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EVANGELICAL Alliance, Conference of the,
Florence, 20

EVANS, Mr. Alderman D., installed Lord
Mayor, 64

EXHIBITIONS.-Electrical opened, 49; Ita-
lian National opened, 65; Royal Naval
opened, 25; closed, 61

FARADAY, M., centenary of his birth, 33
FEODOROVNA, The Grand Duchess Eliza-
beth, received into the Greek Church,
FERGUSSON, Sir J., Postmaster-General
[188], 54

FIFE, Duchess of, birth of a daughter, 28;
christening, 36

BOONE Paper Co., Louisville, 69
BOURGET village, 28

BROMPTON, 38 Egerton Gardens, 29
CAIRO, Abdur Palace, 43
CANTERBURY, cavalry barracks, 65

CHICAGO, Dime Theatre, 21
"CITY OF RICHMOND" steamship, 32
COPENHAGEN, Amalienborg Palace, 5
CORK, The Court House, 18
EAGLE Wharf Road, 73
HALIFAX, Nova Scotia, 56
HERTFORD, All Saints' Church, 72
HURSTBOURNE House, Andover, 1
ISLE OF DOGS, Millwall, 59

ST. JOHN'S School-room, Up. Wortley, 1



[blocks in formation]

E., 48; Melbourne, 41; Mississippi, 14;
Ohio, 11; Spain, 52; Tennessee, 14;
Virginia, W., 11; Wellington, New
Zealand, 8

FOG over London, 73

FOOTBALL, England and Scotland, 14, 19
FREEMAN'S JOURNAL, meeting of share-
holders, 50


FROST Over England, 71; Europe, 4;
land, 71
FRANCE.-AGREEMENT with Russia, 51;

Algeria, colonisation in [252]; army
manœuvres [262]. BRUSSELS Con-
vention, refusal to ratify. 35; Budget
[251], [264]. CAMBON, M., Gov.-Gen.
of Algeria [256]; Chamber of De-
puties and Senate, debates in [264],
[265], 70; Conseils Généraux, spring
session [256]; Constans, M., receives
infernal machine, 43; Corn Tax re-
duction [260]; Customs tariff [256]-
ST. ETIENNE, Englishmen arrested, 67;
guilty, 73. FINANCIAL crisis, 15;
Floquet, M., re-elected Pres. [249];
Freppel, Mgr., death [266]; Freycinet,
M., wish to resign [261]; Oration at
the Academy [265], 70. D'HAUSSON-
VILLE, M., leader of the Royalist party
[255]. LABOUR Bureau [250]; Lanes-
san, M. de, Gov.-Gen. of Indo-China,
[256]; "Loi Berenger " [253]. MAR-
SEILLES, reception of Ministers, 57;
May-day manifestations [257]. NA-.
TIONAL Loan, success [249]; New
Betting Bill [251], 13, 31. PARIS,
balloon accident, 34; National fête
celebrated, 41; Opera, demonstration
at, 53; Pilgrims in Rome [263].
RIBOT, M., at Bapaume [263]. SAY,
M. L., on the Factory Labour Bill, 72;
Senatorial Elections [249], 2; Strikes
[257], [259], [260], 29, 41, 65. TCHAD,
Lake, expedition to, attacked, 42; Tri-
poné, M., and M. Turpin arrested
[259], 29. Union de la France Chré-
tienne [261]. VIAND, Capt. J., mem-
ber of the Academy, 29

GALES.-Cheshire, 51; England, 50, 54, 64;
English and Irish Channel, 70; Eng-
lish and Irish coasts, 60; Lancashire,
51; Scotland, 50, 54; United King-
dom, 59; Wales, N., 51

GAMBETTA, statue unveiled, 64
GARIBALDI, statue unveiled, 57
GEOGRAPHICAL Congress, Berne, 48
GERMAN Emperor at Düsseldorf, 25; Bonn,
26; accident whilst driving, 27; re-
ception in England [303]; at the
Guildhall [148]; freedom of the City
of London, 40; at Wimbledon and the
Crystal Palace, 40; Kiel, 47; Merse-
burg, 49; Munich, 52; Stuttgart, 57
and Empress visit Heligoland, 36; at
Amsterdam, 37; Windsor, 37; the
Royal Italian Opera, 39; Hatfield, 40;
take leave of the Queen, 41

- Colonial troops, expedition against
Waheke, 48
GERMANY.-ALSACE-Lorraine, passport
regulations relaxed [303], 54. BER-
LIN, consecration of new colours, 22;

GERMANY, continued.

