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Goodes Remayning to the kingis Maiesties vse
(Over and Besydis a Challice with a patten
parcell gilte, Waying xij onz. di., Alredy
Deliuered vnto thandis of the Master of his
gracis Jewelhouse to his highnes vse / As
by an Inventory therof made particulerly
appereth ...
iijs ijd
It ys presented that in the parishe of Annesley there are
aboue ijlx parishioners. And the parishe being verey
large and wyde, And of1 grete distaunce betwen the
standing of the houses, They have no more mynysters to
helpe the Curate but this Chauntery preiste.




6. Mansfield. Cicely Flogan's stipendiary.

6. The Stypendary of Maunsfelde in Sherewodd
for terme of yeres, 2

Founded by Sysley Flogan, widowe, to Mayntaine a
preiste to sing masses for terme of certaine yeres. Ys
worthe by yere During the saide terme in Landis and
Tenementis as graunted by copy of courte Roll,3 lying and
being in sondry placis within the said Towne / As by the
Survey therof made particulerly it dothe appere,
cvjs viijd,

Due vnto John Porter, Incumbent there, of thage of liiij
yeres, vnlerned, having none other promocion / clere
yerely without paying any rent resolute.

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Goodes or Ornamentis Comming to the kingis

maiestie by Reason herof

(1) Italicised word interlined.

(2) Not previously certificated.
(3) Italicised words interlined.

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After thende and terme of iiij xix yeres, begynning in anno vijmo Regis Henrici viijui, Theise parcells before mencioned being but Copyholde / ar in Reuersion to theyres off the sayd Syssley Flogan.

7. Mansfield Woodhouse. Obits and lights.


7. The parishe Churche of Maunsfelde Wodhous Ys Worthe by yere in Landis and Tenementis Graunted for the Contynewaunce of Obitis and Lightis there for ever,

xs vjd

8. Selston. Two lights.

8. The parishe Churche of Selston 3

(1) I.e., 1515-6.

(2) Not previously certificated. Mansfield Woodhouse was a chapelry in the parish of Mansfield, not a separate parish. In 1339, Robert Stuffyn of Newark founded a chantry of one chaplain at the altar of our Lady in this chapel to celebrate for himself and Alice his wife, and the souls of Richard Stuffyn, their fathers and mothers, their ancestors, John son of Hugh de Portesmuthe of London, and all faithful departed. The prior and convent of Felley, by deed dated 25 September, 1339, undertook to pay the chaplain six marks yearly, by the hand of their cellarer, in consideration of the grant made to them by the founder of the advowson of Attenborough. The chaplain, in case of non-payment, was entitled to the sequestration of the fruits of the church of Annesley : the pension was charged upon the goods of the priory at Wheteburgh and Kirkby Woodhouse. After the founder's death, the eldest survivor of his four sons was to present with succession to the next, with lapse to Felley priory after fifteen days, and, after another fifteen days, to the archbishop. On principal feasts and Sundays the chaplain's mass was of the day or of the Holy Trinity, and he was bound to say mass of our Lady once a week. The date of confirmation by the archbishop is not given (York Epis. Reg. Melton, ff. 396d, 397). This chantry seems to have died out. In the particulars for grants of a number of lands for the maintenance of lights and obits, drawn up in 1548, this land, etc., appears as a messuage with three acres for the maintenance of the obit (10s.) and an acre of arable land for a lamp (6d.) [Augm. Office Misc. Books, lxvii., f. 256].

(3) Not previously certificated. The cottage is specified in Augm. Office Misc. Books, ut sup., as a house in Nottingham.

Y's Worthe in a certaine Cotage or hous Graunted for the Contynewaunce of ij lightis for euer,

9. Bramcote. A lamp.


9. The parishe Churche of Brampcote 1

Ys Worthe by yere in a parcell of lande arrabile graunted for mayntaynaunce of a lampe for euer,



10. Lenton. A lamp and torches.

The parishe Churche of Lenton 2

Ys Worthe by yere in certaine lande Arrabile graunted for the Mayntaynaunce of a lampe and certaine Torches there for ever,

11. Beeston.
Beeston. A lamp.


II. The parishe Churche of Beiston 3

Ys Worthe by yere in a parcel of lande Arrabile graunted for the Mayntaynaunce of a lampe ther for ever,

12. Cossall. A lamp.


12. The parishe Churche of Cossall +

Ys Worthe by yere in a parcel of lande Arrabile

(1) Not previously certificated. The particulars for grants, ut sup., specify a rood of land in the tenure of Richard Houghton, curate. Bramcote was a chapelry of Attenborough, but it may originally have been a separate parish.

(2) Not previously certificated. The land, ut sup., consisted of three


(3) Not previously certificated. The land, ut sup., was a rood.

(4) Not previously certificated. The land, ut sup., consisted of an


Graunted for the mayntaynaunce of a Lampe there for ever,


13. Radford. Robert England's trental.

13. The parishe churche of Radforthe

Ys Worthe by yere in a certaine somme of money graunted for terme of certayne yeres, to be payed by thexecutours of the laste will and Testament of Robert Inglande for the Contynewaunce of a Trentall of masses to be song there vntill the furste Daie of Maye that shalbe in yere of our lorde god m'dlvj,

xs for terme of yeres.


14. Clifton. College of the Holy Trinity.

14. The College of Clyfton, 2


Founded by the Anticessours of Sir Giervaise Clyfton, knight, to Mayntayne one Wardein and ij preistes to syng devyne Seruyce for euer. Ys worthe by yere in landis,3 Tenementis and other possessions lying and being in Sondry placis within the said Shere, As by the Survey therof made, Remayning with the Surveyour of the said Shere particulerly it Dothe appere,

Rentis Resolute



xxjli vs xd,

wherof jd, And so

Remayneth vnto John Fynes, Warden of the said College, of thage of lxxvj yeres; To Thomas Wright, prieste, of thage of 1 yeres, and to Thomas Bowthe,

(1) Not previously certificated. The trental was sung annually in the month following the anniversary of the testator's death.

(2) See roll 13, certificate 3.

(3) Italicised word interlined.

prieste, of thage of lxxvj yeres, hauing none other



xxjli vs ixď

Preacher, Scolemaster or the poore Relieved



by this Colledge Goodes Remayning Over and besydis ij Challices of syluer parcell gilte, Waying xxij onz. j quart', iiij spoones of Syluer white, Waying iij onz. iij quart', and a Maser Ring gylte, waying ij onz., Alredy Deliuered to thandis of the master of the kingis Jewelhous to his gracis vse / As by an Inventory therof made particulerly apperethe

15. Rempstone. Chantry.



15. The Chauntery Rempston,2


xljs iiijd

Founded by sir Thomas Rempston, knight, towarde the finding of a preiste to sing masses for ever. Ys worthe in a certaine Annuytie going out of the Manour of Rempston in the said Countie of Nottingham, As by the Survey therof made, Remayning with the Surveyour of the said shere, particulerly appereth,

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Due vnto Thomas Wingfelde, Chauntery preiste, of thage of lj yeres, being vnlerned, without any other promocion, Clere yerely without paying any Rent resolute.


Goodes and Ornamentis Remayning there to

the kingis maiesties vse, Valiewed to be



(1) Sic.

(2) See roll 13, certificate 2.

The founder's name is not given there.

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