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of the river is Montague. These two towns are joined together by a bridge across the Connecticut. In Montague the Connecticut runs down a rocky and steep place, where the water foams and looks as white as snow. This place is known by the name of Montague Falls. Here you have a view of them.

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Around these falls is a canal, that boats may pass up and down. New Salem, in the eastern part of the county, is a large and respectable town, having an academy. In the county of Franklin there are twentyfive towns and about thirty thousand inhabitants.

What three counties west of Worcester ?

What river passes through these counties?

What is said of the land and the towns on the river?
What is said of the land at a distance from the river?

What States does Franklin county touch on the north side?

Where is Northfield, and what is said of it?

Where is Greenfield, and what is said of it?
What is said of Deerfield?

Of Montague, and the falls?

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SOUTH of Franklin county is Hampshire. Hatfield and Hadley are fine towns on the Connecticut, very much like the river towns which I have already described. At South Hadley there is another fall of the Connecticut, and here also is a canal for boats to pass up and down.

Northampton, the shire town of the county, is perhaps the most beautiful town in the State. It is on the west side of the Connecticut, near the middle of the county. Mount Tom and Mount Holyoke, which are near by, give much beauty to the scenery. The land is interval and rich. The village is built on ten streets, that stretch out from one centre. Here are a handsome court-house and jail, five meeting-houses, a bank, and about three thousand inhabitants. At Northampton is a school for boys on a new plan, called the Round Hill school. This town is connected with Hadley, on the other side of the river, by a fine bridge, supported on six stone piers. The Farmington canal is proposed to extend from Northampton to New Haven, a large seaport town in the State of Connecticut. This canal is now partly built. Northampton is ninetyfive miles west from Boston.

Eight miles northeast of Northampton is Amherst, a fertile and beautiful town.


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called Amherst College. There are now about two hundred young men belonging to it. The college buildings are most delightfully situated on a swell of land, presenting an extensive prospect to the west over the valley of the Connecticut. Here is also a school for boys, called the Mount Pleasant Institution, and similar to the one at Northampton. A respectable academy is connected with the college. At Ware, in the southeast corner of the county, are extensive cotton and woollen manufactories. Hampshire county has twentythree towns and over thirty thousand inhabi


What county lies south of Franklin ?

What is the shire town, and what is said of it?
Where is Amherst, and what is said of it?

What college and schools are here?

Where is Ware, and for what is it remarkable?


SOUTH of Hampshire is Hampden county, which touches the State of Connecticut. Springfield on the east side of Connecticut river is the shire town; and a fine town it is.

The village is on a rich piece of high interval. Back from the river is a high sloping bank which runs about the same course with the river. On this bank are many handsome houses, which overlook the rest of the town. At the top of the bank begins a sandy plain, which extends back several miles. Most of the houses are on a single street which runs two miles along the river. The houses are mostly on the west side of the street, while a fine brook passes some distance on the eastern side. The buildings are all neat and many of them are elegant. Here are a courthouse, a jail, a fine bridge, connecting the town with West Springfield, and three meeting-houses. There are several other meetinghouses in the town, and more than six thousand inhabitants. In this town the United States have an extensive armory. An armory is a place where guns are made or kept. West Springfield, on the opposite side of the Connecticut, is a large, pleasant, and fruitful town, containing more than three thousand inhabitants. Westfield is a very pleasant and flourishing town on the Westfield river. The canal from New Haven to Northampton is finished as far as this town, and promises to contribute much to increase its prosperity.

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