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uninterruptedly until 1884, when he retired in consequence of failing health. He was a liberal subscriber to all movements of public and social improvement, a strong opponent of class privilege, and one of the earliest supporters in Parliament of the Women's Suffrage movement, and of the Abolition of Flogging in the Army and Navy; and in all his efforts he was ably assisted by his wife (married, 1842) Clementina, daughter of John Doughty, of Brockdish, Norfolk. For some years Mr. Taylor was proprietor of the Examiner newspaper. On the 21st, at Maida Hill, W., aged 66, Sir John Frederick Dickson, K.C.M.G., son of Robert Dickson, M.D., of Harmondsworth; educated at Westminster and Christ Church, Oxford; entered Ceylon Civil Service 1859, where he held various appointments; appointed Colonial Secretary for the Straits Settlements, 1885; married, first, 1859, Annie, daughter of Rev. R. J. Waters, D.D.; and, second, 1875, Emily, daughter of George Lee. On the 22nd, at Angers, aged 64, Monsignor Freppel, Bishop of Angers, and a member of the Chamber of Deputies; born at Obernai, Alsace, and educated at Strasbourg, where he became the head of the Catholic College; was appointed Professor of Theology at the Sorbonne in 1856, and assisted the Pope in the preparatory steps for the Infallibility Dogma; appointed Bishop of Angers, 1870, and in 1880 returned as Royalist Deputy to the Chambers by a Breton constituency. On the 22nd, at Paris, aged 64, Albert Wolff, a distinguished journalist and art critic; born near Cologne, and educated at Bonn; went to Paris in 1857 as correspondent of the Allgemeine Zeitung, but soon after became secretary to Alexander Dumas. In 1871 he was naturalised in France, and held a high place among contemporary journalists. On the 24th, at Gloucester Place, W., aged 77, Sir Thomas Chambers, Q.C., Recorder of London, son of Thomas Chambers, of Hertford; educated at Clare College, Cambridge; B.A., 1840; called to the Bar at the Middle Temple, 1840; sat as a Liberal for Hertford, 1852-7, and for Marylebone, 1865-85; Common Serjeant of London in 1857-78, when he succeeded to the Recordership; married, 1851, Diana, daughter of R. White, and niece and adopted daughter of John Green, of Hertford. On the 24th, in London, aged 60, Major-General H. P. Close, son of Dean Close, of Carlisle; joined the Indian army in 1850, and served with distinction throughout the Umbeyla campaign, 1863-4, and in the attack of the Black Mountain tribes, 1867-8. On the 25th, at Upper Norwood aged 55, Colonel Shadwell Henry Clerke, Grand Secretary of the Masonic Grand Lodge, youngest son of General St. John A. Clerke, K.H.; entered 21st Foot, carried the colours at the battle of the Alma, and served through the Crimean campaign with distinction; was afterwards Secretary to the General commanding in the West Indies; in 1875 appointed one of Her Majesty's Body Guard of the Corps of Gentlemen-at-Arms. On the 25th, at South Kensington, aged 64, Thomas Henry Weist Hill, Principal of the Guildhall School of Music; a violin pupil of M. Sainton; first appeared in public, 1847; was a member of Signor Costa's band at the Royal Italian Opera, and was appointed, 1874, musical conductor at the Alexandra Palace. On the 25th, at Campden Grove, Kensington, aged 75, John Stapleton, of Berwick Hill, Northumberland, fifth son of Thomas Stapleton, of Carlton Hall, York; called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn, 1840; sat for Berwick as a Liberal, 1852, 1857-8, 1868-74; married Frances Dorothea, daughter of E. Bolton King, of Chadshunt, co. Warwick. On the 26th, in Brittany, aged 82, Madame de Charette, daughter of the Duc de Berri and Amy Brown, of Maidstone. On the Duke's assassination in 1820, Amy Brown and her two daughters were committed to the charge of the Duchess; and the elder, created Comtesse d'Issoudun, was married to the Prince de Faucigny-Lucinge; and the other to Baron de Charette, nephew of the Vendéan leader. On the 28th, at Cheltenham, aged 69, Major-General Edward Bray, C.B., eldest son of Colonel Edward Bray, C.B.; was one of the few survivors of the Kent East Indiaman, burnt at sea in 1825; entered the army, 1839; served with 31st Regiment through the Afghan campaign of 1842-3; commanded at Nottingham during the election riots, 1865; served with 4th King's Own through the Abyssinian campaign, and commanded 2nd Battalion of the same regiment throughout the Zulu War, 1879; married, 1860, Ann, daughter of Colonel P. C. Mair. On the 28th, in Torrington Square, W.C., aged 47, Alfred Cellier; born at Hackney, of French parents; educated at the Grammar School there; entered the Chapel Royal, St. James's, 1855; from 1862 to 1870 was organist in various churches in or near London, finally at St. Alban's, Holborn. He then became conductor at the Prince's Theatre, Manchester, 1871-5, and the Opera Comique, London, 1877-79, and wrote the music for several operas, of which the most successful were the "Sultan of Mocha," 1874; "Dorothy," 1886; "Doris," 1889. He was engaged at the time of his death on "The Mountebanks," of which

