Narrative of the Operations and Recent Discoveries Within the Pyramids, Temples, Tombs, and Excavations, in Egypt and Nubia: And of a Journey to the Coast of the Red Sea, in Search of the Ancient Berenice; and Another to the Oasis of Jupiter Ammon, Volume 1

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Page 244 - I sunk altogether among the broken mummies, with a crash of bones, rags, and wooden cases, which raised such a dust as kept me motionless for a quarter of an hour, waiting till it subsided again. I could not remove from the place, however, without increasing it, and every step I took I crushed a mummy in some part or other.
Page 62 - I found it near the remains of its body and chair, with its face upwards, and apparently smiling on me, at the thought of being taken to England.
Page 59 - It appeared to me like entering a city of giants, who, after a long conflict, were all destroyed, leaving the ruins of their various temples as the only proofs of their former existence.
Page 331 - From the shoulder to the elbow they measure fifteen feet six inches j the ears three feet six inches ; the face seven feet ; the beard five feet six inches ; across the shoulders twenty-five feet four inches ; their height is about fifty-one feet, not including the caps, which are about fourteen feet.
Page 261 - There were bulls, cows, sheep, monkeys, foxes, bats, crocodiles, fishes, and birds in them; idols often occur; and one tomb was filled with nothing but cats, carefully folded in red and white linen, the head covered by a mask representing the cat, and made of the same linen.
Page 422 - The Master Mohammed Ahmed, lapicide, has opened them; and the Master Othman attended this (opening) ; and the King Alij Mohammed at first (from the beginning) to the closing up.
Page 245 - ... a body could be forced through. It was choked with mummies, and I could not pass without putting my face in contact with that of some decayed Egyptian ; but is the passage inclined downwards, my own weight helped me on : however, I could not avoid being covered with bones, legs, arms, and heads rolling from above.
Page 418 - As soon, however, as it was elevated high enough for a man to pass, an Arab entered with a candle, and announced that the place within was very fine. A little more room enabled our adventurer to squeeze his person through, when he exclaims, — " After thirty days I had the pleasure of finding myself in the way to the central chamber of one of the two great Pyramids of Egypt, which have long been the admiration of beholders...
Page 80 - ... a cavity in the rock, which extended a considerable length in the mountain, sometimes pretty high, sometimes very narrow, and without any regularity.
Page 242 - ... observes cut in various places, and painted on each side of the walls ; so that when he comes to a narrow and difficult passage, or to have to descend to the bottom of a well or cavity, he declines taking such trouble, naturally supposing that he cannot see in these abysses any thing so magnificent as what he sees above, and consequently deeming it useless to proceed any farther.

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