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AFRICA, Italian interests recognized
treaty between Italy and the Allies, 496.
See also CAMPAIGN in Africa; GER-

AIMS of the War, declarations by Lord Lans-

downe asking for restatement; editorial

comment on restatement by Pres. Wilson,

H. H. Asquith, W. S. Churchill, and

other leaders, 2; as disclosed in secret

treaties of Russia with other powers in

earlier years of war, 12; stated by Premier

Clemenceau, 51; views of Lloyd George as

stated before Grey's Inn Benchers, 52;

Sec. Baker on "America's Purpose in the
War," 54; stated by Pres. Wilson in
speech in Congress calling for war with
Austria-Hungary, 63; comment by Count
von Hertling on Lloyd George's statement
that destruction of German trade is
object, 110; T. G. Frothingham on aims
of Italian (irredentists, 123; "utterances
of German militarist leaders,' compiled
by W. Notesein and E. Stoll, 146; "War
Aims of Labor Parties," 200; passages
from speech of M. Pichon in French Cham-
ber, 210; comparative synopsis of Amer-
ican, British, and Russian aims, 257;
"Count Czernin on Austria's War Aims,"
260; text of address by Lloyd George
before Trade Union Conference, London,
on British aims, 266; "Ex-Premier As-
quith's Restatement of Britain's Aims,"
271; statement by Italian Premier Or-
lando, 272; text of address to Con-

gress by Pres. Wilson, Jan. 8, 1918.
273; comment on address in allied and
enemy countries, 276; Falling Market in
War Aims, "by G. B. Shaw, 451; text of
resolution introduced in Senate by Sen.
Owen supporting nation's aims as stated
by Pres. Wilson, 477.

See also CAUSES of the War; PEACE.

ALBANIA, plans of Allies to partition, 496.

Alcohol and the War, 88.

ALFONSO XIII., King of Spain, arrange-

ments for passage of hospital ships, 421.

ALIEN Enemies, see ENEMY Aliens.

ALLENBY, (Gen. Sir) Edmund, official re-

port and proclamation on taking of Jeru-

salem, 92; story of campaign in Palestine

and Egypt, 94; text of official report on

Palestine operations, 99; awarded Grand

Cross of St. Michael and St. George; con-

gratulations on capture of Jerusalem,

from King, British Academy, and Jewish

communities, 315.

ALLIED Naval Council, cablegram from Ad-

mira! Benson on formation, 60; report of

meeting on Nov. 19, 1917, 91.

ALLIES' Treaties, disclosure by Bolsheviki

of secret treaty between England, France,

Russia, and Italy, 12; text of treaty, 495.

ALMEREYDA, Miguel, arrest and murder,


ALSACE-LORRAINE, British Labor Party

out for self-determination, 202;

French aims stated in Deputies by M.

Pichon, 211; in war aims of Pres. Wilson,

Lloyd George, and the Bolsheviki, 258;

German claims made by Count Hertling,

390; article by F. Masson presenting his-

torical claims to be and remain French,
485; article by A. Thomas,
Lorraine Should Be Restored Without a
Why Alsace-

Plebiscite," 490.

See also AIMS of the War; PEACE.

America in the War, 421.

America on the Battlefront, 423.

American Army at Home and Abroad, 57.
American Camp in England, 246.
America's Purpose in the War, 54.
ANCONA (S. S.), case cited as one of rea-
sons for U. S. war with Austria, 71.
ANNEXATION, declared against by British
Labor Party in message to Bolsheviki,

See also AIMS of the War; PEACE.
ARCHIBALD, James F. J., 71.
public utilities in Buenos
Aires affected by Amer. blacklist, 88; se-
cret telegrams of Count Luxburg to Ber-
lin on submarine controversy and show-
ing German influence, 322.

ARMED Merchant Ships, Sir E. Geddes on
progress in arming vessels, 81.

ARRAS, full text of report of Sir D. Haig on

offensive, 521.

See also CAMPAIGN in Europe, Western.
ASIA, see CAMPAIGN in Asia-Minor.
Aspects of Bolshevist Rule, 299.
ASQUITH, Herbert Henry, indorsement of
Pres. Wilson's message on war aims, at
Birmingham, 2; "Restatement of Brit-
ain's Aims, 271; question in Commons as
to Germany's intentions in Belgium; re-
tort by Lokal-Anzeiger, 330.

ATROCITIES, "Gruesome German War

Humor," 160; "Austrian Atrocities in

Serbia,' 161; "Torture of Prisoners in

Belgium," 165; account of atrocities on

western front by Capt. D. Fallon, 166;

formal protest of Commission for Relief

in Belgium, against torpedoing of relief

ships, 167; Sinking Hospital Ships," a

British reply to a German charge, 168;

"German Terrorism in Belgium," by an

escaped civilian, 339; "U. S. Govern-

ment's Summary of the Harrowing Prac-

tices of German Soldiers Against Civil-

lans." from pamphlet German War

Practices," issued by Comm. of Public In-

formation, 343; "Summary of the Ger-

man Outrages,' by V. Kellogg, 350; Brit-

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