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pattern guides, the counterpart in shape of the longitudinal outline of the thing to be forged, the metal itself being supported between the rollers by a mandrel and turned on its axis, to present different sides of the piece in succession to the action of the rollers whenever this is required."

Claim. "Having described my machine for forging metals, what I claim therein specifically, is, First, The mandrel, or its equivalent, for chucking or griping the metal to be forged, and holding the same in the proper position, and, from time to time, changing its position between the reciprocating rollers, in combination with reciprocating rollers for shaping the metal so held, whose action upon the metal is regulated by a pattern guide, substantially as herein set forth. Second, The method of regulating the thickness and shape of the metal being forged, without stopping the rollers or withdrawing the metal therefrom, by the simultaneous adjustment of the pattern guides, substantially as herein described."

35. For an Improvement in Apparatus for the Cure of Club Feet; Zimri Hussey, Chilicothe, Ohio.

Claim.-"Having described the nature, construction, and operation of my invention, what I claim is, the side pieces, to which are attached the adjustable foot pieces, connected and adjustable to each other, in the manner substantially as described, by the back piece, plates, bolts, and slots.

36. For an Improvement in Plough Regulators, Harvey Sprague, Riga, New York.

Claim. "What I claim as my invention is, the combination of the arms with the connecting and regulating bar, the arms and the connecting bar forming an arch, and working on an axle which passes through the beam, in the manner and for the purpose substantially as herein described and set forth."

37. For an Improvement in Spike Machines; Philip P. Trayser, Baltimore, Maryland. Claim. "I wish it to be understood that I do not confine myself to any particular form or arrangement of the several parts of the machine I have just described, provided the spike is headed and pointed by the mode of operation I have described; as a great number of changes may be introduced into the machine, that will not in any way affect the principle upon which it works; indeed, the improvements which I have made could be introduced with advantage, either separately or together, into various machines now in


"What I claim as my invention is, the combination of the hinged pointing die, pressed forward by a spring with the guard or stop, or the equivalent thereof, which guides the die and limits its forward movement, substantially as herein set forth."

38. For an Improvement in Seed Planters; Moses D. Wells, Morgantown, Virginia. Claim "Having explained my improvement, what I claim as new, and as my own invention, is, the reciprocating bar, having wings projecting horizontally on the front and rear sides of the same, to scoop the seeds in the discharge apertures-arranged and operating in the manner and for the purpose above specified."

39. For an Improvement in Grain and Grass Harvesters; William H. Seymour, Assignor to W. H. Seymour and Daton S. Morgan, Brockport, New York; antedated October 25, 1852.

Claim.-"Having described my improved harvesting machine, what I claim as my invention is, the method herein described, of supporting the stand for the raker at the back of the platform, by means of a brace extending to the outer end of the frame, and so arranged as not to impede the action of the raker, or the discharge of the cut grain, the several parts being constructed and arranged as described.

"I also claim the method herein described, of protecting the gearing of the machine from injury by the working and twisting of the main frame, by mounting the said gearing in a supplementary metallic frame, constructed as described, and rigidly connected to one end of the main frame upon which it is mounted, as herein set forth."

40. For Mechanism for Pointing and Threading Screw Blanks in the same Machine; Culley Whipple, Assignor to the New England Screw Company, Providence, Rhode Island; ante-dated October 16, 1852.

Claim. "I desire it to be understood that I do not here claim the broad idea of pointing and chasing the blank in the same machine by different cutters, irrespective of the mechanism employed for the purpose, as I have made such a claim in another specifica

tion, on which I have made application for letters patent. My claim in this specification, on this head, is restricted to the mechanism I have described.

"What I claim as my invention is, the arrangement of the pointing and chasing tools on the same tool-holder, in such manner that they are operated by a common motion, substantially as herein set forth."

41. For an Improvement in Machines for Cutting Whale Blubber; Lydoriann Ricketson, (Administratrix of Henry H. Ricketson, dec'd,) New Bedford, Massachusetts. Claim."I am aware that in machines for cutting straw, or such like matters, a cutting cylinder has been made to operate on a bed roller, and that the knives on the said cutting cylinder have been arranged in a helix upon it. It is not claimed that such constitutes in any respect the invention of the said Ricketson, deceased.

"But what is claimed is, the wheel, composed of two or more spiral knives, made to rotate on an axis arranged parallel and in the direction of movement of the strip of blubber to be cut, all substantially as above set forth, meaning to claim two or more spiral knives, formed, arranged, and made to operate with respect to and in combination with a set of bed and feed rollers, substantially in the manner and for the purpose of cutting blubber, substantially as above described."