the libretto was written by Mr. W. S. Gilbert, and within two hours of his death he had put the finishing stroke to the score. On the 29th, at Bristol, aged 68, John Pilkington Norris, D.D.; educated at Rugby under Dr. Arnold; Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge; B.A., 1846; first-class in classics with H. Hallam and F. Lushington; Inspector of Schools, 1849-64; Curate of Lewknor and of Hatchford, 1865-70; Vicar of St. George, Brandon Hill, Bristol, 1870-6, and of St. Mary Redcliffe, 1877-82, which he was instrumental in restoring; Canon of Bristol, 1881-5, and Archdeacon, 1881. He was offered and accepted the Deanery of Chichester a week before his death, but the official notification only preceded that event by one day. He married, 1871, Edith, daughter of Dr. Lashington. On the 30th, at Wimbledon, aged 63, W. H. Davenport Adams, a popular author and journalist. On the 31st, at Lukoja, aged 81, Samuel Adjai Crowther, Bishop of the Niger Territory; born in an African town in the Yomba country; taken prisoner by some Mahommedans, he was repeatedly sold as a slave, and at length fell to a Portuguese slaveholder, who, on quitting Lagos in 1882, was captured by an English cruiser, and taken to Sierra Leone. Here Adjai was educated by the Church Missionary Society, was baptised in 1825, and, after being here employed as a teacher, was ordained in 1843, and sent to Yomba country as a missionary. In 1857 he was appointed leader of the New Niger Mission, and in 1864 was consecrated in Canterbury Cathedral the first Bishop of the Niger.


The figures between [ ] refer to PART I.

ACCIDENTS.-Agecroft Colliery, escape of
gas, 68; Apevale pit, Newcastle-under-
Lyme, colliery explosion, 19; Bed-
minster, colliery explosion, 51; Bergün,
diligence overturned, 53; Central
Underground Railway of Glasgow, gas
explosion, 68; "Cordelia," gun ex-
ploded, 36; Crown Hotel, Blackburn,
gas explosion, 68; Danube, ice gives
way, 2; Dublin Castle, dynamite ex-
plosion, 74; Dunkirk, petroleum ex-
plosion, 30; Elham Valley, landslip,
5; St. Etienne, colliery explosion, 69;
Fort Monteverde, powder magazine
explosion, 23; Friarsgoose Chemical
Works,collapse of condensers, 44; Frick
Coke Co.'s pits, Pennsylvania, gas ex-
plosion, 6; Glasgow, gas explosion, 4;
Hibernia pit, Gelsenkirchen, explosion,
6; Marley Tunnel, fall of, 30; New
York, building collapsed, 49; Parry-
town and Irvington, dynamite explo-
sion, 28; Skeena River, landslip, 39;
"Tancarville," gas explosion, 27;
Trieste, railway tunnel collapsed


ADLER, Rev. Dr. H., Chief Rabbi, 31
ADRIATIC, bathing accidents, 47
AERONAUT, G. Higgins killed at Kirkstal,

French, lost in the Channel, 47
AFGHANISTAN.-AMEER, friendship for
England [366]. CHIEFTAINS, execu-
tion [366]. PYNE, Mr., enters the
Ameer's service [365]
leaves for Kibiro, reinstated at Wadelai
[401]. UGANDA, Capt. Lugard defeats
the Mussulmans [401]; treaty with the
British East Africa Co. [401]. ZAM-
BESIA, Northern, Johnston, Mr. H. H.,
appointed Commissioner [400]