Deutsche Bank, frauds on, 45; Hirsch-
feld and Wolff suspend payment, 63;
Sommerfeld Bros. commit suicide, 64;
"Whitechapel" murder, 61; Bismarck,
Prince, speeches [282]-[285]; on the
Treaties [301]. Budget [288]. CAP-
RIVI, Gen., on corn duties [286], 4;
Colonial policy [291]; the Treaties
[299]; title of Count conferred [302],
71; criticisms on his policy [303]; reply
[304]; at Osnabrück, 55. Census, 21;
Central European Customs League
[295]-[297]; Commercial Treaties
[297]-[308]. EAST Africa Company,
difficulties [293]; Emperor, remarks
on Prince Bismarck, 10; speeches
[280]-[282]; rescript on the Heinze
trial [289], 61; the Treaties [302].
GEESTEMUNDE district election, 21;
second ballot, 24. Gossler, Dr., re-
signation [285], 15. MARSCHALL,
Baron von, on East Africa [290].
NAVY estimates [294]. PARLIAMENT,
Bills [286], [287]. ROMAN Catholic
Church, Bill to remove the sequestra-
tion of funds, 5. SOCIALIST Congress
[288], 59, 60; Strike, 23. TRADES
Law Amendment Act [285]; Triple
Alliance, renewal [303], 36. WIND-
THORST, Dr., death [279]

Empress Frederick of, visits Paris, 11;
offends the Parisians [252], 12; leaves
for Doyer, 13

GIERS, M. de, at Monza [276], [315], 59;
Paris, 66

GLADSTONE, Mr., at Eton, 16; attacked by
influenza, 27; freedom of the city of
Newcastle, 57; on military service, 69;
at the Holborn Restaurant, 70

and Mrs. leave London for Biarritz, 71
GLENALMOND College, jubilee, 56
"GONDOLIERS" at Windsor Castle, 14
GORDON-Cumming, Sir W., verdict against
[134], 32

GORST, Sir J., transferred to the Treasury,
[188], 64

GOSCHEN, Mr., at the Leeds Chamber of

Commerce, 7; inaugural address at
Edinburgh University, 66

Gow, Mr. A. C., Academician, 5
GRAHAM, Mr. C., expelled from France, 27
GRANT, Lieut. C. J. W., Victoria Cross
[369], 29

GRANVILLE, Earl, death [80]; interment
at Stone, 19

[326], 27
GREENFIELD, Miss K., carried off by Kurds,
GRENADIER Guards, 2nd Battalion leave

CORFU, Jews, outrages, on

Bermuda, 41; arrive in England, 44;
3rd Battalion, attempt to mutiny, 23
GRÉVY, M., interment, 53
GUILDHALL, Queen's Bench Division re-
sumes sittings, 62

GUINNESS, Sir E. C., peerage conferred, 1

HANDEL Festival at the Crystal Palace, 35
HANLON, W., killed by a fall, 41
HANNEN, Sir J., Lord of Appeal, 4
HEALY, Mr. T., horsewhipped [247], 63

HERMITAGE and Carron, attempt to "block"
the wharves, 57; abandoned, 58
HIRSCH, Baron, contribution to the Jews'
Fund, 24; orders for relieving Russian
exiles, 47

HOME Rule Union, draft Bill [170]
"HOOD," H.M.S., launched at Chatham,

HOSPITAL, Eastern (London) Fever, de-
cision against, 49

HOUSEHOLD Troops, decision of the autho-
rities, 51

HUNZAI submit to British rule, 72
HURRICANES.-Austria, 46; Bermudas, 54;.
Hungary, 46; Moravia, 46
HYDE Park, demonstration in, 25
HYGIENE and Demography, Congress of,
opened, 47

INDIA.-AGE of Consent Act [375], 17.
BARBOUR, Sir D., on finance [376];
Bengal-Nagpur Rly., opening [374];
BLACK Mountain, expedition under
Gen. Lockhart [366]; tribes surrender
[366]; BOMBAY, Harris, Lord, policy
[370]; tours [370]; Merewether Dry
Dock, opening [372]; tragedy [371];
Budget [375]. CALCUTTA, mass meet-
ing, 13; New Public Press Law, first
prosecution, 47. Census [375], 13, 18;
Chesney, Sir G., retires [373]; cur-
rency expansion [377]. FACTORY Act
[375]. LANSDOWNE, Lord, speech at
Calcutta [373]. MADRAS, Barzwa-
dar, experiments in rain-making, 67;
drought [373]; Wenlock, Lord, Go-
vernor [372]. Manipur massacre [368];
Quinton, Mr., attacked and murdered,
18; expedition, arrival of, 24; Regent
captured, 26; Senaputty arrested, 29;
trial, 34; hanged, 48. NATIONAL Con-
gress [878], 74. PAMIR affair [367].
SILVER [378]

