Jenkinson's Practical Guide to the Isle of Man

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1874 - 265 pages

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Page 39 - Whose midnight revels, by a forest side, Or fountain, some belated peasant sees, Or dreams he sees, while overhead the moon Sits arbitress, and nearer to the earth Wheels her pale course ; they, on their mirth and dance Intent, with jocund music charm his ear ; At once with joy and fear his heart rebounds.
Page 20 - The City's voice itself is soft like Solitude's. I see the Deep's untrampled floor With green and purple seaweeds strown; I see the waves upon the shore, Like light dissolved in star-showers, thrown: I sit upon the sands alone — The lightning of the noontide ocean Is flashing round me, and a tone Arises from its measured motion, How sweet! did any heart now share in my emotion.
Page 55 - ... your knights, esquires, and yeomen about you, in the third degree ; and the worthiest men in your land to be called in before your deemsters, if you will ask any thing of them, and to hear the government of your land, and your will; and the commons to stand without the circle of the hill, with three clarkes in their surplisses.
Page 165 - I do love these ancient ruins. We never tread upon them but we set Our foot upon some reverend history; And, questionless, here in this open court, Which now lies naked to the injuries Of stormy weather, some men lie...
Page 55 - Day. First, you shall come thither in your Royal Array, as a King ought to do, by the Prerogatives and Royalties of the Land of Mann.
Page 138 - ... she retreated on his approach, and at last, he thought, went into the Castle, though the gates were shut. This obliging him to think he had seen a spirit, sent him home very much terrified; but the next day, relating his adventure to some people who lived in the Castle, and describing, as near as he could, the garb and stature of the apparition, they told him it was that of the woman...
Page xxx - There is a tradition in the Isle of Man, that a mermaid, becoming enamoured of a young man of extraordinary beauty, took an opportunity of meeting him one day as he walked on the shore, and opened her passion to him, but was received with a coldness, occasioned by his horror and surprise at her appearance. This, however, was so misconstrued by the sea-lady, that...
Page 85 - TTOW dear to me the hour when daylight dies, -^ And sunbeams melt along the silent sea ! For then sweet dreams of other days arise, And memory breathes her vesper sigh to thee. And, as I watch the line of light, that plays Along the smooth wave toward the burning west, I long to tread that golden path of rays, And think 'twould lead to some bright isle of rest.
Page 136 - Merlin, who, by the force of magic, dislodged the greatest part of them, and bound the rest in spells, which they believe will be indissoluble to the end of the world.
Page 109 - Sleeping in Jesus, here lieth the body of THOMAS WILSON, DD Lord Bishop of this Isle, Who died March 7th, 1755, Aged 93, and in the 58th year of his consecration. This Monument was erected By his Son, Thomas Wilson, DD a native of this parish, Who, in obedience to the express commands of his Father, declines giving him the character he so justly deserved. Let this Island speak the rest!— P.

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