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The Objects of the Society are:

1. To promote, generally, the study of the History and Antiquities of the Shire.*

II. To print ancient records relative to the county, and an annual illustrated volume of Transactions, containing

accounts of the Society's Meetings and Papers relating to the Antiquities of the County.

III.-Local Meetings and Excursions to places of interest in the County or vicinity.

*e g.-Prehistoric and Roman Antiquities, Ecclesiastical, Military, and Domestic Architecture, Heraldry, Brasses, Church Bells, Monumental Inscriptions (which are nearly all unrecorded), Ancient Wills in the Probate Registries at York and Nottingham, Inquisitiones Post Mortem, Marriage Licenses, Church Goods, Feet of Fines, Monastic Chartularies, etc.

Terms of Membership.

Annual Subscription, 12s. 6d., Entrance Fee, on election, 12s. 6d. ; Life Membership, by payment of 12s. 6d. on election, together with a Composition Fee of £6 6s.

Associate Members, 5s.

Motice to Members.

The Annual Subscription of 12/6 is due on the 1st of January in each year, and may be paid to the Hon. Treasurer or to the account of the Society at the Capital and Counties Bank, Ltd., Carlton Street, Nottingham. Members are reminded that a punctual payment saves much trouble to the Treasurer, whose work is honorary; and also enables the Society to meet its obligations punctually.

A copy of the Transactions will not be forwarded to any member whose subscription for the year is unpaid.

The Council has the power to remove from the list of subscribing members the name of any member whose subscription is three years in arrear.

Members are requested to communicate any change of address to the Hon. General Secretary; also to call his attention to any inaccuracy or omission in the list of members, which appears in each year's Transactions.

The Hon. Editorial Secretary will be glad to receive papers suitable for publication in the Transactions, and early information of any discovery of an antiquarian nature in the County.



Society's Room and Library,

Bromley House, Angel Row, Mottingbam.

1. The room shall be open for the use of members every day, except Sundays and public holidays, between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m.

2. Any member desirous of visiting the room must apply to the Librarian of Bromley House Library (first floor) for the key, at the same time giving the Librarian his or her name.

3. Members visiting the room are requested to sign their names in the Visitors' Book.

4. No books belonging to the Society may be removed from the room, and all books used must be replaced on the book-shelves by the members who use them.

5.-On leaving, members must lock the door and return the key to the Librarian of the Bromley House Library.

6. Any enquiries or suggestions with regard to the library should be made to the Hon. Librarian, Mr. F. A. Wadsworth, 15, Weekday Cross.

7. Any member who wishes to have a key to the room can obtain one from the Honorary General Secretary, on payment of one shilling; the key to be returned if membership ceases.

List of Members.

The Honorary General Secretary will be glad to be
notified should there be any inaccuracy or omis-
sion in the following list as regards addresses or
marks of distinction to which members are entitled.

+ Life Members.

* Honorary Members.

a Associate Members.

ALLCOCK, F., Bridlesmith Gate, Nottingham

+ALLEN, W. C. HANWELL (the late), The Laurels, Old Duston, Northampton

ALLEN, Mrs., Bramcote, Nottingham

ANDERSON, JOSEPH, Meadow Road, Beeston, Nottingham

ANDERSON, J. R., Bruno House, Beeston, Nottingham

APPLEBY, Dr. F. H., Barnby Gate, Newark
ARMSTRONG, E. Ll., Bank, Long Eaton

ARMSTRONG, FRANK, Westgate, Mansfield

ASHWELL, Miss, 117, Waterloo Crescent, Nottingham

+ATKIN, PERCY F., 53, Primrose Mansions, Prince of Wales Road, Battersea Park, S.W.

