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Archæological Soc.42, 191 Davers family, 495

Archdeaconries, 41
Artesian Wells, 409, 421
Artillery Corps, 64, 239
Assizes, 26
Bacon, Sir N. 714
Bale John, 299
Barnardiston family, 803
Barons' Wars, 37
Bathing Places, 237, 327,
503, 550
Bedford Level, 679
Benyon family, 714
Bishops of Dunwich, 40
Blois Sir Charles, 346
Bloomfield Robert, 720
Bohun Edmund, 342
Borough English,214,357
Boroughs, 20
Brandon, Duke of, 39, 682
Bristol, Marquis of, 472
Broke family, 243
Bunbury family, 482
Burrell family, 80
Bury St. Edmund's,
Index at page 822)
Calthorpe family, 480
Canals, 38

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Davey D. E., Esq. 271
Deaneries, 41

Decoys, 46, 256, 515, 540,

De la Pole family, 403
Diocesan Society, 85
Diocese, 39
Divisions (E. & W.) 26
Domesday Book, 35
Druids, 31
Drury family, 466
Ducking Stool, 67
Dysart, Earl of, 444
Edmund (Saint) 34, 152,

Elwes Sir H. & John, 809
Farmers' Clubs, 46
Felix (Bishop) 40
Felton family, 255
Fens, 44, 679
Fisheries, 47, 555
Fitz Roy family, 717
Flax, growth of, 45
Fletcher Rev G. 259
Gainsborough Thos. 778
Gardiner Sir Robt. 715
Glemham family, 514
Gosford, Earl of, 678
Grafton, Duke of, 717
Harland family, 243
Harmer Rev Thos. 735
Heber (Bishop), 345
Henniker family, 611
Herring fishery, 555
Hervey family, 472

Hitcham Sir Robert, 360
Howard family, 360
Humphrey, Duke, 171
Hundreds, &c. 27
Huntingfield Lord, 314
Huntingtower Lord, 444
Ives John, 533
Jermyn family, 495
Jermyn Earl, 472
Kelly Sir Fitzroy, 228
Keppel Admiral, 685
Kerrison Sir E. C. 385
Kirby John & Joshua, 89
Liberties, 26


Lodbrog, King of Den-
mark, 153
Lunatic Asylums, 99, 266
Mackay S. A. 560
Magistrates, 19
Magna Charta, 37, 170-
Manners Lord, 487
Manufactures, 46
Market Towns, 26, 824
Martin Thomas, 604
Martyrs, 62, 172, 389, 626-
Mayors (for 1855,) 823
Members of Parliament,

Metcalf Rev John, 449
Middleton family, 431
Militia, 30, 63, 64, 194
Mills Thomas, Esq.
Milton John, 418
Miraculous Peas, 506
Misers (Elwes), 809
Norman Conquest, 35
Parliamentary Divisions,

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SUFFOLK.-Sir Edward S. Gooch, Bart., Benacre Hall; and Sir Fitzroy Kelly, Kt., The Chauntry, (Sproughton,) for the EASTERN DIVISION, and Philip Bennet, Esq., Rougham Hall; and H. S. Waddington, Esq., Cavenham Hall, for the WESTERN DIVISION.

BURY ST. EDMUND'S.-J. H. P. Oakes, Esq., Nowton Court, and Earl Jermyn,
Ickworth Park.

IPSWICH.-J. C. Cobbold, Esq., Ipswich aud Felixstow; and H. E. Adair, Esq., of
Flixton Hall, and 2, Chapel street West, London.
EYE.-Sir Edward C. Kerrison, Bart., Oakley Park.


LORD LIEUTENANT,-Rt. Hon. the Earl of Stradbroke, Henham Hall. HIGH SHERIFF, (1854,)-Windsor Parker, Esq., Clopton Hall. UNDER-SHERIFF, James Sparke, Esq., Bury St. Edmund's. CLERK OF THE PEACE,-J. H. Borton, Esq., Bury. St. Edmund's. Clerk to the Lieutenancy,-Wm. Salmon, Esq., Bury. The ACTING MAGISTRATES and DEPUTY-LIEUTENANTS residing in Suffolk are distinguished in the following List of Seats. (See page 19.)

