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"THE NEW YORK HOMEOPATHIC PHYSICIANS' SOCIETY,” in July, 1843, in view of the benefit to be derived from a mutual cultivation of the art by the various members of our school throughout the United States, appointed a committee to draft and send suitable invitations to them. They performed the duty assigned them, and on the 10th of April, 1844, a convention of the practitioners of Homœopathy of the United States, took place in the city of New York, at the Lyceum of Natural History, upon the anniversary of the birth of the illustrious Hahnemann.

Dr. CONSTANTINE HERING, of Philadelphia, was elected President; Dr. JOSIAH F. FLAGG, of Boston, Dr. WILLIAM CHANNING, of New York, Vice Presidents, and HENRY G. DUNNEL, Secretary. A preamble and resolutions in these words were adopted, viz: Whereas, a majority of the allœopathic physicians continue to deride and oppose the contributions to the materia medica that have been made by the Homœopathic School; and whereas, the state of the materia medica in both schools is such as imperatively to demand a more satisfactory arrangement and greater purity of observation, which can only be obtained by associate action on the part of those who seek diligently for truth alone; and, inasmuch as the state of the public information respecting the principles and practice of Homœopathy is so defective as to make it easy for mere pretenders to this very difficult branch of the healing art to acquire credit as proficients in the same;

Therefore, Resolved, That it is deemed expedient to establish a society entitled "The American Institute of Homœopathy:" and · the following are declared to be the essential purposes of said Institute:

1st. The reformation and augmentation of the Materia Medica. 2d. The restraining of Physicians from pretending to be competent to practice Homœopathy who have not studied it in a careful and skilful manner.

Dr. JOHN F. GRAY was elected General Secretary of the Institute, and Dr. S. R. KIRBY, Treasurer.

The Convention then adjourned.

First session of the American Institute of Homœopathy" was organized immediately after the adjournment of the Convention on the evening of the 10th of April, 1844, at the call of the General Secretary elect.

Dr. Flagg, of Boston, was chosen, « viva voce," Chairman for the session.

On motion, the following named gentlemen were appointed the "Corresponding Committee" for the year 1844, and until the next annual meeting of the Institute: Drs. Clark, (of Maine,) Flagg, Okie, Taft, Cook, Fairchild, Gosewisch, Williamson, McManus, Pulte, Piper, Mose, Spalding, and Pilkin.

On motion, the following members were appointed the Publishing Committee, viz: Drs. Gray, Dunnel, and Kirby.

On motion, the following named gentlemen were constituted a Bureau for the augmentation and improvement of the Materia Medica: Doctors Hering, Lingen, Jeánes, Neidhard and William


The Institute then proceeded to elect, by open nomination, six boards of censors for the examination of future candidates for membership. The following named members were chosen, viz ;

1st Board-Drs. Albus Rea, E. Clark, Jno. Merrill, all of Portland, Maine.

2d Board-Drs. J. F. Flagg, Charles Wild, L. Clark, F. Clark, and Wm. Wesselhoeft, all of Boston.

3d Board-Drs. Jno. F. Gray, William Channing, A. S. Ball, Abram D. Wilson, and H. G. Dunnel, all of New York city.

4th Board for western New York-Drs. Taylor of Rochester, Cator of Syracuse, Williams of Geneva, Robinson of Auburn, and Humphreys of Utica.

5th Board-Drs. Hering, Kitchen, Neidhard, Jeanes, and Green, of Philadelphia.

6th Board-Drs. Haynel and McManus, of Baltimore, and Piper of Washington.

Dr. A. G. Hull was elected Provisional Secretary.

Dr. Kirby moved that gentlemen of the profession whose names are not enrolled in the Institute, who wish to join it, can be enrolled by the Secretary, on their wish being made known, on or before the meeting of 1846.

On motion, adjourned to meet to-morrow at 11 o'clock, A. M

April 11th-Met agreeably to adjournment at 11 o'clock, A. M., Dr. Flagg in the Chair.

Dr. Hull presented a paper entitled "Homœopathy and Allœopathy contrasted, and a few of the causes which prevent the advance of true medical science, illustrated by cases in practice," by Geo. W. Cook, M. D., of Hudson, N. Y. (Referred to the Publishing Committee.)

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Dr. Williamson, of Philadelphia, presented a paper on the Podophyllum Peltatum," which being a new contribution to pure pathogenesis, was ordered to be read by the Secretary, and referred to the Central Bureau.

Dr. Paine, of Newburg, offered the following resolution: That in the Homœopathic Examiner," this body recognises the firm and able advocate of Progress and Reform in medicine, and as therefore deserving the confidence and support of the fraternity of Homœopathists. (Unanimously adopted.)

