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malleable. Turf fuel is also used most extensively in working the
steam engine in many districts of Ireland; it is used on board the
Dunally steam boat, for engines of eighteen horse power,
and the ex-
pense is fourpence per mile.

June 26, 1838.

The PRESIDENT in the Chair.

Sir John F. W. Herschel, Dr. Faraday, and J. G. Children, Esq., were elected Honorary Members.

A discussion took place on the effect of turf fuel on iron, and on Hardenthe methods and principles of hardening iron. ing Iron.

A communication was read from Mr. Buck on the relation betwixt Tubing Locomothe diameter and intermediate spaces of the tubes in a locomotive tive boiler, for the production of an unanimous effect in the generation of Boilers. steam.

The following notice of subjects for TELFORD Premiums was read: Telford The COUNCIL of the Institution of Civil Engineers give notice Premiums. that they will award, during the ensuing Session, Telford Premiums to communications of adequate merit on the following subjects:

1. The Nature and Properties of Steam, especially with refer-
ence to the quantity of Water in a given bulk of Steam in
free communication with water at different temperatures, as
deduced from actual experiment.

2. The Warming and Ventilating Public Buildings and Apart-
ments, with an account of the methods which have been most
successfully employed for ensuring a healthy state of the

3. An Account and Drawings of the original construction and
present state of the Plymouth Breakwater.

4. The ratio, from actual experiment, of the Velocity, Load,
and Power, of Locomotive Engines on Railways.

1st. Upon Levels.

2nd. Upon Inclined Planes.

5. The Sewage of Westminster.

6. Drawings and Description of the Outfall of the King's Scholar's Pond Sewer, and of other principal Outfalls of the Westminster Sewage; also, the inclination, dimensions, and forms, of the Sewers, and the observed velocities of water in them.

7. Drawings and Descriptions of the Sewage under the Commission for Regent Street, especially of the Outfall at Scotland Yard.

8. Drawings and Description of the best Machine for describing the profile of a Road, and also for measuring the traction of different roads.

9. The alterations and improvements in Blackfriars Bridge. 10. The explosion of Steam Boilers.-Especially a record of facts connected with any explosions which have taken place: also, a description, drawings, and details, of the Boiler, both before and after the explosion.

11. Drawings, Sections, and Descriptions, of Iron Steam Vessels. 12. The comparative advantages of Iron and Wood as employed in the construction of Steam Vessels.

13. The advantages and disadvantages of the Hot and Cold Blast in the manufacture of Iron, with statements of the quality and quantity of the materials employed, and produce thereof. 14. The causes of and means of preventing the changes in texture and composition which Cast Iron occasionally undergoes when in continued contact with Sea Water.

15. The Properties and Chemical Constitution of the various kinds of Coal.

The communications must be forwarded to the house of the Institution,* on or before the 30th of March, 1839.

It is not the wish of the Council to confine the Telford Premiums to communications on the above subjects; other communications of distinguished merit and peculiarly deserving some mark of distinction will be rewarded.

Lists of these subjects, and any farther information, may be obtained on application to the Secretary.

July 9, 1838.


* All communications previous to the 25th of December, 1838, to be addressed to Cannon Row, Westminster; after this, to No. 25, Great George Street, Westminster.






Adie, A. J., on the thermometric steam gauge, 15.

Albano, B., medal awarded to, 8.

Annual Report, 1.

Arch at the Manutention des Vivres de la Guerre, Paris, 5.-Constructed with-
out centering, 11.

Asphaltic mastic, description of, 6.

Associates, remarks on the class of, 3.


Bald, W., remarks on levelling staffs, 47.-On the construction of roads on
deep bogs and mosses, 50.

Ballard, S., description of an ice-boat, 47.

Barlow, P., Jun., medal awarded to, 8.

Bazalgette, J. W., elected graduate, 17.

Beam, brick, experiments on the strength of, 16.-Ditto, remarks on, 20.

Beardmore, N., elected graduate, 26.

Bethell, J., elected associate, 24.-On firing blasts under water by galvanism,35.
Bickford's fuzes, see Blasting.

Birch, E., on Huddart's rope machinery, 39.

Blasting operations in the Jumna, and at Delhi, 37.

the limestone in the neighbourhood of Plymouth, 35, 36.

under water, on the application of Bickford's fuzes to, 33.-By galvan-
ism, 35.

