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THE FIVE VOLUMES comprehend the COUNTY REPORTS, in manner following.

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Common Fields, see Appropria


Common Meadows, see Appro
Compost, see Manure.
Coppices, see Woodlands.
Copyhold, see Tenures,
Cornwall, 515.
Cottages, vii.

Covenants, see Tenancy.
Cows, see Cattle, also Dairy.
Cow Keepers, 108, 142,
Cranbourn Chase, 261.
Cultivated Herbage, ix.

Dairy, x.

Dartmore, see Appropriation,
Davis's Wiltshire, 184.
Deer, x.

Devonshire, 549.
Districts, iii.
Dorsetshire, 241.

Downs, see Grass Land.
Drags, see Implements.
Drainage, Public, v.
Draining Estates, vi.
Drilling, see Semination.

Calves, see Suckling; also Cattle, Duchy of Cornwall, 522.

Driver's Hampshire, 284.

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Dung, see Manure.

Dunstone, 560.

Canary Seed, ix.

Carts, see Implements.

Cart Horses, see Working Ani- Egremont, Earl of, see Sussex.


Education of Workpeople, 574.

Elevation, iii.

Ellman, Mr., see Sussex.

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Laws of Agriculture, 121.

Forests, see Woodlands, also Ap- Laborers, see Workpeople.


Forest, Epping, 171.

Forest, New, 288.
Fossils, iv.

Fraser's Cornwall, 515.
Fraser's Devon, 550.
Fuel, iv.

Fuller's Earth, see Fossils.

Garden Field, 129.

Garden Grounds, x.

Geology, iv.

Glass Sand, see Fossils.
Goats, X.

Grass Lands, ix.

Grazing Grounds, see Grass Land.

Grey Wedders, N. 1.

Greg's South Essex, 149.

Groves, see Woodlands.

Growing Crops, viii.


Hampshire, 283.

Haymaking, see Grass Land.
Hedges, see Farm Fences.
Hemp, ix.

Hertfordshire, 4.

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Hogs, see Swine.

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Oats, ixul Digita
Occupiers, vi vu
Objects of Husbandry, vii.
Orchards, x.

Osier Beds, see Woodlands.

Oxen, see Cattle; also Working


Parish Prentices, 573.
Pastures, see Grass Lands.
Pearse's Berks, 44.
Peas, ix.

Peat Ashes, Berkshire, 84.
Peat Bogs, 85.

Peninsular Department, 513.
Petty Thefts, 121. !
Petworth Meetings, 465.
Pigeons, xi.

Pigs, see Swine.

Pilchard's, see Manures.
Pilfering, 121.!..
Pipe Clay, see Fossils.
Pitching Corn-Markets, 49.
Plan of Management, vii.
Planting, see Woodlands.
Plows, see Implements.

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Plow Team, see Working Ani- Schooling, its Benefits, 574.15


Plowing, see Tillage.

Ponds, see Watering Stock.
Poor Rates, V.

Portland Stone, see Fossils.
Post and Posting, probable Ety-
mon, 378.
Pot Dung, 54.
Potatoes, ix.

Potter's Clay, see Fossils, 360.
Poultry, xi.

Principles of Improvement, 351.
Profit of Farming, xi.
Property, neglect of, 124.
Prosecution for Theft, 121.
Provisions, iv.

Public Drainage, v.
Public Taxes, v.

Purbeck Stone, see Fossils.
Purchase of Estates, vi.

Rabbits, x.
Railways, v.

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Somerset, West, 585.
Soot, see Manure.
South Essex, 148.
Southeast Somerset, 233.
South Wiltshire, 188.
State of Husbandry, vii.
Stevenson's Dorset, 254.
Stevenson's Surrey, 364.
Stonehedge, N. 1.
Straw Reed, N. 267.
Substratum, iv.

Turnpike Trusts, 359.
Tweedside Workpeople, 384.

Vale of Blackmoor, 241, 250.
Vale of Taunton, 600.
Vancouver's Devon, 556.
Vancouver's Hants, 301.
Vancouver's South Essex, 151.
Vermin, see Growing Crops.
Vermin, enumerated, 133.


Succession, see Plan of Manage- Waggon, see Implements,


Suckling, x.

Surface, iii.

Sussex, 453.

Surrey, 353.


Swine, xi.


Walker's Herts, 5.

Walnuts, Surrey, 402.

Warner's Isle of Wight, 295.

Washing Sheep, 281,

Swedish Turneps, see Bulbous Waste Lands, see Appropriation.

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Waters, iv.

Watering Land, vi.

Watering Roads, 357.

Watering Stock, vi.

Waterlands, Somerset, 585,
Water Meadows, see Watering

Water Table, N. 13.

Watson, Doctor, 46).

Weld, ix.

West Somerset, 585.

Wheat, viii.

Wiltshire, 184,

Windsor, see Markets, 75,
Windsor Park, 45.

Winnowing Mills, see Implements.
Woad, ix.

Woodlands, vii.

Worgan's Cornwall, 527.
Working Animals, viii.

Workpeople, vii.


Yeomen, see Occupiers.
Young's Sussex, 454.

Thomas Wilson and Sons, Printers, High-Ousegate, York.

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