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A viewe taken of the Frenche and other strangers within the towne of Rye, the fourth daie of November, 1572, the xiiij yere of the rayne of our Soveraigne Lady Queen Elizabeth, by the appointment of Henry Geymer, Maior of the said towne, and the Jurats there, as followeth :

Lansdowne MSS. vol. xv. No. 70.



1. Jane Hugone, widowe, and one childe; Jane Delmede, widow, and two children; Jane Galiarde, widow, and two children. They came to Rye the 27th of August. (8.)1

2. Jaques Nontinge, his wyf, and one child. He hath been in Ry 4 yeres.

John Herson, tailor, and one maide. Came over 27th August. (5.) 3. Augustine de Bewlewe, marchant, his wyf, his mother, one maide, and four children. Came over 17th of October. (8.)

4. Jaques Rybawde, gent.; Nicholas Govon, merchant; Guillme. Masson, merchant. Came over the 27th of August. (3.)

5. John de Courte, merchant, and one child.


Came with the fyrst.

6. John Malleir, shoemaker, his mother, one child. The 27th of August. (3.)

7. Jaques Vasad, merchant, his wife, and a woman servant; Michael Tallamie, mariner, his wife. Came with the fyrst. (5.)

8. Francis Goddinge, merchant, his wife; Michael Tellier, merchant; Nicholas Dablowe, merchant; Charles Banner, merchant, his wife, one maide. The last of August. (7.)

9. Jeffery Fenchone, merchant draper; Nicholas Debeucatt, merchant; Jaques Growte, mercer; Nicholas Delowuc (?) tailor; Jaques Powket, merchant; Edmond Defall, merchant. The 29th of August. (8.) 10. Robert Pyne, merchant, one man servant. Came with the fyrst. (2.) 11. John Pyne, merchant, his wife, three children, and a maide servant. The 27th of August. (6.)

12. John Rolte, merchant; Nicholas Depres, merchant; Peter Qynyard, jerken maker; Nycholas Trowde, merchant. The last of August. (4.)

13. Vincent Betwyn, mariner, his wife; Guilliam Gorden, tinker; Guilliam De Bene, mariner, his wife; Nicholas Jorden, tailor. The 28th of August.


14. Thomas Tessnes, merchant; Robert Marshe, merchant, his wife, and four children. The 28th of August. (7.)

15. Peter Pesher, merchant, one child; Peter Le Rowse, merchant, his wife; Gabriel Debres, merchant, and a man servant. The last of August. (6.)

16. John Galion, shoemaker; John Deshame, a breder of nets; Collet Hawz, widow; Mariet Sane, widow. The first of September. (4.) 17. Marion De Bouses, widow; Jane Soyer, widow; Mr. John De Focule, minister, his son and daughter. The last of August. (5.)

18. Mr. Michell, a minister; John Showe, merchant, three children, and The last of August. (6.) one man servant.

The figures within brackets at the end of each entry indicate the number of persons forming the household.


19. John Robone, schoolmaster, his wife, two children; Peter Lemon,

shipwright, his wife, one child; Peter Gordon, mariner, his wife, one child; John Bowdwin, shoemaker, his wife, three children; Robert Mounten, mariner. The second of Sept. (16.)

20. John Desfraudes (?), cobler, his wife, and one child; Morgaine Hynfret, cobler. The first of September. (4.)

21. Robert Marten, oremaker, his wife, and child; Margaret Lelbowlot. The fourth of September. (4.)

22. Roger Hotts, capper; Peter Amoines, capper; Glaude Stenard, [? Steuard], mariner. The 6th of October. (3.)

23. Peter Somler, clockmaker; his wife and two children, his sister; Michael Boytowte, clockmaker, and his wife. With the fyrst. (7.) 24. Nicholas Le Tellier, minister, his wife, four children, and a made

servant. Hath been at Rye iiijor yeares.

Marien Vicard, three children, and one maide. The 28th of August. (12.)

25. Francis Parris, with a woman, and two children; Rabbenet Dexamer; two children. The first of September. (6.)

26. Guilliam Suicall, tailor, one child; Katherin Loungfert, his daughter. The third of September. (3.)

27. Robert Dordaine, clerk, his wife, and one child; Jaques Grotier, clerk, Mathew Bennet, cowper; Jaques de Labe [?], cowper, and a boye. The last of August. (7.)

28. Rowland Ronne, goldsmith, his wife, a child, and a maide servant. The 8th of September. (4.)

29. John Lyon, chandler; Michael Bowffeid (?), bocher. The last of August. (2.)

30. Robert Foritier, shipwright, his wife, 3 children; Nicholas Doffell, shipwright; Christopher Gosse, his wife, a child, a woman. The last of August. (10.)

31. Arthur Bowin, shoemaker, and his wife. The last of August. (2.)


32. Nicholas Bowdin, merchant; John Bowdin, merchant; and a maide. The 28th of August. (3.)

33. Christopher Falloys, merchant, his wife, iiij children, and a maide servant; Michael Falloys, his wife, 3 children, a maide servant. These iiij years. (13.)