Boilers, locomotive, on the tubing of, 51.

steam, explosion of, 41, 42.

on the evaporation of water from, 17, 28.

Borthwick, M. A., medal awarded to, 8.

Bourns, C., table of gradients, 49.
Braithwaite, F., elected associate, 46.

J., elected member, 9.
Brandreth, Captain, elected associate, 21.



Brick beam, see Beam.

Bridge, floating, across the Hamoaze, from Devonport to Torpoint, 21.
Pont-y-Tu-Prydd over the Taâf, Glamorganshire, account of, 36.
Westminster, history and construction of, 44.

Bruff, P., on an improved levelling staff, 47.

Brunel, M. I., account of the poling boards at the Thames Tunnel, 5, 23.-Pre-
sent of a model, showing a method of erecting an arch without centering, 11.
-Remarks on the strength of brick beams, 20.-Notes on the Thames
Tunnel, 41.-Remarks on the shield at the Thames Tunnel, 46.

Buck, G. W., on the tubing of locomotive boilers, 51.

Backle, C. R, elected graduate, 29.

Buddle, J., remarks on the explosion of steam boilers, 43.

Bye-laws and regulations, proposed arrangement of, 1.-Mr. Farey's code, 1.-
Revision of, by the Council, 2.

Calculator, the land surveyor's, 25.


Canal, Great Western, on the lifts of the, 26.

Capper, C. H., elected associate, 12.

Carpmael, W., description of Worsdale's apparatus for exchanging letter-bags

on railways, when the train is in motion, 32.

Carr, H., elected graduate, 5.

Cash account, 9.

Catalogue of Library, &c., 7.

Cayley, Sir G., Bart., elected associate, 38.

Cement, lime, in the neighbourhood of Plymouth, 35.

Charcoal, method of preparing, 15.

Children, J. G., elected honorary member, 51.

Clegg, S., description of a dry gas meter, 14.

Coal, weight of a bushel of, 3.-As used with Cornish engines, 6.-Quantity

used per horse power, 8.-Heating effect of, as compared with coke, 29.— Ditto
ditto for melting glass, 39.

Coke, see Coal.

Cornish Engines, see Engines, Cornish.

Cotton, W., description of Captain Huddart's improvements in rope machinery, 1.
Council and Officers, constitution of, 6.—List of, 20.

Crane, G., elected associate, 5.

Crawshay, W., elected associate, 24.

Cubitt, W., remarks on the explosion of steam boilers, 42, 43,

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Engines, Cornish, results of experiments on the working of, 2, 6.-Duty of,
with and without a steam jacket, 7.-On the work and duty done by, 7, 14.
-Expense of, 14.—Their application to water works, 7.-Friction of the
Holmbush engine, 8.-Application of the expansive power of steam in, 9.-
Observations on the experiments on the working of, 12.-On the expansive
action of steam in, 13.

double, on the duty of, 8.

locomotive, 3.-On outside and inside framing, 4.-The weight in-
creased, 4.-On the tubing of the boilers of, 51.

Evans, T., elected associate, 9.


Faraday, Dr., elected honorary member, 51.

Farey, J., proposed arrangement of bye-laws and regulations, 1.

Field, J., remarks on the explosion of steam boilers, 42, 43.

Founders of the institution, 4.

Fox, C., elected member, 9.

Francis, C. L., elected associate, 5.-Experiments on the strength of a brick
beam, 16.

Frome, Lieut., R.E., elected associate, 41.

Galvanism, blasting by, 35.


Gas-meter, description of a dry, 14.

Glass, on the relative heating powers of coal and coke in melting, 39.

Gradients, table of, 49.

Graduates, formation of a class of, 2.

Green, J., on the lifts of the Great Western Canal, 26.-Observations on ditto,

[blocks in formation]

Hemans, G. W., experiments on the strength of a brick beam, 16.

Henderson, P., elected associate, 46.

Henwood, W. J., on the expansive action of steam in Cornish engines, 13.

Herschel, Sir J. F. W., elected honorary member, 51.

Honorary members, remarks on the class of, 3.

Howe, W. W., elected graduate, 15.

Huddart's, Captain, improvements in rope machinery, 1, 38, 39.


Ice-boat, description of, 47.

Indicator, on the action of the steam engine, 13.

Inman, W. S., elected associate, 39.

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