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No. 4.-Registers of other Churches.

Printed Registers.



UFTON COURT, 1741-1828, F. Crisp, pr.


1889, fol.

1887, fol.

WESTON UNDERWOOD, 1710-1785, F. Crisp, pr.
WOBURN LODGE, WEYBRIDGE, 1750-1874, F. Crisp, pr.

1888, fol.

WORCESTERSHIRE. WORCESTER, Bap. 1685-1837, F. Crisp, 1887, fol.


CAMBRIDGESHIRE. WISBECH, Reg. Gen. Baptist Ch., W. Winkley 1860, 8vo

YORKSHIRE. COLEY, see Northowram.

DONCASTER, Friends, Mar. 1794-1865, C. H. Hatfield,
Hist. Not. of Donc. Series 2.

KEIGHLEY, Friends, Yorkshire Notes and Queries, vol. ii.
NORTHOWRAM, Noncon. 1644-1752, J. H. Turner, 1881,8vo


CAMBRIDGESHIRE. THORNEY, French Colony, 1654-1727, Rev. R. H. Warner, Hist. of Thorney Abbey.



SOUTHAMPTON, Walloon Church, 1567-1779,

Huguenot Soc., vol iv., 4to

IRELAND. DUBLIN, Huguenot Church, Hug. Soc., vol. vii., in press CANTERBURY, French Church, Hug. Soc., vol. v., part i., 1891, part ii., in press

DOVER, French Church, F. A. Crisp

1888, fol.

LONDON. AUSTIN FRIARS, Dutch Church, 1571-1874, W. J. C.

Moëns, F.S.A.

part ii.

Lymington, 1884, 4to

NORFOLK. NORWICH, Walloon Church, 1595-1611, Hug. Soc., vol. i.,

Lymington, 1888, 4to YORKSHIRE. SANDTOFT, French Prot. Church, 1642-1685, Yorks Archeol. Jour., vol. vii.


MS. Transcripts.

COLCHESTER, Dutch Church. Bap. 1645-1728, W. J. C.
Moëns, F.S.A.

GLOUCESTERSHIRE. RODBOROUGH. Diss. Prot., Bap. 1762-1837.

Rev. R. H. Clutterbuck, F.S.A.

LONDON. BUNHILL FIELDS, Bur. 1713-1826, Chester MSS. SURREY. CAPEL, Friends (Pleystowe Reg.) Births 1651-1819, Mar. 1666-1676, Bur. 1664-1849, A. Ridley Bax.

REIGATE, Friends, Births 1667-1675, Mar. 1665-1676
Bur. 1664-1677, A. R. Bax.

SOCIETY OF FRIENDS.-A Digest of the Registers of Births, Marriages, Deaths and Burials of Members (principally) of the Society of Friends in England and Wales, from the rise of the Society, circa 1650 to 1837, arranged in geographical areas called Quarterly Meetings, the entries for each Quarterly Meeting being also arranged alphabetically and chronologically.

Central Offices, Devonshire House, E.C.

No. 5.-A List of MS. Transcripts.

This List is for general information, to prevent the duplication of transcription and facilitate publication; many of the owners of the transcripts wish it to be understood that they will not undertake to make searches, give extracts, or enter into correspondence. The names given are those of the present owners; the Chester MSS. are at the College of Arms.

BEENHAM, from 1561.


BURGHFIELD, Bap. 1562-1643, Mar. 1559-1643, Bur.
1559-1635, the Rector.

DENCHWORTH, from 1538 (old), Miss Thoyts.
ENGLEFIELD, 1561-1889, À. A. Harrison.

FRIBSHAM, Bap. 1711-1768, Mar. 1711-1720, Bur. 1721

1768, Index, Miss Thoyts.

PURLEY (old), Miss Thoyts.

STREATLY, from 1679, the Rector.

SULHAMSTEAD ABBOTS, 1603-1810, Miss E. Thoyts.

SULHAMSTEAD BANISTER, 1660-1787, Miss E. Thoyts.

UFTON, 1636-1736, the Rector (by Miss Thoyts).

CHESHIRE. BRERETON-CUM-SMETHWICK, 1538-1620, C. J. Bradshaw CHESTER, St. Bridgit, Bap. 1560-1638, Mar. 1560–1637, Bur. 1560-1666, Brit. Mus., Harl. MS. 2177.

CHESTER, St. Mary-on-the-Hill, Bap. 1547-1572, Mar. 1547-1551, Bur. 1547-1553, Harl. MS. 2177.

CHESHIRE. CHESTER, St. Olave, Bap., Mar. and Bur. 1611-1644, and Bur. 1654-1673, Harl. MS. 2177.




