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List of Members.

William Andrews, F. R. H.S., 1, Dock Street, Hull.

W. Anyan, Margaret Street, Hull.

Rev. H. Percy Atkinson, M.A., Helperthorpe Vicarage, York.

C. E. G. Barnard, J. P., Cave Castle, South Cave.
Right Hon. the Lady Beaumont, Carlton Towers, Selby.
Rev. M. T. Bell, Appleton-le-Street Vicarage, Malton.
William Bethell, J.P., D.L., Rise Park, Hull.

Right Rev. the Bishop of Beverley, Bolton Percy Rectory.

J. Bilson, F.R. I. B. A., Parliament Street, Hull.

Thos. Blashill, F. Z. S., 29, Tavistock Square, London, W.C.

Francis Bond, M. A., F.G.S., Hull and East Riding College, Hull.

Rev. Thos. Charles Ingram W. Boynton, M.A., Carlton Vicarage, Selby.

J. R. Boyle, F.S.A., 14, Stanley Street, Hull.

F. S. Broderick, York Diocesan Surveyor, Cogan Chambers, Hull.

John Brown, 26, Savile Street, Hull.

Rev. A. S. Brooke, Slingsby Rectory, York.

Rev. J. Holmes Buckham, F.A.K.C., Sledmere Vicarage, York.

John Camidge, Highgate, Beverley.

T. Sinclair Clarke, M. A., J.P. Knedlington Manor, Howden.

W. H. Coates, B. A., Patrington, Hull.

John Cockin, 1, Baker Street, Hull.

Rev. E. Maule Cole, M.A., F.G.S., Wetwang Vicarage, Hull.

Rev. J. C. Cox, LL.D., F.S.A., Barton-le-Street Rectory, Malton.
Rev. A. N. Cooper, M.A., Filey Vicarage.

Ralph Creyke, J.P. D.L., Rawcliffe Hall, Goole.

Major Cussons, ex-Mayor of Beverley (1892).

Rev. C. E. Darwent, M. A., Pryme Street, Hull.
Paul Davis, Hull.

Rev. John Denney, M. A., Burton Agnes Rectory, Hull.

Rev. W. Hay Fea, M.A., The Park, Hull.

Rev. W. A. Felton, B. A., Thorpe Basset Rectory, Rillington.
Chas. E. Fewster, Elboek House, Prince's Avenue, Hull.
Rev. Robert Fisher, Sewerby Vicarage, Hull.

Mrs. Foster, St. Giles's Croft, Beverley.

Rev. Jas. Foord, Kirkella Vicarage, Hull.

Rev. L. S. Gresley, Birdsall Vicarage, York.

Rev. Geo. A. Grenside, M. A., Rector, Thorpe Basset, Rillington.

Right Hon. the Lord Halifax, Doncaster.

Right Hon. the Lord Hawkesbury, Cockglode, Ollerton, Newark.
Councillor J. G. Hall, Epton Villa, Park Row, Hull.

G. C. Hassell, Newcastle-on-Tyne.

F. Haverfield, M. A., F. S. A., Christ Church, Oxford.

Col. B. B. Haworth-Booth, M.A., D.L., Hull Bank Hall, Hull.
Rev. E. Hedger, St. James's, Scarborough.

Right Hon. the Lord Herries, Everingham Park, York.

Rev. R. J. Hill, Salton Vicarage, York.

Joseph H. Hirst, M.S.A., 77, Derringham Street, Hull.
Col. Bertie Hobart, R. A., 1, Castle Terrace, Edinburgh.
R. C. Hope, F.S.A., Albion Crescent, Scarborough.
Right Hon. the Lord Hotham, Dalton Hall, Hull.

T. Maudsley Howkins, L. D.S., 19, Arlington Street, Hull.
Right Rev. the Bishop of Hull, Scarborough Vicarage.

The Hull Subscription Library (Alfred Milner, Librarian), Hull.

Andrew Marvell Jackson, Victoria Chambers, Hull.

Sir H. Seymour King, K.C.I.E., M.P., 65, Cornhill, London, E.C.

Rev. J. Malet Lambert, M.A., LL.D., Newland Vicarage, Hull.
C. Langdale, Houghton Hall, Brough, Yorks.

Y. G. Lloyd-Greame, Sewerby House, Hull.

Rev. H. E. Maddock, M. A., F.G.S., Patrington Rectory, Hull.
A. H. Mann, Mus. Doc., King's College, Cambridge.

W. H. Marshall, 10, Victoria Terrace, Anlaby Road, Hull.
Edwin Martin, J.P., The Ravine, Filey.

Mrs. Edwin Martin, The Ravine, Filey.

S. Burnett Mason, 76, Lowgate, Hull.

Rev. Canon McCormick, D.D., the Vicarage, Hull.

Rev. Thos. Hugh McDougall, M. A., South Cave Vicarage.

Rev. E. Milsom, Roos Rectory, Hull.

