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I should be much obliged to you if you would please to call at M. Andrews before you leave Town this afternoon as a young man & young [woman] are there waiting for you in great Need of your Assistance

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Your & Mistr Deans Company is Desired at the funeral of Doctor Josias Midlemore next thursday being the 20th Instant. It is to hold at St Georges Church.

If you will be So good as to give notice to Your Congregation that those who are Inclined to Come may know the day & that there will be a Sermon will very much oblige Your's

by order from Mists

And Lendrum


Saturday 15th 1755.


To the Gentlemen of the Vestrey of All St Parish.

This is to Certifie you That I Assigu ouer all my Right and Title of my part of the pew N° 6, which is in partnership with William Wood, unto Thomas Haruey of S Parish and his Heirs for Euer, and pray that the same may be Recorded in the Records of All St Parish, I hauing receiued full Satisfaction for the Same as Witness my hand this 9th day of May 1720


Robert Sumnar.

Rich. Stallinges.


This Indenture made this Eleventh day of October In the Year of Our Lord One thousand Seven hundred and Sixty four Between John Clagett of Frederick County and Province of Maryland of the one part Gentleman And The Reverend M. Alexander Williamson Rector of Prince Georges Parish in the County and Province aforesaid of the other part Witnesseth That the said John Clagett being sensible, how much necessity there is for having a Publick Schooll in the Parish aforesaid, for the

Instruction of Youth; and one Corner of his Land having been deemed Convenient for Erecting the said house upon: He therefore out of Sentiments of Tenderness and Regard for the rising Generation, Hath, given granted aliened Infeoffed and confirmed and by these presents doth freely and clearly give grant alien Infeoff and confirm unto the said M Alexander Williamson and his Successors for the use of a Publick School for ever All that part of a Tract of Land being part of a Tract of Land called Clagetts purchase lying in the Parish and County aforesaid . . . . . Signed Sealed and Delivered John Clagett.

in the Presence of

Cha Jones

Andrew Heigh.


Maryland ss.

In the name of God Amen I Bevill Granville Rector of the parish of William & Mary in charles County in the province aforesaid do by these presents resign and give up to the Right Honorable the Lord Proprietary all my right title & interest in the said living of William & Mary in the County aforesaid & to all perquisites benefits & advantages thereto belonging. Witness my hand this 25 day of January 1732


Bevill Granville

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IV. Saxon Tithingmen in America.

Read before the American Antiquarian Society, October 21, 1881. By H. B. ADAMS. (Now ready. Price 25 cents.

V. Local Government in Michigan, and the Northwest. Read before the Social Science Association, at Saratoga, September 7, 1882. By E. W. BEMIS, A. B. Amherst College, 1880. (Now ready. Price 25 cents.) VI. Parish Institutions of Maryland. With Illustrations from Parish Records. Published in abridged form in the Magazine of American History, April, 1883. By EDWARD INGLE, A. B. Johns Hopkins University, 1882. (Now ready. Price 40 cents.)

Old Maryland Manors. Read before the Historical and Political Science Association, March 30, 1883. By JOHN JOHNSON, A. B. Johns Hopkins University, 1881.

Norman Constables in America. Read before the New England Historic, Genealogical Society, February 1, 1882. By H. B. ADAMS. Village Communities in America-Cape Anne and Salem Plantations. Read in part at a Field Meeting of the Essex Institute, August, 31, 1881. By H. B. ADAMS.

Origin and Development of the Municipal Government of New York City. I. The Dutch Period. II. The English Period. Published in the Magazine of American History, May and September, 1882. By J. F. JAMESON, Ph. D. Johns Hopkins University, 1882; Assistant in History, Johns Hopkins University.

Administration of Berlin compared with that of New York. Two articles in The Nation, March 23, 30, 1882. To be revised and enlarged for this series. By R. T. ELY, Ph. D. Heidelberg, 1879; Associate Professor of Political Economy, Johns Hopkins University.

French and English Institutions in Wisconsin. By W. F. ALLEN, A. M. Harvard, 1866; Professor of History and Latin, University of Wisconsin.

Civil Government in Iowa. By JESSE MACY, A. B. Iowa College, 1869; Professor of Historical and Political Science, Iowa College.

Indian, French, and English Towns in Ohio. By JOHN T. SHORT, Ph. D. Leipzig, 1880; Professor of History, Ohio State University.

Old and New Towns of Maryland. Read before the Maryland Historical Society, December 11, 1882. By LEWIS W. WILHELM, A. B. Johns Hopkins University, 1880; Graduate Scholar in History.

History of Free Schools in Maryland. By BASIL SOLLERS, City College, 1871, and L. W. WILHELM, A. B. Johns Hopkins University, 1880.

The Institutions of North Carolina. Read before the Hist. and Polit. Science Association. Abstract in Johns Hopkins University Circular, May, 1882. By HENRY E. SHEPHERD, University of Virginia, late Superintendent of Public Instruction, Baltimore, now President of the College of Charleston, S. C.

Local Self Government in South Carolina,-the Parish, the District, and the County. With other papers on Free Schools, Markets, Fairs, Militia, &c. Abstracts in Johns Hopkins University Circulars, February, May, 1882. By B. J. RAMAGE, A. B., Newberry College, 1880. Graduate Scholar in History, J. H. U. Read before the South Carolina Historical Society, December 15, 1882.

Montauk, and the Common Lands of Easthampton, Long Island. Published in the Magazine of American History, April, 1883. By J. F. JAMESON.

The Genesis of a New England State (Connecticut). By ALlexander JOHNSTON, A. M. Rutgers, 1870.

The Past and Present of Political Economy. Read before the Historical and Political Science Association, October 20, 1882. By R. T. ELY, Ph. D. Heidelberg, 1879.

Review of American Economic Literature since 1876. This review will first appear in Conrad's Jahrbücher der National-oekonomie, Halle. By E. J. JAMES, Ph. D. Halle, 1877, and B. J. RAMAGE, A. B. Newberry College, S. C., 1880.

Taxation in the United States from 1789 to 1816. A revision of a thesis first published in the Tübinger Zeitschrift, 1879. By HENRY C. ADAMS, Ph. D. Johns Hopkins University, 1878; Lecturer on Political Economy in the University of Michigan and at Cornell University.

An Essay on the Financial History of the United States during the Civil War. Read before the Historical and Political Science Association, February 10, 1883. By ARTHUR YAGER, A. B. Georgetown College, Ky., 1879.

The Baltimore and Ohio Employés' Relief Association. Read before the Historical and Political Science Association, February, 23, 1883. By B. J. RAMAGE.

The Study of Political Science in Continental Schools. By E. J. JAMES.

The Growth of Internationalism. Read before the Historical and Political Science Association, May 19, 1882. Published in the International Review, April, 1888. By ALBERT SHAW.


Copies of Numbers I., II., and IV., of the "STUDIES" can no longer be supplied except to regular subscribers for the First Series of twelve numbers. Price, $3.00, payable in advance.

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