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From and passing through Bury.

Old Bury, from the Angel Inn, every morning at 9, to the Green Dragon, Bishopsgate-street, returns every evening at 6. -Marquis Cornwallis, from the Greyhound, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, at 9, to the Golden Cross, Charing Cross; returns the alternate evenings at 6.-Norwich (the Day) from the Angel, every morning at 12, to the Spread Eagle, Gracechurch-street; returns every afternoon at 3.-The Phenomena, from the Six Bells every day at 11, to the Bull Inn, Aldgate, and returns every day at 3 o'clock to Norwich.-The Times, every day from the One Bell at 12, to the Swan with 2 Necks, Lad Lane, London; returns every day at 3.-Yarmouth, from the Spread Eagle, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at 9; returns Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday evenings at 7.-Cambridge, from the Angel, every day at 2, returns every day at 1; and from the One Bell every day at 9, returus every evening at 8.-Ipswich Mail, from the Angel daily, to the White Horse, Ipswich, at 3.


From Bury to London.

Drew and Co's. every Wednesday and Sunday morning to the Bull Inn, Bishopsgate-street, returns every Tuesday and Saturday.-Shead's, same days, to the Catherine and Wheel, Whitechapel.-To Ipswich. Boldero's, Wednesday and Saturday, from the Angel Inn; returns the same days.-The communication with the Neighbouring Towns and Villages is general, every Wedneday, by numerous carriers who frequent the Town and Markets on that day.

The Post closes for London at eight o'clock in the evening, and for Ipswich at 3 o'clock every afternoon.


At page 91, first line of the note, for perceived read perceive.



ABBEY, armorial bearings of
the, 1,91. Account of the, 43.
Description of the churches
of the, 46, 47, 48. Western
gate of the, 49. Officers, &c.
of the, 53. Attack of the,
by the townsmen, 56. Ex-
emption of the, from epis-
copal authority, 58. Dis-
solution of the, 62. Relics
found in the, 63. Gifts and
offerings to the, 64. Noble
persons interred in the church
of the, 66. Graut of the site of
the, by Queen Elizabeth, 68.
Abbots of Bury, privileges of
the, 54. List of, 139.
Alderman of Bury, oath of
the, 55. List of, from 1760.
Ampton, 108.

Angel Inn, the, 105.
Appendix, No. I. List of Bene-
factors, &c. to the Corpo-
ration, &c. 132.

No. II. List of the
Abbots of the Monastery, 139
No. III. List of the
Head Masters of Bury School,
&c. 141.

- No. IV. List of Mem-
bers for the Borough of Bury
St. Edmund's, 144.

Appendix, No. V. Corporation

of Bury St. Edmund's, 147.
Arms of the Abbey and Corpo-
ration, 1, 91.

Aungerville, Richard de, 125.


Bacon, Sir Nicholas, 129.
Baret, John, tomb of, 73.
Barrow, 108.
Barton, 109.
Battely, John, 130.
Bearings, armorial, of the Ab-
bey and Corporation, 1, 91.
Beaufort, Thomas, discovery of
the body of, 66.
Becher, the Rev. M. monument
to the memory of, 80.
Bederick, Henry, 127.
Benefactors, list of, to the Cor-
poration, Schools, &c. 132,
Blomfield, the Rev. E. V. mo-
nument to the memory of, 80.
Boston de Bury, 127.
Botanic Garden, 88.
Brackland, Jocelin of the, 125.
Bradfield, 109.
Bridewell, the Borough, 104.
Bromfield, Edmund, 127.
Bull, White, procession of the,

Bury, John of, 128.

Bury St. Edmund's, general his-

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tory and description of, 1.
Etymology of, 2. Establish-
ment of Christianity at, 4.
Visit of Queen Elizabeth to,
38. Calamitous fire at, 40.
Witches and Gipsies executed
at, 42. Abbey, Churches, &c.
of, 43. Oath of the Alderman
of, 55. Saxon Tower of, 82.
Churchyard of, 84. Botanic
Garden of, 88. Corporation
of, 90, 147. Arms of, 91. Fairs
of, 92. Population of, 94, 150.
Ancient Gates of, 94. Schools
of, 98, 99. Charitable In-
stitutions of, 99. Shire Hall
of, 101. Guild Hall of, 101. |
Gaols of, 101, 103, 104. Mar-
ket Cross of, 104. Wool Halls
of, 104. Subscription Rooms
of, 105. Chief Inn of, 105.
Public Library of, 106. The-
atre of, 106. Military Dépôt
of, 107. Meeting Houses of,
107. Principal Seats and
Villages in the neighbour-
hood of, 108. Benefactors
to the Town and Corporation
of, &c. 132. Members for the
Borough of, 144.


Churchyard, description of the,

Clagget, Nicholas, 130.
Clagget, William, 130.
Clopton, Poley, hospital of, 99.
Epitaph to the memory of,
100. Coaches, list of, from
and passing through Bury,

Computist, Roger the, 126.
Corporation, account of the,

90. Arms of the, 91. Feoff-
ments of the, 135. List of
the, 147.
Correction, House of, 103.
Culford, 110.

Cullum, the Rev. Sir J. 115.

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Stow, 122.

Stowlangtoft, 122.

Nicholas, St. remains of the Straw, Jack, insurrection of, 34

hospital of, 96.

Subscription Rooms, 105.

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