Technology Quarterly and Proceedings of the Society of Arts, Volume 7

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Mass. Institute of Technology., 1894
Vol. 8-14 include "Review of American chemical research" edited by Arthur A. Noyes.

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Page 78 - That the President be authorized to appoint a committee of five to digest and report in detail as soon as practicable upon the time, place, and terms of the publication of such a journal, to elect an editor, fix his salary, and to arrange all other necessary details.
Page 78 - Cross in the chair. The records of the previous meeting were read and approved. The chairman...
Page iii - THE MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. The objects of this Society are to awaken and maintain an active interest in the practical sciences, and to aid generally in their advancement and development in connection with arts, agriculture, manufactures, and commerce.
Page 32 - Deposits of igneous origin (igneous rocks). Heat is the chief agent, (b) Deposits of aqueo-igneous origin (pegmatite). Heat and water cooperate. (c) Deposits of aqueous origin (sedimentary and vein rocks). Water is the chief agent 1155 Crosby (William O.). Origin of the coarsely crystalline vein granites or pegmatites. Abstract: Ain.
Page 15 - Two immersions are required at an interval of not less than seven nor more than fourteen days.
Page 90 - ... to lay out, ready for instant use, an extra armature coil, with all the necessary tools for handling the same. In one of the former types of arresters used in this plant forty fuses were blown inside of sixty minutes. The location of each bank of arresters was selected with particular reference to securing permanently damp earth for the ground plate, the lines being led to this spot. The circuit was thus made to accom modate itself to the arresters rather than the arresters to the cirFIG.
Page 89 - Colorado, which is equipped with a 3,ooo-volt alternating current synchronous system, operating stamping mills and furnishing current to the Telluride Electric Light Company. These points are situated among the mountains at distances varying from three to ten miles from the power-house. Three separate circuits leaving the power-house extend over a wild and rocky country, and in some places rise above timber line. In previous years every attempt to protect this plant from lightning had failed. During...
Page 310 - ... of equal settling particles, under hindered settling conditions. The chief function of pulsion is to save the larger grains of the heavier mineral, or the grains that settle faster and farther than the waste. The effect of suction depends on the interstitial factor of the minerals to be separated. If this factor is greater than 3.70, suction will be efficient and rapid. If the factor is less than 3.70, suction will be much hampered and hindered. The use of a long stroke will help to overcome...
Page 83 - Nineteen cylinders, or 18 gaps, were found to offer ample margin, and the breaking down EMF on half this number of gaps, which would intervene between line and ground, was found to be about 70 per cent, of the EMF required to break down insulation ordinarily used in a 3,000-volt generator.
Page 311 - But if, on the other hand, the factor is below 3.70, then the jigging of mixed sizes cannot give perfectly clean work and the separation will be approximate only. To effect the most perfect separation close sizing must be adopted, and the closer the sizes are to each other the more rapid and perfect will the jigging be. There may be conditions where the jigging of mixed sizes of this class will be considered sufficiently satisfactory as an expedient under...

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