An Account of the Past and Present State of the Isle of Man: Including a Topographical Description; a Sketch of Its Mineralogy; an Outline of Its Laws, with the Privileges Enjoyed by Strangers; and a History of the Island

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R. Baldwin, 1811 - 365 pages

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Page 257 - AB do swear that I will, without respect of favour or friendship, love or gain, consanguinity or affinity, envy or malice, execute the laws of this isle justly, betwixt our Sovereign Lord, the King, and his subjects within this isle, and betwixt party and party, as indifferently as the herring's back bone doth lie* in the midst of the fish.
Page 72 - ... ocean. It is divided into distinct columns of five or six miles in length and three or four in breadth, and they drive the water before them with a kind of rippling...
Page 130 - That after having passed through a great number of vaults, he came into a long narrow place ; which, the farther he penetrated, he perceived he went more and more on a descent : till having travelled, as near as he could guess, for the space of a mile, he began to see a little gleam of light, which, though it seemed to come from a vast distance, was the most delightful object he ever beheld.
Page 85 - The arms of the bishopric are, on three ascents, the Virgin Mary, her arms extended between two pillars ; on the dexter, a church ; in base, the ancient arms of Man.
Page 200 - Day. First, you shall come thither in your royal array, as a king ought to do, by the prerogatives and royalties of the land of Mann. And upon the Hill of Tynwald...
Page 271 - I, AB do swear, That I will truly and honestly demean myself in the Practice of an Attorney [or Solicitor] according to the best of my Knowledge and Ability. So help me God.
Page 257 - By this book, and by the holy contents thereof, and by the wonderful works that God hath miraculously wrought in heaven above and in...
Page 62 - Report of the Commissioners, appointed by His Majesty to inquire into the Ecclesiastical Revenues of England and Wales.
Page 201 - Glanfaba, shall make Affence, upon Paine of Life and Lyme, that noe Man make any Disturbance or Stirr in the Time of Tinwald, or any Murmur or Rising in the King's Presence, upon Paine of Hanging and Drawing. And then shall let your Barrons and all other know you to be their King and Lord, and what time you were here you received the Land as Heyre Apparent in your Father's Days.
Page 308 - English government : that his father had the power of increasing the duties with the consent of the...

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