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Plans of Earthworks at Blackheath, Greenwich,
Charlton, Paul's Cray, and Hayes

Plans of Earthworks at Newenden, Queenboro', Ewell,

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Barham, Selling, etc.


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Plan of West end of the Crypt of Canterbury Cathe


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Section of the Crypt and Choir of Canterbury Cathe

dral. Woodcut page

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Battely's Rough Plan of the Crypt in A.D. 1703
The Crypt (looking West) from the Lady Chapel ;

and Plan of Crypt.......


Shaft H, and its Capital, in the Crypt.
Two Elevations of Capital B (North and East sides)
Two Elevations of Capital B (West and South sides)
Capital D (South and East); and Capital F (East

and North)......

Capital G (West and South); and Capital G (East
and North)...

Chapel of Holy Innocents (beneath St Andrew's
Chapel); and Capital O (East and North)
Shaft, and Capital P (South and East); and Capital

L (South and East)`..

Chapel of St Gabriel (beneath St Anselm's Chapel);
and Capital N .....

Elevation of West side of N; and of South side of N
Dart's View of St Gabriel's Apse, in A.D. 1726,

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54 and 55

Apse of St Gabriel's Chapel from the South-east (in 1879), between

pages 58 and 59

Fresco of the Annunciation to Zacharias, and of Zacharias appearing

...between pages 64 and 65

to the People. Autotype.. Fresco of the Naming of St John the Baptist. Chromo-lithograph.

between pages 66 and 67

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Fresco of two Angels at the head of the Divine Figure. Autotype.

Fresco of the Divine Figure

between pages 72 and 73 between pages 74 and 75

Fresco of Angel below the Divine Figure ...between pages 76 and 77 Fresco of St John, and of Angel with Candlestick


to face p. 78 Fresco of Seraph with six wings full of eyes between pages 80 and 81 Plan of the Black Friars at Canterbury, A.D. 1595... Twenty-nine Medieval Brooches and Pins worn by


Grovehurst Manor House, Milton

Celtic Flint Implements found at Grovehurst

Brenchley House of Geo. Roberts, A.D. 1550; and


Chimney Piece in the Old Rectory.

Ruckinge Church, and Screen

West Wickham Court

Map of the Cinque Port Liberty of Romney
Chislehurst Church in A.D. 1835 and A.D. 1857
Coffin Slab, Old Romney Church; and Bosses in
Snargate Church

Lancet Windows in the Chancel of Lydd Church......
Screenwork and Door in Lydd Chancel. Woodcut
Brass of Thomas Godfrey and his wife. Woodcut

Brass of Peter Godfrey and wife. Woodcut

Stalls at Ivychurch. Woodcut

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124 and 125

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Plan of St Nicholas, New Romney.

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Pinnacles of Tower, New Romney. Woodcut


South View of St Nicholas, New Romney..

Sedilia and Piscina, New Romney Church. Woodcut

Tomb in New Romney Church. Woodcut

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Shaft in Canterbury Cathedral Crypt, inserted by William of

Sens A.D. 1178.



Moulding of Vaulting Ribs in the Eastern Crypt at Canter

bury. Woodcut


Window at Newchurch

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