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IT is an acknowledged fact that the most important objects which can poffibly fall under political dif cuffion are those which concern the rights and liberties of the people. The confideration of them is fo deeply interefting to fociety, as to infinuate itself into the minuteft pore of the body politic, where, tho' it may effect a temporary quickness of pulfation, never fails to restore new health and vigour to the constitution. The question of catholic emancipation, which is the fubject of the following report, is allowed on all hands to be the most important measure, which has engaged the attention of this country, for the last century, and the debates in parliament occafioned by its difcuffion are justly faid to hold equal pre-eminence; for whether we confider the magnitude of the object, the uncommon display of abilities which it brought forward, or the length of time employed in this memorable deliberation, we muft pronounce it one of the moft remarkable and interesting debates which the Irish parliament has furnished an inftance of. The reader will here find fome of the best argumentative and oratorical precedents in a stile entirely new, and in the order and manner in which they were delivered. It is hoped he alfo will perceive that neither expenfe or trouble have been spared by the editor to render this book a complete record of the parliamentary proceedings on this

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