CORONERS, J. E. Sparrow. and Charles Gross, Esqrs., Ipswich, for the County; J. Wood, jun., Esq., Woodbridge, for the Liberty of St. Ethelred; G. A. Partridge, Esq., Bury, for the Liberty of St. Edmund; E. E. Lawrance, Esq., Ipswich, for the Liberty of the Duke of Norfolk; and S. B. Jackaman, Esq., Ipswich, for the Borough of Ipswich.

COUNTY TREASURERS.-E. C. Sharpin, Esq., for Beccles Division; H. J. Oakes, Esq., for Bury Division; C. Gross, Esq., for Ipswich Division; and Charles Moore, Esq., for Woodbridge Division.

STAMP DISTRIBUTOR,-W. W. Humphry, Esq., Sudbury.

CHIEF CONSTABLES, John Hatton, Esq., Saxmundham, for the Eastern Division,
and Captain Syer, of Bury, for the Western Division. (See page 30.)
The COUNTY COURT DISTRICTS and OFFICERS are noticed at page 30.
GOVERNOR OF COUNTY GAOL, Ipswich,-Mr. John Alloway.

Governor of the Liberty Gaol, Bury St. Edmund's,—Mr. P. McIntyre.
Governor of the Bridewell, Beccles,-Mr. George Drewell.
Colonel of East Suffolk Militia, H. B. Bence, Esq.
Colonel of West Suffolk Militia, Earl Jermyn.





There are about 200 ACTING MAGISTRATES in Suffolk; and they are dislinguished in the following pages by Italic letters (a) attached to their names, except those not resident in the County. Marked thus (b) are Deputy Lieutenants.

Aldborough, 5 miles NE. of Orford, Hon. Arthur Thellusson,a.b; R. C. Rowley,
Esq.a.b; and F. T. W. V. Wentworth, Esq. (See p. 507-8.)

Alderton Rectory, 74 miles SE. of Woodbridge, Rev W. A. Norton, M.A.
Ampton Hall, 5 miles N. of Bury, Henry Browning, Esq.
Ashfield Lodge, 5 miles ESE. of Ixworth, Lord Thurlow.
Aspall House, 2 miles N. of Debenham, John Freeman, Esq.
Assington Hall, 44 miles NW. of Nayland, John Gurdon, Esq.a
Babergh Hall, 3 miles NE. of Sudbury, J. M. Rodwell, Esq.
Bacton Rectory, 54 miles N. of Stowmarket, Rev E. B. Barker.
Badingham, 34 miles NNE. of Framlingham, Rev. Robert Gorton.a
Badmondisfield Hall, at Wickhambrook, J. W. Bromley, Esq.
Bardwell Rectory, 24 miles N. of Ixworth, Rev A. P. Dunlap, B.D.
Barking Rectory, 1 mile SW. of Needham Market, Rev F. Steward.a

Barningham, 6 miles NNE. of Ixworth, Rev James Edwards, M.A., Rectory;
James Peto, Esq.a, Park

Barrow Rectory, 6 miles W. of Bury, Rev Wm. Keeling, B.D.

Barton Hall, 3 miles NE. of Bury, Sir H. E. Bunbury, Bart., K.C.B.a.b

Barton Mere House, 3 miles NE. of Bury, Rev. Charles Jones, M.A.

Barton Mills, 1 mile SE. of Mildenhall, Rev Charles Chichester, B.C.L., Rectory;

and Wm. Thomas Squire, Esq., Barton Place.

Baylham, 6 miles NW. of Ipswich, Rev W. Colvile, M.A.a

Beacon Hill House, 2 miles SW. of Woodbridge, Major-General Sir J. Spink. Bealings, 24 miles W. of Woodbridge, D. C. Meadows, Esq., Lodge; Rev. E. J. Moor, Rectory; and B. D. Colvin, Esq.a, Grove.

Beccles, Rev C. H. Clarke,a; and E. P. Montagu, Esq.a.b

Bedingfield Rectory, 4 miles S. by E. of Eye, Rev James Bedingfeld, B.A.a

Benacre Hall, 7 miles SE. of Beccles, Sir E. S. Gooch, Bart.a.b

Benhall Lodge, 2 miles SW. of Saxmundham, Rev Edward Hollond.