CHESTER, Trinity, 1598-1653, Harl. MS. 2177,

ALWINGTON, Bap. and Mar. 1550-1716, Bur. 1550-1775,
Chester MSS.

BRADFORD, 1559-1812, Chester MSS.

HARTLAND, Bap. 1557-1812, Mar. 1557-1837, Bur. 15771866, Chester MSS.

HOLLACOMBE, 1638-1738. Chester MSS.

LITTLEHAM, 1538-1812, Chester MSS.

MAMHEAD, 1549, Rev. W. C. Plenderleith.

NEWTON, St. Petrock, 1578-1812, Chester MSS.

PARKHAM, 1537-1812, Chester, MSS.

SHAUGH PRIOR, 1565-1887, MS. Coll. Arms.

SHEBBEAR, 1576-1812, Chester MSS.

HALSTOCK, Bap. 1698, Mar. 1701, Bur. 1698-1812,
Rev. R. F. Meredith (Indexed).

DENTON, Bap. 1673-1714, Mar. 1673–1715, Bur. 1673-1717,
Rev. J. Edleston (earlier Register printed).

GAINFORD, Bap. 1784-1841, Mar. 1754-1837, Bur. 1784-
1852, Rev. J. Edleston (earlier Register printed).
WHORLTON, Bap. 1626-1724, Mar. 1713-1724, Bur. 1669-
1724, Rev. J. Edleston (Indexed).

ESSEX. DEBDEN, 1557-1777, Chester MSS.

STANSTED MONTFICHET, 1558-1760 (per J. J. Green), Brit.

GLO'STERSHIRE. KING STANLEY, Bap. 1573-1812, Mar. 1573-1813, Bur. 1573-1881, Rev. R. H. Clutterbuck, F.S.A. LEONARD STANLEY, Bap. 1575-1600, Mar. 1570-1613, Bur. 1571-1664, and 1773-1812, Rev. R. H. Clutterbuck, F.S.A.




ASHE, Bap. 1607, Mar. 1606, Bur. 1618-1720), Rev. F. W.

DUNMER, 1540-1889, S. Andrews (Index in progress.)
EASTROP, 1750-1888, S. Andrews (Indexed).

KNIGHTS ENHAм, Bap. 1683-1812, Mar. 1697-1805, Bur.
1758-1812, Rev. R. H. Clutterbuck, F.S.A.

STEVENTON, 1604-1888, S. Andrews.

UPTON GREY, 1558-1837, Miss G. T. Martin.

ST. ALBAN'S ABBEY, 1558-1689, Chester MSS.
WESTON, Bap. and Bur. 1539-1760, Mar. 1539-1757,
M. R. Pryor.

BECKENHAM, 1538-1716, A. O. Barron.

BECKENHAM, Bap. 1717-1784, Mar. 1717-1790, Bur. 1717-1785, L. L. Duncan, F.S.A.

CHISLEHURST, 1558-1760, L. L. Duncan, F.S.A.


DAVINGTON, Index 1549-1862, B. M. Add. MS. 28837.

(continued) MAIDSTONE, 1542-1740, Rev. J. Cave-Browne (part pub.).



Canon Benham.

Canon Benham.

ORPINGTON, 1560-1754, H. C. Kirby.

PRESTON (Faversham), 1559-1812, Rev. J. Russell Cooke.
THANET, St. Peter, 1582-1777, Soc. of Antiq. MS. (by
Canon Benham).

THANINGTON, Mar. 1558-1737, J. M. Cowper.

LANCASHIRE. OLDHAM, Bap. 1558-1611. MS. Coll. Arms.
WARRINGTON, 1st Register Warrington Museum.

LONDON. ALL HALLOWS, Lombard Street, 1550-1867, Chester MSS.
BUNHILL FIELDS, Bur. 1713-1826, Chester MSS.
CHARTERHOUSE CHAPEL, Bap. 1696-1812, Mar. 1671–1754,
Bur. 1695-1812, Dr. F. Collins.

CHAPEL ROYAL, Whitehall, 1704-1867, Chester MSS.
CHELSEA, Mar. 1559-1754, Chester MSS.

MERCERS' CHAPEL, 1641-1833, Chester MSS.
ROLLS' CHAPEL, 1736-1826, Chester MSS.

ST. BENET, Gracechurch, 1558-1866, Chester MSS.
ST. LEONARD, Eastcheap, 1538-1812, Chester MSS.
TEMPLE CHURCH, complete, Chester MSS.

WESTMINSTER, St. Margaret, complete, Chester MSS.

MIDDLESEX. EPPING, 1538-1750, W. .C. Metcalfe, F.S.A. (indexed to


NORFOLK. ANTINGHAM, 1679-1812, Rev. F. Procter.