Rev. Norman J. Miller, M. A., F. R. H.S., Winestead Rectory, Hull.

J. R. Mortimer, Driffield.

Henry Morrill, J.P., Ivy Villa, Holderness Road, Hull.

Rev. Marmaduke C. F. Morris, B. C. L., M. A., Nunburnholme, Hayton, York.

Rev. H. E. Nolloth, B.D., the Minster Vicarage, Beverley.

Alderman G. R. Park, Hedon, Hull.

Rev. W. A. Pearman, M.A., Bishop Burton Vicarage, Beverley.
Jas. Stovin Pennyman, J.P., Ormesby Hall, Middlesbrough.
Rev. W. J. Pearson, Ardwick Lodge, Beverley Road, Hull.

Rev. A. B. Prole, Aldborough Vicarage.

Col. Pudsey, 6, Crown Terrace, Hull.

Rev. H. Lavallin Puxley, M. A., Catton Rectory, Stamford Bridge.

Rev. H. K. Quilter, M. A., Bilton Vicarage.

Wm. Herbert St. Quintin, J.P., Scampton, York.

Thos. Reynoldson, Whitefriargate, Hull.

The Most Noble the Marquis of Ripon, K.G.
Wm. Richardson, Trinity House Lane, Hull.
J. A. Ridgway, Beverley.

Edward Robson, J. P., Newland, Hull.

Rev. Alfred Robinson, B. A., Humbleton-with-Elsternwick Vicarage, Hull. Sir A. K. Rollit, LL. D., M. P., Dunster House, Mark Lane, London, E.C. Joshua Rowntree, Scarbro'.

[blocks in formation]

Sir Geo. Sitwell, Bart., F. S. A., M.P., 3, Arlington Street, St. James, London. G. H. Smith, Mus. Bac. Oxon, 38, Albany Street, Hull.

E. C. Smurthwaite, Hull.

Markham Spofforth, Royal Courts of Justice, London.

Rev. Frederick Stapleton, Seamer Vicarage, York.

Rev. J. W. Stanbridge, B. D., Bainton Rectory, Driffield.

William Stephenson, M. R. C. s., Beverley.

Mill Stephenson, 14, Ritherdon Road, Tooting, London, S. W.

John Sykes, M.D., Doncaster.

Capt. J. Travis-Cook, F. R. H.S., 14, Parliament Street, Hull.

J. Horsfall Turner, F. R. H.S., Idel, Bradford.

Geo. G. Westoby, 34, South Street, Hull.

Col. W. Lambert White, J. P., ex-Mayor of Hedon.

T. Tindall Wildridge, Beverley.

A. B. Wilson-Barkworth, LL.D., Kirkella House, Hull.

Rev. R. G. Willis, B.A., Godmanham Rectory, Market Weighton.
H. Woodhouse, LL. D., B. A., 17, Parliament Street.

Alderman S. Woodhouse, F. R. H.S., 2, Pryme Street, Hull, deceased.

His Grace the Archbishop of York.

Report of Proceedings.


HE Yorkshire newspapers, early in March, 1892, contained a

TH letter from Mr. T. Tindall Wildridge, advocating the

formation of an archæological society devoted to the East Riding. This letter was supported by others from the Rev. H. E. Maddock, Rector of Patrington, Councillor J. G. Hall, of Hull, Mr. J. R. Mortimer, of Driffield, the Rev. Dr. Cox, F.S.A. (Editor of the Antiquary), Mr. C. G. S. Foljambe, M.P. (now Lord Hawkesbury,) and Dr. Stephenson, of Beverley. Eventually it was determined to issue a circular letter and form of membership. The result of this was sufficiently encouraging to warrant the calling of an inaugural meeting at the Town Hall, Hull, 19th October, 1892, by the courtesy of the Mayor, Mr. Edward Robson, J.P. At this meeting it was formally moved by the Bishop of Beverley, "That a society be formed, having for its object the study and preservation of the antiquities, and the popularizing of the archæology of the East Riding," and by Colonel Haworth-Booth, D.L., that the society should be styled "The East Riding Antiquarian Society." At this meeting officers of the society were duly elected, whose names have been given on a previous page. The above resolutions and others were subsequently considered by the newly-elected council, and embodied in the rules contained in this volume.

At a meeting of the Society of Antiquaries (of London) held in January, 1893, this society was admitted into union, and duly enrolled.


1893, 11th January.-At the Royal Station Hotel, Hull, a general meeting was held, when Dr. Cox read a paper entitled "Some Notes on Meaux Abbey," which appears at length in the present volume. At this meeting a number of interesting objects from the deep drainage excavations at Beverley were exhibited, which were lent by Mrs. Foster and Mr. J. W. Boulton of that


Early in the year a series of summer meetings was arranged :

30th May-MARTON, DANES' DIKE, FLAMBOROUGH.-One of the first letters received by the new society had been an intimation from Mr. Ralph Creyke that he should be glad to have opened for

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