BALL, Albert, J.P., Sedgley House, The Park, Nottingham
BARLOW, A. PRATT, St. Olaves, West Bridgford, Nottingham
BAYLAY, Rev. ATWELL M. Y., Thurgarton Vicarage, Nottingham
+ BAYLEY, H. Dennis, J.P., Lenton Abbey, Nottingham
BAYLEY, T. HAROLD, North Lodge, The Park, Nottingham
BEARDSMORE, JOHN H., The Cottage, Hucknall Torkard, Nottingham
BECKET, Miss Edith M., 197, Woodborough Road, Nottingham
Bell, Henry, Private Road, Sherwood, Nottingham
BELPER, Right Hon. Lord, D.L., J.P. (the late), Kingston, Derby
BENTINCK, Lord Henry, M.P., 53, Grosvenor Street, London, W.
BIRD, J. J., Bingham Road, Radcliffe-on-Trent

BIRKIN, SIR T. I., Bart., D.L., J.P., Ruddington Grange, Nottingham
BLACKBURN, Lieut.-Col. W. H., Gedling Manor, Nottingham

+BLAGG, THOS. M., F.S.A., Caldecote, Newport Pagnell, Bucks.

BLAKE, A. E., J.P., West Leake, Loughborough

BOARD OF EDUCATION, Victoria & Albert Museum, South Kensington,



BONSER, Miss, 6, Mapperley Crescent, Nottingham
BONSER, GEO. G., Kirkstede, Sutton-in-Ashfield

BOOT, SIR JESSE, Kt., The Park, Nottingham

BOWLES, CHAS. E. B., F.S.A., J.P., Nether House, Wirksworth

+ BRADLEY, WILLIAM, Magnus Street, Newark

BRADSHAW, WILLIAM, Carisbrooke House, The Park, Nottingham
BRADWELL, W. H., Cavendish Crescent South, Nottingham

BRAMLEY, JOHN, 13, Burns Street, Nottingham

BREWILL, Lt. Col. A. W., V.D., 44, Parliament Street, Nottingham

BRIGGS, J. W., Southey Street, Nottingham

BRIGHT, Sir JOSEPH, J.P., 1, Pepper Street, Nottingham

BRISCOE, J. POTTER, F.R.S.L., 38, Addison Street, Nottingham

BRODHURST, Rev. F., Heath Vicarage, Chesterfield

BROMLEY HOUSE Library, Nottingham

BROWN, H. J. (Messrs. Stevens & Brown), 4, Trafalgar Square, London

BROWN, J. A., 5, Bridlesmith Gate, Nottingham

BRUCE, Lady, Clifton Hall, Nottingham

BURKE, H. FARNHAM, C.V.O., C.B, Norroy King of Arms, Heralds'
College, E.C.

BURTON, FRANK E., J.P., South Manor, Ruddington, Nottingham
BURTON, G. A., Cavendish Crescent North, The Park, Nottingham

Burton, Joseph, Malvern House, Mapperley Road, Nottingham
BURTON, Rev. R. JOWETT, The Rectory, Eaton Constantine, Shrewsbury
BUXTON, A. S. Ravenscroft, Mansfield


CAMPION, E. W., Mapperley Hall Drive, Nottingham

†CARNARVON, The Dowager Countess of, Pixton Park, Dulverton

CARTWRIGHT, GEO., East Bridgford Hall, Nottingham

CATOR, Rev. Canon, W.L.B., Eakring Rectory, Newark

CHICKEN, THOMAS, 20, Bentinck Road, Nottingham

COLLINSON, Rev. CHRISTOPHER B., Laxton Vicarage, Newark

COMMANS, JOHN E., 11, Brock Street, Bath

COOKE, W. B., Edwalton, Nottingham

COOLEY, G. P., 190, Mansfield Road, Nottingham

Cooper, Henry A., Albemarle Road, Woodthorpe, Nottingham
COOPER, E. T., "Brantwood," Berkeley Avenue, Nottingham

COPNALL, H. HAMPTON, Shire Hall, Nottingham

+CORNER, SAML., Abbotsford House, Waverley Street, Nottingham

CRISP, F. A., F.S.A., Grove Park Press, 270, Walworth Road, London, S.E.

Cuckson, Meredith, Hazelcroft, Sherwood, Nottingham

CURTIS, C. CONSTABLE, J.P., Langford Hall, Newark

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