EAST.-ABYSSINIA, King Menelek,
dissatisfaction with the Italians [397].
COMORO Islands, insubordination of
natives [398]. GERMAN East Africa,
administration, programme of the new,
[398]; Soden, Baron von, Governor
[398]; Wahehes, engagement with
[398]. MADAGASCAR, troubles with
the French [398]; Mozambique [398].
ZANZIBAR, English administration in-
stalled [399], 60; improvements [399];
shipping trade, increase of tonnage,
[399]; Vitu, treaty abolishing slavery,

AFRICA, SOUTH.-CAPE Colony, Budget

[393]; Cape Town, South African
Museum, robbery, 55; Census [394];
Loch, Sir H., and Mr. Rhodes' visit to
England [393]; railways [394].
GAZALAND, King of, claims British
protection [394]. MASHONALAND,
British South African Co. dispute with
the Portuguese [396]; collision at
Fort Salisbury, 27; mineral wealth,
search for [396]. NATAL, Krüger,
Pres., reception [395]; responsible
government, scheme [395]; Ngami-
land, under British protection [394].
PORT Beira, mail stopped, 16. TRANS-
VAAL Independence anniversary
[396]; proposed trek to Mashonaland
[395], 23. ZULULAND [395]

reduction [400]; expedition under
Capt. Stairs [400]; steamers, regula-
tion [400]. NIGER DISTRICT, Mac-
donald, Major C., British Commissioner
[400]. SIERRA LEONE, French annex
territory [399]

AGRICULTURAL Hall, meeting of "show-
men," 6

AILESBURY "Mansion and Estates" de-
cision, 70

AIX, Archbp. of, fined, 66

ALL SAINTS' Convalescent Home, new
wing opened, 34
AMERICA [401]. Vide Canada, Mexico,
Newfoundland, United States, West

food, scarcity of [415]; revenue [415];
small-pox, epidemic of, 2; trade and
commerce, progress in [415]. HON-
DURAS, Presidential election [415];
waggon-roads, construction of, 415].
NICARAGUA CANAL, progress [416].
PANAMA CANAL, scheme for the com-
pletion [415]

LIC, Budget [418]. BUENOS AYRES,
banks suspend payment, 20, 31; order to
close the Salvation Army halls, 19; Cor-
dova, revolution, 11, 29; finance [418];
Mitre, Gen., withdraws from the elec-
tion [418], 59; Rocca, Gen., fired at, 11.
BRAZIL, Congress, dissolution [419],
63; Dom Pedro, ex-Emperor, death
[420]; remains transported to Portu-
gal, 70; interment, 70; Fonseca,
Marshal da, President, 12; forced to

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CATOGAR. Earl, Garter ovnferred 43
Caxerior Comprecation, bonorary de-
green onderred, 33

Usivererty, "Grace" rejected, 62
14. LASGEVIS, bir H., resignation
[412, 47. MACDONALD, Sir J., death
1412). Ministry, dismissal [412], 71.
OTTAWA, superintendent of the Frint-
ing Bureau, arrested, 60. PARLIA
MENT, solution of, 8. SCANDALS
[412]; Royal Commission of inquiry,
49, 52, 58. TRADE [413]
CART-horse parade, in Regent's Park, 28
CATHOLIC Congress, Malines, 52
CENSUS, decennial in Gt. Britain, 19
CHAIN and nail makers, deputation to the
Home Secretary, 22

CHAMBERLAIN, Mr., leader of the Liberal

Unionists, 74


CHAPEL Royal, Whitehall, handed over to
the United Service Association, 2
CHINA.-CHUN, Prince, funeral [382];
Chung-King, opening of the
treaty port [383]. EMPEROR of, re-
ceives foreign Envoys, 14. FLOODS
[383]. FORMOSA, Camphor stations,
raid by savages [384]. GOVERNMENT
protest against Mr. Blair's nomination,
24. HONG KONG, Kowloon, discovery
of tin [384]; Voeux, Sir W., resigna-
tion [384]. Riots [379]-[383]; at
Amoy, 55; Chao-Tang, 69; Isang, 51;
Kinchow, 68; Nankin, 29; Takow, 68;
Wuhu, 27. TONQUIN, new railroad
opened, 34; number of pirates killed
[384]. TRADE [383]
CHRISTIAN, Prince, shot in the eye, 73
and Princess, silver wedding, 38

