3 Mr. John Hughes lived at Heol Pwll y Kiln, in the township of Acton, and the parish of Wrexham. His wife was probably one of the Wynnes of Abercynlleth. See next note.

4 I conjecture the wives of Mr. John Hughes and of Mr. Richard Jones to have been of the family of Wynne of Abercynlleth, John Wynne of Abercynlleth having married Elizabeth, daughter of Edward Maurice of Parc Eyton. See note 2, p. 101.

* David Yale of Plas yn Ial, gent. Margaretta, his wife, was a daughter of Edward Maurice. See note 2, p. 102.

• Robert Williams, Esq., of Erbistock Hall, second son of the second Sir William Williams, and brother of the first Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn of Wynnstay.

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