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EDWINSTOWE i.e. the westernmost-where the ordinary mason-stop is employed.

The corbel heads at the hood moulding intersections, if original-as they appear to be-are interesting examples of sculpture of an early date. Taking into consideration time and circumstance, it may be more than idle fancy to suggest that the head on the eastern side of the second arch, crowned with a low Norman mitre, represents Geoffrey Plantagenet, (the youngest and the only faithful son of King Henry II. and the Fair Rosamund), who was Bishop of Lincoln, 1173, and Archbishop of York, 1191; while the powerful features and rich mitre of the ecclesiastic on the western side were intended to commemorate the new saint-Thomas à Becket; murdered 1170, canonized 1173.

The corbels supporting the tower arch are good exam. ples of their kind, and aptly illustrate: "the sinister grotesqueness of the carved head upon a corbel that leers and grimaces as light and shade go changefully over it" (Warwick Deeping). The head of the corbel on the south side is enriched with a band of "nail-head" ornament, while the one on the north side is plain.

Thus far we have been dealing with a period, styled in legal phraseology, "time immemorial," but when we turn to examine the detail of the south arcade, we can call to our aid documents which tell us when and why it was built.

Two brothers, "Henry & Robert de Edenestou," endowed a double chantry' in this church. A full translation of the charter, which was signed, "on the first day of the month of November in the Year of our Lord 1342," will be found in volume VIII. of the Society's Transactions.

The south aisle was built of unusual width (nearly 20ft.) for the better accommodation of the two chantry priests who were to perform their office at the "Altar of St Margaret within this Church."

The south wall of the nave was removed, and gave place

(1) The two chantries were consolidated into one chantry by the Archbishop of York in 1399.

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