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Ys worthe in certayne lande lying within the saide parishe, graunted to mayntayne certaine lightis there for



102. Bole. An obit.

102. The parishe Churche of Bole1

Ys worthe in certaine lande lying within the said parishe, graunted to mayntaine an obite there for euer, by yere,

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Ys worthe in certain lande lying within the said parishe, graunted to mayntayne a light there for euer, by yere,

104. Treswell. An obit.


104. The parishe Churche of Truswell 3

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Ys worthe in a certain Rent going out of graunted to mayntayne an Obite for euer, by yere,

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xijd, wherof in

vjd, and so

Remayneth clere vnto the said parishe churche by yere,

(1) Not previously certificated.
(2) Not previously certificated.
(8) Not previously certificated.
(4) Blank in original.


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105. The parishe Churche of Laneham '

Ys Worthe in a stocke of money amounting to xxvj viijd, given to mayntain a guylde there for euer of the proffittis therof comming by yere.3

[The remainder of the roll, containing the certificates for Southwell college and the chantries in the collegiate church, has already been printed in the Transactions of this society, vol. xv., pp. 63-158.]

(1) Not previously certificated.

(2) Italicised words interlined.

(3) No yearly sum given.


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AM now able to give the complete inscription on the ancient bell at Kelham Church :—

Celorum . Xte . placeat . tibi . Rex . sonus . iste. Canon Fowler, of Durham, tells me that the same inscription occurs on eight ancient bells in Lincolnshire, and also on one at Wolborough (Newton Abbot) in Devonshire.

Mr. Harry Gill has thrown considerable light on the cause of the same architect being employed at Kelham as at Tattershall Church. He points out that Thomas Fitzwilliam died on "Friday next after the feast of the Nativity of Blessed Mary, 5. Hen. VIII.”—i.e., in September, 1513-" seized of the Manor of Kelom in his demesne as of fee, &c." (see Inquisitiones Post Mortem, p. 86), and that one of his ancestors, Sir William Fitzwilliam of Elmley, Yorks., and Plumtree, Notts., married Matilda, daughter of Sir Ralph de Cromwell, first Baron Cromwell, who died 1398. She would therefore be the aunt of the third Baron Cromwell, the builder of Tattershall Castle. There was thus a connection between the two families of Cromwell and Fitzwilliam. The date of Thomas Fitzwilliam's death is also quite in accordance with the theory of the rebuilding of Kelham Church having been carried out in his time.

With regard to the date at which the Fitzwilliams became landowners in Kelham, it may be noted that Thomas Fitzwilliam's grandmother Elizabeth, in 1503, being then a widow, died seized of certain lands in

Kelham (Inquisitiones Post Mortem, p. 53), and it seems probable that these lands formed part of the large estate owned there by John Kelham of Kelham, who died September 8th, 1493 and would be acquired by the Fitzwilliams soon after his death from his son and heir, Robert Kelham, who was still seized of the estate in 1496 (Inquisitiones Post Mortem, p. 17).

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Report of the Council



HE Council beg to present their Report for 1914.

During the past year ten new members and three associate members have joined the Society. Six members have resigned, and four (Lord Belper, Mr. Hanwell Allen, Mr. W. B. Thorpe, and Mrs. F. C. Smith) have died. Lord Belper was one of the original members of the Society, and a Vice-President, and took much interest in its work.

The following meetings were held in the past year :

On 18th February, one of the Winter Meetings for the session 1913-14 took place at the Exchange, Nottingham, when a paper was read on The British Museum MS. of the Life of Colonel Hutchinson, and its relation to his published Memoirs, by Mr. Sidney Race; and another on PreReformation Schools, by Mr. Samuel Corner, B.A., B.Sc., Usher at the Nottingham High School for a great number of years.

The Annual Meeting was held at the Society's Room at Bromley House, on 25th March, when Mr. D'Oyley S. Ransom presided, and spoke with authority on the subject of Church Faculties. The Report for 1913 was adopted, and the officials were elected for the year. There was a fair attendance of members.

The first Winter Meeting for the session 1914-15 was held on 9th December, when a paper on The Registers and Records of the Nottingham Presbyterians of the 17th and 18th Centuries, by Mr. J. C. Warren, M.A., and one by Mr. E. L. Guilford, M.A., on The "1745" in Nottingham were read.

The Summer Excursion on 16th June was to the district round Warsop, Cuckney, Carburton, and Edwinstowe.


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