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Star Papers; or, Experi-
ences of Art and Nature,
by Henry Ward Beecher, 26th edi-
. Cloth, 1
tion, 12mo..
Turkey morocco, antique, portrait, 8 50
Lectures to Young Men

on various Important
Subjects, by Henry Ward
Beecher, 26th thousand, 12mo. Cloth
An Encyclopedia of In-
struction on Man and
Manners, by A. B. Johnson,
author of "Physiology of the
Senses," 12mo.....
Physiology of the Senses;
or, How and What we
Hear, See, Taste, Feel
and Smell, by A. B. Johnson,



Webster's Family EncycloTM
pædia of Useful Know-
ledge; or, Book of 7,223
Receipts and Facts.
whole library of subjects useful to
every individual, illustrated with
nearly one thousand engravings,
1,288 pages, 8vo. illuminated backs
or sides in gilt,

This is a valuable and truly useful
work, comprising everything
needful to be known in domestic
economy essential to the comfort,
convenience, utility, and enjoy-
ment of a family. In fact, there
is nothing in the entire range of
the domestic economy of a family
that cannot be found in this book,
It contains nearly 1250 pages, with
a copious index, and is profusely
illustrated. It is a work which
every husband should buy for
his wife, and every father for his


1 25

Spirit Rappings Unveiled,
by Rev. H. Mattison, 12mo. Cloth,
The Enchanted Beauty;
or, Tales, Essays and
Sketches, by William Elder,


.Cloth, 100

Camp Fires of the Red
Men; or, A

Years Ago, by J. R. Orton,
illustrated 12mo. .......Cloth, 195
My Courtship and its Con-
sequences, by Henry Wikoff.
A true account of the Author's Ad-
ventures in England, Switzerland,
and Italy, with Miss J. C. Gamble,
of Portland Place, London, 12mo.

Cloth, 125

75 The House I Livą In; or,
The Human Body, by Wm.
A. Alcott, M.D., 1 vol. 18mo.......
The American Gift Book.
A Perpetual Souvenir, with six
elegant steel engravings, 12mo.

8 00

2 25

Wau Bun; or, The "Early
Day" in the Northwest,
by Mrs. John H. Kinzie, of Chicago,
illustrated, Svo......
Country Margins and Sum-
mer Rambles, by S. H. Ham-
mond, and L. W. Mansfield, 12mo.
Neat cloth, 100

Ewbank's Hydraulics and
Mechanics, containing De-
scriptive and Historical Accounts
of Hydraulic and other Machines
for raising Water, with Observa-
tions on various subjects connected
with the Mechanic Arts, illustrated
by nearly 800 engravings, 8vo.
Cloth, gilt back, 2 50


Cloth, 100

The Sultan and His Peo-
ple, by C. Oscanyan, with nume-
rous illustrations, 12mo......Cloth, 1 25
The American Revolution
and Beauties of Ameri-
can History, 12mo..... Cloth, 1 00
The Husband in Utah, ed-
ited by Maria Ward, author of "Fe-
male Life among the Mormons,"
.....Cloth, 1 00

The Philosophy of Skep
ticism and Ultraism, by
Rev. J. B. Walker, author of "The
Philosophy of the Plan of Salva
tion," 12mo......

.....Cloth, 12

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