INFLUENZA epidemic in America, 73;
England, 21, 24; Europe, 73; United
States, 21

INLAND Revenue, report of the Commis-
sioners, 51

INNOCENT III., inauguration of new tomb,


INSTITUTE, Technical and Recreative,.
opened, 42

INTERNATIONAL Congress, Berne, 54

Tribunals, Court of Appeal, request to
the Egyptian Government, 65

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INTER Parliamentary Peace Congress,
Berne, 63

IRELAND. - ANTI- Parnellite members,
meeting [238]. CENSUS, 19, 31; Cork,
demonstration at [239], 61. DILLON
and O'Brien, Messrs., arrested [238];
released [245], 45. EPISCOPAL pro-
nunciamento [244]. GRAY, Mr. D.,
attempt to mediate [241]; defection
[244]. NATIONAL Federation inaugu-
ration [239]; "New Tipperary" to be
sold, 36. PARNELLITE members, mani-
festo [246]. RELIEF works closed, 67.
SMITH-Barry, Mr., submission of his
tenants [243], 30. THURLES, fight
between the Parnellites and Anti-
Parnellites, 23; Tipperary butter mer

IRELAND, continued.

chants resume business [245], 47;
Court House riot, acquittal of the per-
sons charged, 18
ITALY.-BAVA, Gen., under arrest [274];

Bologna, affray between officers and
civilians, 46; Budget [270], [274].
CHAMBER, violent scenes, 35; Charles
Emmanuel I., monument unveiled
[275]; Commercial Treaties [277];
Crispi, Sig., his proposals [267]; re-
signation [268], 7. FLORENCE, epi-
demic of typhoid fever, 2. LIORAGHI
Commission [271]. MAY-DAY mani-
festations [273];, workmen's
congress [272]. ROME, Anarchists'
trial [276]; Borghese family, sale of
their library, 68; Pantheon, insulting
acts of French pilgrims, 56; Peace
Congress [276]; Protocol on E. Africa,
18; Rudini Cabinet, programme [269],
[276], 9. STRIKES [275]. TRIPLE
Alliance, renewal [273]

"ITATA" escapes from San Diego, 26;
surrenders at Iquique, 31

JACKSON, Mr. J. L., Chief Secretary for
Ireland [188], 64

JACOB, Mr. A., acquitted, 72
JACOTTET, Dr., death from exposure, 51
JAPAN.-AOKI, Vist., on foreign policy

[385]. CABINET, changes [387];
census [387]. EARTHQUAKE [387].
PARLIAMENT, dissolution of the first
[388], 73. SANJO, Prince, death
[386]. TOKIO, cathedral consecrated
[389]. TRADE [386]. YOKOHAMA
Harbour, extensive works [387]
JARDIN, Senhor, falls into Vesuvius, 37
JEANSVILLE Mine, four men entombed,

JEUNE, Mr. F. H., succeeds Mr. Justice
Butt, 6

JOAN of Arc, statue unveiled, 50

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[ocr errors]

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LONDON, Brighton, and South Coast Rly.,
jubilee, 54

and Plymouth, interruption of com-
munication for four days, 15

School Board, "free" schools, 39;

triennial elections, result of [215], 67;
chairman re-elected, 68
LONDON University, Convocation of the,
rejects a new charter, 27
LORD Mayor, lays the first stone of the
electrical system for London, 8; address
returned by the Russian Ambassador, 9
- Savory, baronetcy conferred, 42
LOWTHER, Mr. J. W., Under-Secretary
for Foreign Affairs [188], 56
LYBIAN Mts., discovery of a vast tomb, 9
LYNDEN, poisoning of wedding guests,

LYTTON, Lord, funeral, 67

MACDONALD, Sir J., interment at Kings-
ton, 32; funeral service in West-
minster Abbey, 32

Lady, peerage conferred, 36
MAGDALA, Lord Napier of, equestrian
statue unveiled, 39

MANCHESTER Ship Canal, Eastham sec-
tion flooded, 34; embankment gives
way, 40

MANOEUVRES of the English troops, 53;
and the French troops, 53
MARLOWE memorial unveiled, 53
MARTIN'S-in-the-Fields, St., public reading-
room opened, 10