Dr. Dunnel moved that the Publishing Committee be requested to address a circular letter to the friends of Homœopathy in the United States through the Committee of Correspondence, urging each one to become a subscriber to the Examiner.

Dr. Hering was elected a delegate to the general congress of Homœopathists to be held at Magdeburgh on the 10th of August


The Institute then adjourned to meet on the second Wednesday in May, 1845, in the city of New York.


General Secretary.

Second Session of the " American Institute of Homœopathy," held in the city of New York, on Wednesday the 14th May, 1845.

The Secretary, Dr. Gray, called the Institute to order at 10 o'clock, A. M.

On motion, the body proceeded to elect by ballot a President for the session. The Secretary appointed Drs. Joslin and Okie tellers of the election, who reported Dr. Jeanes, of Philadelphia, duly elected.

On motion, it was Resolved, That the third session (1846) of the Institute be held in the city of New York.

On motion, the Institute proceeded to ballot for General Secretary for the ensuing year. The teller reported the election of Edward Bayard, M. D., of New York,

Dr. Snow, of New York, was then elected, « viva voce," Provi

sional Secretary.

The late General Secretary then read the minutes of the acts of the Convention last year, and also of the acts of the first session of the Institute, which were approved.

On motion, a committee of five, consisting of Drs. Gray and Joslin, of New York, Clark of Portland, Me., Williamson of Philadelphia, and Okie of Providence, were appointed a committee on "Constitution and By-Laws."

The report of the Committee on Finance was read and accepted, and on motion resolved, that the acts of the committee be confirmed.

The report of the Bureau for the augmentation and improvement of the Materia Medica, was then read, and, on motion of Dr. Gray, accepted, and the thanks of the Institute tendered to the committee for the zeal and ability which characterized the report.

On motion, Drs. Hering, Jeanes, Neidhard, Williamson, and Kitchen, were appointed the Central Bureau for the ensuing year.

On motion, it was Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to ascertain the best mode of publishing the doings of the Institute, including the report of the Bureau, and Drs. Neidhard, Gray and Flagg were appointed.

Several communications were read by Dr. Gray, late Secretary, from Physicians, friends of the Institute, and of the science of Homœopathy, viz: Drs. J. C. Boardman of Trenton, N. J., J. Merrill of Portland, Me., J. H. Pulte of Cincinnati, George Lingen of Philadelphia, Adolphus Lippe of Carlisle, Pa., and Robert Wesselhoeft of Boston-ordered to be filed,

On motion of Dr. Dubs, a committee of three, consisting of Drs. Wells, McVickar, and Quin, was appointed on the subject of Posology.

Dr. S. R. Kirby was re-appointed Treasurer.

On motion, adjourned, to meet at 7 o'clock, P. M.

Wednesday Evening.

The meeting being called to order, it was

Resolved, That the vote making New York the next place of meeting of the Institute be reconsidered, and after considerable discussion it was

Resolved, That the next meeting of the Institute be held in Philadelphia on the second Wednesday of May, 1846.

Resolved, That Docts. Bayard, Gray, and Cook, be a committee for the purpose of engrossing the 1st vol. of the Transactions of the Institute, and superintending the publication of the same, and that the Central Bureau be requested to co-operate with the committee in the publication.

The committee appointed to nominate a board of censors, reported in favor of re-appointing the members of the several boards of the last session to constitute one board, and that any three censors may constitute a board for the examination of candidates and a recommendation of a majority of said board shall render a candidate eligible to membership in this Institute, which was adopted. Adjourned to meet to-morrow morning at 10 o'clock.

Thursday Morning, May 15th, 1845.

The meeting was called to order by the President, and the minutes of last meeting read and approved.

On motion, Resolved, That the Secretary be instructed to procure a suitable seal for the Institute.

On motion, Resolved, That the Publishing Committee prepare a report of the proceedings of the Institute, to be published in several newspapers, and that each member be served with a copy of the same.

On motion, Resolved, Not to admit as a member of this Institute, any person who has not pursued a regular course of medical studies according to the requirements of the existing medical institutions of our country, and, in addition thereto, sustained an examination before the censors of this Institute on the theory and practice of Homœopathy.

Adjourned to meet at 8 o'clock this evening.

Thursday Evening.

The President called the meeting to order; minutes of last meeting read and approved.

On motion of Dr. Gray, Resolved, That the Bureau for the augmentation and improvement of the Materia Medica, be earnestly solicited to deliberate and report upon a scientific arrangement of the Materia Medica at the next session of the Institute.

On motion, Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed to frame and procure certificates of ordinary and honorary membership to be furnished to members at such a price as the committee shall determine. Docts. Bayard, Quin, Gray, Hempel and Joslin were appointed.

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