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There hath ben no Chaunteries nor other lyke promocions ther dissolued, purchased, or by anye [etc., as above.].

Jurisdiction of Southwell.


39. Rampton. Stipendiary service.


A. The Stipendarie at Rampton, named in the boke of tenthe A Chaunterie: Neuertheles Olyuer Belamye, Stipendarie pryste there, saithe vppon his othe that it is neyther chaunterie nor perpetuite, for that the landis belonginge to the same were putt in feoffment anno ix Regis nuper anglie Henrici vijmi for the fyndynge of a preste oon humdrethe 2 yeres, and an vse declared that after those hundrethe yeris expired that the same landis shuld be solde, and the monye therof comynge to be disposed vppon the mariage of pore maydens, Relyvinge the pore householders, and makinge highe wayes within the parisshe of Rampton aforesaid, as by the Wrytinges therof shewed to the Commyssioners dothe Appere; and as Conserninge his payment of his tenthes, he supposithe that it was doon att the Firste withe oute good grounde or cause Reasonable.

B. iiijli xvjs vija 4

C. iij xvjs vijd.

D, etc. To the Residewe of all the said Articles ther is no Answere by anye man made.

(1) I.e., 1493-4.

(3) Sic.

(8) Sic.

(4) Val. Eccl., v., 200. The sum should be actually £4 16s. 6d. Tenth, 9s. 8d. The gross amount (£5 4s. Od.) came out of three tenements in Rampton put in feoffment by the will of John Stanhope. Reprises (7s. 6d., wrongly stated as 7s. 5d.) consisted of a payment of 6s, 8d. and two small rents (8d. and 2d.).

[The certificate of St. Mary Magdalene's chapel at Southwell follows on memb. 7d, which has been printed with the certificates of Southwell college, etc. (membb. 8-10d) in a previous volume of the Society's Transactions.]



The Certificate of Sir Giervayce Clifton, Sir John Hersey, Sir Antonye Nevile, knightis, and William Bolles, Esquyer, Appointed amongis other for the Surveye of Collegies, Chaunteries, Free Chapellis, Guyldes, Fraternities and suche like in the saide Countie of Nottingham, Aswell of all and singuler such Collegies, Chaunteries, Frechappellis, Brotherheddis, Fraternities, Guyldes and other thingis within the said Countie of Nottingham; Whiche oughte and be commen vnto the kingis Maiesties handis by vertue of an Acte of parliament Begon and holden at Westm' the iiijth daye of Novembre in the Furste yere of his Maiesties Reigne. As also the yerely Valewes, Condiciones, estatis and degre of the same and every of them, accordyng to the tenour, purporte and effecte of his highnes Commission and enstructions to vs the said Commissyoners and other in that behalf Directed, Bering Date the xiiij Daie of Februare in the seconde yere of the Raigne of our said soueraigne Lorde, Edwarde the Sixte, by the grace of god king of Inglande, Fraunce and yrelande, Denfendour of the Faithe and in erthe of the Churche of Englande and Yrelande Supreme hedde.

(1) Italicised word interlined.

(3) Sic.

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1a. Nottingham. Chantry of Our Lady in St. Mary's. The Chauntery of Our Ladye in the parishe Saint Mary there.2

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Ffounded by Rycherd 3 Ingram to mayntayne a preiste to sing Masse for ever. Ys worthe by yere in landis and possessions lying and being with in the Towne of Nottingham aforesaide, As by the Survey therof made Remayning with the Surveyour of the said Shere, yt doith perticularlye appere,

Wherof in

Rentis Resolute

And so

viijli vs


Remayneth vnto Thomas Palmer, chauntery preiste there, of thage of xxxvijte yeres, vnlerned, having vjli out of the Landis and possess' of Barnewell nere onto Chambrige,+


viijli iiijs vd

Preacher, Scole master, nor poore other then the said Chauntery preiste hath ben Relieved within the said Chauntery-none.

Goodes. Gyven, solde or spoyled sins the xxiijth daie of Novembre, Anno xxxvijmo Henrici viijui 5-none.

Remayning to the kingis Maiestes vse, as by a particuler Inventory therof made, Remayning with

(1) Sic.

(2) See roll 13, certificate 38c.

(8) Sic. The founder's name was Robert.

(4) This detail is not mentioned in roll 13. The Augustinian priory of Barnwell was in the eastern suburb of Cambridge.

(") 23 November, 1545, the date of the passing of the first chantry Act.

the said Surveyour, playnely appereth,' estemed and

valued to be worthe...

xvjs iiijd

16. Nottingham. Chantry of St. Lawrence in St. Mary's. The Chauntery called Amyas chauntry in the parishe of our lady there.2

Founded by William Amyas to Mayntaine a preiste to singe masses for ever. Ys worthe by yere in landis and Tenementis with other possessions lying and being wythin Diuers and sondry parishes of Nottingham, As by the Survey therof made Remayning Remayning 3 with the Surveyour of the said Shere particurlerly 4 yt doth appere,

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lvjs xd

[blocks in formation]

Remayneth to Hughe Chorleton, Chauntery preeste there, of thage of lv yeres, vnlerned, having none other lyving or promocion to lyve vpon,



Preacher, Scole master, nor the poore men (other then the said Chauntery prieste) hath ben Relieved by the said Chauntery-None.

Goodes. Given, solde or spoyled sins the xxiijth daie of November, Anno xxxvijmo Henrici viijui -None.

Remayning to the kingis Maiesties vse, as by an Inventorye therof made Remayning with the said Surveyour particulery 5 apperethe, Estemed and Valued to be worthe





[blocks in formation]

There ys within the paryshe of saint Maries there m' iiij' houseling people; And that the Vicar there hathe none other mynysters but the said ij Chauntery preistes, Thatis to saie Thomas Palmer and Hughe Chorleton.

1c. Nottingham. Plumptre's hospital.

Thospitall of Saint Marye next the Brigg side there.' Founded by John Plumtre for the Relief of the poore. Ys worthe by yere in landis and possessions lying and being in diuers stretes and other placis within the said towne, As by the Survey therof made Remayning with the saide Surveyour of the saide shere particulerly yt dothe appere,

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Remayneth vnto Peter Burdesale, chauntery preiste

there, of thage of Fyftie yeres, vnlerned, And hauing none other promocion or lyving,


ixli vijs vd

Preacher, Scole master, or poore men (other then the said Chauntery preiste) that hathe ben Relieved by the said Chauntery—none.

Goodes. Gyven, solde or spoyled sins the xxiijth daye of Novembre, Anno xxxvijmo H. viijui —none.

Remayning (Over and besides one Challice of Syluer parcell gilte soderyd with ledde, Waying xj

(1) See roll 13, certificate 38a.

(3) There is crossed out here the entry, "Tenthes due to the kingis Maiestie, xxijs. ijd. ob. q."

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