42. For an Improvement in Rakes to Grain Harvesters; Jearum Atkins, Chelsea, Ill.

"The nature of my invention consists in so hanging and operating the rake as that it travels across the platform at a right angle to the draft, for collecting and compressing the grain against a palm, or hand, which, together with the rake, clutches the gavel so formed, and swinging partly round, delivers it in rear of the machine."

Claim. "Having described my invention, I desire to state that I do not confine myself to the exact mechanical devices and arrangements shown and described, for operating the rake, as these may be modified, or others substituted for them. What I claim is, the

exclusive use of the herein described combination of the crane-post, rock-shaft and crank, to operate the jointed arm and hands, which collect the grain in gavels and deposit it in rear of the harvester in the manner specified, as the machine moves forward, when applied to machines for harvesting any grain which requires to be so collected and deposited, the combination being connected by gearing with the driving wheel of the harvester, and operating through mechanical devices, substantially as described, as an automaton, to perform the above specified operations."

43. For an Improvement in Water Closets; Wm. S. Carr, City of New York.

Claim. "I am aware that a hopper closet has been made, in which the weight of the person caused a cock, something similar to that herein shown, to let the water into the hopper-shaped pan, and I am also aware that closets have been made, in which the pan was moved away by the motion of the seat, and the water made to run; but I am not aware of any previous arrangement, in which an air tight reservoir has been used, the filling or partial filling being effected by motion of the seat letting on the water, and when the weight is removed from the seat, the supply of the water is shut off, and a connexion opened between the air vessel or reservoir, and the pan or basin of the closet.

"Neither am I aware of any arrangement of the parts by which the pressure of water opens the pan, thereby avoiding a separate and distinct operation by hand, always subject to neglect or hasty and improper performance, by which the water has not time to I do not claim any of the parts of the pan, basin, or hopper, as these may be of any desired character, and if used with the hopper closet, without a pan, the parts which move the pan may be dispensed with.


"What I desire to secure by letters patent is, the cylinder and plunger, by which the force of the water is made to raise the lever, depressing and emptying the pan, as described and shown."

44. For an Improvement in Ventilators; A. S. Dozier, Norfolk, Virginia.

Claim. "Having described my improved ventilator, and the method of operating the same, I wish it to be understood that I do not claim a ventilator with slats or shutters fixed in the sides of a cupola or dome, or other structure, placed on the top of the buildng, or elsewhere; but what I do claim as my invention is, the arrangement of the fraine n the sides of the cupola or dome, projecting slightly beyond the face thereof, to admit

the lips or turned ends of the slats or shutters, to lap over the same, in order to form tight joints, and the manner of hinging or jointing the slats or shutters to the same by the joint pins.

"I likewise claim the radial wings when combined with the frame of the dome or cupola, for directing the currents of air to the spaces between the slats or shutters, as described, and thence to the trunk."

45. For an Improvement in Straw Cutters; Warren Gale, Louisville, Kentucky.

Claim. "What I claim as my invention is, constructing the rotating cutting cylinder, substantially as described, with a series of parallel annular grooves and ridges, and a series of cutting arms, or knives, in combination with a series of fixed knives, so arranged that they enter the grooves and interlock or lap past the annular ridges on the cylinder, and thereby prevent the stalks of straw, &c., from descending between the fixed knives and cylinder without being cut, substantially as herein set forth."

46. For an Improvement in Ploughs; Wm. A. Gates, Mount Comfort, Tennessee. Claim. "Having described my improvement in the cotton scraper, what I claim as my invention is, the rhomboidal plate, bent on one of its diagonals, and constructed and arranged substantially as described, so that either leaf can be used as a landside, or share, at pleasure; the edges of the share becoming, when the plate is reversed, the edges of the landside, and those of the landside the edges of the share, in the manner and for the purposes specified.

"I also claim, in combination with the plate as described, the double bifurcated brace for attaching said plate to the beam, substantially as described."

47. For Improvements in Machinery for Manufacturing Hat Bodies; Lansing E. Hopkins, City of New York.

Claim. "I do not claim the conical vibrating rollers for the purpose of felting or compressing a bat or the cone separately, as that is well known. But I claim combining the hardening rollers with the perforated cone, by means of a yielding or hinged frame, in which they are placed, substantially in the manner and for the purpose herein described. "I also claim giving to said rollers, in combination with said perforated cone, a vibrating endwise motion, as well as a rotary motion, substantially as described and for the purpose set forth.

