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SMITH, Charles Roach, Esq., F.S.A., London.
SMITH, John Sidney, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. 2 copies.
SMITH, Mrs. Thomas, St. Paul's Churchyard.

SNOULTEN, Osborn, Esq., Woodville Hall, near Dovor.
SNOWDEN, J. H. G., Esq., Ramsgate.

STARR, Thomas, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, Canterbury.
STARR, John, Esq., Canterbury.

STEPHENS, John Cribb, Esq., Maidstone.

STILWELL, James, Esq., Dovor.

STONE, William, Esq., Tunbridge Wells.

STRINGER, William, Esq., New Romney.

STROUD, Thomas, Esq., 11, Victoria Place, London.

SWINFORD, John, Esq., Minster Abbey, Thanet. 2 copies.


TARLETON, Francis, Esq., 2, Augusta Terrace, Stockwell.
TARLETON, Thomas, Esq., 2, Augusta Terrace, Stockwell.
TASSELL, James, Esq., Faversham.

TAYLOR, William, Esq., Greenwich.

TEMPLE, Rev. William, Rector of St. Alphage, Canterbury.

TOKER, Richard Edward, Esq., Kenfield, Kent.

TOKER, Miss Clarissa Mary Josephine, Canterbury.

TOOTELL, R. Esq., Mayor of Maidstone.

TURNBULL, W. B. D., Esq., Edinburgh.


VERRIER, Mr. W. Curling, Bridge, near Canterbury.


WACHER, Mr. John, Chislett, Kent.

WALKER, Robert, Esq., Canterbury.

WALKER, GRANT, and Co., Messrs., Solicitors, London.

WARD, Mr., Librarian and Publisher, Canterbury. 2 copies.

WATTS, Edward, Esq., Hythe.

WATSON, Robert William, Esq., Dovor.

WELBY, Mr. William, High Bailiff, County Courts, Canterbury.

WHATMAN, James, Esq., Vinters, near Maidstone.

WHICHCORD, John, Esq., Maidstone.

WHITE, James, Esq., Bridge Street, Canterbury.

WHITE, John Meadows, Esq., Lincoln's Inn Fields.

WHITE, Rev. John, St. Stephen's Vicarage, near Canterbury.

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WILKINSON, Thomas, Esq., Canterbury.

WILLEMENT, Thomas, Esq., F.S.A., Davington Priory, Kent.
WILLIAMS, James, Esq., 8, Bedford Street, Bedford Square.
WILLIS, Charles, Esq., Cranbrook, Kent.

WILSON, John Elliott, Esq., Cranbrook, Kent.
WOTTON, Mr. Thomas, Westbere, near Canterbury.

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The division of the realm by K. Alfred into shires, hundreds, and tithings,

a popular error

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The division of land by Lot, and the territorial division, or district of
the Mark (Meapce), rejected as fanciful and untenable

Tabular arrangement of the antient and modern lathes, hundreds, and

bailiwicks in Kent

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Conservators and Justices of Peace, history of

SECTION I. The terms'usage' and 'custom' explained


II. Effect of the allowance of the Custumal by Justices in Eyre,
21 Edw. I

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