BACTON, 1558-1812, Rev. F. Procter.
BRADFIELD, 1725-1812, Rev. F. Procter.

BUNSTEAD, 1561-1812, Rev. F. Procter.

CASTLE ACRE, Bap. 1695-1699, Mar. 1710-1748. Bur. 1695-1698, Rev. J. H. Bloom.

GARVESTON, 1539-1812, Chester MSS.

HORSEY, Bap. and Bur. 1559-1812, Mar. 1571-1677, Rev.
F. Procter.

INGHAM, Bap. and Bur. 1800-1812, Mar. 1800-1838 (the
register burnt), Rev. F. Procter.

MUNDESLEY, 1724-1744, and 1756-1812, Rev. F. Protcer.
PALLING, 1779-1812 (Register lost), Rev. F. Procter,
SWAFIELD, 1660-1812, Rev. F. Procter.

THORPEMARKET, 1537-1739, Rev. F. Procter.

THUXTON, Complete, Chester MSS.

WAXHAM, 1780-1812 (Register lost), Rev. F. Procter.
WEST SOMERTON, 1736-1812, Rev. F. Procter.

WESTWICK, Bap. and Bur. 1642-1812, Mar. 1642-1836,
Rev. F. Procter.

WINTERTON, with E. Somerton, 1717-1812 (after fire),
Rev. F. Procter.

NORTHANTS. LILFORD, 1564-1777, Chester MSS.
WADENHOE, complete, Chester MSS.


CARLTON-IN-LINDRICK, Mar. 1559-1754, Bap. and Bur.
1559-1678, G. W. Marshall LL.D., Coll. Arms.
RATCLIFFE-ON-Soar, 1597-1773, Rev. E. F. Taylor.
SUTTON, St. Ann, 1560-1759, Rev. E. F. Taylor.

OXFORD. OXFORD, All Saints, 1559-1866, Chester MSS.

OXFORD, St. Giles, Mar. 1559-1754, Bap. 1576-1769, Bur.
1605-1768, Chester MSS.

OXFORD, St. Mary Magdalen, 1600-1726, Chester MSS.
OXFORD, St. Mary the Virgin, 1599-1866, Chester MSS.
OXFORD, St. Peter-in-the-East, 1559-1866, Chester MSS.

RUTLAND. EDITH WESTON, Bap. 1585, Mar. and Bur. 1586-1836,
Rev. A. Trollope.

HAMBLEDON, Bap. and Bur. 1558-1812, Mar. 1558-1846,

Rev. Geo. Gibb.

LUFFENHAM (NORTH), Bap. 1572-1748, Mar. and Bur.
1565-1749, Rev. P. G. Dennis.

LYNDON, Bap. and Bur. 1580-1813, Mar. 1580-1837,
Rev. T. K. B. Nevinson.


Rev. M. A. Thomson.

SHROPSHIRE. QUATFORD, 1636-1811, Brit. Mus. Add. MS. 28740. SOMERSET. Banwell, 1568-1797, Chester MSS.. STAFFORDSHIRE. CLENT, 1562-1812, J. Amphlett.


INGESTRE, 1691–1733 (per C. J. Bradshaw).

BANSTEAD, Bap. and Mar. 1547-1750, Bur. 1547-1789,
F. A. H. Lambert, F.S.A.

BEDDINGTON, Mar. 1538-1754, R. Garraway Rice, F.S.A.
COULSDON, Mar. 1655-1753, R. Garraway Rice, F.S.A.
FARLEIGH, Bap. and Bur. 1678-1812, Mar. 1679-1810,
R. Garraway Rice, F.S.A.

GODALMING, Bap. 1582-1625, Mar. and Bur. 1583-1625,
Ralph Nevill, F.S.A.

HORLEY, Bap. 1630-1700, Mar. 1630-1753, Bur. 1599-
1700, A. R. Bax.

MITCHAM, 1563-1678, Chester, MSS.

RICHMOND, 1583-1812, J. Challenor Smith.

WOLDINGHAM, Bap. 1766-1812, Mar. 1769-1810, Bur. 1765-1811, R. G. Rice.

SUSSEX. ARDINGLY, 1558-1724 (by Rev. J. H. L. Booker), The Rector, Indexed and annotated.

BALCOMBE, Bаp. 1554, Mar. 1539, Bur. 1540-1746 (by

Rev. J. H. L. Booker), The Rector.

CRAWLEY, Mar. 1688-1750, R. Garraway Rice.

DITCHLING, Bap. 1557 and Mar. and Bur. 1556-1750,
Capt. Attree, R.E. Indexed.

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