Materia Medica of American Provings

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Rademacher & Sheek, 1853 - 299 pages
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Page 8 - Adams for the able manner in which he has discharged the duties of President during the past year.
Page 115 - If a person, immediately after swallowing a solution of a crystalline salt, which tasted purely and strongly acid, is attacked with burning in the throat, then with burning in the stomach, vomiting particularly of bloody matter, imperceptible pulse, and excessive languor, and dies in half an hour, or still more in twenty, fifteen, or ten minutes, I do not know any fallacy which can interfere with the conclusion, that oxalic acid was the cause of death.
Page 3 - Whereas, a majority of the allceopathic physicians continue to deride and oppose the contributions to the materia medica that have been made by the Homoeopathic School; and whereas, the state of the materia medica in both schools is such as imperatively...
Page 16 - ... characteristic of uric acid. This observation is opposed to the statement of Ure ; and he is certainly too hasty in recommending benzoic acid as a remedy for the gouty and calculous concretions of uric acid. He seems to suppose that the uric acid has been employed in the conversion of benzoic acid into hippuric acid ; but as his observations were made on a gouty patient, it may be supposed that the urine, even without the internal use of benzoic acid, would have been found to contain no uric...
Page 20 - He wakes every morning about two o'clock, from strong internal heat and a hard, bounding, but not quickened pulse, so that he must lie awake upon his back, because the pulsation of the temporal arteries sounds like puffing in the ears, and prevents him from going to sleep again.
Page 3 - School ; and whereas, the state of the materia medica in both schools is such as imperatively to demand a more satisfactory arrangement and greater purity of observation, which can only be obtained by associate action on the part of those who seek diligently for truth alone ; and, inasmuch as the state of the public information respecting the principles and practice of Homoeopathy is so defective as to make it easy for mere pretenders to this very difficult branch of the healing art to acquire credit...
Page 174 - Sometime in the summer, after I was four years old, being out in the fields in search of the cows, I discovered a plant which had a singular branch and pods, that I had never before seen, and I had the curiosity to pick some of the pods and chew them ; the taste and operation produced was so remarkable, that I never forgot it.
Page 144 - Chilliness through the night and in the morning, with nausea from the least motion; aching pain and soreness, as if from having been beaten in the calves of the legs, small of the back, and in the arms, above and below the elbows...
Page 102 - ... backwards, walks with a peculiar stiff gait, and assumes very odd postures, from inability to regulate the motions of the limbs. As the poisoning advances, the motions of the chest during the paroxysms become more and more confined by spasms of the muscles ; and at last there is a period towards the close of each paroxysm, when the spasm is so great as completely to suspend the respiration. This is commonly •accompanied with more or less extension of the head, tail, and extremities, sometimes...
Page 174 - I cut a sprig of it, and gave to the man next to me, who ate it; when we had got to the end of the piece, which was about six rods, he said that he believed what I had given him would kill him, for he never felt so in his life. I looked at him and saw that he was in a most profuse perspiration, being as wet all over as he could...

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