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His reply

Act of assembly of New Brunswick, in 1786, dividing the
counties into townships, including these islands

Mr. Cooper an American sheriff in 1791, came to Moose
`Island with an armed party; his attempts there to in-
fluence the inhabitants, some of whom took the oath
of allegiance to the United States, and to whom the
latter actually granted lands in these islands, &c.
Meritorious service of Mr. Leonard the British superin-
tendent of trade to prevent encroachments and contra-
band trade

State of Moose Ísland in 1985 and 1805

Observations on the situation of these islands, and the

waters adjoining, and the boundaries of the British pro-

vinces under the treaty of 1783

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Mr. Liston's dispatch, December 1798, referred to in
lord Grenville's letter


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