"I also claim blowing the exhaust air from the former into the chamber, for the purpose and in the manner described.

"And I also claim the mode of forming the steam pipe outlet as above specified, by covering the steam-pipe with cloth, and in casing it with an outer metal case.

"I also claim covering the perforated cone, preparatory to a deposition of fur thereon, with a covering of thin cloth, easily pervious to air, upon which the fur is to be deposited; said cloth or fabric to be removed at each operation, with the hat body deposited thereon." 48. For an Improvement in Grain Threshers and Cleaners; John Jones and Alexander Lyle, Rochester, New York.

Claim. "Having described the construction and operation of our machine, what we claim as our invention is, the combination of the upright threshing and separating cylinders, with the upright concave and cylindrical sieves, operating in the manner and for the purpose as herein set forth."

49. For an Improved Equalizing Apparatus for Engines which use Steam Expansively; Wm. H. Morrison, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Claim. "Having described the nature of my method of equalizing the action of steam, I claim therein as new and of my invention, the application to a reciprocating engine (in which the steam is used expansively) of the described or equivalent toggle movement, in combination with a pair of equalizing cylinders, which, being placed at a greater or less distance, (one on each side of the mid range of the toggle,) the most rapid accumulation of equalizing force is made to take place earlier or later in the stroke, in accordance with the period of cut-off, &c., for the purposes herein described."

50. For an Improvement in Maize Harvesters: Jacob L. Ream, Mount Pulaski, Ill. Claim. "Having described my improvement, what I claim as my invention is, the arrangement of the shaft of the receiving arms with one end resting upon the cutter barpiece, thereby dispensing with an intermediate platform, so that the cut stalks will fall

directly upon the receiving arms, and be thence discharged in bundles upon the ground, as set forth."

51. For Cut-off Valve Motion; S. W. Rogers, Baltimore, Maryland.

"The nature of my invention consists in a particular arrangement for operating the cut-off valve."

Claim. "Having fully described my invention, I do not claim placing the cut-off valve outside of the slide valve, and operating both valves by one rod or eccentric. But I do claim the lugs acting upon the hinged levers, attached at their lower extremities to the cut-off slide, and at their upper to a rod capable of a vibratory movement, in a direction perpendicular to the valve seat, substantially for the purpose and in the manner set forth."

52. For an Improvement in Potato Diggers; Jesse N. Seeley, Forsyth, Georgia.

Claim.-"Having fully described my invention, what I claim is, the construction of a potato digger by the combined arrangement of the knife, wheel, and fork, with the beam, operating substantially as in the manner set forth."

53. For an Improvement in Lamps for Locomotive Engines; Thomas and Stephen Hill, Rochester, New York.

Claim. "What we claim as our invention is, 1st, the construction of a feeder for supplying oil to the holder, by the combination of two tubes, one communicating with the interior of the reservoir, and the other fastened to a float immersed in the oil of the holder, by which the lamp is rendered self-feeding, in the manner and for the purposes herein specified.

"2d, The construction of the chimney with a broad flat flue connecting its vertical portions, the exterior one of which is so constructed as to be forward, or on either side of the prolongation of the chimney of the burner, substantially in the manner and for the purposes herein specified."

54. For an Improvement in the Manufacture of Chromate of Soda; John Swindells, Manchester, England; patented in England, November 14, 1850.

"My invention consists in the process for the production and manufacture of the chro mate of soda, for the purposes of bleaching, printing, dyeing, and color-making."

Claim. "Having now described the nature of my said invention, and the manner in which the same is to be performed, I hereby declare that I claim as my invention, the process described for manufacturing the chromate of soda-dyeing."

55. For an Improvement in Fulling Mills; Wm. E. Underwood, Middlefield, Mass.

"The nature of my invention consists in providing an attachment to the rotary fulling mill, which will, in case of the entanglement or knotting of the endless chain of cloth, causing one of the compressing rollers to slip on the cloth, that the driving belt will be thrown off, thereby stopping the machine and preventing the cloth from being damaged by the compressing rollers."

Claim. "What I claim is, the combination of the stop mechanism, or its equivalent, with the screw pulley and the elastic band leading to the pulley on the upper roller, whereby the whole machine is stopped when the motion of the cloth is arrested in the manner described, and ceases to impart motion to the upper roller."