"MAY DAY" demonstrations, 25
METHODIST Ecumenical Congress, Wash-
ington, 58

[414]. NAVY
[415]. RAILWAYS [414]; Revenue
excluded from military service, 20
MILAN, King, letter to M. Garachanine,
14; quits Servia, 22; renounces his
privileges, 65

MILES, Gen., reports conclusion of hostili-
ties, 4

MINERS' Congress, Paris [256], 18, 19
MOHAMMEDAN marriage, first in England,


MOLTKE, Count von, sudden death [279],
23; funeral, 24

MONTE Carlo, an Englishman breaks the
bank, 13

MONTPELLIER, escape of prisoners, 74
MOON, Sir R., retires from the chairman-
ship of the N. W. Rly., 11

MORIER, Sir R., ambassador at Rome, 74
MOZART, centenary of his death, 69
"MUEZZIN" attacked at Liverpool, 66
MURRAY, Mr. D., Associate of the Royal
Academy, 5

MUSGROVE v. Chun Teong Toy, decision, 17
MUSIC, retrospect of.-BIRMINGHAM, Tri-
ennial Festival, 115
CHAMBER Music, 114

CHORAL Societies, 114

CRYSTAL Palace Concerts, 112

HANDEL Festival, 114

HEREFORD, 168th Festival of the Three
Choirs, 115

LONDON Symphony Concerts, 113
OPERAS, 110-112


POPULAR Concerts, 114

RICHTER Concerts, 113

ROYAL College of Music, 112

MUSTARD bug in the eastern counties, 50

NAPLES, Prince of, arrives in London, 42;
Order of the Garter conferred, 46
NAPOLEON, Prince, death [254]; will, 20
NATIONAL Liberal Federation, Newcastle
[180], 56

Unionist Conference, Manchester

[201], 64

-Press, Offices of the, wrecked, 61

Rifle Association matches, 43; prizes,

Union, Birmingham [208], 67
NAVAL Manœuvres, conclusion of, 46
SERVATIVE Ministers, resignation
[389]. ELECTIONS [339], 32. LUX-
EMBURG, Grand Duchy of, electoral
qualification, reduction [341]. NA-
TIONAL Defence [340]. Queen of,
first public appearance, 30
CABINET, new [426]. FEMALE Suff-
rage, rejection, 45. GENERAL Elec-
tion [424] Government, financial
policy [427]. MINISTRY, resignation
[425], 59. PARKES, Sir H., resigna-
tion [425]; attack on Mr. Reid [428].
STEPHEN, Sir A., resignation [428];
Sydney, Federal Convention [424]
posed measures [434]. CENSUS [435].
MAORIES, meeting [485]. PARLIA
MENT opened [434]. REVENUE [434].
WOMEN'S Suffrage Bill [436], 52

Walker, 16. DELEGATES at Liver-
pool, 22; discontent at Lord Salis-
bury's policy, 1. FISHERIES dispute
[4]; agreement between Gt. Britain
and France, 15. LOBSTER Factories
closed, 39. TARIFF war with Canada,

NIORO, Occupied by the French, 1
NONCONFORMISTS, meeting of [195].
NORWAY. ELECTIONS [359]; result

[360]. RELATIONS with Sweden, pro-
posed revision [357], [360]. STANG
Ministry, resignation [358], 12; State
Railway Bill, postponed [359].
NUREMBERG, ancient fortifications dis-
mantled, 14.


194; Acton, Vice-Adm. F., 142;
Adams, W. H. D., 212; Ailesbury,
Louisa, Dow. Marchioness of, 195;
Albemarle, Earl of, 140; Aldrich, Adm.
R. D., 168; Alexander, W. M., 185;
Anderson, Sir C. H. J., 194; Annesley,
Countess of, 159; Antrobus, R. L., 149;
Arbuthnot, Viscount, 163; Arnold,
Rev. F., 195; Aspland, L. M., 161;
Auchinleck, Brig.-Gen. W. L., 142;
Austria, Archduke Henry of, 201;
Antonia, Archduchess M., 136; Arch-
duke Sigismund of, 210.
BAGOT, Hon. A. W., 169; Baillie-Hamil-
ton, Hon. R., 179; Bainville, T. F. de,
149; Balestier, W., 209; Balfour, Sur.-
Gen. T. G. 137; Ball, Capt. J. J., 210;

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