Bergholt (East,) 6 m. SSE. of Hadleigh, Sir Rd. Hughes, Bart., and Col. Poole,
Lodge; Chas. D. Halford, Esq., West Lodge; and Rev J. Rowley, M.A., Rectory
Beyton Lodge, 5 miles E. by S. of Bury, Wm. Walpole, Esq.
Bildeston, 5 miles N. by W. of Hadleigh, Captain B. Haines, R.N.a
Blundeston House, 3 miles NNW. of Lowestoft, C. Steward, Esq.a.b
Boulge Hall, 34 miles NE. of Woodbridge, John Fitzgerald, Esq.
Bovilles Hall, 5 miles E. by S. of Newmarket, Rev T. Burroughes.
Boxford Rectory, 5 miles NW. of Nayland, Rev John Byng.
Boxted Hall, 6 miles NE. by E. of Clare, J. G. W. Poley, Esq.a.b

Bradley Place, 5 miles N. by E. of Haverhill, C. Lamprell, Esq.

Bradwell, 3 miles SW. of Yarmouth, Rev Wm. Trivett, Rectory; Henry Wm. M.
Lyte, Esq., Bradwell House; and T. Barber, Esq., Hobland Hall.
Bramfield Hall, 2 miles S. of Halesworth, Rev Reginald Rabett, M.A.
Bramford Hall, 24 miles NW. of Ipswich, Dowager Lady Bateman.
Brampton Hall, 4 miles NE. of Halesworth, Rev George Orgill Leman.
Brandeston Hall, 4 miles SW. of Framlingham, Charles Austin, Esq.a
Brandon, 6 miles WNW. of Thetford, Captain Henry Bliss, Brandon Park;
Robert Horne, Esq., Hall; and Rev Samuel Warren, M.A., Rectory.
Brantham Court, 24 miles N. by E. of Manningtree, Wm. Gurdon, Esq.a
Bredfield White House, 3 miles N. of Woodbridge, Robert K. Cobbold, Esq.
Broke Hall, 44 miles SE. of Ipswich, Sir Philip Vere Broke, Bart.
Brooke House, 2 miles SW. of Bury, Arthur John Brooke, Esq.
Browston Hall, 5 miles SW. of Yarmouth, H. White, Esq.

Brundish Lodge, 44 miles N. by W. of Framlingham, James Chaston, Esq.
Bures, 54 miles SSE. of Sudbury, Rev. Arthur Hanbury, M.A.a
Burgate Rectory, 2 miles E. of Botesdale, Rev Charles Robert Ashfield.a

Bury St. Edmund's, John Josselyn, Esq.a, F. G. Probart, Esq., M.D.a, T.
Robinson, Esq.a, and F. K. Eagle, Esq.a

Buxhall, 34 miles W. by S. of Stowmarket, John Garnham, Esq.a, Buxhall Vale; Rev C. Hill, M.A.a, Rectory; and Edward Bennett, Esq., Lodge.

Campsey Ash, 2 miles E. of Wickham Market, Rev. Jermyn Pratt,a, and J. G. Sheppard, Esq.a

Cavendish Hall, 3 miles E. by N. of Clare, S. T. Yelloly, Esq.

Cavenham Hall, 44 miles S.E. of Mildenhall, H. S. Waddington, Esq., M.P.a.b; and H. S. Waddington, Esq., jun.a

Chadacre Hall, 8 miles N. of Sudbury, Misses Hallifax.

Chauntry, (The) 2 miles W. of Ipswich, Sir Fitzroy Kelly, Kt., M.P.a.b
Chediston Park, 1 mile W. of Halesworth, Thomas Rant, Esq.a

Chellesworth House, 5 miles NNW. of Hadleigh, Sir H. E. Austen, Kt.
Chevington Rectory, 6 miles SW. of Bury, Rev J. White, M.A.