CIVIL List pensions, 34

ST. CLAIR tunnel, opening of, 54
CLARENCE and Avondale, Duke of, be-
trothal [222] [231], 69

CLEAVER V. Mutual Reserve Fund, judg-
ment, 42

CLITHEROE case [86], 17
COBERG, arrested at Olot, 3

COLLEGES, London, petition to grant de-
grees, 41

COLLINS, Mr. R. H., Judge of High Court,


COLSTON, E., 225th anniversary of his
birth, 65

COMMONS, House of, fumigated [120], 29
CO-OPERATIVE Congress, Lincoln, 28
COREA.-Commercial treaty with Japan

"COUNTESS of Carnarvon," captured by a
Portuguese gunboat [396], 14
COUNTY Council, London, budget, 20;
annual report, 81; resignation of
members, 71

CRICKET. Eton and Harrow, 40; Eton

and Winchester, 37; Oxford and Cam-
bridge, 36; review of the season, 51
CLUTTERBUCK, Dr., 4 years' penal servi-
tude, 66

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

DOG-muzzling order relaxed, 1
DOMINICANS, Congress of, at Lyons, 53

French plays, 110; New plays, 107;
Play without words, 110; revivals, 109,
DRENITZA, attacked by Arnauts, 8
"DUBLIN Gazette," special edition revok-
ing the Crimes Act, 33

DUFFERIN and Ava, Marq. of, at St.

Andrew's University, 19; Lord War-
den of the Cinque Ports, 63; Ambas-
sador at Paris, 70

DURAND, Col., attacks the fort of Nilgit,

EARTHQUAKES.-Italy, North, 32; Mis-
sissippi Valley, 55; Nipon, 61; Pan-
tellaria, Island of, 59; San Fran-
cisco, 1; San Salvador, 52; Van,
Armenia, 21
W., Bishop of Carlisle, 72

CHURCH Congress, Rhyl [194], 57;
Church House, foundation-stone laid,
35; Coventry, Suffragan Bp. of, con-
secration, 56; Creighton, Rev. M., Bp.
of Peterborough, 10; consecration, 23
DAKOTA, North, Bp. of, conclusion of his
visitation, 67; Davidson, Dr. R., Bp.
of Rochester, consecration, 23
FORREST, Rev. Prebendary, Dean of
Worcester, 34

GOTT, Dr., Bp. of Truro, 31; consecration,


JEX-BLAKE, Rev. T. W., Dean of Wells,

LEGGE, Hon. and Rev. A., Bp. of Lich-

field, 34; consecration, 55; London,
Bp. of, decision in favour, 42; presented
with a pastoral staff, 66

MACLAGAN, Dr. W. D., Archbp. of York,

28; Magee, Rt. Rev. Dr., Archbp. of
York, 3; burial, 26; Mauritius, Bp. of,
consecration, 8

NORMANBY, Rev. the Marq. of, Canon of
Windsor, 11

PAGET, Rev. F., Dean of Christ Church,
61; Pigou, Dr., Dean of Bristol, 56
SOUTHWARK, Suff. Bp. of, consecration,
56; Straton, Archdeacon, Bp. of Sodor
and Man, 73

WILKINSON, Dr., Bp. of Truro, resigna-
tion, 21; Worcester, Bp. of, consecra-
tion, 8

ZULULAND, Bp. of, consecration, 55
EDUCATION. Free, generally adopted, 51
EGYPT.-ANTIQUITIES Department, ap-

plication for, 68. BUDGET [392].
CABINET, new [390]. FINANCE [392].
GOVERNMENT schemes [392]. JUDI-
CIAL reform [391]. SCOTT, Mr., legal
adviser [391], 10. TOKAR, advance of
the troops, 9; captured [393], 11
ELECTIONS, municipal, results of, 63
"ENDYMION," H.M.S., launched, 42
ST. ETHELBURGA, verger hangs himself, 46
ETON COLLEGE, 9th Jubilee, 35

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