Criminal Trials and Other Proceedings Before the High Court of Justiciary, Volume 2

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Maitland club, 1831
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Page 50 - Witches bridles,' are still preserved in various parts of Scotland, which had formerly been used for such iniquitous purposes. These instruments were so constructed, that by means of a hoop which passed over the head, a piece of iron, having four points or prongs, was forcibly thrust into the mouth, two of these being directed to the tongue and palate, the others pointing outwards to each cheek. This infernal machine was secured by a padlock. At the back of the collar was fixed a ring, by which to...
Page 164 - the paying the kane to hell," or, according to some recitations, " the teind," or tenth. This is the popular reason assigned for the desire of the Fairies to abstract young children, as substitutes for themselves in this dreadful tribute. Concerning the mode of winning, or recovering, persons abstracted by the Fairies, tradition differs; but the popular opinion, contrary to what may be inferred from the...
Page 52 - The ferd15 tyme he apperit in hir awin hous to hir, about the xij hour of the day, quhair thair was...
Page 162 - Seiris bypast, as scho had confest be hir depositiounis, declaring that scho could nocht say reddelie how lang scho wes with thame; and that scho had freindis in that court quhilk wes of hir awin blude, quha had gude acquentence of the Quene of Elphane. And that scho saw nocht the Quene thir seuin...
Page 165 - ... and do in |,e contrar, that he being att ony tyme heireftir apprehendit ' Heiring how Witches wrang abufit him, The Kirkmen calld him and accufed him, And fcharplie of theis pointis reproved him, That he in Sorcerie beleavit him, Whairthrow his faule mycht come to fkaith, The Witche and he confeffing bayth, Scho tuik fome part of white wyne dreggis, Wounded rayne and blak hen eggis, And made him droggis that did him gude,
Page 50 - ... of such discipline, maddened by the misery of her forlorn and helpless state, would be rendered fit for confessing anything, in order to be rid of the dregs of her wretched life. At intervals fresh examinations took place, and these were repeated from time to time until her " contumacy," as it was termed, was subdued.
Page 56 - Na, becaus he had forbiddin hir, that, quhair euir fche faw him, or mett with him, fche fuld neuir fpeik to him, vnles he fpak to hir firft.13 Item, fche faw him gangand vp and doun on the gait14 of Edinburgh,vpoun ane mercat day, quhair he leuch vpoun hir, and gaid vp and doun amangis the peple, and put his handis to the lavis, as vthir folk did.15 — (20.) INTERROGAT, Gif fche neuir aikit the queftioun at him, Quhairfoir he com to hir mair (than) to ane vthir bodye ? Anfuerit, Remembring hir,...
Page 157 - Religioune prefentlie profeft be our Souerane lord and his fubiectis; and therefore, to haif had libertie of confcience, or otherwyis to fy [fay] forme of Religioune, to haif bene vfit att ewerie manis awin appittite within J>e realme; incontrair J>e tennour of J>e Actis of Parliament; incurrand J>airthrow the panis contenit in J>e famin.

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