The Law Magazine and Law Review: Or, Quarterly Journal of Jurisprudence, Volume 28

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Butterworths, 1870

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Page 6 - The rule of the common law, that penal statutes are to be strictly construed, has no application to this code. All its provisions are to be construed according to the fair import of their terms, with a view to effect its objects and to promote justice.
Page 7 - That if any person, being married, shall marry any other person during the life of the former husband or wife,' whether the second marriage shall have taken place in England or elsewhere, every such offender, and every person counselling aiding or abetting such offender, shall be guilty of felony...
Page 40 - That such jurisdiction shall only be exercised where it is proved to the satisfaction of the court that the person making default either has or has had since the date of the order or judgment the means to pay the sum in respect of which he has made default and has refused or neglected, or refuses or neglects, to pay the same.
Page 181 - Parliament the Chairman of Committees of the House of Lords and the Chairman of Ways and Means in the House of Commons acting...
Page 286 - In the case of any covenant or contract made in consideration of . marriage for the future settlement on or for the settlor's wife or children of any money or property wherein he had not at the date of his marriage any estate or interest...
Page 33 - Default by a trustee or person acting in a fiduciary capacity and ordered to pay by a court of equity any sum in his possession or under his control: 4.
Page 227 - ... of gain, and with the protection of insurance. War is not a game of strength between armies or fleets, nor a competition to kill the most men and sink the most vessels ; but a grand, valiant appeal to force to secure an object deemed essential, when every other appeal has failed.
Page 36 - ... that the plaintiff has good cause of action against the defendant, to the amount of Jiffy pounds or upwards, and that there is probable cause for believing that the defendant is about to quit England...
Page 33 - ... 5. Default in payment for the benefit of creditors of any portion of a salary or other income in respect of the payment of which any court having jurisdiction in bankruptcy is authorized to make an order : 6.
Page 283 - All goods being, at the commencement of the bankruptcy, in the possession, order or disposition of the bankrupt, in his trade or business, by the consent and permission of the true owner, under such circumstances that he is the reputed owner thereof...

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