34. Mons' De Place, his wife, a child, a boy, a maid. The 5th of September. (5.)

35. John Demarbeuff, gent., his wife, his mother, his sister, gentlewoman, a maide, ij women. The 6th of September. (7.)

36. Richard Marter, clerk, his wife, and a boye; Richard Mayhier, merchant, and a boy. The 8th of September. (5.)

He was of 'Rue.'


37. Maher Troberd, mason; John Delaine (? Dexlaine or Deplaine), mercer; and one old man, a minister. The last of August. (3.) 38. John Paymer, a pedler, and his wife; an old man of Arkes, a glover. The 24th of August. (3.)

Of Lyllbonn.

39. Nicholas Marie, mariner; Richard Cannell (?), chandler; John Leane, tailor; Mathew Polliott, botcher; John Foe (?), chandler. The 10th of October. (5.)


40. Guilliam Donerndell, marchant; Robert Sotor, merchant. 20th of September. (2.)

41. Robert Browne, shoemaker; John Verray (?), merchant, and his wife; Mathew Furiner, clerk, his wife, one child. The 10th of September. (6.)

42. John Douie, Tiboll Forse, Noie Defeu, furbusshers. 12th of September. (3.)

43. Nicholas Allin, tailor, his wife, one child; John Devele, James Begresse, John Clerke, John Fotrell, shoemakers; two women and three children; Michil Menvell, shoemaker. 12th of September. (13.)

44. Nicholas Gilpin, his wife, and 2 children; Martin Giey, mariner, his wife, and one child. 14th of September.

45. Augustine Townson, painter, his wife, and 2 children; Jose Sadler, joiner; John Mollen, a cook; their wives and 10 children. 15th of September. (18.)

46. Robert Castle, a cobler, his wife, and 2 children; Mathew Shavin, searcher of Dieppe; John Preston, John Preston, barbers, 1 wife, 3 children. 12th of September. (11.)

47. Guilliam Navar and John Very, tailors, their wives, and 3 children; John Ryvers, mariner, 2 women. 20th of September. (10.)

48. Noele Depound and his wife; Christopher Dosencourt, tailor; John Plasterer, shoemaker; two women and 4 children. 14th of September. (10.)

49. Nicholas Maslynge,' Johnson Maslynge, clerks; James Edi (?), tailor; 4 women and 2 children. 12th of September. (9.)

50. Guillme. Debarges, merchant, his wife, and 3 children; Guillme. Gyden, joiner, his wife, and one child; John Ryver, mercer, his wife, and 3 children. 16th of September. (13.)

51. John Joseph, a Walloon merchant, his wife, a maide, and 5 children; Nicholas Moyter, Andrew Breyode, tailors; 1 woman and 2 children. 12th September. (13.)

1 He had also been in Rye in 1569.

3 B

VOL. II.- -NO. IV.


52. Mihil Clerke, merchant, his wife, and 1 woman; John Neve, merchant, his wife, and one child. 10th September. (6.)

53. John Maslynge, mariner; one widow and 2 children; Nicholas Shane, merchant; John Barten, goldsmithe. 12th of September. (6.)

54. Nicholas de Chesne, merchant; John Bertin, merchant. 12th Sep. (2.)

55. Louis De Stonen (? Sonen). 12th September. (1.)

56. Peter Forner, mariner, his wife, and 1 child; Jacob Johnson, joiner; Nicholas Curlew, schoolmaster; John Velet, cobler; 4 women and 4 children. 12th September. (14.)

57. Monaden Pecket, of Gainges, husbandman. 1st October.

Gloder Gravel, mariner, of Dieppe, his wife, and 1 maid. 20th of


58. Peter Gyrre, poticarie, his wife, and 4 children; Mr Guillme. Trener, minister, his wife, and 1 child; John Pare, shipwright. 12th Sept. (10.)

59. Mihil Shaven, merchant, his wife, 4 children, and a maide. 12th September. (7.)

60. Peter Porvet, baker; Guillme. de Veatamarre, merchant; Noel la Male, merchant; Denis Forner, cook, his wife, and 1 child; John Sayer, merchant, his wife, and 6 children; Roger Browne, shoemaker, his wife, and one child; two widows and 2 children. 12th September. (21.)

61. Alexander de la Gande, merchant, and one child. 26th Sept.

Nicholas de Lorser, cobler, his wife, and three children; one widow, and two children. 12th September. (10.)

62. Bonave[n]ture Doffell, a bokebynder, his wife, and two children. Two years. (4.)

63. John Dyvell, Nicho. Heberd, merchants, their wives, five children, and two maide-servants; John Mephant, gent. 12th September. (12.)

62. Five widows, and 2 children; John Johnson, Dotchman, sailor, of Floshing, his wife, and 2 children. 12 Sep.

Bowe Martin, merchant, of Flushing, his wife, and 2 children. 5th


65. John Symon, mariner, his wife, and 5 children; Simon Danet, Guillme. Danet, chandlers, their wives, and 2 children. 27th September. (13.)

66. Mart. Martin, schoolmaster, of Gamay (? Gamag). Second of October. Gabriel Halry, button-maker, his wife, and one child; two women and

one child. 12th September. (7.)

67. Mr Peter Jeles, of Tankerdfild, gent. 5 Oct.

John Lacore, merchant, of Rochelle. 12 Oct.

Ralin Larderne, husbandman. Third of October. (3.)

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