56. For Machinery for separating Iron from Furnace Cinders; Danl. Walroth, Chittenango, and Lucius Evans, Manlius, New York.

Claim. "What we claim is, the combination of the revolving, breaking, and sifting cylinder with the fan, or its equivalent, substantially in the manner and for the purposes specified."

57. For an Improvement in Steam Flat Irons; Caleb C. Walworth, Boston, Mass.

Claim.-"Having explained my invention, I would have it understood that I claim the steam ball and socket smoothing iron, as made of a combination of a spherical socketed smoothing block, and a hollow or chambered sphere, with induction and eduction passages arranged so as to admit steam and discharge condensed water, all substantially as hereinbefore set forth, the block being applied to the sphere in such manner that it may be moved thereon in various directions transversely, while passing over and against a hat or surface to be smoothed, as specified."



58. For an Improvement in Planing Machines; Aretus A. Wilder, Detroit, Michigan; ante-dated July 17, 1852.

"The nature of my improvements consist in constructing planing machines so that the board to be planed can be clamped to the reciprocating bed, whilst being fed by the backward motion of the planes, so that the board will be free to move over the stationary bed plate upon which it is planed."

Claim. "Having described my invention and improvement in machines for planing, tonguing, and grooving boards, I disclaim the invention of planing by a reciprocating plane, which planes on its forward stroke and feeds the board on its backward stroke, as in other machines of this class. But what I do claim in planing machines of this character is, clamping the boards when being fed by the backward motion of the planes to the reciprocating bed only, so that it will be free to move over the stationary bed plate, upon which it is planed, substantially in the manner and for the purpose described.”

59. For an Improvement in the Method of Measuring Cloth on the Cloth Beam; Wm. H. Woodworth, Salmon Falls, New Hampshire.

Claim. "What I claim as my invention is, connecting or attaching a measuring cord (constructed as described) to the cloth, so as to be wound on the cloth beam with it, in order to indicate the length of the 'cut' desired."

60. For an Improved Safety Lock, Linus Yale, Jr., Newport, New York.

Claim.-"First, I claim, in combination with the tumblers, or their equivalents, constructed and connected, respectively, to stop, in the manner, or in an equivalent manner, to that described in the specification and shown in the drawings, the spring, the same being an additional device, co-operating with the said tumblers and springs connected therewith, in rendering the movements and positions of the stops to the highest degree uncertain, when an attempt is made to unlock the lock, without using the proper key.

"Secondly, I claim the wheel and the lever, in combination with the tumblers, constructed as before described, or their equivalents, to raise, while in one position, and support the tumblers, that the key-hole shall be equal and smooth, to receive the key, and then allow them to be stopped at proper heights on the key, while a revolution is performed, and the bolt moved by the wheel, substantially as described."


61. For Improved Parrel for Yards of Vessels; Danl. S. Bayles, Brooklyn, N. Y. "The nature of my invention consists in combining and arranging a rocker in front and rear of the mast, capable of motion in two planes, with rockers at the sides, to which the pearl-rope leading to the aft rocker is connected, by which the motion of the yard will be rendered free and easy, and not liable to injure the mast in cock-billing the yard, and jam in the jaws of the yoke whilst being lowered, as in the old mode of construction." Claim."I do not claim the rocker simply and by itself as my invention, a saddle or slide having been heretofore used and fastened into the swallow-tail of the gaft and boom of sailing vessels, applicable to fore and aft sails only. But what I do claim as my invention is, the combination of the rocker in front of the mast, and capable of a motion in two planes with the rockers at the side of the same; said rockers being arranged with respect to each other and the yoke, substantially as described."

62. For Improvements in the Method of obtaining Gold, &c., by Amalgamation; M. A. Bertolet, L. Kirk, and A. M. De Hart, Reading, Pennsylvania.

Claim. "Having described our improved method of separating precious metals from their ores by amalgamation, what we claim as new therein is, bringing of the ore, in a heated state, into contact with mercury during the process, substantially as herein set forth.

"We also claim the method of heating pulverized ore by causing it to pass in a shower through a current of some heated fluid, preparatory to bringing it into contact with the mercury, substantially as herein set forth.

"We also claim the method of heating the apparatus, the mercury, and the ore, by means of a current of heated fluid, circulated through chambers and pipes, substantially as described, whereby a single current of a suitably heated fluid, and a single system of cir culating pipes of simple construction and compact arrangement, are made to heat the whole

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