Christ Church Park, Ipswich, W. C. Fonnereu, Esq.a.b

Clopton Ball, (Rottleden,) 5 miles W. of Stowmarket, W. Parker, Esq.a.b Cockfield Hall, 4 miles N. by E. of Saxmundham, Sir Charles Blois, Bart.ab Cockfield Rectory, 44 miles N. by W. of Lavenham, Rev R. Jeffreys, B.D. Coddenham Vicar, 3 miles ESE. of Needham Market, Rev. Rt. Longe, M.A. Coldham Fall, 54 mil 8. by E. of Bury, L. C. Conran, Esq.

Combo Rectory, I mile S. of Stowmarket, Rev. Rd. Daniel, M.A., F.S.A.a
Copdock, 34 miles S.W. of Ipswich, Mrs. E. Bond, Copdock House; J. Josselyn,
Esq.; and Hon and Rev. Frederick de Grey,a, Rectory.

Cornard (Little) Rectory, 1 mile SE. of Sudbury, Rev E. Sidney, M.A.
Corton Lodge, 3 miles N. of Lowestoft, H. T. Birkett, Esq.

Cransford, 2 miles E. by N. of Framlingham, Thomas Borrett, Esq., Hall; and
Rev George F. Pooley, LL.B., Rectory.

Creeting Rectory, 2 miles N. of Needham Market, Rev Edward Paske, M.A.
Cretingham, 5 miles WSW. of Framlingham, Rev R. B. Exton.a
Crow Hail, 7 miles S. of Ipswich, John Page Reade, Esq.a.b

Culford Hall, 4 miles NNW. of Bury, Rev. E. R. Benyon, M.A.a
Dalham Hall, 6 miles ESE. of Newmarket, Sir Robert Affleck, Bart.
Darsham House, 5 miles NNE. of Saxmundham, Thomas D. Syer, Esq.
Dennington Rectory, 24 m. N. of Framlingham, Hon & Rev Fdk. Hotham, M.A.
Depden Rectory, 9 miles N. by E. of Clare, Rev M. J. Lloyd.a

Drinkstone, 8 miles E. by S. of Bury, J. H. Powell, Esq.a.b; and T. H. Powell,
Esq.a, Park; H. L. Cocksedge, Esq. House; & Rev G.P. Cosserat, M.A. Rectory
Easton Park, 34 miles SE. of Framlingham, Dowager Duchess of Hamilton.
Edwardstone, 5 miles E. of Sudbury, Charles Dawson, Esq.a.b Hall; and

Rev J. S. Hallifax,a House.

Elvedon Hall, 4 m. SW. of Thetford, Wm. Newton,a.b & W. S. Newton,a Esqs.
Eriswell Lodge, 3 miles N. of Mildenhall, Alexander Murray, Esq.

Euston Hall, 4 miles SE. of Thetford, Duke of Grafton,a.b; Earl of Euston,d;
and Hon and Rev A. F. Phipps,a Rectory.


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Erning Hall, 2 miles NW. of Newmarket, J. Dobede, Esq.a
Fakenham Rectory, 5 miles SSE. of Thetford, Rev A. Fitzroy.a
Falkenham, 7 miles S. of Woodbridge, Rev Wm. Jackman, M.A.a
Felsham Rectory, 8 miles SE. of Bury, Rev T. Anderson, M.A.a

Felixstow, 10 miles S. by E, of Woodbridge, Rev John Robert Edgar, M.A. House; and J. C. Cobbold, Esq., M.P.a.b, Lodge.

Finborough Hall, 3 miles W. by S. of Stowmarket, Robert J. Bussell, Esq.a Finningham Rectory, 7 miles SW. of Eye, Rev C. Frere.a

Flixton Hall, 24 miles SW. of Bungay, Sir Robert Shafto Adair, Bart.a and Robert Alexander Shafto Adair, Esq.a.b

Flixton Hall, 3 miles NW. of Lowestoft, Thomas Morse, Esq.

Fornham All Saints Rectory, 24 miles NW. of Bury, Rev Richd. Haggitt, M.A.
Fornham House, 2 miles N. of Bury, John Thomas Ord, Esq.a
Fornham Park, 24 miles NE. by N. of Bury, Lord Manners,a.b
Fornham Priory, I mile NW. of Bury, Captain Syer.

Foxburgh Hall, 1 mile NE. of Woodbridge, Charles Walford, Esq.a
Foxhall Lodge, 4 miles E. of Ipswich, Mrs Harriet Cobbold.

Framlingham, Rev George Attwood, M.A.a and Rev E. C. Alston.a

Freckenham Rectory, 4 miles SW. of Mildenhall, Rev G. B. Paley, B.D.a
Fressingfield, 34 miles NNE. of Stradbroke, Rev W. R. Colbeck.a

Freston Lodge, 34 miles S. of Ipswich, Edward B. Venn, Esq.

Fritton, 6 miles SW. of Yarmouth, Richard Rust D'Eye, Esq. Hall; and Rev F. W. Cubitt,a, Rectory.

Gifford's Hall, 2 miles NE. of Nayland, Captain Francis Gresley.

Glemham Hall, 5 miles SW. of Saxmundham, Hon Mrs North.

Glembam House, 4 miles W. by S. of Saxmundham, John Moseley, Esq.a
Glemsford Rectory, 44 miles ENE. of Clare, Rev George Coldham, M.A.a
Glevering Hall, 6 miles NNW. of Woodbridge, A. Arcedeckne, Esq.
Groton House, 6 miles E. of Sudbury, Sir H. C. Blake, Bart.a
Grove House, near Yoxford, Alexander Robert Johnson, Esq.
Gunton Hall, 2 miles N. by W. of Lowestoft, Robert Cook Fowler, Esq.a
Halesworth, Andrew Johnston, Esq.a | Hadleigh, Rev. H. B. Knox.a
Hardwick House, 1 mile S. of Bury, Rev Sir T. G. Cullum, Bart.a
Haughley Park, 3 miles NNW. of Stowmarket, Rev W. H. Crawford.a
Hawkedon Rectory, 6 miles NNE. of Clare, Rev O. P. Oakes, B.A.

Hawstead House, 3 miles S. of Bury, Henry Christopher Metcalfe, Esq.
Helmingham Hall, 4 miles S. of Debenham, John Tollemache, Esq., M.P.
Hemingstone, 54 miles N. by W. of Ipswich, Rev Thomas Brown,a, Rectory
and Richard B. Martin, Esq.a, Hall

Hengrave Hall, 4 miles W. of Bury, Sir Thomas R. Gage, Bart.b
Henham Hall, 4 miles E. by N. of Halesworth, Earl of Stradbroke.a
Henstead, 54 miles SE. of Beceles, Rev Thomas Sheriffe, M.A. and Thomas
Sheriffe, jun. Esq. Hall; and Rev C. Clarke,a, Rectory.

Herringfleet Hall, 7 miles SW. of Yarmouth, Henry M. Leathes, Esq.
Herringswell, 6 miles NE. by E. of Newmarket, J. F. Hales, Esq.a; Rev C,
Jenkin, D.D.a; and George Mure, Esq.

Hessett Rectory, 54 E. by S. of Bury, Rev H. B. Blake.a
Hestley Hall, 44 miles S. of Eye, John Hayward, Esq.

Heveningham Hall, 5 miles SW. of Halesworth, Lord Huntingfield,a.b; and
Rev Henry Owen, M.A.a, Rectory

Higham, 5 miles S. of Hadleigh, Thomas Clark Brettingham, Esq. Lodge; Edward Cooper, Esq. Hall; and Mrs Dawson, Higham House.

High House, 2 miles E. of Wickham Market, John George Sheppard, Esq. Hintlesham Hall, 54 miles W. of Ipswich, J. H. L. Anstruther, Esq.a.b Hitcham Rectory, 7 miles SW. of Stowmarket, Rev J. S. Henslow.a

Holbecks, half a mile S. of Hadleigh, Miss E. L. Rowley.

Holbrook, 6 miles S. of Ipswich, Wm. Rodwell, Esq.a, Woodlands; Mrs Reade,
Holbrook House; Rev J. B. Wilkinson, B.D.

Holbrook Hall, 4 miles N.E. of Sudbury, J. R. Whithair, Esq.
Hollesley Rectory, 6 miles SW. of Orford, Rev H. J. G. Young.
Hopleys, 2 miles S. by W. of Bury, J. F. Dove, Esq.

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